Video marketing is the must for most businesses that have an online customer base. There are many statistics that point to the benefits of video, but instead of focusing on that, consider the bottom line. Video marketing has the highest level of conversion when it comes to online marketing methods. Knowing this, the next question you need to answer is how to get started. Let’s break down how to build your online video marketing strategy.

#1: Who Is Going to Create Your Campaign?

Some businesses believe they can do this on their own – and you may be able to if you have a background in online marketing. Treat it as much as vital as any other form of advertising you do. Using a team that is skilled in this area can be a much more effective solution.

#2: Let’s Think About Why

Here’s the bottom line. Why do you want to use video? Do you want to engage with your customers, create new leads, build more traffic to your website, or achieve other goals? You need to define this component because it helps to foster the next steps of the process. Why are you making a video?

#3: What Will You Create?

This is the big question many businesses have. What are they going to create that is going to engage the viewer and provide the desired final result? Look at some videos prepared by other companies, perhaps in the same industry. Look at other examples. Use this to get some ideas. Most importantly, be creative. If someone created a video one way, look for another take even if the subject or message is the same.

#4: When and How Often Will You Create Video?

It can be said that video production companies can help you to create a consistent schedule of videos. The key here is to develop a marketing strategy that fits your goals and your industry. You will need to consider creating more than one video (in most cases) that helps to tell your company’s history over time. You want to use video, for example, to build a relationship with your customers and clients. At the same time, having hundreds of hours of video that’s just basic and not engaging isn’t going to help.

#5: Pick Your Location and Mediums

Finally, it is time to consider where you will both create your videos and then where you will use them online. Consider your goals here, again. You can use your business’s location. In some cases, you may want to choose a third party location that’s over the top to be creative. Then, consider where you will use the videos online – your website? Social media?

Working through this process allows you to create a successful, well-designed online video marketing strategy that is going to help you create the relationship and brand your customers need and want. Are you ready to put the pieces together?

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Using video on your website’s landing page is an excellent step for most companies. Video placed here is going to get attention and help in driving sales with your customers. While video used on the landing page needs to convey the right message to the right people, it is important to do it right. In other words, you don’t want a video that’s going to slow down the page’s load time or bore your visitors with basic information. However, well created and designed video can help increase your sales substantially.

Why Do You Need Video?

Here’s the hard truth that nearly all website owners need to recognize. You have 8 seconds. You only have seconds to turn that person that visited your website into a buyer. More specifically, you have just 8 seconds to grab their attention before they move on to the next website. If your video isn’t there, or your content is lacking, customers and website visitors can easily move on to the next page of a competitor’s site to get the information they need.

What Makes Your Landing Page Convert?

The ultimate goal of any landing page is to take visitors and make them into buyers. This is conversion. What most website owners don’t focus on is how to make those conversions happen more frequently. When you consider all of the steps you can take and the changes you can make to your website to achieve these goals, you’ll find using video can be one of the best options. Video converts buyers because it:

  • Engages them
  • Interests them
  • Is shared by them
  • Is memorable
  • Is different and unique

So, the goal of video on your landing page is to grab and hold he attention of someone who visits as well as to turn them into paying customers. How do you do that?

How to Make Landing Page Video a Success

Working with a professional video production company is the first step in the process. Then, consider these tips for ensuring your landing pages do well.

  1. Create multiple videos for different types of website visitors. You’ll need videos that answer questions, speak to them based on how they are finding you, and create a personal experience based on their customer journey.
  2. Minimize the length of landing page videos. Keeping them under 90 seconds is a good start. This gives them guidance and information, attracts their interest, and keeps them on the page.
  3. Video quality is essential. Invest in high quality production that you’re proud to place on your website. Clip art or the use of low resolution images just will not create the right experience or result.
  4. Tell them why your company is valuable, why they should care, and what they should do. Your video can serve as direction for your website visitors, pointing them to the next step they take.
  5. Ensure your video is optimized for SEO and offers tools to help you track its success. You want to know how well it is doing and whether or not it is converting for you.

By investing in video for your landing page, you’ll create the engagement your website needs and help your customers to interact with you more fully. Most importantly, you’ll make the best use of that 8 seconds of video to get the results you want.

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