Animated videos could be one of the best investments you make in your business’s marketing efforts. How can something that seems silly or even childish work? Today’s animated videos go much further than this and can easily be one of the best ways to see a significant ROI on your marketing efforts.

Why Animation Works

There are many reasons to create videos for your business, but what does animation itself create and provide? This could be one of the best ways to get interested in your company. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Entertaining Content

Consumers are readily accustomed to traditional marketing videos. They gloss over them. Yet, animation is far more entertaining. It brings a smile to their faces and, even if it is not funny, it is still more enjoyable to watch than a typical commercial.

It’s Shared More

Animated videos may also help you to get a few more shares on social media than you have in the past. These types of videos spark interest – people want to know what the story is about or why is going to happen. As a result, they are more likely to be shared on social media – one of the most important places for marketing success today.

It Works to Explain Complex Topics with Ease

Another of the key benefits that animation brings to the table is its ability to take complex and sometimes boring topics to make it easier to understand and use. The benefit here is that it gives you a format to use to communicate just about any type of message in a more streamlined and effective manner. Your audience is more likely to enjoy it, even.

Animation is a fantastic tool for any type of business marketing. When you want your video to really stand out and get the attention of those you are targeting, consider switching this up by using animation instead of your traditional marketing video. It could be just the uniqueness you need.

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Content creation is all about telling a story, whether it’s a story about your business itself, your mission, or your customers. As the content creator, your job is to tell that story in a way that will capture the attention of your audience and motivate them to take the desired action.

However, in order for that to happen, you must tell your story well. It doesn’t matter how great the story is; if the execution is poor, you’re unlikely to see the results that you want.

Here’s where animated video comes into the picture. This type of video is rich and engaging, and it is generally easier to produce and manage than traditional video content. In other words, animated video gives you all the benefits of traditional video content, but requires fewer resources.

Here are six reasons that your business needs an animated video.

Animated Videos Help You Get Your Name Out

Because animated video typically has a smaller resource requirement than other forms of video marketing, it can be used by nearly any business, no matter how small or young that business is. It levels the playing field, making it possible for small start-ups to get their name out and compete with bigger, more established businesses.

Animated Videos Let You Set the Tone

When you’re working with real people who have their own visions for how a video should look, it can be hard to capture the exact tone that you’re going for. With animated video, that’s not an issue; you have total control over the entire process from start to finish, setting the tone for even the most sensitive topics.

Animated Videos Appeal to Emotions

Animated videos go beyond providing a list of benefits; rather than limiting the content to the what, they explore the why and how. This makes it easy to appeal to your viewers’ emotions and push them towards the desired action.

Animated Videos Bring Problems and Solutions Together

Your customers have a problem, and your business has the solution. By using an animated video to demonstrate how your business has a unique ability to meet customers’ needs, you allow your viewers to plug themselves into the scenario you’ve created. Rather than simply telling them about what you can do for them, you’re actively showing them.

Animated Videos Let You Flaunt Your Creativity

Want to show a camper being chased by a bear without worrying about risking an animal rights activist group landing on your doorstep (or worse, being mauled by a bear)? Or an office building being crushed under a mountain of loose documents? With animated video, you can flaunt your creativity, playing fast and loose with the laws of nature and letting your imagination run wild. You can bring any concept to life, no matter how off-the-wall or complex it might be.

Animated Videos Leave a Lasting Impact

Because animated videos allow you to go to extremes to get your message out, they leave a lasting impression on viewers. Not only does this give your brand voice a microphone in your industry, but it will make you more memorable, giving you a competitive edge.

Through animated videos, you can create a boundary-free world that appeals to your customers’ emotions, allowing them to understand your brand’s message and what you can do for them.

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When it comes to creating video, you have a great deal of option available to you today. Both live-action video and animation are two of the hottest components to marketing. No matter what type of content you select, you’ll need to choose between these two formats with care. Each offers some good and bad aspects to it. The good news is that you can easily incorporate both types of content into your business marketing model and do well with them. Before you move forward with your decision, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What to Consider Before You Get Started

Before you start creating video, there are a few things to keep in mind. Both animation and live-action, camera-shot videos can work well if you first define what the goal of your marketing campaign is and then determine which style will work the best to achieve your end goal.

Who Is Your Audience?

