You have seen people “going live” on social media before. It looks interesting and you like to find out what they have to say. However, you may be unsure how this type of service can actually help your business. Livestreaming is an important tool for companies who want to capture business in one of the fastest growing methods possible. Yet, there are a few rules to keep in mind as you do so.

#1: Make Sure You Have a Point

The most important first step is to always have a well-defined point. You do not have to script out your livestreaming (that’s why it is so personal after all). However, you do want to have a clear path to go from thought to thought. You want to have a specific message to provide within the event. Do this before you log on.

#2: Choose the Right Medium

Many of the social media websites offer livestreaming now. Which one is right for you? The easy answer is that the best one is the location with the highest percentage of your most likely buyers. Facebook Live is perhaps the easiest one to use with built-in analytics that help make it ideal. Instagram Stories and YouTube Live are also ideal if this is where your customers are.

#3: Be Professional with Your Tech and Setup

While livestreaming can happen from any location, when doing this as a part of your business, you really need to be sure it looks and feels professional. To do that, be sure you have considered the location carefully. Do a test run to ensure the visuals and the sound are good. You also want to ensure you have a strong, steady internet connection. Live video does not work without it. Then, set the stage to be impressive. Be sure you look good and are a clear representation of your brand.

#4: Practice Makes Perfect

If you have never used livestreaming before, test it out before you try to go live for the first time. Set up something on your personal social media page to give yourself an opportunity to try out the medium, adjust the cameras, and to get comfortable with the methods. Keep in mind – it is all you. Be sure you can properly represent your company.

#5: Don’t Forget to Promote It

Once you are ready to go, you’ll want to have a big audience. Yet, if you haven’t marketed your event any prior to going live, you may not have much of an audience. Instead, be sure to do some marketing before and during your event. Encourage viewers to share your page, too.

Livestreaming can be a lot of fun and very effective if you work at making the pieces come together. Why not give it a shot?

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Facebook video is one of the most important areas of content creation for today’s small business, marketer, or just anyone else. No matter what your industry, product or service, Facebook is likely the best connection point you have on social media to reach your customers and clients. But, traditional blurbs of content or photos are not enough. Now, you need to engage your customers using video. While you may be wondering how your business can utilize this service, realize it may be much easier to do than you realize.

Get Started with These Tips

To create effective, engaging, and attention grabbing video ads on Facebook, consider these tips. They will help you to get off the ground and into the phones of your customers.

#1: Always make ads authentic.

You don’t need gimmicks. People will resonate better with quality content that tells a story. What you will find time and time again is that the most effective Facebook ads are those that can bring the user in through a story. Brand and marketers need to create that story that is of some interest to the reader.

#2: You have three seconds.

Yes, Facebook ads can be longer than this, of course. However, this is the amount of time you have to grab the attention of the people that are in front of you and scrolling through their page. When an ad shows up on a page and starts to play, it has to grab their attention immediately or they will continue to move right on past it. These first three seconds, then, are perhaps the most important part.

#3: Minimize the noise

One of the mistakes you can make is creating video that is loud and obnoxious. Let’s face it. People who are on Facebook on their phones at work are not going to appreciate the loud sounds hitting them. The auto play feature on the site already turns the sound off even as the video starts to roll. That means that no matter what content you are creating, it needs to be visually stimulating so they turn on the sound after those first few seconds.

#4: Customers need to be the focus.

Here’s a hard truth many businesses have to realize. Facebook video is not for a traditional commercial. It needs to be customer centric. That means it needs to play to the emotions, needs, problems, and solutions of the consumer and not the company’s needs.

#5: You need consistency.

Not only do you need to post videos to the site on a consistent basis, but you also need to build your brand through them. This means there has to be some level of development that builds on the brand in each video.

When it comes down to it, it is often best to hire a trusted and experienced video production company to help you to create effective videos that not only meet Facebook’s requirements, but also achieve the goals you are creating with them. It pays to use these videos, but they need to be done properly to get results.

