Pushing Video to the Next Level

There are many ways you can enhance the way video is used, but new technology is making it possible to do much more than what most would expect. For example, with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it could link any person to any location within a video in a short period of time. This may allow for the video to be experiential and immersive, far more so than it has been. Consumers would then be able to go deeper, really learning and interacting within a simple video. In some cases, this could including shopping opportunities, but consider what could be if that video could embrace a true experience.

Another key benefit of this would be providing brands with the ability to learn more about their video’s viewers. Who are they and what are they encouraged by or interested in? You can see, even scene-by-scene, what consumers find as interesting and what they engage with within your video. This would allow you, as a brand, to create more personal images and messages that could capture that individual’s interests at a higher level. Imagine the interaction that could happen here. Then, consider what type of impression this would create on the consumer.

What Does This Mean for You?

When working on video for your next promotion or campaign, consider the benefits of going deeper and doing more. It is possible to link to artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that could enhance the way your customers can embrace the video.

Evolving video to the next level, away from the simple, linear type of content that we’ve seen so commonly on television commercials our entire lives, and creating more interactive and one-on-one experiences could change the way you are able to reach your customers and interact with them. It may even enhance the way those customers think of your company in the long term.

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Animated videos could be one of the best investments you make in your business’s marketing efforts. How can something that seems silly or even childish work? Today’s animated videos go much further than this and can easily be one of the best ways to see a significant ROI on your marketing efforts.

Why Animation Works

There are many reasons to create videos for your business, but what does animation itself create and provide? This could be one of the best ways to get interested in your company. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Entertaining Content

Consumers are readily accustomed to traditional marketing videos. They gloss over them. Yet, animation is far more entertaining. It brings a smile to their faces and, even if it is not funny, it is still more enjoyable to watch than a typical commercial.

It’s Shared More

Animated videos may also help you to get a few more shares on social media than you have in the past. These types of videos spark interest – people want to know what the story is about or why is going to happen. As a result, they are more likely to be shared on social media – one of the most important places for marketing success today.

It Works to Explain Complex Topics with Ease

Another of the key benefits that animation brings to the table is its ability to take complex and sometimes boring topics to make it easier to understand and use. The benefit here is that it gives you a format to use to communicate just about any type of message in a more streamlined and effective manner. Your audience is more likely to enjoy it, even.

Animation is a fantastic tool for any type of business marketing. When you want your video to really stand out and get the attention of those you are targeting, consider switching this up by using animation instead of your traditional marketing video. It could be just the uniqueness you need.

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An explainer video is just what its name sounds like – a tool to help you explain something to your audience. They are a fantastic way to get people interested in what you have to offer. However, there are various styles available. Choosing the right model is important since you want to be able to reach the right audience in the best manner possible. Consider a few examples to get started.

The Live Action Explainer Video

Perhaps the most common form is this. A person is in the video explaining the information to the viewer. Live action is usually based on a full script. It breaks down a great deal of information and creates a personable approach to explainer videos. When people see real people – those they can identify with – they are able to engage in the topic a bit more. You can choose a live version or just record an individual. Live is most certainly more engaging if you can catch your audience at the right time.

The Stock Footage Explainer Video

You don’t always have to use people or even have to include a film-like experience. In some cases, companies choose to use shots of stock film edited together. This is the most cost-effective option (depending on what you decide to include). It does not offer the same level of engagement and can be seen more like an advertisement if not done well. However, with the use of drones and new media, it is an option for many.

Animation Explainer Videos

Both 3D and 2D explainer videos can be done in animation. While you may instantly think that animation is all about cartoons, it doesn’t have to be child-like at all. In many cases, it can be quite professional. What it does well, is break down complex topics into easier to understand bits. It can also be an excellent way to make your boring content a bit more engaging to your audience as a whole.

What to Consider Before Making a Decision

To choose which of these, or other, forms of explainer videos is right for you, it helps to break down your goals and your audience. In most cases, you’ll want to choose something well within your budget. At the same time, you need to consider what your audience is most likely to connect with. Work with a video production company who can offer more insight to you on how well any model works for your needs.

