Every photographer understands the importance of good photo editing.

The best part about Lightroom is that you can easily obtain the colour appearance you desire for your photos. If you want your photos to look more warm and vintage, Lightroom provides all the tools you’ll need to achieve that style.

So, where to start? Here are some basic options that you’ll probably need to edit on every photo.

White balance

This option helps regulate the color temperature, which basically means correcting pictures that may be too blue or too orange. You can also correct your photos if they look too green or magenta. Ultimately, the goal is to get the most life-like color. 


You’ve probably taken pictures that had very bright areas accompanied by too dark shadows. Tone helps recover the details that are lost with this color imbalance. You’ll be able to reduce highlights, which can increase the quantity of details that were lost with the overexposed areas. 


Not only this option helps brighten pictures that are too dark, but also darken your pictures if you want a darker kind of look for your pictures.

Color Mixer

This feature is where you can decide if you want a color to stand out more than the others. For example, if you don’t want the picture to have yellow tones, you can decrease the saturation to reduce the yellows in your picture. You’ll also be able to modify the hue, the saturation and the luminance as well to modify the tones, the intensity and the brightness of certain colors in the picture you’re editing.

Lightroom also has a great function that allows you to save your presets for future use. It’s a very practical option, especially for photographers who need to maintain the same editing style. It’s also useful if you want to maintain a consistent look across your social media pages, such as your Instagram feed.

Overall, Lightroom is an excellent photo editing software. Lightroom should be used by anyone who wants to improve their photo editing skills.

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Getting good lighting is probably the hardest and most important part when doing product photography.

When shooting product photography, you want to have the perfect set-up for high-quality images. You’ll need to make sure you choose a good background and maybe add reflectors to avoid unwanted shadows and you’ll also need to adjust your camera settings. Here are 3 tips that will help you get that perfect lighting:

  1. Natural light

Natural lighting is a cheap way to achieve great lighting without having to purchase photography equipment. You want to shoot when the light is bright but it’s important not to have direct sunlight on the products. Direct sunlight will cause overexposure with unwanted shadows. Shooting on a cloudy day will create a more natural look with even light, which is what you’re looking for.

  1. Background choice

Your background should always be white for best results. White reflects light better than any other color which helps you achieve more evenly distributed light. For smaller products, you can use a plain white board as a backdrop. For best results, the board should be slightly curved for a seamless background. It’s also important to secure the background with clamps or tape to prevent any changes in the lighting set up.

  1. Reflectors

Now that you have your space set up in front of a window with a white background, you may need reflectors to avoid unwanted shadows. You can purchase a reflector on amazon or even use a white foam board to reflect light. Place your reflector on the side where you see the most shadows on your products.

Keep in mind that the lighting requirements are different depending on which type of products you want to photograph. Altogether, you should accomplish pretty decent pictures with the few tips listed above.

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If you are thinking about buying an iPad mini but are confused as to which model you should purchase, here is our comparison between the 2019 and 2021 iPad mini versions. 

The new iPad mini has some upgrades featured which can make it very tempting to opt for this newer model. Here are the features that come with the new iPad mini (2021).

·      It delivers up to 80 percent faster performance than the previous versions.

·      It also comes with a USB-C port, which increases connectivity speed.

·      The new iPad Mini has a larger 8.3 inch liquid retina display

·      Both the Wifi only and the Cellular version are lighter

·      The Touch ID is now at the top right corner, rather than at the bottom which gives the touchscreen a more elegant style.

·      Now equipped with a USB-C connector rather than a lightning connector

·      The sound is superior with the new speakers

·      The Battery life is the same as the 2019 version.

·      Much faster with the A15 Bionic chipset

·      Improved front camera for video calls

Is the upgraded 2021 model worth paying more?

To sum up, the new iPad Mini doesn’t have many cons except the much higher price compared to the older model. The new iPad Mini clearly is worth buying compared to the older version if you don’t mind splurging more.

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Microsoft Teams announced to fix a small widespread problem that will facilitate your video calls. It’s going to fix a really annoying problem every Teams user probably experienced.

