How do you build hype for a product or company, without actually spoiling the surprise? If you are launching a new product or service, or just looking for a way to get people to sign up for your secret information, you need a hype video.

Some studies indicate that almost 3 out of every 4 people want to watch a video to learn about a product or service rather than read about it. Your video, of course, has to offer the right combination of information and creativity to get them to tune in and be interested enough to follow up. Here are some key details about creating hype videos, also known as promo videos.

#1: Create a Plan That Outlines Your Goals

Your first step will be to set some specific goals that you want your video to accomplish. Are people signing up, clicking through, making a purchase, or just being informed? Next, determine how you are going to get them to do that. Most promo videos do well when they have a solid call to action that directs people to take the next step.

#2: Determine the Best Style for Your Video

Video styles range from animation to live-action. The key here is to select what is going to get your audience’s attention. It’s okay to do something out of character for your business if that’s what’s going to give your customers and readers the insight they need.

#3: Develop Your Script

Use a storyboard or write out a script that you think is going to work. Then, have someone read it. Are they “getting” the hype you want to offer? This is perhaps the biggest challenge of the entire project. Remember that every second of your video matters, so having a plan that gets to the point, delivers the message, and gets people to react is critical. You are likely to use some level of emotion in the video but also think about ways to grab the attention of the viewer.

#4: Get a Team to Produce It

There are some companies that can handle their own video production. For others, it’s best to work with a team that specializes in this process. Because hype videos have to be done well, this is a good time to invest wisely in the pros.

#5: Get It Out There

Once your video is ready to go, you’ll need to release it. Many businesses do this across various mediums, including social media. If you have a specific market in mind, be sure to tailor your video to reach those individuals specifically.

Hype videos can be a lot of fun to create. They work well to capture attention when made well. The key here is pulling together the right script and executing it.

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You’ve sourced the best actors and guests, created a compelling video (or series) and now you simply need to show it off to the world. If you’re not quite prepared for this last piece of the puzzle, you’re in luck. There are some creative and hassle-free ways to get your content in front of your target audience; just keep reading!

Consumer Insights: Digital Viewing Behavior

Expert marketing brand HubSpot conducted in-depth research on customer viewing habits and behaviors on the web. Here’s a snapshot of what they learned:

  • YouTube and Facebook are the top platforms of choice for video-viewing
  • Entertaining and funny videos get the most attention from viewers
  • Mobile devices are preferred to desktop devices when watching videos

What does this mean for you? It means your promotional game needs to be mobile-friendly, social media-driven and easily found on YouTube.

7 Ways to Grow Your Video Audience

Let’s dive into different strategies you can start today to get your content in front of a larger piece of your audience.

Repurpose Your Video Content

Not everyone is able to watch videos 100% of the time; some people prefer to listen to podcasts while they work out and stay productive. Without much extra work, you can transform your video script or series into a podcast ready for fresh ears.

Try Something New

You won’t often find blogs advising you to hit up users on Reddit, Quora or review sites, but trying something new may pay off depending on your niche. Add a simple link in your bio on these sites or embed a recommendation to view your video after leaving useful feedback or comments on a thread.

Market Videos via Email

You’re already sending out emails to your subscriber list or existing clients, why not include a link to your channel or latest video in the sender’s signature? This is an easy, automated way to encourage viewers to watch your content without investing additional time and effort into marketing.

Tease Your Content on Social Media

Have a particularly funny or educational clip in your upcoming video? Post it on various social platforms as a teaser that will entice your audience to watch once it’s live. Also, don’t forget to post an update announcing that the video has gone live to let viewers know when to watch.

Ask for Shares

Whether you’re posting a teaser or showing the full video, include a call to action that encourages your audience to share the content with their friends and followers. On your full video, provide a call to action at both the beginning and end of the content to remind viewers who were not yet committed to sharing to do so once they’ve finished watching.

Take Advantage of Notifications

If you’re posting videos on YouTube or your website, you won’t get any views unless people know about it. With the unpredictability of search engines, the best way to get more views is to encourage your audience to allow notifications on their devices and YouTube channels. This way, they’ll be notified as soon as fresh content is uploaded.

Encourage Employees to Promote Your Video

Before your video goes live, drum up some company-wide excitement by showing your team the finished product. Encourage them to share your video on their own social platforms and among friends or family (who will possible also share it!).

The Bottom Line

No matter how well your content is produced, it won’t do you any good if no one sees it. Use these ideas to get your content out there into the digital universe and sit back as your view counter continues to rise.

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As the most memorable form of content online and on-screen, video is an effective way to showcase your brand’s value across many verticals at once. But to do so, you need to make sure your videos are published with clean production that fits your brand’s style.