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Who benefits more from Facebook video adverts? Is it the user or the advertiser? Perhaps it’s a win-win situation to all. Just like other normal ads on Facebook, video ads have both benefits and downfalls to everyone. They appear and play automatically through a user’s newsfeed though; they have received both praise and criticism from Facebook users and marketers alike. This article will shed some light to why Facebook video ads are something to talk about and why it has received so much criticism in equal measure.


Pro 1: Generates Traffic into Websites

Advertising is one of the best ways to market your products/services. Lately, technology has introduced many ways of making this possible; online marketing methods has made it simpler and reached thousands. Where can you find millions of online viewers? From social networking sites, Facebook being one of them; Facebook video ads appear and play automatically on a user’s newsfeed to reach thousand users.

Pro 2: Automatic Play, No Data Charges

This has been a concern to many, that the Facebook video ads will incur huge data charges to mobile phone users. This is not the case; the videos will automatically play in the news feeds on both the PC and mobile devices. When a user has not in any way engaged to view the video, it will not download. The ads will only be downloaded once a Wi-Fi connection has been established.

Pro 3: Users Love the Videos

In many ways, people love interacting with Facebook video ads; they like, comment and share them among other Facebook friends compared to news feed ads. This is a plus for advertisers because their content reaches as many consumers as possible and when loved, they may click through to their websites.


Con 1: Video Ads are Expensive

This is a downside for business advertisers. As much as it may reach thousands of consumers in a short time span, than normal advertising on television, and engages its audience in a way, Facebook video ads cost millions with its charges shooting up. With that much money to put up, we would understand if many marketers do not use this form of advertising.

Con 2: Slow App Performance

It is uncertain how much space these video ads take on the phone’s memory. However, once downloaded, you will be able to view the video when you open the Facebook app and scroll through your news feed. This may slow the speed of the app and the mobile device in general.

Con 3: Click-Through-Rate

Video ads are quite an engaging way to reach consumers. However, this does not guarantee that a click on the video will drive traffic to your website. Video ads have very low conversion rates than other ads.

Bottom Line

Facebook video ads are a better way for marketers to engage with their consumers, link to their websites and buy their products or services. However, they have both pros and cons; these are just a few main ones among others.

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Are you still spending up to forty, fifty or maybe a hundred thousand dollars on shooting and airing video ads for television and media? Are you still unhappy with the results they are clocking in? That is a classic case of inefficient advertising. It’s time you figured out the benefits of the word ‘Internet’.

Video content marketing is the latest buzzword in the industry, making it possible to launch a viral video campaign with very little money. In fact, video content marketing isn’t about creating sales pitches and infomercials, it’s about creating some value for your customers, letting them know how your products can be helpful in their lives, or educating them about how to best utilize your products. The impetus is on reaching out to a much wider audience in much less time and by spending much less money. Here’s how you can accomplish that:


1. Create a Niche

That’s the great thing about internet based marketing; you can target your audience. You can identify your potential market, build a community and reach out to targeted customers using relevant information that will appeal to them. Eliminate the guesswork about what will work for the largest section of TV watching audience. Instead, focus on the people you want to exclusively communicate to. For instance, if you are a retail website selling handmade jewelry, you probably have no business talking to techno freaks. Instead, you can make a quirky video showcasing your jewelry, for very little money, and market it on social media platforms, targeting young girls and working women. A Facebook page, which by the way costs nothing, will then do a great job of bringing girls inquiring about your creations in no time.


2. Feature Great How-to Videos

If you are a start-up, selling a new, innovative product, the best way to get the word out and make people take notice is to create a how-to video. Not only will this peg interest among the masses but also, effectively show that your product actually works.

While viral videos are the entire buzz these days, don’t lose your brain cells over it. To build and sustain a business, it’s important to give your customers some value. That is what will build a market for you and bring in repeat business from loyal buyers. And the best part? It will cost you a fraction of the amount you would spend on a TV ad campaign.