This new keyboard shortcut will help you save time when communicating on video calls. “Ctrl Spacebar” will allow you to shorten the amount of time it takes you to mute or unmute yourself during a video call.

Microsoft Teams already has a mute/unmute feature that most users don’t know about, which is a three-button shortcut: Ctrl, Shift, M. Then again, this old keyboard entry is more complicated to execute than the new feature launching soon.

Altogether, you won’t have to experience the delays that come with users forgetting to unmute themselves, resulting in time spent on mentioning ‘’You are on mute, we can’t hear you’’ or ‘’Please mute’’. Furthermore, because of this simple function, background sounds will be less frequent.

This new Teams feature is planned to launch very soon next month.

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Thinking about purchasing a new smartphone? Apple just announced the launch of the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Here are the new features that have been mentioned by Apple:

The biggest camera upgrade ever

The new Iphone 13 Pro has an all-new upgraded camera system. It has advanced low-light performance and incredible detail with macro photography. The new cinematic mode adds shallow depth of field automatically for better videography. 

Best battery life yet

When purchasing a smartphone, battery life is an important consideration. The new iPhone 13 Pro has up to 28 hours of video playback so you won’t have to think about carrying your charger with you everywhere. Compared to the iPhone 12, the new iPhone 13 lasts up to an hour and a half longer.

It is tougher than any other smartphone

If you frequently bring your phone to dusty places and have previously damaged a phone by dropping it in water, you’ll appreciate the new iPhone feature: the new ceramic shield protects the phone from dust, spills and water resistance. As a result, you won’t have to be anxious about your new phone being damaged.

You’ll be impressed by the new responsive display

The super Retina XDR display with ProMotion will provide a faster, brighter and more responsive display.

In terms of design, the new iPhone 13 Pro variants are nearly identical to the iPhone 12 Pro. They feature a stainless steel frame, a texturing matte glass rear, and a slight thickness increase. Furthermore, you’ll be able to pick your favourite colour: the iPhone 13 Pro comes in Silver, Gold, Sierra Blue, and Graphite. 

Interested in purchasing the new iPhone 13 Pro? It is currently available for pre-order on the Apple website.

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When filming videos, having the greatest lighting possible is critical since it affects the quality of the end result. However, you don’t need expensive tools to achieve professional-looking videos. In fact, you can go a long way with your cell phone and natural light.

Here are some tips on getting the perfect lighting for your videos.

Film while facing a window

Natural daytime light is always a good option when filming indoors. Position the camera in front of you while facing a window to achieve a soft and balanced light. Make sure that there are no shadows on your face.

Use a ring light

Whilst filming using natural light is an excellent option, it can be a hassle to find the good angle and the ideal time of day that gives you that perfect lighting that you want. Ring lights are a great option as they give you a constant bright light throughout filming. Also, most ring lights will let you choose if you want cooler or warmer tones of light.

Avoid direct sunlight

If you’re filming outside, try shooting in the shade or on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight enhances shadows on your face and can cause you to squint. 

Don’t use too much backlight

You want the light to focus on your face rather than the background when filming. If you notice shadows on your face, try turning off any lights that may be on in the background.

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Macro photography is a unique type of photography that captures microscopic objects. You’ll also hear the term micro photography, which is the same thing. It’s particularly well-known for capturing the beauty of little insects and animals. What’s interesting about seeing these objects from up-close is that you can see details that you wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye or with a regular camera. 

Here are some tips to improve your macro photography:

Choose a macro lens with the proper focal length for your subject

If you are starting out and you don’t know which lens to choose, it can be difficult to find the lens that’ll suit your needs. There are three categories of macro lenses.

·      Short (35-60mm): Inexpensive and has a short working distance.

·      Mid-range (90-105mm): Somewhat inexpensive but has a short working distance.

·      Long (150-200mm): Most expensive and best when working from a distance.

Ultimately, if you want to capture professional images of very small objects or insects, we don’t recommend purchasing a lens with a short focal length. It’s best to invest in mid-range or long macro lenses to shoot close-ups from further away.

Make sure to choose a lens with a good ratio

You’ll need to choose a camera with at least a 1:1 ratio to reproduce objects at a life-size magnification. 

