Online video advertising is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy. In fact, 87% of online marketers have turned to video advertising to get their message out. Unfortunately, with this boom has come a frustrating trend for digital marketers: internet users are relying on pop-up blockers with an increased frequency. On the one hand, this is great for the user, as they’re able to more easily control their online experience. On the other hand, the success of online businesses depends on their ability to reach new audiences—audiences that are, in spite of the latest technologies in online video advertising, hard to reach.

So, what’s an online marketer to do?

What Is an Influencer?

There’s a new type of celebrity in town. Most of them will never star in a television show or a movie, most of them will never grace a runway, and most will never release a single song. Nevertheless, their voices are heard by millions.

As the name suggests, influencers are those who hold influence over the opinions, buying habits, and lifestyle choices of an audience. They come in a variety of different forms, from the social activists and the agitators who stir up healthy debates to makeup and hair gurus and even families that have gained a following by allowing the internet a peek into their lives.

Bottom line: an influencer already has an audience, and if you can connect with one, you can connect with their entire following.

What Is Sponsored Influencer Content?

Sponsored influencer content does just that; it is content that is generated by these influencers in partnership with brands. Your brand may partner with an influencer to promote your product, service, message, or to simply raise brand awareness.

Brands partner with influencers to create content that will be shared on YouTube, through Facebook Live streams, podcasts, or any of the other myriad of social media platforms. For example, a stroller company may partner with a popular mommy blogger to endorse a new product, a toy company might partner with a popular toy and game reviewer to advertise a new toy line, or a cosmetics company may partner with a beauty blogger to raise brand awareness.

Why Do You Need an Influencer?

The premise is fairly simple: rather than relying on your current audience to promote your brand, you gain access to another audience through people who are already recognized and trusted by their following. Influencers have already spent time and energy building up credibility with their audience, making sponsored influencer content a powerful form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Choosing Your Influencer Wisely

The temptation may be to seek out the influencers with the biggest following, but rarely is that the most effective strategy. Just as you wouldn’t advertise for cosmetics in a hunting magazine, you need to make sure that their audience is ready for your message. Regardless of how popular an influencer is, if they don’t have credibility and expertise with your target market, your efforts will be wasted. Sure, they might be able to raise brand awareness, but how many of their followers are you going to convert?

Find an influencer who speaks the language of and has credibility with your target market.

Video marketing is more popular than ever with internet users, and by partnering with influencers, you can ensure that your message gets to the right ears.

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Restaurant video

Restaurants can use video for a wide range of marketing opportunities. This extends much further than the average commercial on TV. For any business that wants to reach a larger audience and provide more insight and promotion for their company, video is the route to take. Using video simply makes sense. It is the type of medium that consumers want to use to get to know business owners.

But, how can you do this? What should your video be about? There are a few key ways to use video for restaurant marketing.

For New Customers

The first step is to create a video that introduces your location to new customers, people who have never visited and may not be visiting because they do not know what you have to offer. Create a video that walks them through the experience of visiting your location. Be sure to focus on the food, of course, as well as the customer service. Introduce what you have to offer here.

What Makes You Different?

In many areas, there are quite a few restaurants present. Why should a customer who is hungry right at that moment choose to visit you instead of the competition? To define this, you need to know what your unique selling point is. Perhaps it is a recipe, a trademark dish, or perhaps it is just the service that you provide.

Get Your Customers to Speak for You

Testimonial videos work very well. These are a great opportunity to showcase what you have to offer. Encourage your patrons to leave you reviews, but do it in testimonial format. For example, let guests discuss what their experiences where or what you did to help make their experience more enjoyable.

A Behind the Scenes Look

Another way to get your customers to embrace your location is to do so using a behind the scenes look at your restaurant, your business ownership, and even telling the story of your location. This helps to create a personable experience. Your customer feels as though they can connect with your business and feels like you are family not just another business trying to get their customers.

When it comes down to it, you want to invite people in to your restaurant and give them a one-on-one experience with you. What do you want them to know about you? Most importantly, what don’t they know that could help spark their interest and bring them in? Capture this in professional videos for your restaurant. When you do, you’ll create a much better opportunity to get to know your customers.

