Pushing Video to the Next Level

There are many ways you can enhance the way video is used, but new technology is making it possible to do much more than what most would expect. For example, with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it could link any person to any location within a video in a short period of time. This may allow for the video to be experiential and immersive, far more so than it has been. Consumers would then be able to go deeper, really learning and interacting within a simple video. In some cases, this could including shopping opportunities, but consider what could be if that video could embrace a true experience.

Another key benefit of this would be providing brands with the ability to learn more about their video’s viewers. Who are they and what are they encouraged by or interested in? You can see, even scene-by-scene, what consumers find as interesting and what they engage with within your video. This would allow you, as a brand, to create more personal images and messages that could capture that individual’s interests at a higher level. Imagine the interaction that could happen here. Then, consider what type of impression this would create on the consumer.

What Does This Mean for You?

When working on video for your next promotion or campaign, consider the benefits of going deeper and doing more. It is possible to link to artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that could enhance the way your customers can embrace the video.

Evolving video to the next level, away from the simple, linear type of content that we’ve seen so commonly on television commercials our entire lives, and creating more interactive and one-on-one experiences could change the way you are able to reach your customers and interact with them. It may even enhance the way those customers think of your company in the long term.

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video small marketing business

Video marketing is associated with numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes, but small businesses may have the most to gain from utilizing this powerful medium. Here are ten big benefits of video marketing.

10. Tell a Better Story

Customers can record their testimonial on their smartphone or webcam and send it to you, and then you can share it on your website or social media page.

9. Meet Your Consumers Where They Are

Videos are your audience’s preferred medium, and delivering your message in the package that they want allows you to meet them where they are.

8. Boost Understanding of Your Product

In an era where customers conduct more and more of their shopping online, video marketing is the prime way to boost your audience’s understanding of your product by letting them experience it before they buy.

7. Improve Email Click-Through Rates

An email subject line that includes the word “video” is 19% more likely to be opened, and including video in the email can boost click-through by as much as 300%.

6. Foster a Strong Connection with Your Brand

The audio and visual stimulation that results from viewing a video has been shown to engage viewers and foster a deeper sense of connection than words on a page.

5. Get Big Bang for Your Buck

Website visitors are 64% more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video, and companies that use video report that they are growing revenue nearly 50% faster than businesses that are not.

4. Get Noticed on Social Media

Videos tend to rise to the top of social media newsfeeds due to their popularity, and site users are more likely to stop scrolling to watch an eye-catching video than to read the same content in print form.

3. Boost Your Conversion Rate

According to experts, doubling your website’s conversion rate may be as simple as adding video content.

2. Track Your Audience’s Patterns

Video allows you a peek into your audience’s consumption patterns by letting you see what parts of the video were skipped or what parts were re-watched. This gives you the opportunity to further tweak your marketing efforts to deliver what your customers want to see.

1. Take Advantage of Its Ease and Affordability

Contrary to popular belief, creating video content isn’t expensive, and it’s not just for large companies. With help from Kicker, your small or medium-sized business can harness the power of video and reach a larger audience.

Kicker works with your business to help you produce powerful video content to tell your brand’s story and reach more customers.

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Binge-watching, or the act of watching two, three, or more videos or pieces of content in one sitting, has become commonplace in today’s culture. This isn’t something that used to happen, mostly because it wasn’t possible to do more than watch a series on TV. Yet, binge-watching is common today and it impacts the way you, as a marketer, interact with your audience. The key is to understand why people binge watch. It could influence the way you create videos to interact with them.

It’s an Escape

One of the best reasons to spend the afternoon watching Netflix is because it provides a good escape from the world around us. Many people live high stress lives where each day seems to bring a new challenge. Binge-watching helps us to step outside of that for at least a few minutes. Those who binge watch on a routine basis may be doing it for the stress relief it can offer.

It’s Engrossing

Sure, there’s nothing better than an intense drama, but there’s another way to look at this, too. Binge watching allows us to dive deeper into a topic than the short social media videos we see throughout the day. As a result, it allows us to learn, grow, and become a bit more interested in a subject. Instead of those 2-minute videos that create a short break, people use longer views, or more of them strung together, to get true insight.

A Bit of Addiction?

It’s true that it can become unhealthy to binge watch your life away, but that’s not something that is likely to happen with a few controls in place. What it can offer is a solution for a craving we have for intense information and even a bit of laughter from a good video.

How to Make It Happen

If you are a marketer trying to create a binge-watching level of entertainment for your viewers, there are several things you can do. For example, start with a cliffhanger. It is the easiest way to get your viewer to move from one video to the next. It is also important to provide quality content in an interesting and interactive manner. You want your audience to connect.