Attach your camera to a tripod

Attaching your camera to a tripod will help you achieve more stable close-up images.

Use your flash

Using a flash when shooting macro will add more light to your subject resulting in a sharper image. The background will also appear darker, which enhances details on your subject.

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It’s critical to have the right equipment when recording or producing music so that you can accurately capture what you’re doing. Studio headphones will let you hear with precision the sounds that are being recorded. As a result, any flaws that a standard headset would miss can be captured. 

When shopping for studio headphones, you’ll come across different types of headphones. Here’s everything you need to know about each headphone type before choosing what studio headphones to buy.

Closed headphones

These types of headphones block the sound from the outside perfectly, which is great for mastering and mixing. You’ll be able to hear every detail of the music that you are listening to, without any surrounding sounds disrupting it. They are also great if you don’t want the sound to disturb others.

Semi-open headphones

Semi-open headphones allow sound leakages while listening to music. They are ideal if you want to perform while recording as they let the singer hear their real voice and the ambient music as well.

Open headphones

Open headphones are also used for mixing and mastering because they help to avoid build-up of certain frequencies, unlike closed headphones. They also give a more accurate sound, similar to listening to music with speakers.

Ultimately, studio headphones of any kind are suggested for precise sound reproduction. However, there is not a perfect pair of headphones for every situation. It all comes down to what the user prefers in terms of sound while producing music. 

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It’s not a secret that drones are pretty expensive and can be hard to control for first-time users. If you are getting into videography or just want to try it out for fun, you probably don’t want to overspend on a drone. Luckily, the DJI Mini is the perfect drone for beginners, for many reasons.

It’s travel-friendly

Weighting about as much as an apple, this drone is ideal to carry with you while traveling. It is also easily foldable and it can nicely fit in your backpack. 

It captures high-quality videos

You’ll be capturing professional-level videos with little to no effort with the impressive 4K and 30fps video camera. It also has a 4x digital zoom to capture footage from a distance.

It’s powerful

The DJI Mini 2 has many features that makes it the perfect starter drone for any beginner. It can easily resist winds up to 37.8 km/hr, so you won’t be scared of losing your drone if there are sudden bursts of wind. It also has a 10 km video transmission and has a flight time of 31 minutes. Keep in mind that it’s not waterproof, so make sure to check the weather before flying.

It’s very affordable

The DJI Mini 2 is incredibly affordable compared to other high-end drones. You can capture fun 4k videos without paying too much.

Moreover, the DJI Mini also has other impressive features that optimises user experience, such as the return to home option. This feature saves time when wanting to fly the drone back to you. Another fun feature is the Quickshots option, which allows you to post directly to social media and capture interesting and dynamic videos that would be hard to capture manually.

With all its user-friendly features, it can be concluded that the DJI Mini 2 is the perfect drone for beginners or experienced drone users. 

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It’s not a secret that sitting in an incorrect position while working at your desk can put you at risk of chronic pain or injuries. Many people suffer from neck pain, back pain or eye strain due to a non-ergonomic desk setup. Fortunately, you can simply correct your posture by following the basic habits and modifications outlined below.

Buy a comfortable chair that supports your spine

Does your chair support your spine? Your chair should support your lower back correctly. When sitting, there shouldn’t be a gap between the chair and your lower back. If buying a new chair is not an option, lumbar support pillows can also help you maintain a good posture when sitting for long periods of time. 

Adjust your screen 

Is your screen too far away? If you find yourself craning your neck forward to look at your screen, your screen is probably too far and you might have neck pain. To find the perfect screen distance, extend your arms towards your screen – your fingertips should lightly touch your screen.

Find a mouse that fits your hand perfectly

Repetitive motions can cause stress in your muscles. If you feel pain in your fingers and your wrists when using a mouse, it’s probably not the proper size for your hand.

Adjust your sitting position

When sitting, your arms should be parallel to your thighs, sitting in a relaxed position. Your shoulders should not be raised or tight. Moreover, your feet should also lay flat on the floor, without crossing your legs or ankles. Your ankles should also be in front of your knees.

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