What type of corporate video is going to really ring true on social media? The type you use really depends on the goals for your next social media campaign and your company as a whole. However, there are a few styles to consider that work the best on social media. Which one is right for you?

#1: Informational and Satirical

Social media streams stop when you post something with a bit of truly funny, though not negative, on your timeline. Choose a video that’s satirical that conveys this. However, be sure to add good information to it at the same time. Don’t waste your viewer’s time but make them smile while learning.

#2: Trendy, Elegant, and Dominating

A bit more sophistication and a lot of trendy charm can also work very well for a social media video. Choose this video format when you want to make a point about how elegant your product is or to elevate your brand. Keep it tasteful, though.

#3: Hip and Lighthearted

If the stuck-up vibe isn’t right for your company, it’s time to consider a lighthearted and hip video style instead. To pull this off, it is very important to remain authentic to your brand and to your audience. Fake smiles are not going to work.

#4: Exciting and Dramatic

When you want to make a powerful statement, your video needs to show that in sound, color, and words. Consider something more mini-series quality that is more epic. These are the types of videos that get shared because they are so awesome.

#5: Inspiring and Sincere Message from the Heart

A feel-good story can work very well for many brands as well. In your video here, you don’t have to get all sentimental, but you can and should be sincere. If you want your brand to exude feelings and positive sentiment, this is the type of video format that is going to work the best for you.

#6: Educational and Straightforward

You could call this the more traditional format of video. It can work very well to communicate important information. If your audience needs information and really benefits from a very straightforward message, this is a good route to take. Keep in mind that all businesses benefit from this traditional format from time to time.

What you say and how you say it matters. This is very true with social media. Yet, it’s not always easy to find a format that’s going to draw enough viewers in. That’s why it tends to be ideal when you work closely with a team of pros to help you.

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Having a vast amount of data and video can be a very good thing for business owners. You know the importance of video content. It is at the heart of your business’s success in any marketing campaign. It provides the heart for your business, but it does much more as well. It helps to brand your business. It aids in your lead-building campaigns. And, it even helps you to get customers back in the door. But, that’s a lot of content. What can you do to better manage it and streamline the process? While working with a video production company is a start, there’s much more you can do to achieve your underlying goals as well.

How Do You Organize Your Video Content?

Initially, many companies have just a handful of video content to manage and the process of doing so tends to be rather easy at that point. Yet, as you see the growth and benefit of video in your marketing campaigns, you’ll quickly want to add more. There are several key things to remember that can help you to keep your content organized, easily accessible, and always ready to be published whenever and wherever you want it to be.

  • Use metadata as a tool to help you to organize your content. Use clear but simple enough descriptions that make it easy to locate what you need.
  • Choose titles for your videos that are easy to remember or those that provide a clear idea of what’s actually in the video – misleading titles rarely provide any help to viewers or to you no matter how creative they are.
  • Create categories for storing your content. You may wish to break this down by what the content is going to be used for (lead generation, education, etc.). Create categories that are easy to understand by anyone working in your organization.
  • Focus on managing your video content in bite-sized pieces. Long form videos can be useful in many applications, but you’ll find that you can cut that 1-hour long video into something shorter, even six smaller videos, you can use them more readily and get more from them.
  • Let the first moments of the video really help you to understand what’s to come. Create a splash screen, for example, for each of your videos. This can give you the information you need to know what to do with your content.

There is much more to the process of managing your video content. You’ll need to come back to the videos from time to time to ensure they are still accurate. A change in a contact detail, for example, could make a video seem worthless. However, you can maintain the content and build on it over time if you have a solid plan in place to accomplish this.

And, keep a log of how you use each video. You don’t want to share the same video to the same audience too many times. It helps to have a sizable library of content at your disposal to use, but you also need to be sure you know when you shared it, who viewed it, and what it accomplished for you.

These steps can help you to make video far more effective and usable. Work closely with your production company to ensure you always have the very best content to present to your audience.

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