Is binge-watching something you do? Chances are good you’ve done so before. Now, get your customers to do it, too.

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The world of culinary arts is where raw ingredients are transformed into awe-inspiring feats of gastronomical genius. Whether you’re a chef, restauranteur, a catering professional or represent a culinary institute, video can bring what you do every day to life for your audience. Learn how professional video is used to captivate your target audience and increase business outcomes.

Culinary Videos that Take the Cake

Between Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, culinary videos consistently capture attention, boost engagement and drive new business. According to a Buzzsumo study, food-related content received more views and engagement than other subjects, including animals and fashion. Here are a few of the most popular types of culinary video:

  • Recipe showcase. Creating food is a personal experience that can bring anyone together. Showcasing the creation of your business’ signature recipes or behind-the-scenes processes is a great way to engage viewers.
  • Promotional videos. Set the mood of your restaurant or invite your audience to explore what it’s like to learn from best-in-class chefs when you use video to communicate your business value.
  • Event highlights. Did representatives from your restaurant recently attend a conference? Is your catering business booked for a fancy wedding or publicized event? Is your class taking a trip abroad to learn about different cooking styles? Highlighting important events is an effective way to show off your skills and capture memories.

The Secret Sauce of Culinary Videos for Business

Video can pique a viewer’s interest, earn more likes and shares, and even lead to increased conversions, but production needs to be high quality. Back in 2016, Buzzfeed’s food-centered brand, Tasty, set a new record for video views in a month by surpassing 3 billion (yes, with a ‘B’) across platforms.

You might be wondering if they have a magic wand (they don’t). What they do have is an audience that stays engaged with their videos which feature top notch production and consistent quality. Here is the secret to all those views:

  • On-brand content. Each video published includes signature branded frames and is developed to stay true to the brand’s story.
  • Varying lengths. Tasty’s videos are edited to meet the norms for each publishing platform, which essentially means one video can be repurposed to reach more people.
  • Quality production. The brand’s production team uses top-of-the-line equipment and employs skilled videographers who understand the nuances of lighting, shadows and angles.

By partnering with a professional video production company, your business benefits from creating unique content that reaches your target audience online and on television.

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When it comes to capturing your audience, focus on video. It should be a key component of your content marketing. It makes sense to do so since YouTube is the second largest search engine online. And, it’s highly effective at converting leads into buyers. But, take a closer look at a few key reasons you should be including video as a component of your content marketing efforts right now.

#1: People Are Using Video at Increasing Rates

This is really the bottom line. People like video. Across nearly all types of generations, video has become one of the most important tools for marketers because people are watching videos at an increasing rate. More so, experts believe that 71 percent of Millennials actually prefer video (with 58 percent of Generation X and 54 percent of Baby Boomers doing so).

#2: Video Converts Leads

One of the most important considerations here is what your video can do for your bottom line. Research indicates that video actually converts leads at a higher rate. In other words, video can pull in more people than your other forms of content marketing can.

#3: Video Can Boost Google Rankings, Too

Another key area of focus should be in how video can help you with search engine rankings. Video itself is helping with ranking well in the search engines – search engines rank websites with videos and links pointing to them higher than they do websites that do not. Plus, you can convert your video in a transcript, adding keywords to your website.

#4: People React to Video

Let’s say you create a fantastic video packed with information. You place it on your social media pages. It is more likely that your video will be shared before your other form of content is. And, when building a strong marketing campaign, shares are incredibly valuable. In short, if you want to increase your bandwidth to gain more attention from new followers, video can help make it happen.

#5: Video Brands Your Business

Video gives you a unique opportunity to brand your business. Every time you launch a video, you are providing a view into the way your organization does business, who you are, and what you have to offer. While all content marketing can offer some insight here, branding creates an image in the mind of the consumer, increasing his or her impression of you.

#6: You Can Monitor Your Strategies Effectively

Another nice benefit of video is that it provides a way for you to consistently see how your marketing efforts are working. You can see if people are clicking on it, where they go, where they stop watching, and what they tend to react to. All of this creates a better way for you to create successful campaigns down the road.

When it comes down to it, video marketing is an important tool in helping you to grow your business. Are you using it enough?

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Let’s face it – with dozens of different forms of media competing for our attention, a boring PowerPoint presentation or underwhelming website isn’t go to cut it. In this day and age, the most innovative companies are winning big, leaving their competitors in the dust.

One technology has emerged that is still underused, leaving plenty of room to conquer different niches and industries for trailblazers. That technology is the power of the 360 video.


What is a 360 video?

A 360 video is simply a video that allows the viewer to experience the scene being shot from a variety of different angles. Instead of watching a video from one perspective, the viewer can drag their mouse to choose different viewpoints to see the scene from. It’s similar to a video game in which the player’s character can look up, to the left, right, or behind them with the push of a button.


