In recent years, technology and digital marketing has changed drastically the way we use our smartphones. New software and new machines have appeared, and we are referring in particular to augmented reality and virtual reality. When we’re talking about the business aspect of integrating AR into your smartphone application; you can discover plenty of opportunities to level up your business. First, let’s take a peek about the differences between the two technologies: 

Virtual reality ( VR) usually refers to digital technologies that use software to produce realistic images, sounds and other stimuli that mimic a real world (or construct an imagined setting) and simulate the actual appearance of a user in this world by encouraging the user to communicate with this space and any objects represented in it using modified display screens or projectors. 

Augmented Reality (AR), is a technology designed to enhance people’s understanding of the natural world through a computer system. This virtual information will then be inserted back into the physical world to complement computer-generated visual objects, images, or device prompts into real-life environments; the effect is an augmented reality.

As you can see, AR is usually an easier solution for any customers, since they don’t need any more material than their phones and an app to have access to augmented reality. The mobile AR provides various possibilities that will drive any company to the height of success. A visually appealing app is enough to attract consumers with your product in such a manner that it creates massive sales for your business.

AR provides a simple way to identify objects, helping users to get the most out of a business inquiry. It could be very useful if you were to develop a solid business model by leveraging the potential of AR-based applications in various sectors such as healthcare, education and information technology.

AR may be used to decorate an interior 

For all those who are still confused about using AR to produce sufficient business income; the best alternative may be the application for interior decoration. There is a strong demand for an application that can help imagine the looks of specific furniture or the perfect way to put the furniture in a household.

AR in Education 

It helps to make the objects that are very difficult to picture, and can be further converted into 3-dimensional models for improved learning. For those who are still expecting a new approach to memorise abstract concepts that is the perfect way to improve comprehension.

AR for the retail industry 

Digital dressing rooms or interactive specs check applications are perfect examples of the most effective forms of the company application to incorporate augmented reality. Besides that, the platform could also be used for ads, which again is a perfect way to advertise the business.

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Traditional marketing and written social media posts can only take your brand so far online. If you really want to resonate with your customers, you need video. Whether short or long, live or scripted, video is king online.

If contemplating video’s ability to produce positive ROI, don’t fret for another minute. Branded video is among the most valuable assets you can have. Here’s why your brand needs video now.

Video is the Preferred Media Type Online

More than one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day, according to Brandwatch, and video is the most engaging type of content on the web. It receives more shares and likes than written content or images and has the power to entertain, uplift and communicate like no other form of media.

It Doesn’t (Have to) Take a Village

With video, your brand can start with a smaller budget and build up the production value once you begin to see ROI. Too many brands make the mistake of thinking that “doing video right” requires Hollywood-level equipment and scores of staff members. Consider this: One of the highest-earning channels on YouTube is by a 7-year old who reviews toys in his house. It doesn’t have to take a village to create great video.

Forge an Emotional Connection with Customers

If you’ve ever seen a Hallmark or Dove commercial, you know just how powerful video can be when it comes to connecting to your customers. It’s a great medium to use when you want to show off your brand’s human side and appeal to your audience emotionally. Take this Dove video “Real Beauty” for example. Millions of men and women (68 million, according to the current view count) were inspired by this video since 2013.

Showcase Your Brand’s Creativity

Video opens up a world of creativity that can be utilized by your brand to everything from product promotion to communicating company values. Use video to craft scripted skits, air live events and conferences, or document your brand’s community service efforts.

Tie Video to Different Audience Segments

When created with purpose, video can be used to target different audience demographics at various points along the sales funnel. For example, your branded video documenting the good work your company is doing in the community may help retain existing customers while showcasing your presence at an industry conference can boost your brand’s position as an expert when viewed by new leads.

Video Can Take Your Brand to New Heights

Regardless of your current budget or market share, video can take your brand to new and exciting levels. Whether you plan to release traditional marketing videos on television or are going a digital-only route, you can expect increased ROI from your efforts when you create and promote branded video.

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You may think of video as something to invest in for your customers or even to showcase your company to brand partners, investors, and the media in general. Yet, there’s a strong place for using video internally within your company. It can be one of the most powerful tools for you to use for communication for a wide range of topics and goals. All you have to do is to know how to make it work.

Video Can Help Keep Employees Engaged

There are dozens of ways you can use video within your company. You can send messages to people individually or create productions that are used for training. In all cases, video is engaging, interesting, and far more interactive than sitting in another meeting. When you use video as a component of your business’s employee engagement, you’ll see significant improvement in their involvement.

Video Conveys Information Easily

Video is also very easy for you to use. Let’s say you have an end-of-the-day note you want to send everyone and you want to be sure everyone gets it. You can do a live video to connect with everyone at one time even at the last minute. Or, you can use any type of device to use playback videos to educate your team or to provide them with the information they need. Most people know how to use video, and it is always in hand with their phones.