Most likely, you don’t have a future Michael Bay working for you, which means you’ll need to work with a video production company. Unless you have an unlimited budget (a la the likes of Jeff Bezos), you need to make the right decision when choosing a production company. Here’s how to do it while maximizing ROI.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Production Company

Use these four criteria to evaluate whether a certain video production company is right for your business.

  • Stunning Portfolio. Always ask to see past work to learn whether the video production company is capable of meeting your expectations. If you don’t see something that reflects what you’re looking for or that matches your style, discuss the changes you’d like to see and whether the company is capable of delivering.
  • Animation Services. Sourcing actors, dealing with permits and blocking out hours or days for filming may not be in your company’s best interest all the time. Sometimes, an animated video can perform better for certain purposes, such as explainer videos. Make sure your video production company offers animated videos with a proven team of quality animators.
  • On-Location Expertise. Filming on-location is much different than filming in a studio. It requires different lighting, equipment and legal hoops through which you must jump. Vet a video production company by inquiring about their on-location process and expertise.
  • Advanced Technology. The future of video is constantly changing and, as new technologies hit the market, your video needs will change along with them. Consider this when meeting with video production company representatives, to improve ROI and keep your messaging consistent, you’ll want to build a long-term relationship. Ask about 360-degree video and virtual reality, as this type of video format is gaining popularity among viewers.

Use Video to Create Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Paired with the right production company, your brand can accomplish a slew of goals from increasing brand awareness to generating leads to securing sales. The partnership between your brand and a good video production company can be strong and profitable provided you make the right decision. To discuss your video production needs, contact Kicker Video today.

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Traditional marketing and written social media posts can only take your brand so far online. If you really want to resonate with your customers, you need video. Whether short or long, live or scripted, video is king online.

If contemplating video’s ability to produce positive ROI, don’t fret for another minute. Branded video is among the most valuable assets you can have. Here’s why your brand needs video now.

Video is the Preferred Media Type Online

More than one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day, according to Brandwatch, and video is the most engaging type of content on the web. It receives more shares and likes than written content or images and has the power to entertain, uplift and communicate like no other form of media.

It Doesn’t (Have to) Take a Village

With video, your brand can start with a smaller budget and build up the production value once you begin to see ROI. Too many brands make the mistake of thinking that “doing video right” requires Hollywood-level equipment and scores of staff members. Consider this: One of the highest-earning channels on YouTube is by a 7-year old who reviews toys in his house. It doesn’t have to take a village to create great video.

Forge an Emotional Connection with Customers

If you’ve ever seen a Hallmark or Dove commercial, you know just how powerful video can be when it comes to connecting to your customers. It’s a great medium to use when you want to show off your brand’s human side and appeal to your audience emotionally. Take this Dove video “Real Beauty” for example. Millions of men and women (68 million, according to the current view count) were inspired by this video since 2013.

Showcase Your Brand’s Creativity

Video opens up a world of creativity that can be utilized by your brand to everything from product promotion to communicating company values. Use video to craft scripted skits, air live events and conferences, or document your brand’s community service efforts.

Tie Video to Different Audience Segments

When created with purpose, video can be used to target different audience demographics at various points along the sales funnel. For example, your branded video documenting the good work your company is doing in the community may help retain existing customers while showcasing your presence at an industry conference can boost your brand’s position as an expert when viewed by new leads.

Video Can Take Your Brand to New Heights

Regardless of your current budget or market share, video can take your brand to new and exciting levels. Whether you plan to release traditional marketing videos on television or are going a digital-only route, you can expect increased ROI from your efforts when you create and promote branded video.

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Selecting the right type of video for your business is a big deal. Video needs to reach the audience in the best manner possible, creating an opportunity for the right target audience to receive it. There are a number of different video options available to you. As you work on your next marketing campaign, take a closer look at some of the key styles that you should consider within your budget.

Live Action Video

One of the options available to some businesses is a live action video. This type of video incorporates real-world footage most of the time with people in it. This is a common video option because it is easier to design. You can also use them for everything from professionally created films or just a short clip.

There are various styles such as a talking head video in which a person is seen talking to the camera. It is often used in an interview style. A Vlog is another type of video, one that is based on a series of short videos linked together and distributed over time. And, you can create a traditional interview video, which incorporates a person on camera speaking to another or to the camera.

Animated Videos

Another style of video to consider is animation. This is not always a cartoon-like, funny style of animation. Rather, you can use it to create very serious and formal messages, too. And, like with other forms of video, there are several styles available to you here. It could be a 2D or a 3D video, for example. You may want to consider typography videos or motion graphic videos. Each one is a bit different in the way it communicates, but they are all animated, meaning that real people are not used in them.

Text Overlay Video

Another form to consider is called a text overlay video in which there is text placed over the images or under them. This is a very common style of video used in social media campaigns where people may not have the sound on. Some will incorporate music or nature in the background. Others will have a video behind the words, which help to tell the story.

