Do captions really matter? In video posted on your website, it can be one of the most valuable steps you take to ensure you are communicating with your entire audience. Videos have become an essential component of your business. You don’t want to miss key opportunities once people get to your website.

What Does Captioning Do for You, Then?

Captioning is the process of breaking down your transcript into chunks, allowing you to add a frame by frame dialogue to them. It all syncs with your video and audio to ensure a seamless way of communicating. Captions are different from a transcript. A transcript is generally added to your page and offers a simple play by play that people can read to learn what’s in the video. Both serve a good purpose and, in most cases, both are ideal.

Captions are an exceptional tool for several reasons. Consider how they can help you with any video you post online.

#1: They help contribute to search engine rankings. These words include your keywords naturally. They also help to show the search engines what your video is about. You may know how important Google thinks the video is. This makes it easy to manage your rankings.

#2: Not everyone has the luxury of sound. For those who are unable to hear, providing a way for them to communicate and share information is simply good measure. You want your website to be accessible to everyone who wants to use it.

#3: You want to capture people who can’t listen right now. It’s easy to watch a video online if there is captioning available even if you cannot listen to it. Whether you are at work or school, or just in a crowded area, everyone has had to rush to hit the mute button on a video before. Without captioning, you miss that audience.

It is also important to recognize that captioning is also working to enhance a person’s response to your video. When they land on your site to see the video, they are more likely to stick around and watch it with captioning in place. And, while they do that, they may start to click around to find other interesting things. That’s exactly what you want them to do, after all.

Video is a key component of your marketing and audience engagement. Just make sure you do it 100 percent of the way. That means including transcriptions and captioning on your page and in your videos. It does not necessarily take long or cost much, but it can be an important step.

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When was the last time you purchased a car? Chances are good you’ll go through the same buying process when you invest in video production services. How can the two seemingly very different experiences really go through the process? What’s important for you to know here is that you should invest wisely in a video production company and not just buy the first option that lands in your lap. Just like a car, you’ll use this service – if you choose well – for years with outstanding benefits. Take a look at how the process is similar.

#1: Know Your Brand

For some people, buying that well-known brand is a must. For others, it is all about cutting corners for the cheapest product. When it comes to video production services, you need a true expert and professional. On the other hand, you don’t have to go with the company with the name recognition. Instead, go for:

  • The quality of the product offers.
  • The dependability of the product offered.

In other words, yes, you want the quality and dependability that a video production company can offer, but you don’t need all of the glitz and glamour that often leads to a higher price. Look for the dependable provider instead.

#2: What’s Your Need

Of course, before you step foot on a car lot you know to actually think about and create a plan for what you plan to buy. You don’t want to be upselled or find yourself in a product that doesn’t meet your needs. To do that, know what you need. Do you need 20, short videos or do you just need one full-length video? Of course, you’ll want to let your production company give you insight into what may work for you, but you also don’t want to pay more for what really doesn’t help you reach your goals.

#3: Next, Look at the Options

Oh the features! You need them all! But, really, you need just those that are going to help you to achieve your goals. The right company gives you lots of options ranging from:

  • Sound options
  • Lighting options
  • Various format choices
  • Mobile – website – and much more
  • Extra interviews
  • Travel or destination shots and much more

The bottom line here is that you need to turn to a production company that can give you more of the features you really need.

#4: Finally, Don’t Buy Just Yet

What do you do before you commit to purchasing a vehicle? You take it out onto the road to see how it feels. You can do the same thing here. Specifically, sit down and talk the company. Discuss what they do – and ask to see examples. And, be sure you look at plenty of options before you buy.

When you pull it all together, you end up with the video that not only gets your point across but one that also gives you that sense of satisfaction. You know it is the right one, as you slink down in the driver’s seat to watch where it takes you.

Here’s the good news. Kicker Video will do all of this and much more for you. Get started with us to learn more.

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Corporate videos are everywhere, from television commercials to social media news feeds. With their unique ability to humanize a business and provide valuable information in a digestible format, not to mention the ease with which they can be shared, it’s not hard to see why videos have become so popular among marketing teams.