360 Video Applications

The opportunities to incorporate 360 videos into your business are endless. Let’s take a look at a small sample of the possibilities.


Tell Your Brand Story

Did you know that today, most consumers want to know intimate details about the companies they’re spending their money on? They want to know who’s behind it, how the products are made, and the way they’re sourced.

There is nothing more engaging than letting people be a part of your brand story. A 360 video could take them on an interactive journey into your world in a way that they wouldn’t be able to before.



You could make 360 videos work for you at special events, too. If you regularly exhibit products at tradeshows or offer live demonstrations, imagine how exciting it would be for potential customers to be at the show or demo from the comfort of their own home or office? How many more sales could you get with this type of technology available to you?


Service-Based Businesses

360 videos aren’t just for businesses that sell products. A service-based industry can utilize this technology to skyrocket sales too. Think about it: you could rely on customers finding you through a Yelp review or clicking through a photo gallery on your website, or they could get fully interactive with the services you offer.

This method could work for any service-based business. If you’re a salon owner, a potential customer could watch you work, look around the salon, and see how friendly your staff is. If you’re a physician, you could record a doctor’s appointment or a short video of your office’s welcoming lobby and nurses. For builders, show your future clients how you work and the standard of quality you adhere to by literally allowing them to be a part of your work day.

The possibilities of this mind-blowing yet simple technology are endless. How could you use 360 video to connect with customers?

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Virtual reality is more within reach now than it ever was. There are numerous companies offering virtual reality as a within-reach solution. If you have yet had the opportunity to slip one of these devices on and try out virtual reality, now is the time to do so. You’ll find that this is one of the most exciting opportunities today for those looking for a fantastic way to create videos that not only provide information, but also provide people with a bird’s eye view of what’s happening. It is because of this that virtual reality has become an important tool for training.

How Can You Use Virtual Reality for Training?

No matter what industry you are in, you need to train your team to interact with equipment, other people, and with customers. It can be hard to do from a piece of paper. Reading how to do so isn’t going to provide enough depth of information. On the other hand, you may find that a simple video in traditional form only provides a bit more depth. Rather, when you want people to feel as though they are truly experiencing what they need to do on the job, this type of training video works well. Virtual reality makes it very real and accurate.

How can it help your business? No matter who are you are training or why, it can help you effort in a variety of ways:

  • It teaches stills in a real, life like environment. This means they are getting as close to hands on training as is possible.
  • Your actual customers or floor work isn’t being interrupted by someone that needs significant training right off the bat. In other words, your business operations don’t slow down as much.
  • You don’t put an employee in a risky situation with no idea what to do or where to go. It minimizes risks.
  • It can speed up the training process. As a direct result of this, you are going to spend less money on training itself and more time with employees working at a higher productivity level.
  • You can teach more in less time. Virtually reality is so life like, it helps to teach concepts faster and that means they have time to learn more.

Overall, as a business owner, you have to make decisions based on your specific needs. Virtual reality may not seem like the first step in training, but creating virtual reality training and using this as a key component of your training process can save you time and money while creating better qualified employees right out the door.

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In 2012, 60 hours worth of video was uploaded onto Youtube per minute. In 2013, 100 hours worth of video was uploaded onto the video sharing site, per minute. In 2014, the number of hours of Youtube video uploaded to the site jumped to 300 – and this number is only increasing, with young Millenials capping at 22 hours of online vidoe per week. This underlines the prevelance of video and how video content will influence the future.

When television became the norm in the 1950’s, many people – including actors and directors – had a hard time adapting to the shorter story lines condensed into a certain timeline – these were called “episodes”. The film versus television battle was one that lasted for a long time in American entertainment, with television taking decades to gain the type of respect that it has now. This same sort of battle is being done with online video content.

The Power of the Individual Creator

Video sharing sites has made celebrities out of normal folk. With the onset of the Youtube Partner Program in 2007, many people focused on original video content to be accepted into the noted program. People that were part of the Youtube Partner Program catapulted themselves into the top of Youtube, with many branching off to mainstream media. Some of these people who started off on Youtube and has now become popular are:

Justin Beiber: Justin Beiber started his success on Youtube, uploading covers to popular songs and artists. In 2007, he was discovered by Scooter Braun. He is now worth $200 million, with legions of fans.

Tyler Oakley: An expert in popular culture, Tyler Oakly has become a popular social justice campaigner, working very close with The Trevor Project. A former Michigan State University student, Tyler Oakley has rubbed elbows with many celebrities since his discovery on Youtube.

Bo Burnham: Bo Burnham is a comedian that had his start on Youtube in 2006. In 2008, he became the youngest person to have a slot on Comedy Central.