Streaming Video

Streaming video has become very popular today. In short, it is a live video, one where you turn on the camera and you are interacting directly with your audience in real-time. It is the most difficult to produce for some needs, but it is also one of the best ways to reach your audience on a personal level.

Which type of video is right for your business? Most often, you need a combination of each of these.

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What type of corporate video is going to really ring true on social media? The type you use really depends on the goals for your next social media campaign and your company as a whole. However, there are a few styles to consider that work the best on social media. Which one is right for you?

#1: Informational and Satirical

Social media streams stop when you post something with a bit of truly funny, though not negative, on your timeline. Choose a video that’s satirical that conveys this. However, be sure to add good information to it at the same time. Don’t waste your viewer’s time but make them smile while learning.

#2: Trendy, Elegant, and Dominating

A bit more sophistication and a lot of trendy charm can also work very well for a social media video. Choose this video format when you want to make a point about how elegant your product is or to elevate your brand. Keep it tasteful, though.

#3: Hip and Lighthearted

If the stuck-up vibe isn’t right for your company, it’s time to consider a lighthearted and hip video style instead. To pull this off, it is very important to remain authentic to your brand and to your audience. Fake smiles are not going to work.

#4: Exciting and Dramatic

When you want to make a powerful statement, your video needs to show that in sound, color, and words. Consider something more mini-series quality that is more epic. These are the types of videos that get shared because they are so awesome.

#5: Inspiring and Sincere Message from the Heart

A feel-good story can work very well for many brands as well. In your video here, you don’t have to get all sentimental, but you can and should be sincere. If you want your brand to exude feelings and positive sentiment, this is the type of video format that is going to work the best for you.

#6: Educational and Straightforward

You could call this the more traditional format of video. It can work very well to communicate important information. If your audience needs information and really benefits from a very straightforward message, this is a good route to take. Keep in mind that all businesses benefit from this traditional format from time to time.

What you say and how you say it matters. This is very true with social media. Yet, it’s not always easy to find a format that’s going to draw enough viewers in. That’s why it tends to be ideal when you work closely with a team of pros to help you.

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Holiday videos can provide some outstanding benefits to your company. They create personality and character. They can also help with branding your business and encouraging your customers to engage with you. If you’re wondering how you can create a few videos with a holiday theme that will get attention, consider a few specific ideals like these:

#1: Emotional Gestures

One type of holiday video that can work well for most businesses is one that depicts some type of emotional grand gesture. That is, it needs to pull on the heartstrings while also selling a product or service. You want it to tell a short story, but you also want to ensure the video offers some type of sentimental or meaningful memory or thought. For a good example, check out Reindeer Games from Microsoft.

#2: Personalized Holiday Videos

Another route to take is to incorporate some type of personalized holiday message. In some way, you want the video to be true to your company and offer something that is going to pull the viewer in. Incorporate the consumer’s name into the video. This works well for email newsletters that you are sending out during the holiday.

#3: Do Something Memorable and Cute

Finding a way to have some fun during the holidays is also important. You may just want to give your customers something simple and yet fun to remember you by this holiday. Here’s one key example. Software company Hootsuite, creates a simple video that is 40 minutes long. The only thing in the video is a crackling fireplace and a sleepy owl. That’s it. But it’s memorable.

#4: Get Your Staff Involved

There are times when you want to create a connection between your staff and your customer base. This is one of them. It can be easy to do. For example, you can create a short video of your favorite employees signing Christmas carols. Or, take that and place their images on the heads of elves dancing around. It’s a bit of animation that is going to get people to smile.

#5: Make It a Heartwarming Video Instead

While you can get all of the gimmicks you want out there, one surefire way to bring a smile on people’s faces is simply to offer a short, heartwarming video. A “happy holidays from us” type of video does not even need to include people. It can include a fun puppy or a winter scene. Your goal here is to just offer a direct message with a bit of branding on it that touches the hearts of those who watch it.

Holiday videos offer a lot of interest and many are opened more often than what you would expect from a traditional email campaign. They work well on social media, too. What is most important in this video is making it memorable and meaningful to your brand.

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You may think of video as something to invest in for your customers or even to showcase your company to brand partners, investors, and the media in general. Yet, there’s a strong place for using video internally within your company. It can be one of the most powerful tools for you to use for communication for a wide range of topics and goals. All you have to do is to know how to make it work.

Video Can Help Keep Employees Engaged

There are dozens of ways you can use video within your company. You can send messages to people individually or create productions that are used for training. In all cases, video is engaging, interesting, and far more interactive than sitting in another meeting. When you use video as a component of your business’s employee engagement, you’ll see significant improvement in their involvement.