Video Lets Your Employees Share Information, Too

Video can also help your employees share information back to you. They can reply to your video with their own, depending on the format. This allows you to gain more insight into what their thoughts and feelings are, well beyond what a formal email would convey.

It’s an Efficient Way to Communicate Across Large Groups

Whether you are creating training segments or quarterly upgrades, video is a good way to communicate lots of information efficiently. It is an easy tool to use to communicate across your entire team with a clear message without having to worry about taking people out of the office for meetings or seminars.

Internal Video Helps Build Brand Awareness

It’s important to have a few videos that you use as components of your brand awareness. Videos can communicate brand information and features at a much higher rate than you could expect from traditional documents or an employee guidebook. In short, it helps information be captured at a higher level than you may expect otherwise.

Video works in many ways. You can even use it as a way to gauge just how interested your employees are – where did they stop watching? Did they make it to the end? Incorporate internal videos as a way to build your company.

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Do you need to create more interesting sales videos? Perhaps you are not getting the results you want and need? These 15 tips can help you to get some new creative videos in the works for your company.

#1: Use Filters

It’s a fun thing the kids are doing. It’s also something that can be perfect for you to create an interesting look across your social media videos.

#2: Get Personal with Videos

Use your customer’s name in them. Doing this could help to boost the number of views your video gets by as much as three times. Say hello in your videos to key customers.

#3: Incorporate Music

It may not be as hard as you think to have some fun with this. Add some music to get people talking.

#4: Use a Fun Prop

Think outside of the box here. Even a plush animal can work well. The goal is to get people paying attention.

#5: Use a Pro

You can also use a camera person to help you with your videos so they can zoom in and out. Or, let a professional handle the video creation for you.

#6: Shock Them with a Performance

You may find that dragging out your theater experience could be just what you need to do to get people talking.

#7: Narrate Your Video

Instead of letting someone else do it, do it yourself. This is a fantastic way to get people to commit to your video.

#8: Use Lighting – Right

Lighting is a big turn off when you are not using it properly. Yet it does not have to be a hard aspect to master.

#9: Incorporate Humor

Every sales video can benefit from getting the audience to chuckle. Do something to make them laugh, even if just a little.

#10: Be Personable

Let your sales attitude come to life with a bit of personality. It’s always a good idea to let people see the real you!

#11: Use a Parody

If there’s a theme you love, use it here. You can copy off of movies or other companies, too.

#12: Smile in Your Videos

Sounds simple, right? Yet, it is a common problem!

#13: Incorporate Your Brand

Your brand is a big deal and something that needs to be a part of every video you do.

#14: Be Authentic

There’s no need for the gimmicks. Be real with your customers.

#15: Do an Interview

Interview a customer or anyone else who may seem interesting to you! Your customers will love it.

It’s easy to be creative in your videos. What options are right for you?

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Do you want to grow your business’ customer base and brand recognition? If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover how multi-million dollar companies use the same tactics and strategies that top market influencers employ to grow mega-audiences and build brand awareness.

Video Marketing – Tactics and Strategies (T&S) to Grow Brand Awareness and Customer Base

#1 – Capitalize on your company’s presence and use of YouTube

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine, in the world. Check out these ideas for video marketing that your business might be able to leverage upon:

  • Getting Started Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Tutorial or Explainer Videos
  • How-to Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Webinars
  • Interview Videos of Industry Experts or Employees
  • Behind-the-scene Videos
  • Real-time Videos
  • Videos that give Information about your Company
  • Company’s Event Videos

#1 – Use social media ads to get your videos in front of your potential audience

Even though this cost money, it’s worth the investment. Just like PPC advertising, your ROI per dollar spent makes it worth your time and effort.

#3 – Engage your audience

Social media is a two-way street. TRY THIS – create and send short shareable videos to the people that already support your brand i.e. your followers.

#4 – Leverage user-generated videos

Many of the biggest brands leverage user-generated content to support their social media marketing endeavors. TRY THIS – hold a contest on your brand’s social platforms.

As a part of this contest, ask your customers to send in videos of them using your company’s products. Publish the video of the contest winner on your company website’s homepage. The winning video will act as a video testimonial for your brand and the products or services that your business offers.

#5 – Use INSTAGRAM STORIES & SNAPCHAT STORIES to engage with your customer base

There is no reason that your business can’t mirror the marketing methods that bigger well-known brands use to engage with their own audiences. TRY THIS – share a short 10-second video of new and even existing products and services that your business offers. Be original in your presentation and focus on creating “evergreen” content.

As you engage with your target audience, try to be fun and upbeat in your presentation. Don’t be boring or too technical. Give your audience something that they might want to share with their friends.