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Video marketing is still a relatively new trend, and there is quite of misinformation surrounding it. Here is a countdown of the five most common video misconceptions.

5. You Need to Look the Part

If you’re like most people, you’re more comfortable when you’re behind the camera rather than in front of it. However, one of the most beautiful things about video marketing is that it promotes authenticity. It’s a real person talking about real issues to a real audience; for that reason, it feels personal and inspires trust.

4. It’s Only for YouTube

Sure, YouTube may be oriented around providing video content, but that doesn’t mean that your video content is limited to that platform. Video is highly shareable and can be circulated in one way or another on every social media platform. In addition to that, video content is a great addition to your website, personifying your business and putting faces to names.

3. The Number of Views Matters

How many videos have you started to watch (or how many videos have automatically begun playing on your browser) before you realized about 10 seconds in that you actually weren’t interested in it? The number of views your video receives matter in that it can show you how many people you’re reaching. However, that number only tells half the story; if 10,000 people begin to play your video and only five of those people watch it in its entirety, then can you really consider that campaign to be a success? As with most marketing efforts, quality matters over quality. Focus on getting your video in front of the right audience, even if that means that your number of views seems less impressive.

2. One Video Is All You Need

The future is video. In fact, according to a new report from Cisco, 79 percent of all IP traffic will come from IP video. Video content is only going to become more popular, and more and more, your audience is going to expect your brand to connect with them through this medium. A single welcome video on your homepage won’t suffice; video content should be a regular part of your marketing strategy.

1. It’s Too Costly

Maybe you think that since video advertising is such an important tool in your marketing toolbelt, then surely it must be costly. The truth is that it can be – that is if you’re going to invest in all of the high-quality sound, video, and editing equipment yourself. However, hiring a video production company for you is a surprisingly economical alternative to doing it yourself and getting subpar results.

There’s another side to the cost analysis though, and that’s the ROI. After all, a marketing campaign is only as good as the return you get from it, right? When it comes to video marketing, 73 percent of B2B marketers say that video marketing positively impacts marketing ROI, and more than half of marketers worldwide say that this type of content has the best ROI.

Want to find out more about how video can be put to work for your brand? Connect with us today to learn more about how the services we provide can support your brand, increase brand recognition, and establish your business as an industry leader.

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Fan Engagement

It’s always a good thing when you grab the attention of a customer or client. You love those immediate moments where you can show off what you can do for them. But, how do you keep their attention? That’s essential. The cost of finding new leads (not to mention the amount of time you have to spend to find them) is simply too much for most companies. The key is to keep your current customers engaged in your brand. This is where you’ll increase your profits and drive engagement long term.

Video Can Help

Video is an exceptional tool to help you to make that possible. Everyone has a few seconds or minutes to watch a new video. However, it is not always easy to create a video that is going to hold their attention and keep them coming back for more. There are a few simple things you can do to help encourage this.

Don’t Focus on the Sale

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice for holding your customer’s attention. You will not do that with a promotional, commercial-like video. Instead, you’ll want to offer something that’s more engaging and interesting. It may not seem logical – you want to promote your product and service, of course, you should mention it. But, that’s not the way today’s customer interacts with brands.

Respect Your Customers’ Experience

Today, there’s one key secret to marketing with video successfully. As noted, you do not want to focus on promotional material. However, you can still include your product or imply it. That’s really all you have to do. That’s because today’s customers are far savvier than you think. They’ll respect you more if you provide a sly focus. Don’t make it an obvious play for their attention Video needs to be interesting to the customer as the first, primary step.

Be Consistent and Reliable

You’ll also want to work hard at keeping your customers focused on your brand. To do that, get in front of them on a regular basis. Post each day or every other day. Creating and following a publishing schedule is exactly what you need to do. They may even get to the point of coming to look for your video to find out what cool or interesting topic you have to share with them that day.

It Has to Be Easy to Find

Next, focus on making your content easy to find. That is, use it on social media. Let your customers find it on a specific website. The key here is to give them the same place to go back to time and time again to find you!