On the surface, creating a video may seem like an easy undertaking, but don’t be deceived; it’s far more complicated than it looks. Here are three reasons that you shouldn’t waste your time on internal video production.

There’s No Substitute for an Expert’s Eye

If you’re like most people, you can spot a commercial shot by a local business from a mile away. The sound quality is lacking, the lighting is all wrong, and the whole thing just seems “off.” What kind of impression of their business does that leave you with? Does their amateur effort inspire feelings of trust? Are you motivated to find out more about them?

Now think about a marketing video put out by a large corporation. There’s no comparison, is there? So what’s the difference?

The difference, of course, is that one commercial is shot by an expert video production team who knows how to use equipment, lighting, and editing software to get polished results, and the other was shot by someone’s camcorder-wielding nephew.

When it comes to crafting a video that will establish your business as an industry expert, there’s just no substitute for an expert’s eye.

Good Equipment is Expensive

Sure, smartphone technology has come far. The camera on today’s smartphone is far superior to the camcorder of even five years ago. However, your smartphone’s camera is still limited by a fixed lens and built-in microphones. In other words, they’re fantastic for capturing your son’s piano recital, but they’re not going to produce a corporate video that you’ll be proud to share. Your computer’s editing software can help iron out some of the rough spots of your video, but you need a solid grasp on the finer points of video editing to make the most of the tools available. Once again, there’s no substitute for the knowledge and experience of an expert.

To achieve today’s standard of audio and visual quality, you’ll need to invest in thousands of dollars of professional equipment. And because video technology is constantly improving, that won’t be a one-time investment.

You’ll Save Time and Money by Turning to Experts

It may sound counter-intuitive, but when you take into account the expense of a hiring an in-house videographer and investing in all of that pricey equipment, not to mention the countless hours of shooting and editing your video, it’s unlikely that you’ve saved even a penny by attempting to produce the video yourself. You certainly won’t achieve the quality level that you’d receive from a video produced by an expert. By hiring a professional video team, you can ensure that your resources aren’t being wasted.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, giving businesses an opportunity to make a memorable first impression. Whether you’re creating an explainer video, a promotional video, or a testimonial, make sure that first impression is a great one by hiring a professional video team.

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There are numerous times when businesses should create videos for their marketing efforts. But, it’s not just important to create video. You also need to ensure you are using a professional video production company to make them. While this may not be necessary for those Facebook live moments when you want to do a quick shout out to your customers, there are some times when a video production company is necessary in order for you to ensure the very best outcome. Here are a few instances when you need the expertise, equipment, and advice of a professional company instead of trying to do it alone.

#1: When the End Result Is a Great Looking and Functioning Video

The details matter. Some videos require a much higher level of attention to those details. For example, when you want to ensure the look and sound of your video is excellent, you need a professional. Purchasing that expensive lens or microphone doesn’t make sense for you, but the expertise of a professional production company ensures it’s available to you. If you’ve ever watched a video with poor sound quality, you know the value here.

#2: When You Have a Lot to Say, but Need to Make Your Message Direct

Companies often need to convey a great deal of information in their videos. They know what they want to talk about and the message they need to get out. However, they lack a way of bringing all of the pieces together to truly tell their story in an efficient manner. Viewers do not spend a great deal of time watching long videos. The expertise of a production company can help to pull it all together to create a piece that’s interesting, full of important information, and capable of delivering the right message.

#3: You Need a Video, But Don’t Know What to Create

It is not uncommon for companies to recognize the value of video in their market, but to stumble over what type of content is going to give them the results they need and want. That’s okay. With the help of a production team, you can learn the type of content that’s going to get the reaction you need. You don’t even need an idea to get started.

#4: Because the Editing Really Matters

Editing video is incredibly valuable because it provides an outstanding opportunity for companies to look professional. Without editing your video, you’ll struggle to capture the attention of the watcher or you may even spend far too much time re-shooting when you do not need to do so.

