Can video enhance your sales efforts? With the right tools and resources, you’ll find video can help to minimize at least some of your workload as a sales professional while also allowing you to reach your ideal customer a bit more effectively. Here are a few key examples.

Use Video to Educate In the Sales Process

Used at the right time, video can help to significantly enhance the sales process. It can work to help educate the buyer on a product or service right when they are making the decision to buy. Remember, people are buying more than just a product – they are buying a living or an attitude. Let your video showcase what your product can do for them.

Video Tells You How Engaged Your Customer Is

Another key way to see a significant improvement in your marketing efforts is to use video as a way to understand where your customer is in the buying process. For example, with video, you can see where they are getting stuck in the process. You can determine just how interested they are by noting how far they go in the process of watching or sharing your videos. This can help you to put more of your attention into the most likely customers to buy from you.

Use Video to Minimize Wasted Time

You know that at some point during the buying process, the customer has to engage with you. Yet, it can seem frustrating when you are working with the wrong people who really never had the intention of buying. One way to reduce some of this frustration is by incorporating video into the sales process. If – and until – the prospective buyer clicks on the video or interacts with the video, you don’t invest any additional sales efforts into that buyer. In short, until the prospect takes some action, you minimize the amount of time you invest in that particular individual.

Video does more than just tell others about your products and services. It also helps you to know where your potential buyer is at any stage of the buying process. This insight allows you to make better sales and marketing decisions for your customers.

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Television advertisement is what most people think of when they think of successful marketing, so when should you make the switch from online advertisements to television? The answer is…maybe never. Take a look below at current advertising trends and why you may or may not want to move to television.

New Age Advertising

In an age where people are moving from traditional network and basic cable shows to streaming their favorite programs online, it’s no surprise that big companies are abandoning their TV presence to spend more money trying to engage the online audience instead. Big companies with seemingly bottomless pockets for marketing, such as Master Card, are moving more and more of their advertising funds from television to online platforms every year. Big ad-buying firms are moving millions from television with Starcom MediaVest moving $500 million, a quarter of which was moved to their online budget.

Companies are moving budgets to reflect where viewership is. 88 million people watched video content online daily in March of last year and the number is increasing with better content available and networks becoming more flexible and creative with their online video availability. While TV ad content still outweighs online ad content with 38.8% and 25% of total U.S. advertisement spending respectively, the gap is closing and online ad spending is expected to surpass that of TV ad spending as early as 2018.

When to Use TV Advertising

Now you may be asking yourself “Why would anyone want to spend ad dollars on TV after that information?” There is still an audience for TV, therefor there is still an audience for TV ads. Companies that tend to thrive with TV ads are local businesses that advertise on local and news channels, big companies for credit cards and other universal needs, and companies geared toward audiences made up primarily of those over the age of 65.
If you do intend to make the switch from online to TV advertisement, it is suggested that you wait until your videos have self-sustaining traffic and you no longer have to urge viewers to watch your videos by emailing everyone you know and posting to every website you can. Your viewership should be organic and self-reliant.

In a sense, it’s a great time to be creating advertising content. You have the whole world before you and you just need to create a professional, quality video to show them just why choosing your business is the right decision. Online content is typically much cheaper as well. Embrace change and you may have a thicker wallet to show for it.

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It would look a little bit silly if a prestigious law firm with a target audience of seniors over the age of 65 came out with a trendy vine video. Do you know what types of videos are out there and which would be the best for your company and target audience? If not, don’t fret, we’ll cover the main types of videos below and provide descriptions of the types of companies that should use them.

Product Videos

Product videos are simple productions that show the information and use of a specific product more thoroughly than a simple picture and specifications chart can. The necessary quality of these videos ranges from in-house video with cheap camera to full cast in a television studio depending on the product and scope of sales. The purpose of these videos is to secure a sale with someone who was interested enough in your product to press “play” on your video. Some companies that should use these videos include manufacturers of gadgets that show better in active demonstration.


Whether it’s “How to clear a paper jam” or “Troubleshooting tips for a broken garage door,” tutorials and how-to videos are informative and extremely useful for certain companies. These videos can be used to show how to fix a product that a company sells or repairs, or they can be used in a similar manner as the product video. Complex products are sometimes intimidating and customers need to see them in action before committing to a purchase. Companies that should use this type of video include simple repair service companies, complex gadget companies, and companies who want to offer customers a value-added troubleshooting experience.

Video News Release

If your company has something to announce and you want as many people to see it as possible, you’ll likely be writing a press release. Editors at papers and other news sources have a lot of press releases to sift through from companies, just like yours, who think that theirs is the most important message. To help your release get to the top of the editor’s pile, make a video news release. It’s an easy way to stand out from an otherwise tedious job. Any company with an important announcement should do this be it small local farmer who switched to environmentally friendly fertilizer to behemoth tech companies that want to alert customers about their latest product.


