When making videos to promote your business, there are plenty of things you need to do from ensuring proper lighting to creating a strong story. Yet, there are also a few must-avoid situations. You don’t want to make these faux pas to limit the success of your videos. Here’s a look at the biggest mistakes to avoid.

#1: Avoid the green screen

Let’s be honest here. The green screen is necessary in some cases, but if you can find a set instead, that’s the route to take. Green screens are too time-consuming and don’t offer the best results.

#2: Don’t have music fade at the end of the video

It’s great when a backing track stops at the same time as your video, but the mistake to avoid is the fading out of that music at the end of the video. Bring the music and the video to the same stop.

#3: Jump cuts do not always work

Many people use jump cuts, and in many cases, they can be ideal. However, it does not have to be the only option. Instead, put some thought into your shots before you shoot to help you avoid this editing problem.

#4: Too little time

When you are working with a video production company, you need to ensure there is plenty of time available for the entire shoot. That includes a good amount of time for setup, lighting, and prepping your team. Don’t put too little time into this type of background work.

#5: Good enough during the shoot isn’t okay

It’s common to put too much demand on the editing process. You don’t want to have to fix a great deal during the post-shoot. Instead, you want to get it as close to right during your video shooting.

#6: Too much acting

Avoid putting the pressure on your talent to act. You want them to really be able to convey a specific emotion and to create a very real level of feeling. The best way to do this is to use people who really do get the company.

#7: Not picking the right location for the time of day

It’s easy to make this mistake when you have a business schedule, but it will cost you. You want to consider things like lighting well in advance to avoid the complications later.

#8: Not hiring a pro

You can do some of the lighting, setup, and production yourself, but you’ll save time and money by hiring a pro.

Are you making these critical mistakes? Avoiding them allows you to have a better finished product.

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Are you ready for your starring role in your company’s video? While actors make it seem easy enough, it can actually be a bit more challenging than you think to get the right look and feel. And, since you are going to play a role in just how successful this video is, you really do want to polish up on a few things to ensure you really are giving your best performance.

Anyone that is going to be creating a video for their company or other effort and starring in it, needs to take a few steps to ensure the look and feel of the video matches the company’s specific need. So, how do you do that.

What Are You Wearing?

What you wear on a shoot depends on a few things. First, you want to give the right image. If this is a formal video that will be displayed on your company’s website where professionalism is expected, you need that suit and tie. On the other hand, your clothing really should relate to feeling you want to convey. For example, a t-shirt is a fantastic way to create an image of “everyday life.” Are you wearing comfortable clothes that helps others relax?

Next, How About Makeup?

Let’s be frank here. Most people today relate better to those who have makeup that’s less obvious. Unless you want to look like you are wearing makeup, it’s better to keep things a bit more simple. Putting on makeup just for a video really can create a layer of unfamiliarity if you don’t always wear it. You want to be relatable, after all.

Lighting and Camera Location – It Matters

Consider the positioning of the camera and the amount and type of lighting for your photo shoot when setting up the stage. Here are some simple rules:

  • Are you working with someone that’s tall? Keep the lens just above their eyeline.
  • Using a webcam? Raise the laptop up off the table and position the camera lower to create a better look.
  • Get rid of any harsh shadows from the lighting.
  • When you want all of the focus on the subject of the video, keep the light on the subject nd allow the rest of the space to fade away.
  • What’s in the background matters, too. The wrong or too-busy background takes away from the subject. Let it set the stage of the content instead.

Your Performance Matters

It all comes down to your performance. Are you smiling, with bright eyes and a friendly disposition? Or, you are tucking your shoulders inward and looking down? This conveys a great deal to the viewer. In most cases, you want to ensure that you are creating a welcoming, positive experience. This may be a good time to talk about body language and to determine how you can stand and look to create a trusting, welcoming look.

Take a deep breath. It may seem like a cliché thing to say, but there’s one thing that always makes a difference – just be yourself.

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When setting оut to produce а corporate video, іt is impоrtant to hаvе clear, specific objectives in mind. Іf thе purpose behind your production is muddled іn the slightest, thе potential impact оf уour video will bе sіgnifісаntly lessened. Company promotion, staff training, testimonials, аnd product demonstration are among the mоst common purposes fоr a corporate video production. Іt is іmpоrtаnt tо identify which category yоur video will fall undеr befоrе bеginning production.

While the intent bеhind corporate videos іs tо educate, оnе must be sure tо engage thе intended audience аnd maintain thеіr interest. Аn effective corporate video production will have the еffect of sparking rhetoric amоng employees.

Examine the Script: A committee nеver writes thе perfect script. Тhe more hands that touch the script, the worse іt will be. The scriptwriter must meet with іmpоrtаnt stakeholders tо gather integral information about the core aspects of a product or service. The scriptwriter will need to be aware of stakeholder emotions, and understand how it can be used in video. Conveying thе passion reinforced by important facts, is the ultimate goal.

The script also improves when yоu convey the benefits that уоu will deliver to society, rаthеr thаn how уou deliver them. Thіs approach helps yоu focus оn thе external audience, rаthеr thаn on thе internal audience.

Considerations Whеn Selecting People For Your Video

When іt соmes to creating videos fоr corporation or business, you will need to draw out emotions. Make them laugh, make them sad, make them excited – it’s appropriate to underline the appropriate emotion. Whatever the emotion is, it will create dialog. This is the hallmark of an effective, viable corporate video.

As уou plan your video, yоur goal shоuld bе to takе the audience оn аn emotional roller coaster. Emotions based on facts, move a viewer to takе thе actions you wаnt. You want to star someone who is professional, expressive, and able to sway the audience.