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There are thousands of ways to attract customers, create purchasing interest and lead to a sale, and no method is completely guaranteed to work every time. Marketing and sales are constantly evolving, with some approaches gaining in prominence while others disappear into the oblivion.

  • Which approaches do you use?
  • Have you found a methodology that works for every type of customer?
  • Are you aware of the increasing focus of people on visuality?

No one wants to be out of step with the times

No matter who your particular customers are, in all likelihood, they are used to watching a lot of video materials. A number of recent studies have shown that an average person in Canada or the United States spends a significant part (or even most) of their free time either watching television or looking at entertainment materials on the Internet – why would you want to miss out on an opportunity to engage with these potential customers on a regular basis? Consumers that were once accustomed to reading sales pamphlets and greeting salespeople at their doorstep now would much rather watch colorful and dynamic sales and marketing videos. If videos weren’t something you did as part of your marketing before – now it has to be if you are to play a visible role in the marketplace.

How can I use videos for my business idea?

There are at least as many different uses for sales and marketing videos as there are businesses. Everyone’s approach is unique. Some companies employ videos as a way to promote their new product launches. Others demonstrate those parts of their service guarantees that look dull on paper but inspiring on the screen. Another group uses videos as a bridge between them and the surrounding community, recording personalized greetings from company leadership set in the environment in question. Sales and marketing videos can be in the form of infomercials, cartoons, newscasts, chants, mini-series, music videos and so on and so forth – the precise uses are limited by one thing and one thing only: your creativity. Whatever the strategy and the implementation are, a well-designed and correctly executed video marketing campaign has the potential to radically improve brand recognition, increase sales, double or triple conversions, to name just a few of the outcomes we have seen over the years.

Why should I choose you for this kind of work?

As with many other services, sales and marketing videos are now produced by a vast number of smaller and larger companies throughout the world. Some would offer outrageously low costs for this sophisticated project. Others would try to steal the entire marketing budget for a single short video. At Kicker Video, we believe in a different approach – we listen to our customers, take careful notes and then produce energetic and powerful videos to the clients’ specifications and exceeding the customers’ expectations. We are a professional and highly skilled group with a passion for making video marketing campaigns that are light years ahead of the competition.

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The Most Important Things You Must Do On YouTube

When mentioning videos, you cannot begin or end the conversation without talking about YouTube. That is just how massive the name YouTube is now. Needless to say, it is the world’s second largest search engine and also, a great way to promote your products or services, either by direct advertising or by simply creating a channel to connect with your customers and increase your social presence.

Creative people who constantly use YouTube with the right content and smart approach, have a lot of success. You can too, if you just follow the following guidelines diligently.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

To begin with, you should always have a plan. At some point you must stop thinking about it and just start uploading your videos. It isn’t a test where you only get one chance at it and that’s it. You can always keep coming up with new ideas and surpass yourself each time. At the beginning though, you must get over the starter’s blues and just go ahead and upload the first video.

Knowing Your Market

You must have a basic strategy mapped out before you get on YouTube and start marketing your products and services. You must identify your market, know who your target audience is and find great ways to get their attention. There are so many videos on YouTube and you must find a way to stand out.

Evolve Continually

You are on YouTube to promote your business. You must therefore learn the art of continuously evolving. You don’t see the biggest brands airing the same advertisement on TV through the years. In fact, ads are reinvented almost every few months, even on TV these days. In the world of internet, this reinventing must take place all the time. You must keep coming up with new and engaging content every week or every month.

Make it a point to educate yourself about the latest in the field of YouTube marketing. Refer to sites like YouTube Creator Blog and New Media Rockstars. Remember that your views and subscriptions will certainly see a dip if you stop learning and implementing new tricks.

YouTube can be one of the most effective video marketing channels ever. You just need to play your cards right.