A good place to start is with your audience. You may not think of animation as a good fit for adults, and believe it is best for kids. That’s not the case. A well-done video in animation really does achieve a lighthearted, more attention-grabbing design that adults can respond to. But, animation makes it harder for people to connect with the elements in the video story. It’s easier, on the other hand, to connect emotionally with a smiling woman or a crying child in live-action than with an animated character.

Consider Your Budget

Your resources will play a role in which format you decide. Animation will cost more, of course. However, you will find both options are well within most marketing budgets especially when you consider the importance for making videos mobile friendly as well.

Breaking It Down

What are the pros and cons of animated video?

  • There is no limitation in animated videos aside from your imagination.
  • For explainer videos, animated videos can really take a complex matter and make it easier to understand.
  • It’s fantastic for introductory videos, too.
  • Animated content can sometimes come off as too simplistic or minimalistic. If the content is seen as condescending, it will fail.
  • Production takes longer and it can cost your business more.

What are the pros and cons of using live-action content?

  • It’s more relatable especially when the content’s focus is on emotions and people.
  • It can help to showcase the personality and character of a company with more depth.
  • It’s a better option when the content is serious or formal.
  • It’s faster to get into the hands of the user and less expensive to choose.
  • It may be harder to stand out with live-action than with animated.

So, how do you choose what to use for your business? Both forms can be a good fit depending on the goal of the marketing campaign. It’s always important to work closely with your video production company to ensure they get the message you are trying to convey and help you to pull together content that’s actually going to resonate with your audience. The key here is to consider both mediums carefully and then determine which is the best choice for your individual needs based on your message, your budget, and your audience. The right video can make a big difference in your bottom line, when you select the right format for it.

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When you think of animated videos, you think of what your children watch on television or perhaps your favorite cartoon humor. You may not relate that type of animation to marketing for your business. After all, can animated videos really help your customers and clients take you seriously?

Many business owners face this concern. If they use animated videos as a part of their promotional methods, will they look too cartoon-ish? Will they actually hurt your marketing efforts?
The short answer – if done properly, animated videos can actually do far more than traditional graphics and with good reason. Of course, they may not be ideal for all needs, but they can create a few key benefits to a website in most industries.

How Can Animated Videos Help Your Website?

With professional animated video creation, one thing is for sure. You can customize it any way that is right for you and have as much of a lighthearted or a very serious theme to them. When done properly, these videos can help in various ways:

  • Animated vides can make it easier to explain hard topics. While they don’t “dumb it down” they can take complex topics that many people look over and really provide clear information in a simple form.
  • Animated videos are memorable. Think about the last Super Bowl and the commercials there. Chances are good some of the best promotional commercials you remember are in fact animated.
  • Animation done well gives your business personality and lets those who are learning about it for the first time get a real idea of who you are and what you have to offer. It allows your personality to shine through.
  • Another key benefit – the ability to go viral. A funny or even very serious, but well made promotional video that’s animated is likely to be shared by those who see it. Let’s face it. Do you share the content that’s fun and visually appealing or the long, boring videos showcasing a company’s service?
  • It is visually appealing. Animation stands out because it uses the right colors, the right type of design elements, and the right surroundings to create a very specific image. Because you can control this very specifically, you really do get to make a great first impression on anyone who is viewing your video.

What else can animated video do for you? It can leave a solid impression on the view. It helps generate more traffic to your website. It does not limit your ability to reach any audience. And, it is one of the best ways to control overall costs and still get an impressive promotional video that people remember.

Today, the options available to you in animation are numerous. It’s not necessarily a cartoon-world out there. Take a few minutes to check out a few videos to see what the end result can offer. How can you incorporate this very powerful tool into the business you do? Chances are good, it’s going to work well.

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A motion graphic is an animated graphic or video that actively tells a story. To create an engaging and compelling motion graphic, certain steps must be followed keenly. These steps when followed to the letter guarantee that the animated video produced becomes popular among the targeted audience. Here below are the fundamental steps that need to be followed to obtain a top quality motion graphic:

Step 1: A Thoughtfully Written Script

Simplicity and clarity are a primary factor to be considered when writing the script. The standard and most effective number of words per 30-60 seconds should be a maximum of 65 words. To craft the story effectively, one should ask themselves who they are trying to reach, what they want them to learn, remember, and do. Also, one should consider how they want their audience to feel after they watch the motion graphic.

