When was the last time you needed instructions on how to put a piece of furniture together? Did you rely on the unhelpful insert that came in the box, or did you head over to YouTube to see if anyone else ran into the same problems? If you’re like most people, you use video to answer complex questions in a few short minutes.

Current and prospective customers within the financial industry are no different. The average customer wants simple, straightforward information about important financial services and news that can be delivered on any device. Video brings this perfect balance of convenience and value to financial customers daily.

Types of Financial Industry Videos

There are multiple ways video can benefit businesses in the financial industry whether your company is offers banking services, brokerage services, or personal financial advice.

New Services

Adding a new service to your business? Breaking into a new market? An announcement video is a quick, friendly way to let your audience know what you’re doing and how it will benefit them in the long run. An announcement video is also a great opportunity to explain existing services and elevate your authority as a financial brand.

Explainer Videos

Want to give your clients a basic overview of registered retirement savings plans? Plan to offer helpful information about tax-free savings accounts? Saving for short and long-term needs as well as retirement is one of the most important things your clients can do with their money. Unfortunately, the average client doesn’t understand how it all works. That’s where video content comes in. Create an explainer video to provide meaningful information in a convenient, easily understood format.

Marketing & Advertising

Recently open your firm and need to get the word out? Are customers in love with your services and you want to tell the world? Buying airtime on television or radio can drive marketing costs through the roof, but a simple advertising video can work for you on the web 24/7.

Why Use Video in the Financial Industry?

In addition to informing customers about important financial services and products, video can be used to boost a company’s visibility in the marketplace and achieve brand awareness with a target audience. A video is also the most frequently shared and engaging content format on the internet, which means your investment in video content creation can provide new leads and a higher return on investment.

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Video has become a powerful advertising tool, effectively building trust, appealing to mobile users and desktop users, and showing a great ROI. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry that you’re in, you can use video to connect with your audience and get your message out.
Check out these eight creative ways that your business can use video.

1. Advertising

Sure, it’s obvious, but it’s worth the mention because video advertising is such an effective tool in the online marketplace. By showing your audience your product or service in action, you can remove some of the apprehension that comes with online purchasing.

2. Educational Content

Whether it’s a practical how-to or a piece of thought leadership, educational content is a great way to establish your business as an industry expert.

3. Training

Gone are the days of handing a new hire a thick orientation guide; today’s companies are using training videos to introduce their company’s goals, history and culture to new members of staff. Training videos are also great for introducing new philosophies, products, and goal metrics for veteran employees.

4. Event Videos

At your next company event, grab a video camera or even a smartphone and capture footage of the event. You’ll have access to video snippets that can be recycled in endless ways, from raising brand awareness on social media to selling tickets and encouraging participation in future events.

5. FAQs

The idea behind an FAQs page is solid; rather than handling general issues on a case-by-case basis, why not take care of them in batches? Unfortunately, FAQ pages can feel rather brisk and impersonal. Using video to address customers’ most common questions and problems eliminates that perception.

6. Customer Experiences

Written reviews are hard to trust; after all, virtually nothing stops an unscrupulous company from writing their own glowing reviews about their products and services. Videos of customer case studies, on the other hand, provide a glimpse of a real-life experience that a customer had with your brand and build trust and credibility.

7. PR

No one likes change, and any changes that your business makes, no matter how necessary or positive, will likely be met with resistance. While written text is easy to produce and circulate, it essentially leaves the reader “unsupervised” to draw their own conclusions about your brand’s intentions, goals, and even motives. Creating a video that addresses a hot topic that has come up lets you combine words with tone, control the speed at which your viewer moves through content, and emphasize key information.

8. About Us

Video allows you to do more than simply tell your audience who you are and what you’re about; it lets you actually show them. An About Us video is a wonderful medium for sharing your values and giving your business a face.

Video, when done well, is an effective tool that has a variety of applications. By implementing some of these ways to use video, you can increase brand awareness and engage more customers.