This broad category is one that everyone understands. To be successful people have to know about you and, except for word of mouth, the only way to do that is by advertising your company. Ads can be standard 30 second television ads for companies with a large budget and an audience that still relies on the television for entertainment. Otherwise, ads can be quick online videos that you place with your online content and content that your target audience will already be watching. All companies should be taking part in video advertisement of some sort, the type just depends on the target audience.

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Television has been around for a long time, and it has since then captivated our society. They started being mass produced around the 1930’s, where they gained widespread notoriety and worldwide recognition. Practically every single household is the proud owner of at least one television set, with some homes having one in every room.

Since then television stations have been broadcasting programming, and right along with it was the commercial. And as millions gathered daily to watch their favorite programming, commercials could be found alongside them, informing consumers of what’s available. Many great up and coming companies used this method in order to revolutionize their image and their business. This can most appropriately be demonstrated by Apple, who marketed their products with a commercial that is still talked about today. This was no doubt successful in bringing them more business, as this one commercial had many talking. Everyone knows that word of mouth can make or break a company, and the word was good.

Commercial Success
Apple was breaking new ground with the unveiling of the Macintosh, and they wanted a commercial that would demonstrate this as captivatingly as possible. They were able to show that they were no longer going to stay with the ways of old, and decided to break from that tradition as they were going to make a change. With this change came a revolution for their product.
With this commercial they were able to display a vivid message of passion, and speak to the masses in a way they knew they would not only understand, but a way which would compel them. There is no limit to the potential of a commercial and the benefits that come along with it. Commercials offer something diverse as there are no restrictions on artistic freedom. A visual demonstration can be the most beneficial tactic a business could ever utilize, as it allows you to reach audiences which supported your business since its inception, or even target a new audience by properly utilizing media techniques in order to create the proper image desired for your company. With this you would be able to reach out to millions.
You can find us anywhere
Commercial videos are no longer restricted to television anymore. Using computers and the Internet, whole waves of people flock to sites such as YouTube. Millions of users per day use these sites in order to view just about whatever they want. From computers, smartphones, and tablets, people have access to this type of media from anywhere and everywhere. Every day it is becoming ever more crucial to have a presence in this domain. This will not only secure the success of your business, but its growth and expansion.
Commercial videos can be found everywhere these days, and can captivate people on whatever device they’re using. It has been a proven tool in any company’s success, and when utilized properly it can put forth whatever image you desire all while reaching out to millions of people.
Contact us today so we can help your business start a revolution.

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2012 saw a giant increase in awareness about content marketing as the newest way for businesses to connect with people and create a lifetime customer. What’s new in 2013? Adding video to your content marketing campaign. That’s right – with the unprecedented advent of internet in our lives and YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, video is the newest, most innovative and effective means of content marketing.

What Makes Video So Appealing?

Let’s keep that answer simple – because people love it! Videos are interactive, they move, they talk. They are simply more entertaining and attractive. Plus, videos require much less effort. There is no reading, scrolling through images or typing in detailed search queries. You just press play and watch. That is how convenient videos are, and of course, a one minute video says much more than a 1000 words.

Videos Are Informative On a Whole New Level

A recent Boot Fit Fundamentals video by the retail giant Nordstrom gives its customers a quick video tutorial on how to buy perfectly fitting shoes online. This video has greatly helped boost the company’s sales, and more so, its customers’ loyalty, even though the video is devoid of a classic sales pitch and purely informative.

That is the key to good content marketing. Keeping content genuinely informational and non-salesy, one that gives real value to its customers, goes a long way. Doing so with a video makes the viewers believe in the credibility of your company and result in repeat business and ardent fans.

Two Dimensional Marketing vs. Videos

There will always be a place for text write-ups and image directories. However, video will always be the preferred choice of people. Videos bring your products to life. They can actually show how the product works, as well as showcase its remarkable results. Trying to explain in writing how a vacuum cleaner pulls out dust from the folds in your upholstery using a tiny dismountable attachment can be a lot more tedious and simply, boring. Compare this to a video that shows just how beautifully a dainty looking hostess/homemaker attached to the small brush and swiftly collects all the dust, works much better.

So if you are looking for that perfect platform to launch your online sales campaign, come to Kicker and we will craft you a perfect video that highlights all the strong things about your products and shows its value to the customers, increasing your sales by large numbers.

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The Most Important Things You Must Do On YouTube

When mentioning videos, you cannot begin or end the conversation without talking about YouTube. That is just how massive the name YouTube is now. Needless to say, it is the world’s second largest search engine and also, a great way to promote your products or services, either by direct advertising or by simply creating a channel to connect with your customers and increase your social presence.

Creative people who constantly use YouTube with the right content and smart approach, have a lot of success. You can too, if you just follow the following guidelines diligently.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

To begin with, you should always have a plan. At some point you must stop thinking about it and just start uploading your videos. It isn’t a test where you only get one chance at it and that’s it. You can always keep coming up with new ideas and surpass yourself each time. At the beginning though, you must get over the starter’s blues and just go ahead and upload the first video.

