What type of corporate video is going to really ring true on social media? The type you use really depends on the goals for your next social media campaign and your company as a whole. However, there are a few styles to consider that work the best on social media. Which one is right for you?

#1: Informational and Satirical

Social media streams stop when you post something with a bit of truly funny, though not negative, on your timeline. Choose a video that’s satirical that conveys this. However, be sure to add good information to it at the same time. Don’t waste your viewer’s time but make them smile while learning.

#2: Trendy, Elegant, and Dominating

A bit more sophistication and a lot of trendy charm can also work very well for a social media video. Choose this video format when you want to make a point about how elegant your product is or to elevate your brand. Keep it tasteful, though.

#3: Hip and Lighthearted

If the stuck-up vibe isn’t right for your company, it’s time to consider a lighthearted and hip video style instead. To pull this off, it is very important to remain authentic to your brand and to your audience. Fake smiles are not going to work.

#4: Exciting and Dramatic

When you want to make a powerful statement, your video needs to show that in sound, color, and words. Consider something more mini-series quality that is more epic. These are the types of videos that get shared because they are so awesome.

#5: Inspiring and Sincere Message from the Heart

A feel-good story can work very well for many brands as well. In your video here, you don’t have to get all sentimental, but you can and should be sincere. If you want your brand to exude feelings and positive sentiment, this is the type of video format that is going to work the best for you.

#6: Educational and Straightforward

You could call this the more traditional format of video. It can work very well to communicate important information. If your audience needs information and really benefits from a very straightforward message, this is a good route to take. Keep in mind that all businesses benefit from this traditional format from time to time.

What you say and how you say it matters. This is very true with social media. Yet, it’s not always easy to find a format that’s going to draw enough viewers in. That’s why it tends to be ideal when you work closely with a team of pros to help you.

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When it comes to creating your next business video, take into consideration how sports videos can offer some suggestions and innovative methods. Sports videos are on-the-go, fast-paced, and exciting. They are attention-grabbing, often pulling people into them just to see what happens. How can that translate into a business video for your needs? There are a couple of key takeaways to consider here.

#1: Work to Grow Your Content

In today’s video world, you really can start from nowhere and work your way up. You do not have to be a star to create a following. You just have to be unique and interesting enough to grab the attention of the fans you are hoping to create. Work to grow your content one video at a time to reach an audience that fits your company.

#2: Capture Real Time

Today’s consumer wants to know what real life is like, not a fake set or a script. Do not be afraid – as the athletes do – to pull out your phone and start recording. While there is always a time for a produced, well-designed video, that is not the requirement. Instead, get real and do it in real-time to grow your audience.

#3: Work with Influencers

Many athletes have become influencers themselves. In short, you just want to get your brand in front of those influencers’ audience. To do that, you need to connect with those people on social media with a large following that is mostly made up of your most likely customers. Be sure to create videos that include cross-overs or collaborations with social media influencers like this to grow your following and to achieve more of a reach.

#4: Work on Building the Emotional Fan Base

You want people who are not just followers of your brand, but that have an emotional attachment to your brand. That may be hard to create initially, but once you learn how to create videos that are authentic and very much realistic, you will easily see your watchers grow. Again, grab your phone, as the athletes do, and make passionate statements about who you are, what you do, and why that matters to you and to your customer base.

#5: Connect within the Community

Athletes know they have to be a part of the community to maintain their fanbase and to drive their skills. The same is true for business owners. Get into the community with your videos. Play a role in the day-to-day lives of your customers.

What can these sports videos teach you? They can most certainly teach you how to grow a strong following of loyal fans.

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Most marketers and companies know that it is essential to have video as a core component of your campaigns. It is an important part of building your business’s brand and encouraging visitors to get to know your products and services. Yet, before you can create that video, you need to answer one question in detail. Who is your target audience?

It’s Not as Simple as You Think

It’s important not to assume who your target audience is and, instead, to create a plan for reaching them based on data you’ve gathered. Many companies conduct full market research, investing significantly into determining who their most likely customers are. This is a good step to take, especially for large scale campaigns. However, for your video production, it helps to flesh out a few key questions.

Determine Who You Wish to Reach

How do you determine who your target audience is, then? It’s important to start with understanding who is most likely to buy your product or service. Consider all demographics as well as any other details that are important to your brand. From there, consider the following.

Ensure Your Brand Values Come Through

Your video needs to be able to communicate your brand value. Once you know who your audience is, you can build your brand to meet their needs and goals. Most often, you want to ensure your brand’s identity comes through within your videos as that’s what is going to convince others to buy from you.

Solve Their Problems

With your audience in mind, you can then begin to solve their problems. This is an important step in building the script for your video. What do you want to solve for your viewer? The video needs to address their concerns to keep your audience interested.

Create Content That Fits Their Needs

One of the most important things you can do is to build video that fits your customers specifically. For example, most have a specific goal in coming to your company. Are you reaching them with topics that are valuable to them? Is your content authentic and unique, something they have not heard before? Then, be sure to create videos that relate to your audience, such as being shorter.

When you invest the time into creating content that fits your audience like this, you know your video is going to be valuable to them. If you don’t know your target audience and target them properly, you’re limiting your success.

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