And, Interact Often

Let’s say you decide to post a new, fun, and attention grabbing video every Friday. Great, put that video together. Then, lead up to it throughout the week with clips or teasers. Give them something to look forward to.

These tips create fantastic videos, videos people want to watch and will interact with. This ultimately gives you the best ability to embrace your customers through your brand.

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Video Intro

You have seconds to grab the attention of someone watching your video. What do you say? What do you show?

It is in these first seconds – under about the 10-second mark – that you really have to grab the attention of someone scrolling through social media. You don’t have much time, but with a few tricks, you will be able to create a video intro that really gets their attention.

#1: Waste no time

There is no second at the start of the video to waste. What’s most important here is to use those first few seconds to grab your viewer. Your intro needs to get to the point right away in order for them to stop and start watching.

#2: Use sound, but don’t rely on it

Many people do not have sound on while scrolling through social media. However, you need to ensure it is there once they start to watch your video. The audio should be clear, not overly loud, and in some way interesting. Of course, you also need to ensure it is royalty-free so you don’t violate copyright.

#3: Your video intro works as a teaser

Focus on creating a teaser intro. That is, do not give away everything you are going to talk about or share in that first few seconds. Instead, you’ll want to tease them with what’s coming. That way, they stick around to find out!

#4: Use some special effects but keep it under control

You do not want to make people annoyed in the first seconds of a video. Instead, keep things simple here. This is an important part of getting their attention. You can use more special effects as the video moves on. Be sure your viewer is able to get through those first few seconds with ease.

#5: Keep intros short

Most video intros need to be pretty short and to the point. You do not have a lot of time to spend connecting with your customers and viewers. The intro to any video should be about 20 seconds at most, with the first half of that being the most vital to grabbing their attention.

#6: Create professional quality images

Don’t use something off your cell phone. Spend a few minutes working with a professional video production company or tools to help you create a quality intro. That’s important. What type of impression do you want to give your viewers? Most likely, you want them to respect you as the pro in the industry.

Video intros are perhaps one of the most complex components of the process of using video marketing. However, they can also be a fantastic tool to help you get the attention of those people who will help build your brand.

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What are some of the most memorable videos you remember throughout your lifetime? You may be focused specifically on Super Bowl ads. They definitely capture your attention. But, think about the last few Super Bowls. You were sitting around watching the commercials. There were plenty that made you laugh and others that made you wonder what you just saw. But, there may have been a few that caused you to pause.

Here’s a good example. The 84 Lumber commercial done during a Super Bowl didn’t talk about the company’s lumber products. Instead, it pulled up incredible emotion from readers as it showed a mother and child journeying to a better life. It was so powerful it crashed the company’s website. People had to know more.

Why Did This Happen?

The video created emotion. Emotion is not fleeting like comedy. It is not boring like sales content. Rather, it creates a special memory in our minds. You don’t just see it – you feel it. And, remember, at the end of the day, it is people, who have emotion, that have to buy your product. When you create videos that pull in this type of emotion, you are able to capture their minds and their brand loyalty in one simple video.

But How Does That Happen?

Emotion is a complex thing. And, it can be very hard to convey in a video. Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

  • Utilize the affection your customers have for you. Have you ever provided a service or a product that really touched their hearts? Perhaps you saved their home, solved their costly problem, or helped them to really feel good. Find those stories and tell them.
  • Create awe. Speed for cars, for example, is impressive. What would people be in awe about when it comes to your business and product? Find a way to capture that sense of power or “wow”.
  • Let them laugh, but laugh because they agree. The key here is to pull your product in front of people who can really respond to what is happening. They’ve been there. They have experienced just what you are portraying. They feel emotion for being a part of the story.
  • Give them some excitement. Find a way to convey a message of “something really good is going to happen.” This is going to pull them in and give them a real opportunity to stay tuned into your brand long term.