Video Conveys Information Easily

Video is also very easy for you to use. Let’s say you have an end-of-the-day note you want to send everyone and you want to be sure everyone gets it. You can do a live video to connect with everyone at one time even at the last minute. Or, you can use any type of device to use playback videos to educate your team or to provide them with the information they need. Most people know how to use video, and it is always in hand with their phones.

Video Lets Your Employees Share Information, Too

Video can also help your employees share information back to you. They can reply to your video with their own, depending on the format. This allows you to gain more insight into what their thoughts and feelings are, well beyond what a formal email would convey.

It’s an Efficient Way to Communicate Across Large Groups

Whether you are creating training segments or quarterly upgrades, video is a good way to communicate lots of information efficiently. It is an easy tool to use to communicate across your entire team with a clear message without having to worry about taking people out of the office for meetings or seminars.

Internal Video Helps Build Brand Awareness

It’s important to have a few videos that you use as components of your brand awareness. Videos can communicate brand information and features at a much higher rate than you could expect from traditional documents or an employee guidebook. In short, it helps information be captured at a higher level than you may expect otherwise.

Video works in many ways. You can even use it as a way to gauge just how interested your employees are – where did they stop watching? Did they make it to the end? Incorporate internal videos as a way to build your company.

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Do you need to create more interesting sales videos? Perhaps you are not getting the results you want and need? These 15 tips can help you to get some new creative videos in the works for your company.

#1: Use Filters

It’s a fun thing the kids are doing. It’s also something that can be perfect for you to create an interesting look across your social media videos.

#2: Get Personal with Videos

Use your customer’s name in them. Doing this could help to boost the number of views your video gets by as much as three times. Say hello in your videos to key customers.

#3: Incorporate Music

It may not be as hard as you think to have some fun with this. Add some music to get people talking.

#4: Use a Fun Prop

Think outside of the box here. Even a plush animal can work well. The goal is to get people paying attention.

#5: Use a Pro

You can also use a camera person to help you with your videos so they can zoom in and out. Or, let a professional handle the video creation for you.

#6: Shock Them with a Performance

You may find that dragging out your theater experience could be just what you need to do to get people talking.

#7: Narrate Your Video

Instead of letting someone else do it, do it yourself. This is a fantastic way to get people to commit to your video.

#8: Use Lighting – Right

Lighting is a big turn off when you are not using it properly. Yet it does not have to be a hard aspect to master.

#9: Incorporate Humor

Every sales video can benefit from getting the audience to chuckle. Do something to make them laugh, even if just a little.

#10: Be Personable

Let your sales attitude come to life with a bit of personality. It’s always a good idea to let people see the real you!

#11: Use a Parody

If there’s a theme you love, use it here. You can copy off of movies or other companies, too.

#12: Smile in Your Videos

Sounds simple, right? Yet, it is a common problem!

#13: Incorporate Your Brand

Your brand is a big deal and something that needs to be a part of every video you do.

#14: Be Authentic

There’s no need for the gimmicks. Be real with your customers.

#15: Do an Interview

Interview a customer or anyone else who may seem interesting to you! Your customers will love it.

It’s easy to be creative in your videos. What options are right for you?

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When it comes to creating your next business video, take into consideration how sports videos can offer some suggestions and innovative methods. Sports videos are on-the-go, fast-paced, and exciting. They are attention-grabbing, often pulling people into them just to see what happens. How can that translate into a business video for your needs? There are a couple of key takeaways to consider here.

#1: Work to Grow Your Content

In today’s video world, you really can start from nowhere and work your way up. You do not have to be a star to create a following. You just have to be unique and interesting enough to grab the attention of the fans you are hoping to create. Work to grow your content one video at a time to reach an audience that fits your company.

#2: Capture Real Time

Today’s consumer wants to know what real life is like, not a fake set or a script. Do not be afraid – as the athletes do – to pull out your phone and start recording. While there is always a time for a produced, well-designed video, that is not the requirement. Instead, get real and do it in real-time to grow your audience.

#3: Work with Influencers

Many athletes have become influencers themselves. In short, you just want to get your brand in front of those influencers’ audience. To do that, you need to connect with those people on social media with a large following that is mostly made up of your most likely customers. Be sure to create videos that include cross-overs or collaborations with social media influencers like this to grow your following and to achieve more of a reach.

#4: Work on Building the Emotional Fan Base

You want people who are not just followers of your brand, but that have an emotional attachment to your brand. That may be hard to create initially, but once you learn how to create videos that are authentic and very much realistic, you will easily see your watchers grow. Again, grab your phone, as the athletes do, and make passionate statements about who you are, what you do, and why that matters to you and to your customer base.

#5: Connect within the Community

Athletes know they have to be a part of the community to maintain their fanbase and to drive their skills. The same is true for business owners. Get into the community with your videos. Play a role in the day-to-day lives of your customers.

What can these sports videos teach you? They can most certainly teach you how to grow a strong following of loyal fans.

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