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OrabrushIf you have had apprehensions about how much your business would benefit from a social video campaign, you should hear the Orabrush story. This little piece of equipment useful for cleaning your tongue had significant trouble launching in the market. Its founder, Dr. Bob Wagstaff struggled for 8 years and spent tens of thousands of dollars on TV and print infomercials but they just didn’t pay off. In fact, spending $40,000 on a TV ad campaign only helped sell 100 pieces. Needless to say, it was a huge failure.

Social video campaign

What changed for Orabrush? What turned it into a product everyone wants and sold million of pieces in over 114 countries? A $500 social video campaign on YouTube! That’s right, the Orabrush YouTube video about bad breath and how Orabrush helps fight it has garnered a whopping 35 million views, with 116 million subscribers. Orabrush is selling like hot cakes.

When spending $40,000 on TV ads didn’t work and Orabrush just wouldn’t take off, Wagstaff asked the marketing class of a business school for suggestions. One of the students, Jeffery Harmon suggested an online ad campaign. Harmon is the man behind the video that has gone viral on the internet.

He created quite a simple video – a funny guy explaining what bad breath does to him and just how awful it can be. He addresses a common problem a lot of people face, in a funny, humorous way. That is what captivates the audience. The story doesn’t end there though. The video campaign explains how Orabrush can help fight this problem, keeping your breath smelling good all day and all night. It then goes on to offer a free trial to the interested customers. The approach worked! The video was widely viewed by millions, and made an instant connection with everyone who watched, sending them straight to place an order.

Great feedback

The response to the video has been phenomenal. The video grabs people’s attention by addressing a prevailing problem and offers an instant solution too. All businesses have a lot to take away from the success story of Orabrush. With YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, social video is the best way to market your business and clock in unmatched sales. So if your signature product has been ready for that million dollar sale mark, let Kicker help you make that winning video that will give you the launch you have been waiting for.

Take a look at their YouTube Channel!

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Increasing Traffic on Your Tree

If you still haven’t taken notice of the benefits of using Pinterest, it’s time you thought about it very seriously. Pinterest is currently the fourth largest traffic driver, coming closely after Google, direct traffic and of course, Facebook. Also, interestingly, it has been seen that the regular users of Pinterest tend to shop and spend a lot more often that those on any other social networks. And, apart from the large number of pictures being posted, there are now an increasing number of videos too. This is where your money lies.

Pinterest recently removed the ban they had on commercial and business accounts. This way, merchants can now endorse and promote their products and services on Pinterest, making it an exceedingly exciting platform for optimized video content marketing. Now that this avenue holds so much potential, it wouldn’t hurt to know some exciting ways in which you can utilize Pinterest to increase your brand awareness and boost visibility.


Include ‘Video’ In the Board Titles and Pin Descriptions to Get More Views from Pinterest

Needless to say, Pinterest is still a site primarily featuring images. In such a scenario, getting your video to stand out can be a bit of a task. Adding the word Video organically in the board title and the descriptions can help. In fact, any SEO best practices to optimize the description and titles are always welcome.

Backlinks in the Pinterest Description Field Helps

Please remember that clicking on the video will take the pinner to YouTube or Vimeo, and not your site, even if you have put up the video there. That is why you must always add a backlink in the description area if you wish to have the pinner visit your site. Also make sure you keep the description and the title as interesting and captivating as possible, to entice the visitor into clicking on it.

Include a Pinterest CTA on Your Landing Page

If you have activated the icons for Facebook and Twitter on your landing page, how can you leave the third largest social network behind. Pinterest makes it really easy to include a dedicated icon on your landing page’s CTA. Make sure you use this great feature.

Create Compelling Content As Well As Sharing Good Content

One of the biggest things about Pinterest is ‘Repins’. So, apart from promoting your own quality content, you must share good content from others as a way of increasing your social presence. Of course, the necessity of creating your own informative and engaging content cannot be stressed enough.