To become highly effective, one should be direct but not too literal. Additionally, to get the message across effectively, one should consider kinetic text and a unique voice over. These features make sure that the animated video is memorable and the message is put across adequately. Kinetic texts grab the full attention of the audience. Studies have shown that people tend to pay more attention to animated videos when they have to read the story line.

Step 2: Storyboard as you Brainstorm the Visual Treatment

This storyboard phase combines the script and the visuals. The design and production team combine their ideas to come up with the best motion graphic. This step is important because it brings together the scriptwriter and the designer. Through the storyboard, frames are drawn out on whiteboard. Additionally, the final script is reviewed in this step before the actual creation of the motion graphic starts. Then, ideas are sketched to bring the desired script into live motion.

Step 3: Take the Storyboards into Design

Color and style are important in the creation of motion graphics. Simple choices make a huge impact on the audience. Therefore, the color and style need to be chosen wisely to make sure that they communicate effectively to the audience. After obtaining the sketches on the storyboard, translation into actual design should begin. All the ideas and information gathered at this stage are used in the final stages. Thus, this step should be completed with precision to assist the storyboard sketcher and the designer.

The final visual notes are used by the designers to come up with the final motion graphic.

Step 4: Animation of the final designs

This is the stage when the real animation process begins. During the process, all steps have built upon each other and everybody involved in the creation of the animated video is well conversant with what needs to be done. The animation style, timing, music and sound effects are ideally incorporated into the motion graphic. By the end of this process, the animated video is ready to be launched for the targeted audience to view.
With these steps followed to the letter, the resultant motion graphic is guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

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A transparent flow of communication can be afforded throughout your company by creating Live Video Webcasts. This will save your business a lot of time and money on the logistics of bringing all of your leadership at one point with the whole lot of your employees. Offsite leadership can as well join a remote webcast from multiple continents to avail valuable updates for the company.

The videos’ Interactive features enable you to ask questions and share meaningful thoughts through text message or via e-mail, receiving real-time responses from the leadership of your company. You may be having employees who connect to various different devices? No worries! Video technology is designed as cross-platform friendly, so whether using a desktop computer, Android or iPad, you can be assured your video message will seamlessly play across the board.


HRs’ Benefits of Using Animated Video

Video has demonstrated being very effective tool of communication and people’s educator. When you’re dealing with legal requirements and significant procedures, communicating with staff is essential, and animated video do that perfectly. Surveys have proven that people remember and apply more of the information they receive through video. In fact, information comprehension presented an increase by more than 75 percent when addressed through a video.

It is very easy to track explainer videos and all the details pertaining to it. When you wish to communicate useful details concerning healthcare policies changes or something else needful to sustaining your workforce, you want to ensure that the message is received by everyone. You will, at the comfort of your monitors, be able to keep track of the video, who watched and who didn’t by the use of video metrics. In addition, it’s possible to implement testing tools and quizzes on top of a video program.


Emergency and crisis communications

Effective communication, externally and internally, is very vital in averting the undesired impact of a crisis. In most cases, your employees are probably your most key ‘stakeholders’ during a crisis. Inadequate and ineffective internal communications can undermine all your efforts to manage a crisis externally. This may lead to low morale and lack of trust, poor customer relations and employee turnover that can result in undesired consequences. It is high time you need to use videos to interact with your employees in a friendly and professional manner. Every employee feels his or her needs are half way met when engaged in a dialogue with the executive members of staff. This kind of videos can be customized individually to collect information related to the said crisis and provide possible ideas of averting a crisis.


Explainer Videos tool

Because HR department is highly involved with on-boarding hires, the members of staff have much of details to relay. This new information needs to be communicated relatively fast. Explainer videos aids employees to comprehend new material, retain info, and implement it swiftly than if they experienced it through an audio or just text. When there is need to interact and to communicate in an efficient manner, an explainer video is an ideal way to accomplish it. PowerPoint presentations are often the traditional ways used for relating HRs information. However, a video is more interactive and engaging and often gets the job done more efficiently and fast. Since a video uses engaging imagery and a narrative structure, viewers are likely to be not only informed, but with a conviction of how relevant the information is to their employment with your company.


Code of Conduct Video and Compliance

By the use of an explainer video, you can use a story-based structure quickly to convey your company’s code of conduct and compliance to your worker. This message is easily digested and understood by the whole of your workforce.

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