#5: When You Need a Video That Gets Results

Hands down the most important reason to turn to a professional video production company is this. You need a video that encourages people to take action. It needs to last for years to come and deliver a powerful message that gets people to buy, signup, or otherwise interact with your company.

Why are you using video? If you are, or you know you need to, don’t go it alone. Hire a professional video production company to ensure your video is a success.

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Videos are one of today’s most important mediums. Promotional marketing can be expensive and in a downturn economy, every dollar makes a big difference. Your company needs to spend money to get customers in the door, but spending wisely is essential. Many of today’s medium to small companies just do not have the budget for large-scale commercials or big marketing promotions. Yet, with the help of video – created properly and used in the right way – you can achieve your goals and work towards growing your business.

What Are the Benefits of Video Production?

As you take into consideration what you need for your company, zero in on one key factor. What can video production do for your company’s marketing that other products cannot?

It Is Cost Effective: Perhaps one of the best reasons to turn to video production is because it is far less expensive than other methods of marketing. The use of video in your social media content or website can help you to get attention, but it does not cost nearly as much as other products.

It Is Highly Within Reach: Many individuals are spending more time at home. They are spending more time on their smartphones, paging through the variety of posts on Facebook. Video is what many people are looking for on those devices. They are more likely to see this than any commercial you invest in.

It Is Interactive: Another important feature about any type of marketing you are doing today is being interactive. You need to engage and hold the interest of your customer or client. Video makes that possible. You’ll be able to offer something unique, for example animation, that grabs their attention and provides them with key information.

Overall, video production is an excellent investment. It may be a powerful tool that helps your company to stand out from others that are not using this medium yet or as effectively. It comes down to who you decide to work with in fact.

Is It Right for You?

Video should be one of the many marketing tools you use especially when the economy isn’t doing well. It may be one of the best investments you make in any market condition, in fact. Done properly, but true experts, it can help tor provide your customers with more information in a more interesting and interactive way that they will remember. And, it is information that is going to be remembered later, when they are in a buying situation.

In short, when you use video as a key part of your promotional marketing strategy, you get the results you need without having to spend a lot of money to get to that point. Take a closer look at the large amount of flexibility you have with video production today. You may be impressed with just how easy it can be to achieve your goals and still maintain your budget.

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A testimonial video uses an outside source to validate the effectiveness of a product or a service. Testimonial videos provide evidence that you are able to offer solutions to customer’s problems, underlining the benefits of someone forging a relationship with your business. You can use content marketing as a form to educate and attract visitors, but many will only focus on your agenda – to sell your product. An outside opinion will help build trust with your brand. To create an effective testimonial video that will reel in prospective clients, there are a few considerations that you must factor in before delving into video production.

Have Clear Expectations – And Script

Before you reach out to a customer for them to expand their experience with your product, you must set forth clear expectations. Many people are not comfortable being in front of the camera for an extended period of time. Communicating what you expect from the testimonial video will help guide them through the video. Ask them questions about your product, including:

  • “How did you discover the product”?
  • “What expectations did you have about the product, and how do you now feel about it after you have used it?
  • “How is it the product different than a competitor’s?
  • “Would you recommend this product to a family member or colleague?”

Offer guidelines on what your customer should wear and about the filming set to make them feel more at ease. The more comfortable and prepared they feel, the more natural the testimonial video will be. Memorized lines crafted by marketers should sound natural. An effective testimonial video will come off as if the customer in the testimonial video is haviing a conversation with a prospective customer – natural, intuitive, and personable.

Making Your Testimonial Social Media Friendly

Social media can potentially make your video a viral sensation. It is the driving force that catapults interactive forms of media. Testimonial videos are scalable, allowing your customers and employees to help create content. Here’s how your testimonial can be a hit on social media:

The Actual Shot

The testimonial video should be professional. This does not mean that you need expensive products. Technology has become more affordable as parts have become more available. If you are using a point and shoot camera, make sure that it is stabilized on a tripod. A mic attached to your subject will dramatically improve audio quality of your videos. There should also be supporting shots that include features of your product or service.