Creators and Their Content Will Become Commercialized

There already several multi-channel networks that are reaping the collective power of talented video personalities, like Big Frame, Fullscreen, Machinima, and Dreamworks Animation connecting smaller personalities with larger brand deals, creating video content that are highly focused and topical. Online video falls in a generational sweet spot for of television watchers.

How Does Video Fit In Marketing

By 2017, video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic. One will be hard pressed to find evidence that shows that marketers should not invest on online video content. With online video becoming a key means for people and consumers to satisfy their need for information and entertainment needs – business and corporations of various sizes will tap into this burgeoning form of content.

Future of Video in 2016 and Beyond

More and more companies will delve into video content to share their product and services. People on the internet have a notoriously short attention spans. In the age of information overload, more companies will be smart about the type of video content they will produce and share, making sure that it is highly relevant to their followers. Corporate videos are becoming less rigid and become very focused in relaxed intent.

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It would look a little bit silly if a prestigious law firm with a target audience of seniors over the age of 65 came out with a trendy vine video. Do you know what types of videos are out there and which would be the best for your company and target audience? If not, don’t fret, we’ll cover the main types of videos below and provide descriptions of the types of companies that should use them.

Product Videos

Product videos are simple productions that show the information and use of a specific product more thoroughly than a simple picture and specifications chart can. The necessary quality of these videos ranges from in-house video with cheap camera to full cast in a television studio depending on the product and scope of sales. The purpose of these videos is to secure a sale with someone who was interested enough in your product to press “play” on your video. Some companies that should use these videos include manufacturers of gadgets that show better in active demonstration.


Whether it’s “How to clear a paper jam” or “Troubleshooting tips for a broken garage door,” tutorials and how-to videos are informative and extremely useful for certain companies. These videos can be used to show how to fix a product that a company sells or repairs, or they can be used in a similar manner as the product video. Complex products are sometimes intimidating and customers need to see them in action before committing to a purchase. Companies that should use this type of video include simple repair service companies, complex gadget companies, and companies who want to offer customers a value-added troubleshooting experience.

Video News Release

If your company has something to announce and you want as many people to see it as possible, you’ll likely be writing a press release. Editors at papers and other news sources have a lot of press releases to sift through from companies, just like yours, who think that theirs is the most important message. To help your release get to the top of the editor’s pile, make a video news release. It’s an easy way to stand out from an otherwise tedious job. Any company with an important announcement should do this be it small local farmer who switched to environmentally friendly fertilizer to behemoth tech companies that want to alert customers about their latest product.


This broad category is one that everyone understands. To be successful people have to know about you and, except for word of mouth, the only way to do that is by advertising your company. Ads can be standard 30 second television ads for companies with a large budget and an audience that still relies on the television for entertainment. Otherwise, ads can be quick online videos that you place with your online content and content that your target audience will already be watching. All companies should be taking part in video advertisement of some sort, the type just depends on the target audience.

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Are you still spending up to forty, fifty or maybe a hundred thousand dollars on shooting and airing video ads for television and media? Are you still unhappy with the results they are clocking in? That is a classic case of inefficient advertising. It’s time you figured out the benefits of the word ‘Internet’.

Video content marketing is the latest buzzword in the industry, making it possible to launch a viral video campaign with very little money. In fact, video content marketing isn’t about creating sales pitches and infomercials, it’s about creating some value for your customers, letting them know how your products can be helpful in their lives, or educating them about how to best utilize your products. The impetus is on reaching out to a much wider audience in much less time and by spending much less money. Here’s how you can accomplish that:


1. Create a Niche

That’s the great thing about internet based marketing; you can target your audience. You can identify your potential market, build a community and reach out to targeted customers using relevant information that will appeal to them. Eliminate the guesswork about what will work for the largest section of TV watching audience. Instead, focus on the people you want to exclusively communicate to. For instance, if you are a retail website selling handmade jewelry, you probably have no business talking to techno freaks. Instead, you can make a quirky video showcasing your jewelry, for very little money, and market it on social media platforms, targeting young girls and working women. A Facebook page, which by the way costs nothing, will then do a great job of bringing girls inquiring about your creations in no time.


2. Feature Great How-to Videos

If you are a start-up, selling a new, innovative product, the best way to get the word out and make people take notice is to create a how-to video. Not only will this peg interest among the masses but also, effectively show that your product actually works.

While viral videos are the entire buzz these days, don’t lose your brain cells over it. To build and sustain a business, it’s important to give your customers some value. That is what will build a market for you and bring in repeat business from loyal buyers. And the best part? It will cost you a fraction of the amount you would spend on a TV ad campaign.

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