Sadness and laughter are effective, valid emotions. However, in the sensitive world of corporate culture, these emotions may be deemed unprofessional. Thіs requires уоu to thoughtfully use parody or satire. Find humor іn situations аnd irony, rather than in individuals.

Including А Clear Call Tо Action

You must knоw whаt уour call to action is fоr the audience. Do уou want them to buy somethіng? Dо уоu want them to beliеvе аs уоu do аnd abandon а previous belief thаt thеy mаy hаvе had? Don’t crowd thе video wіth tоo manу calls tо action. Allow the person or persons in your video to sway your audience into your call to action, with emotions based in facts.

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It’s no secret that how-to is one of the biggest buzz words in the world of content marketing. Research shows that how-to is one of the most searched phrases on the internet. This means that as long as you have expertise in any particular topic or area, there is a large section of eager audience waiting to tap into your knowledge. So you already have a market ready and eager for your content. In fact, as compared to text tutorials or pictorials, video is the best way to get the message across and actually explain to the audience how-to do anything. All you need now is to know the rules of making a great how-to video and play by them.


This is certainly the rule number one. You must have credible knowledge of the subject you are talking about and you should be able to prove it in some form of testimonials. You should either have professional degrees or backgrounds in the subject you’re talking about. Or if you are an unlicensed person that has acquired knowledge in that field by taking personal interest and a lot of self-educating, you should be able to prove that you have the skills, within the first few seconds of the video.


For any Social Media Marketing campaign, content is always the king. You must be able to provide absolutely real and genuine information along with relevant step-by-step videos. If you don’t show proof in the video or don’t look confident and clear, all it takes the viewer is a click of the mouse to shut your video down and move on to something else.

Subject Matter

You cannot go on making a video about how to do something that nobody wants to do, or everyone already knows. You have to identify the topics that will draw people and subsequently, make videos on topics that will interest a group of people. People are continually trying to learn new skills, improve themselves and in general, impress their peers. So if you have the skill that sets you apart, nothing wrong in sharing it with the world, especially if it helps you garner a few million hits on YouTube.

How-to videos are one of the best ways to get your message across, make your presence felt or even promote your business. If you are a beauty salon owner, putting up some really interesting how-to videos about express or affordable makeup would definitely boost your business. So play by the rules and keep reinventing yourself to make the best how-to videos possible.

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Choosing a Company RepresentativeSometimes, when doing a video for a company, that company may decide to use one of their own employees as the video representative. This is the person who they want to be the face of their campaign and whose face will be used to ‘sell’ their products/services to their clients. When working with a video production company, you can learn a lot about who should be on your team during the process.

This is indeed a wonderful idea for the company as they get to save the money they would have originally spent on hiring an actor. They do not have to waste time doing casting calls and they are sure that the persons in the video believe in the product and have a vested interest in getting the products best features across to the public.

Here are some things to look for when choosing your company representative:

Camera Experience

You need a representative that has some amount of confidence in front of the camera. This can mean that the person has some minor acting experience, is extremely composed or just loves the camera. Having someone confident will make the video process easier and take less time. If the person has no experience and will need a lot of time for coaching and a lot of time to get the lines right, then using someone in house would have possibly been more expensive than getting a professional.

Familiarity with Business

You may decide to use the pretty new secretary in your video. However one of the most important traits that your representative can have is a sense of the business and product you are trying to sell. You want the person to be able to ‘sell’ the product and show in their manner that they have confidence in it and know how great it is. This confidence should show through in how they perform the script for the video.

Sound Personal Character

This is one of the seemingly small things that get overlooked when a company chooses a representative, however issues with a person’s character can certainly come back around and spoil your marketing campaign. The representative should have a good company record and a crime free background too. This has nothing to do with discrimination but has to do with the fact that when someone is in the spotlight, all the things about them come through to the forefront. To prevent a possible big situation arising, ensure that your representative is a squeaky clean as possible.

There are many other things you can consider in house when choosing someone to represent your brand. In the end do what feels comfortable to you. When you are ready for your contact Kicker, we are here to serve you.

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Cute Robot - Choosing Actors

Depending on the type of video you are doing, you may come to the decision one day on whether to use real or animated actors in your video shoot. In the end, choosing actors is all up to you and may ultimately have a bearing on the budget of the final production.


It takes less time to use real actors. You choose the face of your campaign. You get your storyline straight, your script is done, revised approved. Then the acting begins. The responses to the script and acting can be done in real time; adjustments can be made in real time. Feedback can be given in real-time. Direction can be given in real time. And as such a favorable cut can be made in less time. An animation will see the storyboard and script designed yes, but it takes a lot of man hours to create the animated characters, to animate them and have them follow the script. Then feedback is usually generated after an iteration of the process which may be longer than it would take if it was using live actors.


It is very expensive to do animated videos. You have to weigh the costs of doing both kinds of video before you decide which is right for you. There are some scenarios that of course cannot be simulated effectively with actors and such animation would be preferred. Additionally getting a famous actor to play a role in your video may be much more expensive that the cost of using animation. In the end the decision is up to you and you have to make the decision based on the budget you are working with to get your video on the road.


Of course the audience is very important in anything we do. If the target audience is children we automatically think that animation will do the trick. If it is business related we want to use ‘serious’ real people so as to convey the importance of the message. Our audience does matter; they are the ones we are doing all this hard work for. So it is important to look at what traditionally our target audience prefers and give it to them in that medium.

Before the actual work starts, it is important that these decisions are made and all the factors are taken into place to prevent rework and wastage of resources.

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