Have any more questions regarding video marketing? Kicker can help! Leave us a comment or contact us today!

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Vintage Open Sign

My Product Is too Boring

If you have a product or service that is needed, there are creative channels to help you better reach your audience. No matter what the product is, even if it is a staple food like rice, in this globalised and competitive economy. it is still important to advertise. No company should think their market share is so safe, they do not need to advertise. Advertising is an effort to consciously connect with your client base and to get new persons on board. Ideas like thinking your product is too boring to advertise can turn into a nightmare later on. In fact, I am sure if you ran a contest on uses of your product, you would have found many creative ways to use your product, and, you could use these ideas to make a video.

My Product Has to Sell Regardless

No matter how much your product is ‘needed’, it is still important to reinforce its importance to your clients or even show some appreciation to them. The mistake a lot of companies in monopoly situations make is to assume that their products will always be selling and little or no effort is needed. When this monopoly is broken the customers flee to the competitor and it is at time that the company tries to sway the populace with ads and promotions. Keep ahead of the game and keep yourself visible in the market.

No One Watches Video Ads

This would not just be a misconception this would be the total opposite of reality. Everyone watches video ads! The viewership and attention to video content is like no other. If you should use videos placed on YouTube as an example, a video from a popular artist will count over one millions views in one day. This is way ahead of the first day sales for even a bestselling novel. Billboards are no longer stationary images pasted on skyscrapers but they are all becoming electronic screens showing video and rotating ads. Video is the way to go, so get with the times!

Videos Are for Big Companies with Lots of Profit

Not at all. Big companies often started as small entities that grew over time as the customer base got larger and the volume of business increased. All your business may need is the chance to grow and become huge. One of the ways to do this is to advertise; right now one of the most effective means of advertising is doing a video ad. This can help to drive new customers to your business and notify the general public of your offerings. The more people know about your product/services, the more likely it will be that they will request it when they need that kind of product /service.

The best way to find out how a video will affect your business is by creating one. Contact Kicker when you are ready, we are here to help.

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A Video Is Worth More than a Thousand Words

Child Yelling - Best Form of Advertising

How much more beneficial is a video ad versus a billboard still image ad? When the math’s is done, which one does the audience prefer? Well as audiences’ ourselves, here are some reason why we like videos and we think they are the best form of advertising.

Videos Move

This sounds oddly simplistic but I can tell you that though a video can be categorized as simply moving pictures. We tend to prefer it over flipping through tons of pictures, even if they show the same message. If you ever watched a child play, they tend to get drawn to the toys that move and make sounds more than colouring or still images of cartoon characters. We love moving pictures and hearing the screen talk to us. You can also view video hands-free while scrolling through pictures need some interaction with the device.

Videos Speak

I hinted at this above, that videos speak so that is one of the reasons why we love them. This is true. We can get tons of information shortened in point form without scrolling or reading. This is one of the amazing benefits of video from the customer perspective. We can get our information on the go, and can pause, rewind fast forward with little effort.

Humor is Channeled Better through Video

If a joke is told in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, I do not know the answer to that, but I know I prefer to hear a joke than to read it. Sometimes the humor of a video – for example the Geico caveman commercials – could only be expressed as such. It would be hard to ‘explain’ as still images or as text. We love our extremely hilarious video commercials, and I am sure maybe we even take the time to look them up on YouTube© so we can laugh at them some more.

Videos Are Easier to Share

Email it, send a link to it, post it on YouTube or Bluetooth it. It is so much easier to share video media – and it’s more likely to pique the interest of the receiver- than some other forms of media. We carry videos around on our phone and at a moment’s notice are willing to share it. How often did someone offer to show you a video of something at some random place on their smart phone? How often did someone offer to show you a document outlining supplier’s services in text form on a Smartphone? Exactly, my point, I am sure the last scenario happens the least or never at all.

These are only some of the reasons why a video is better from a customer perspective. Contact Kicker for your next video.

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