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Facebook video is one of the most important areas of content creation for today’s small business, marketer, or just anyone else. No matter what your industry, product or service, Facebook is likely the best connection point you have on social media to reach your customers and clients. But, traditional blurbs of content or photos are not enough. Now, you need to engage your customers using video. While you may be wondering how your business can utilize this service, realize it may be much easier to do than you realize.

Get Started with These Tips

To create effective, engaging, and attention grabbing video ads on Facebook, consider these tips. They will help you to get off the ground and into the phones of your customers.

#1: Always make ads authentic.

You don’t need gimmicks. People will resonate better with quality content that tells a story. What you will find time and time again is that the most effective Facebook ads are those that can bring the user in through a story. Brand and marketers need to create that story that is of some interest to the reader.

#2: You have three seconds.

Yes, Facebook ads can be longer than this, of course. However, this is the amount of time you have to grab the attention of the people that are in front of you and scrolling through their page. When an ad shows up on a page and starts to play, it has to grab their attention immediately or they will continue to move right on past it. These first three seconds, then, are perhaps the most important part.

#3: Minimize the noise

One of the mistakes you can make is creating video that is loud and obnoxious. Let’s face it. People who are on Facebook on their phones at work are not going to appreciate the loud sounds hitting them. The auto play feature on the site already turns the sound off even as the video starts to roll. That means that no matter what content you are creating, it needs to be visually stimulating so they turn on the sound after those first few seconds.

#4: Customers need to be the focus.

Here’s a hard truth many businesses have to realize. Facebook video is not for a traditional commercial. It needs to be customer centric. That means it needs to play to the emotions, needs, problems, and solutions of the consumer and not the company’s needs.

#5: You need consistency.

Not only do you need to post videos to the site on a consistent basis, but you also need to build your brand through them. This means there has to be some level of development that builds on the brand in each video.

When it comes down to it, it is often best to hire a trusted and experienced video production company to help you to create effective videos that not only meet Facebook’s requirements, but also achieve the goals you are creating with them. It pays to use these videos, but they need to be done properly to get results.

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Video marketing is powerful no matter where it is used. You may have heard that it is one of the most vital tools in marketing online. It’s true. Video is changing the way companies are doing business and engaging their customers online. However, it also offer incredible opportunities offline and in-person. Now, you can do more with video as well. If you have yet to launch a marketing campaign and are wondering exactly what steps you need to take are to get started, focus on these aspects first.

Where Can You Use Video Today?

In-person video marketing is expansive with numerous opportunities throughout the day to day lives of individuals. It used to be that video was left for television commercials, which are often too expensive and hard to create for a small business owner. Now, video can be used anywhere. For example, billboards are now more digitally focused than ever. Driving down the highway may allow you to see not just digital ads, but videos playing on those billboards. Because of this new opportunity and medium, it is far more simplistic to reach your audience.

Why Is In-Personal Video Marketing So Important?

The bottom line is simple. Video marketing is far more effective than statistic ads, print ads, or basic content. No matter how you use it, such as an educational seminar or on TVs playing in colleges or businesses, video marketing offers some key advantages over other medium, and those advantages simply cannot be ignored.

  1. It creates higher engagement and retention rates. Because it is grabbing the attention of the watcher, video translates those viewers into people who take action. They see the ad on the billboard because it is a moving picture. They instantly engage with it.
  2. It improves visibility in otherwise limited situations. Your videos are more accessible in digital form than they are anywhere else. And, they reach an entirely different crowd of people. More so, the same videos run on billboards or in other in-person mediums can then be used online, in seminars, and in numerous other formats.
  3. It is more accessible than ever, too. Video no longer requires being under a contract with a marketing agency or working with a commercial developer. It does not mean spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a 30 second shot. It is more accessible for all of today’s businesses.

Most importantly, video gets results. It is more affordable, cutting edge, and diverse than other marketing methods. And, with new technology such as 360 video, it is leading the way for new ways to engage with your customer base. Ultimately, video can provide all businesses with the opportunity to grab the consumer’s attention, especially important in today’s busy and digitally focused world. From TV commercials to video ads, to motion graphics, explainer videos and even corporate, in-house video use, there are many ways you can use this method to create the attention and inspiring content that you need and that your customers and clients want to see.

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