Using A Video Creation Company

Even though most people have access to a camera, it takes an expert to create content that is effective. Lighting is one of the great challenges that can easily distract from your video content. Effective, quality lighting needs to highlight the scenery and illuminate the subject on screen, including supporting shots that showcase the effectiveness of your product. Video creation companies can also isolate or remove noise that can distract the viewer. Video content is highly immersive and can be effective in reeling in engaged customers, but poorly made video will be ridiculed and thrown into the ether, creating a marketing disaster.

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There are thousands of ways to attract customers, create purchasing interest and lead to a sale, and no method is completely guaranteed to work every time. Marketing and sales are constantly evolving, with some approaches gaining in prominence while others disappear into the oblivion.

  • Which approaches do you use?
  • Have you found a methodology that works for every type of customer?
  • Are you aware of the increasing focus of people on visuality?

No one wants to be out of step with the times

No matter who your particular customers are, in all likelihood, they are used to watching a lot of video materials. A number of recent studies have shown that an average person in Canada or the United States spends a significant part (or even most) of their free time either watching television or looking at entertainment materials on the Internet – why would you want to miss out on an opportunity to engage with these potential customers on a regular basis? Consumers that were once accustomed to reading sales pamphlets and greeting salespeople at their doorstep now would much rather watch colorful and dynamic sales and marketing videos. If videos weren’t something you did as part of your marketing before – now it has to be if you are to play a visible role in the marketplace.

How can I use videos for my business idea?

There are at least as many different uses for sales and marketing videos as there are businesses. Everyone’s approach is unique. Some companies employ videos as a way to promote their new product launches. Others demonstrate those parts of their service guarantees that look dull on paper but inspiring on the screen. Another group uses videos as a bridge between them and the surrounding community, recording personalized greetings from company leadership set in the environment in question. Sales and marketing videos can be in the form of infomercials, cartoons, newscasts, chants, mini-series, music videos and so on and so forth – the precise uses are limited by one thing and one thing only: your creativity. Whatever the strategy and the implementation are, a well-designed and correctly executed video marketing campaign has the potential to radically improve brand recognition, increase sales, double or triple conversions, to name just a few of the outcomes we have seen over the years.

Why should I choose you for this kind of work?

As with many other services, sales and marketing videos are now produced by a vast number of smaller and larger companies throughout the world. Some would offer outrageously low costs for this sophisticated project. Others would try to steal the entire marketing budget for a single short video. At Kicker Video, we believe in a different approach – we listen to our customers, take careful notes and then produce energetic and powerful videos to the clients’ specifications and exceeding the customers’ expectations. We are a professional and highly skilled group with a passion for making video marketing campaigns that are light years ahead of the competition.

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One of the goals of video marketing is to attract attention to your brand and your objectives. What happens if you are successful?

In 2012, the non-profit, human services organization, Invisible Children, released a thirty-minute video whose objective was to rally international support for military intervention leading to the arrest and prosecution before the International Criminal Court of Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army, operating in central Africa. The video immediately went viral. Invisible Children supported the video with a campaign of posters and t-shirts, all designed to raise awareness of how the Lord’s Resistance Army forcibly recruited child soldiers to perform criminal actions, including murder. Some children were abducted into sex slavery. The message of the video, Kony 2012, was clear and simple: Joseph Kony was an evil man who needed to be stopped.


“Stop Kony”

Within weeks, the video had attracted over one hundred million views. A movement arose among the young of North America to put political pressure on governments to “stop Kony” before the end of 2012. However, young people looking for a just and unambiguous cause were soon disappointed. The domestic history of Uganda, as well as the international relations that determined conditions in central Africa, were complex. What conditions had spawned Joseph Kony’s rise? Who actually supported him? Who benefited from the Lord’s Resistance Army? Whose interests would a military intervention advance?

It was soon clear that the producers of the video could not effectively respond to their critics or their supporters. Moreover, it appeared that the celebrity that the video brought was detrimental to the health and well-being of at least one of the producers. Countless young people had been inspired by the prospect that they could affect meaningful change in the world through the force of their goodwill. However, the historical and political complications involved belied the simplicity of an inspirational video.