What ways can you add emotion to your next video? How can you create an instance in which your customers or clients – whether B2B or B2C – to make that happen? It may not be as hard as you think. The key here is to find the right type of emotion you wish to convey. Then, you’ll want to pull in the right materials and graphics to make it possible. Working with a professional video production company is going to make that far more possible than you may realize. These are videos you will love as much as they do.

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Car dealership

Car dealerships have a difficult job to do. You have to market your vehicle to a very local audience and get them to come to your location. There are many fantastic ways to do this, but using pre-made videos from the manufacturer is not the only option. It may not even be the best option. Instead, change things up. Incorporate your own video marketing into your game plan. When you do, you’ll find that you’ll have more people interested not just in a car, but also your business.

Social Media at the Heart of It

Car dealerships need to have a social media presence. Facebook is a good place to start. You need to create a business page that lets you interact with locals in your area and within your marketing segment. Here’s what’s important. Incorporate engaging photos and outstanding materials into your social media. These are opportunities for you to grow your presence – because videos are easily shareable – and it helps you to bring people in the door.

How to Make it Possible

How can you pull off creating this type of buzz and drama? It all starts with video. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Show off the existing cars on your lot. Don’t make this too promotional. Instead, provide an overview of what’s on your lot and what’s coming in. Video of the vehicles being delivered can spark the interest in your viewers.
  • Showcase people who just bought from you. If you have a few stories that can tug on the heartstrings, these will get more shares.
  • Let the kids doing the talking. Everyone loves a cute message involving your customers’ children. Why not incorporate them into a few of your videos.
  • Focus on tips. A very good way to market your car dealership is to talk about how to buy, what to look for, how to maintain, and how to sell a vehicle. Do not make these promotional. Instead, make them highly educational and clear. Teach people how to change a tire. Create a video for checking out the air in the tires.
  • Showcase your business with a walkthrough. Let your agents do the talking. Give interviews with them as well. Elevate the conversation by creating videos about market conditions and how individuals can use various rebates to get more money back.

Car dealerships can create long-term customers by building this type of social media presence. You’ll want to invest wisely in a plan that is going to capture their attention. Video marketing for car dealerships can be engaging, interesting, and very helpful.

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Remote Work

How many remote workers do you have? Many of today’s businesses are turning to a remote workforce – those that work from home or separate locations – because it is cost effective and highly desirable to their employees. As of 2017, as much as 90% of the workforce in the United States says they telework – remote work – at least sometimes, according to the American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau. But, remote working doesn’t mean a company has to give up its culture or its brand identity. It does mean it is necessary to come up with new ways to connect. Video can help to do that.

Create Brand-Focused Videos

When your company sits and talks, it likely has a very specific focus. For example, when you are hosting a group chat, you’re all about getting the task at hand done. But, what about those office interactions that don’t typically happen in a traditional remote workplace?

Video can help.

  • Create videos that showcase a “Monday office party” or a “Friday weekend kick-off event.” The key here is simply to bring a few people to show what your company’s culture is.
  • Use video as a way to communicate across all locations. Ask each employee to send in a short video of what they are working on. Then, compile them to showcase what your company is doing.
  • Use interactions and interviews. Create customized interviews with each member of the team. Link these to their profiles on services such as Slack – or whatever communication tool available. It helps to a face to a name.

Video can be used in a variety of ways, but one thing is for sure. You need to make sure that you are allowing your company’s culture to come through. Due to this, bring some people together to chat, discuss important topics, or pose questions. Encourage every member of your team, no matter where they are working, to share comments and interact.

What Can Video Do For You?

When you create a customized video for your remote workers and your team overall, you accomplish a few key things. Done well, you’ll see benefits such as:

  • You’ll be able to boost company morale. People feel more like a cohesive team even when they are not working together.
  • You can get people excited and boost their motivation through video. Skip the boring speeches and instead get creative.
  • Use them to showcase the company’s values and goals. Instructional video in this area is often very important to brands.
  • Spread a message of happiness or share exciting news. Launch a weekly video series that provides information and gets people excited.
  • Use video to provide step by step instructions or other meaningful information they need.