Knowing Your Market

You must have a basic strategy mapped out before you get on YouTube and start marketing your products and services. You must identify your market, know who your target audience is and find great ways to get their attention. There are so many videos on YouTube and you must find a way to stand out.

Evolve Continually

You are on YouTube to promote your business. You must therefore learn the art of continuously evolving. You don’t see the biggest brands airing the same advertisement on TV through the years. In fact, ads are reinvented almost every few months, even on TV these days. In the world of internet, this reinventing must take place all the time. You must keep coming up with new and engaging content every week or every month.

Make it a point to educate yourself about the latest in the field of YouTube marketing. Refer to sites like YouTube Creator Blog and New Media Rockstars. Remember that your views and subscriptions will certainly see a dip if you stop learning and implementing new tricks.

YouTube can be one of the most effective video marketing channels ever. You just need to play your cards right.

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Vintage Open Sign

My Product Is too Boring

If you have a product or service that is needed, there are creative channels to help you better reach your audience. No matter what the product is, even if it is a staple food like rice, in this globalised and competitive economy. it is still important to advertise. No company should think their market share is so safe, they do not need to advertise. Advertising is an effort to consciously connect with your client base and to get new persons on board. Ideas like thinking your product is too boring to advertise can turn into a nightmare later on. In fact, I am sure if you ran a contest on uses of your product, you would have found many creative ways to use your product, and, you could use these ideas to make a video.

My Product Has to Sell Regardless

No matter how much your product is ‘needed’, it is still important to reinforce its importance to your clients or even show some appreciation to them. The mistake a lot of companies in monopoly situations make is to assume that their products will always be selling and little or no effort is needed. When this monopoly is broken the customers flee to the competitor and it is at time that the company tries to sway the populace with ads and promotions. Keep ahead of the game and keep yourself visible in the market.

No One Watches Video Ads

This would not just be a misconception this would be the total opposite of reality. Everyone watches video ads! The viewership and attention to video content is like no other. If you should use videos placed on YouTube as an example, a video from a popular artist will count over one millions views in one day. This is way ahead of the first day sales for even a bestselling novel. Billboards are no longer stationary images pasted on skyscrapers but they are all becoming electronic screens showing video and rotating ads. Video is the way to go, so get with the times!

Videos Are for Big Companies with Lots of Profit

Not at all. Big companies often started as small entities that grew over time as the customer base got larger and the volume of business increased. All your business may need is the chance to grow and become huge. One of the ways to do this is to advertise; right now one of the most effective means of advertising is doing a video ad. This can help to drive new customers to your business and notify the general public of your offerings. The more people know about your product/services, the more likely it will be that they will request it when they need that kind of product /service.

The best way to find out how a video will affect your business is by creating one. Contact Kicker when you are ready, we are here to help.

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A Video Is Worth More than a Thousand Words

Child Yelling - Best Form of Advertising

How much more beneficial is a video ad versus a billboard still image ad? When the math’s is done, which one does the audience prefer? Well as audiences’ ourselves, here are some reason why we like videos and we think they are the best form of advertising.

Videos Move

This sounds oddly simplistic but I can tell you that though a video can be categorized as simply moving pictures. We tend to prefer it over flipping through tons of pictures, even if they show the same message. If you ever watched a child play, they tend to get drawn to the toys that move and make sounds more than colouring or still images of cartoon characters. We love moving pictures and hearing the screen talk to us. You can also view video hands-free while scrolling through pictures need some interaction with the device.

Videos Speak

I hinted at this above, that videos speak so that is one of the reasons why we love them. This is true. We can get tons of information shortened in point form without scrolling or reading. This is one of the amazing benefits of video from the customer perspective. We can get our information on the go, and can pause, rewind fast forward with little effort.

Humor is Channeled Better through Video

If a joke is told in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, I do not know the answer to that, but I know I prefer to hear a joke than to read it. Sometimes the humor of a video – for example the Geico caveman commercials – could only be expressed as such. It would be hard to ‘explain’ as still images or as text. We love our extremely hilarious video commercials, and I am sure maybe we even take the time to look them up on YouTube© so we can laugh at them some more.

Videos Are Easier to Share

Email it, send a link to it, post it on YouTube or Bluetooth it. It is so much easier to share video media – and it’s more likely to pique the interest of the receiver- than some other forms of media. We carry videos around on our phone and at a moment’s notice are willing to share it. How often did someone offer to show you a video of something at some random place on their smart phone? How often did someone offer to show you a document outlining supplier’s services in text form on a Smartphone? Exactly, my point, I am sure the last scenario happens the least or never at all.

These are only some of the reasons why a video is better from a customer perspective. Contact Kicker for your next video.

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