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Could animation change the way you market to your audience? Animation is a type of video production method that can make a big splash on any marketing campaign. It can work in a variety of ways, but one of the most effective uses for it is in explainer videos. These videos are those that break down complex topics and bits of information to make them more accessible and easier to understand. When you do this through animation, you can often see a better level of interest from your viewer and that translates into a better understanding of your topic.

But, there’s a question you have to answer here. What type of animation is best suited for the type of explainer video you hope to create? There are several options available to you, each with benefits to offer. Depending on the way you plan to use your videos as well as the audience and content, you’ll be able to choose the format that makes the most sense for your individual needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the options available.

2D Character Animation: In this form, the images are flat and the animation is basic. The animations can move left and right and up and down, but that’s about it. This is the traditional, old-school cartoon drawn by hand. They work very well for basic explainer videos.

2D Motion Animation: Another level that moves a bit further out is 2D motion. This is not 3D level motion, but it still allows for the designer to create motion that’s more elaborate and realistic.

3D Animation: For a more realistic look, consider 3D animation. It creates a true real-world view that makes the background look as though it is behind the animation itself. This can help to make the video more realistic because you can use advanced design techniques and even props.

Whiteboard Animation: The use of whiteboard animation is more unique in that it offers real-time presence. The viewer is able to follow the video from beginning to end to ensure that the message is fully received. This type of animation is best for those who are looking to create a sales presentation.

Stop Motion Videos: Another type of video format that can work well for explainer videos is stop motion. In it, a number of photos are used and then pulled together during the editing process. This type of video is more basic in terms of how it is built, but it takes time to create. It is interesting enough to pull in your users.

Screencast Videos: Yet another option uses screencasting software. With it, it is possible to create animation that’s performing various actions. You can also bring in other video clips and create a streamlined single video.

With so many options available, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which is right for the type of video you are hoping to create. Don’t worry. When you work with a professional video production company, they can help you find the best use of animation for your particular goals.

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When you think of animated videos, you think of what your children watch on television or perhaps your favorite cartoon humor. You may not relate that type of animation to marketing for your business. After all, can animated videos really help your customers and clients take you seriously?

Many business owners face this concern. If they use animated videos as a part of their promotional methods, will they look too cartoon-ish? Will they actually hurt your marketing efforts?
The short answer – if done properly, animated videos can actually do far more than traditional graphics and with good reason. Of course, they may not be ideal for all needs, but they can create a few key benefits to a website in most industries.

How Can Animated Videos Help Your Website?

With professional animated video creation, one thing is for sure. You can customize it any way that is right for you and have as much of a lighthearted or a very serious theme to them. When done properly, these videos can help in various ways:

  • Animated vides can make it easier to explain hard topics. While they don’t “dumb it down” they can take complex topics that many people look over and really provide clear information in a simple form.
  • Animated videos are memorable. Think about the last Super Bowl and the commercials there. Chances are good some of the best promotional commercials you remember are in fact animated.
  • Animation done well gives your business personality and lets those who are learning about it for the first time get a real idea of who you are and what you have to offer. It allows your personality to shine through.
  • Another key benefit – the ability to go viral. A funny or even very serious, but well made promotional video that’s animated is likely to be shared by those who see it. Let’s face it. Do you share the content that’s fun and visually appealing or the long, boring videos showcasing a company’s service?
  • It is visually appealing. Animation stands out because it uses the right colors, the right type of design elements, and the right surroundings to create a very specific image. Because you can control this very specifically, you really do get to make a great first impression on anyone who is viewing your video.

What else can animated video do for you? It can leave a solid impression on the view. It helps generate more traffic to your website. It does not limit your ability to reach any audience. And, it is one of the best ways to control overall costs and still get an impressive promotional video that people remember.

Today, the options available to you in animation are numerous. It’s not necessarily a cartoon-world out there. Take a few minutes to check out a few videos to see what the end result can offer. How can you incorporate this very powerful tool into the business you do? Chances are good, it’s going to work well.

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There is no doubt that creating interaction in a video is much more likely and interesting when you factor in 3D video. You may have seen these types of videos before or you may have a 3D TV that you want to create videos for. Post one of these and you are sure to get attention from your audience. Before you can do so, though, there are some things you need to know about this type of video.