Preparing for the Consequences

Two years later, Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army still operate in central Africa. Whatever effect the video had on the organization Invisible Children is a topic for research. However, the stated goal of prosecuting Kony or even putting an end to his activities was not accomplished.

What lessons can we take from this episode in the history of video marketing?

Before we go public with a proposal, we should be confident that we can defend our claims and answer questions. One way to do that is to avoid surrounding ourselves with only those who agree with us. See things from as many angles as possible. What do our potential allies need to know? What will our detractors say? Are we up to the challenges they might pose?

Secondly, if we are proposing a plan of action, what might be the consequences? Do we have an understanding of the situation equal to the goals we set? It is possible that a narrow and inadequate appraisal of a situation may actually have the opposite effect to the intended goal.

Let us help to prepare you for the consequences of your video advertising. We have the expertise to prepare a video marketing strategy tailored to your goals!

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No matter what the self-proclaimed experts tell you, the script is the king of a video, not the video quality. While a good video quality is simply indispensable, a good script is the very life of your video. You cannot possibly have good conversions without a good script that is informative and gives value to your customers.

Check out some of the businesses that have succeeded immensely from a video. The video on the Crazy Egg homepage has been driving $21,000 extra a month in revenues, all thanks to an intriguing script. Dropbox and a few hosting companies too have seen remarkable growth after the launch of their videos. And the one thing all these videos have in common is excellent, informative and engaging script.

So How Do You Nail the Script?

The first rule of creating a compelling script is to understand what your audience wants. The main idea of a video has to answer each and every doubt, question or concern your potential customers might have. To accomplish this, you must first put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think of all the possible questions you could come up with about your product. Some of these questions can be:

• What more information would you like from this page?
• What is the biggest concern you have with this product or service?
• What is the biggest apprehension that is stopping you from buying?
• How we can help solve your problems?

Once you have the questions, you can come up with targeted answers. Your customers probably still haven’t understood what your service does and how. Using a more informative, clarified and simple script, you could effectively eliminate any apprehensions the customer might have.

The Script Creation

One thing you must remember is that the company producing your video may be good at a hundred things, but the best person to write your script would be someone who knows your business inside and out. It’s good if someone within the company can formulate a good script design. If not, there are professionals and freelancers who will take the time to understand the details, values, goals and ethics of your business in detail, to generate a truly captivating script that will provide a strong backbone to your video. So make sure you get the script right and the success of your video will follow.

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There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the way we do business. There is so much that you can now do at much lower cost without too many professional requirements. This phenomenon applies to video marketing as well, giving you the ability to create a YouTube channel and market your videos yourself using some simple equipment. If you are a YouTube visitor, you are probably aware that there are plenty of people out there that already do this. However, if you have a business to promote, it is always better to preserve some professionalism for it. While it is still possible to create and upload your own videos, hiring a professional company will definitely help you in many ways.

Advantages of Hiring a Video Production Company

First of all, a professional video production company has all the equipment required to shoot a top-of-the-line video that is of high quality, loads quickly, runs on most browsers and is simply, more professional.

Secondly, video production with a production company is much quicker than trying to compile, organize and present all the information yourself.

You must remember that producing a video for a business venture goes beyond just shooting and uploading a clip on YouTube. There is a great deal of editing, enhancement, sound and much more. As a business owner, you have so many more important things to do – running your business for instance. That’s why it is much better to leave all the other responsibilities that need professional expertise to the experts.

You need a good script for a video to start with. There must be a storyline, a plot. While your deep knowledge of your business is certainly necessary here, a great deal of literary and artistic expertise too is required. If you are a hardcore technology company, you may not have too many writers and artists in your company. It is therefore much better to seek professional help when it comes to producing a video for your company.

Let’s not forget that a video must have actors. For you to put your business on hold and go out seeking actors, anchors or models, the video can be quite a daunting task. The professionals, on the other hand, happen to have these resources ready on demand and can get to the shooting and production as soon as they have the storyline and subject matter ready. So you see, while it is not impossible to create your own videos, going the professional route can definitely be simpler, quicker and better.

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