Video is fantastic for many reasons, but it needs to be done well. When it comes to choosing the videos for your company focus on using a video production team to help you. You’ll love the intensity and opportunity that videos can create, which can easily help bring your team together.

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Producing an industrial video can be an exciting opportunity to showcase how your operation works. It can be used for training, demonstrations, or even as a tool to help you find ways to improve the way you operate. To make it a success, though, you’ll need to ensure the shooting location, equipment, and overall plan is in place. Most industrial locations are working, high-risk areas that require special attention.

Create a Plan First

Before setting up the shoot, examine the area well. Know how much area you need for equipment. Create a storyboard to guide each of your shoots. It’s important to do this in an industrial setting as one of the first steps. Without doing so, there is no way to ensure that you’ll be able to make what you need to happen – most industrial spaces offer limited room and various pieces of large equipment that’s typically hard to shoot.

Focus on Safety

Talk to the industrial plant manager. Create a solid plan for how to keep every person involved safe, including those that are actually working at the location. As a key part of your shoot, you may be tempted to climb on equipment or use high ceilings. Be careful – there are electrical risks throughout any of these locations that need to be planned for well in advance.

Get Lighting Right

Some of the older industrial locations will have limited available light. Others use a great deal of overhead light streaming in from windows. More modern locations use natural light to reduce costs, but that light can be too bright in some cases. Plan for your lighting well in advance. Whenever possible, do some mockups for lighting specifically. Larger equipment creates big shadows, too, making it a bit more complex.

Make Your Presence Known

Filming in an industrial location takes a lot of practice, but it also gives you lots of opportunities. Pan the shot so that whoever is watching the video has an idea of the layout of the room. Show off all of that space. And, know the audience’s need. Do they need a close-up shot? Or, do they need to see the whole person moving around the area to understand their job? It’s important to know the process within the industrial location – how do things move through space and what’s accomplished, to ensure you can shoot it well.

Take the time necessary to create a professional industrial shoot. Working with a production company helps minimize the most common mistakes in this process. Don’t overlook the importance of ample planning, the right equipment, and a flexible shoot that gives you plenty of options to modify the space or picture to get your desired outcome.

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School Video

Videos are a fantastic way to showcase your school. They provide a way for you to reach prospective students, communicate important information in a meaningful way, and deliver a message people will remember. Video is important to Millennials in particular. They are far more enriching and meaningful to this generation. Whether an add or an important message, video helps to make that message come to life – far more so than a typical letter sent in the mail.

Often, schools wonder – what type of video is going to help. Here are some of the most valuable of video types ideally suited for a school to use.

#1: Give a tour

No matter if you are looking to pull in college students or you want to encourage kindergarteners to visit, a video tour is perhaps the most important step. Showcase what will happen, where they will travel, what they will see, and where they will go on a typical day. This can create a fantastic first person point of view of what they will experience at your school. And, done well, they’ll want to be a part of it.

#2: A branding video

What’s your school all about? Every school as a brand whether it is an athletic-driven school, one that has religious components, or even a school dedicated to excellence. The key here is to create a brand video that helps to excite and motivate people to be a part of it! You can do that in many ways, including by using video from rallies, school days, various activities that take place, or just having your students communicate your message for you.

#3: Focus on special programs

Another fantastic way to showcase your school is to zero in on what makes it unique from others. You may have a STEM-based program you want to communicate. You may offer one of the leading research facilities in the country in various fields. Document these special programs through videos. These are specifically helpful when you want to attract more applicants for that specific area. As a result, you’ll want to take them in-depth into the program, classrooms, campus buildings, and into the work they’ll do.

#4: Your students share

Sometimes, it is best to let your students do all of the talking. One way to do this is through a testimonial video. You’ll gather your students and ask them questions. Ask them questions or ask them to share what the school means to them.

#5: Design a commercial

Today, schools need to advertise to get people in the door. A commercial is one of the best ways to do this. You can use it on TV, of course, but also in your social media and on your website. Commercials communicate the benefits of your school to the prospective student with lots of attention-grabbing features.

Working with a production team, you can create customized videos that really speak to your audience.

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