How It Work’s

When it comes to shooting traditional video, the camera captures just one shot and view. However, with 3D shots, the goal is to create what is considered realistic. It is like getting the view from both of your eyes. The left eye has its own perspective from the right. In this video format, it is necessary to grab the image from both eyes. Your brain takes these two images and combines them to give you one image, but your camera does not work in the same way.

There are several ways to shoot video in this manner. In some cases, the photographer will shoot using standard 2D formats. Then, he or she will use a 3D post-conversion process that helps to create the final 3D images. Another way to shoot this type of video is to focus on using two cameras but to do so at the very same time. These are shot using a stereoscopic or stereo images. This would mean shooting from the left and from the right to capture all of the footage.

If the 3D post conversion process is used, it is possible to take virtually any 2D film and make it into a 3D format. It is possible to do this even with older movies in older formats. This method is far more common for various reasons. It allows the user to capture film in a manner that is easier for them. It can be applied to older films. It costs less because of the reduced need for equipment. And, it makes the overall process easier to accomplish.

On the other hand, using specialized equipment and shooting in stereo is often considered the better option. When compared to shooting in 2D, this method does provide a better quality shot, at least some believe this to be the case. However, it does tend to cost more and have a steeper learning curve than other methods. And, there are other types of methods for capturing these images. Ultimately, the individual must decide what is most important to their needs.

It is also important to realize that 3D filming, in itself, is very new technology. That means that, while technology is growing, it is also changing rapidly. If you are ready to start shooting in 3D, it pays to do so using 2D technology now and, as your skill and needs improve, upgrade along with technology as it grows and changes. The move can give you the ability to create some exceptional videos that anyone can appreciate.

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People want to see what it is they are buying, or buying into. Whether you are selling a product, a service, an idea, or a cause, you need to allow your clients the chance to visualize what you offer. That can often be more complex than it may at first appear. Sometimes, the more complex the information that you need to communicate, the more you can benefit from 3D animation. Kicker can bring simple drawing and animations to life. And don’t worry, it won’t break the bank.


Telling a Global Story Intimately

Sometimes you need to communicate an issue whose effects are widespread. For instance, a marketing agency asked us if we could create a video for its non-profit client that wanted to raise consciousness about International Mine Awareness Day. But they needed the video in 14 days. So, we got to work! Paul wrote the script; Kate edited it; Steven and his team got down to the work of animation. We told the story of the global problem of landmines and the devastating toll that they take, especially on children, for decades after wars end. The best way to bring awareness of the issue to the general public was through animation. We told the real story of a Cambodian boy who lost three limbs, but only at the end do we show his actual image. In that way, the viewers are left with a sense of the triumph of the boy who survived his tragedy to finish school and take an active role in the global campaign. Viewers see the terrifying problem and the will to fix it. Not only did we make the deadline, but we also won a MARCOM Award for it!


Simplifying the Complex

Leaping Cowgirl Productions in Calgary brought us a client with a terrific piece of technology – but no way to demonstrate it to their clients online. In this case, the target audience was small. There would be little interest in cutting-edge plunger technology outside of the mining industry. However, inside of that industry, the interest was great. The problem was to explain the capabilities of this new technology to those potential clients in an engaging way. So we took some of their designs and created a very compelling marketing video, using 2D and 3D animation, then blended with typography and a tight storyline. The result was impressive. If you have a great product whose importance and value may be difficult to explain, animation may well be the answer. For systems that cannot be seen, but need to be rendered in the imagination nevertheless, we can do anything.


Aesop Would Be Proud

To understand the potential of animation, consider the rise and popularity of animated films over the last two decades. From Toy Story to Avatar, the technology has advanced to touch the human spirit in new ways. Two and a half thousand years ago, Aesop enchanted listeners with stories about animals that seemed to behave like people. Now, we have the skills to animate the faces of those same animals and give them the emotions that we associate with people. But we can animate cars, fish, toys, and beings that exist only in our imaginations.


Imagination is where we at Kicker come in. Give us a call to consult with us on how to bring your ideas to life




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