The end goal of all marketing endeavors is to increase brand awareness as well as to add to your customer base by growing your business’ pool of potential customers i.e. people interested in your business’ products or services. Why not try doing the same things that the most well-known market influencers do to grow their own audiences. Afterall it’s working out just fine for them.

For more information or to get started today, call us at (888-294-9393) or contact us via the web. We know what you want, we know what your business needs, and most importantly we know how to get it done.

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If you don’t think video marketing is that important to your business strategy, think again. Recent reports from Cisco VNI found that, by 2020, as much as 79% of all global internet traffic will be video based. Think about how that plays into the marketing campaign you are currently running. Does it provide you with the leverage you need?

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

It’s hard to recognize the impact this increasing demand will have on today’s business owner. However, it’s important to invest a bit of time in considering what this may mean for your needs. In short, it means most of today’s business owners will need to focus on these aspects:

  • You’ll need to put more effort towards creating video as a larger component of your marketing campaign. This means you’ll need to put more of your budget towards video creation and marketing.
  • You’ll need a strong and effective video marketing strategy. You’ll want to develop a plan of how to use video to achieve your goals.
  • And, you’ll want to stay focused on new technologies and innovations. This will prove to be very helpful since the video industry for online production is really still growing and changing.

Let’s look at some key statistics from Cisco VNI’s report:

  • By 2020, internet video will make up as much as 79% of global internet traffic. That number stood at just 63% in 2015.
  • By 2020, there will be five million years of video per month uploaded to the internet – three trillion minutes a month!
  • Of that video, 82% will be HD or Ultra HD in content. That’s an increase from the 53% that was present in 2015.
  • 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2020. That is up from 68% just two years ago.
  • And, 66% of business internet traffic will be video based, up from 44% just a year ago.

What Should You Do With That Information?

As noted above, you’ll need to take some steps to create a better focus on your video marketing efforts. You’ll need to work with business leaders to ensure you have a more comprehensive plan. And, you’ll want to show those managing your budget why you need to focus more on these areas. In specific terms, you’ll need to show them that video can:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Create more engagement between your business and your customer.
  • Enhance and increase lead generation efforts by marked amounts.
  • Increase sales and, by a result, increase profits.

You will also need to consider ways to measure your success in video marketing. This is a good place to start when building your video strategy. For example, you can choose different methods and types of video formats and then see which leads to more email signs up. You can see who is watching your videos, what they are doing after they watch your videos, and how well this translates into profits for your business.

Video is of growing importance to every business today. Without a fundamental strategy, and one that’s put into place soon, your business will likely struggle in the years to come. While video will be important, not all video will create the same type of outcome. High quality, consumer focused content created by a professional will ultimately lead to the best possible results.

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You know the importance of using SEO in your online marketing efforts. It is at the heart of every marketing campaign online and needs to provide the right focus to attract search engines. But, you’ve also learned about video and just how powerful it is. Not only do people watch video, but they are more likely to share videos and engage with companies that post videos. How do SEO and videos relate? How can you ensure that the videos you create and publish are going to give you all of the SEO boost they possibly can? There are several things to know here.

Content Really Does Matter

It used to be that website owners would spend a great deal of time (and money) on building links for their websites. Then, there was a time that it was all about shoving as many keywords as possible into the content. But, throughout this time and even more so today, it is increasingly important and valuable for website owners to provide quality content. By and large, website visitors want good information. And, search engines want to reward websites that offer good information with better ranking in those engines. And, video, plays a very important role in providing that high level of content.

Search engines recognize the value and importance of video. They tend to rank websites that have custom made and high quality video higher in the search engines than those that do not. A good example of this may be in your social media marketing. Facebook has come out and said that it will rank brand pages higher when they contain video within the News Feed. Higher ranking simply means more videos and more engagement.

But, How Can You Attract Better Rankings With SEO?

There are multiple ways to use videos to build SEO for your website or social media presence. Here are some examples:

  • Use video to build links and to generate shares on social media websites. People like to share videos especially when they are unique and interesting enough. Educate them, make them laugh, or shock them so they share your video including the links you get.
  • Use video as a conversion tool. Video is a fantastic way to turn people who are otherwise just following you into buyers. This happens because video attracts more people to your website and then can help to sell your product.
  • Utilize good SEO within your video meta tags and descriptions. You can still incorporate keywords and tags that will boost SEO into your content. It’s important to do this to increase ranking potential with the video on your website.

What’s important here is to incorporate video. The more you do so, the more likely you are to create the engagement and brand awareness that your company needs to turn visitors into buyers. Video can provide a wide range of opportunities. It can educate, entertain, shock, and inform your buyers. And, it can provide you with countless opportunities to learn what your customers want and need from you as well. Video opens conversations that can change the course of your business and enhance the way you achieve your long term and short term goals. For most companies, it also aids in helping to rank websites, blogs, and social media pages higher in search engines. What can video do for your SEO campaign?

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