Video thumbnails are small still images that give viewers a preview of your video’s content. Think of it as a poster of coming attractions that gives viewers an idea of what to expect.

Video platforms generate thumbnails automatically, but they are much more effective when they are customized. Viewers will click on images that catch their attention, but they will ignore bland thumbnails.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to inspire viewers to click on your videos with attention-grabbing thumbnails.

Emphasize faces and emotions

If your video features people, the thumbnail should use their facial expressions to give viewers a preview of the video’s emotional content. If your video has comedic content, use a frame of someone laughing or with a big smile on their face. To make sure you have these frames, take pictures while shooting your video.

Use bright and contrasting colours

Viewers will avoid dark images but gravitate towards thumbnails with bright and contrasting colours. Even if your video has neither, you can image editing tools to adjust the background colours and give all your thumbnails a consistent palette.

You should also use high resolution for your thumbnails, so they are visible for viewers who watch them on a large monitor or a TV screen.

Avoid clutter

Your video thumbnail images should be easy to understand, clear, and simple. Place your content following photography’s rule of thirds, which imagines the photos are divided into nine equal parts using two vertical and two horizontal lines. The most important elements should be placed along the gridlines or at the intersections where the lines meet.

The main subject should be off-centre, and you should be able to see their faces or the fine details of an object if you are using a photo of a product. If you add text to the thumbnail, make sure it is concise and with a font that is easy to read.

Animate your thumbnails

If you have browsed YouTube recently you may have noticed that when your cursor is above one of the many videos in the main menu you will get a short preview of the video’s content. These animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) help you stand out from the other videos if your content is original and shows some action.

Be honest about your content

Don’t you hate it when you click on image of Nicolas Cage going crazy but instead you get Nicolas Cage in The Weather Man? Thumbnails should be an honest preview of a video’s content and not trick viewers into only watching the first few seconds of your video. You can highlight an eye-catching moment from your video, but don’t manipulate your content to draw in viewers otherwise you will lose them.  

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The days of seeing colorful memos posted on the bulletin board are phasing out quickly as companies line their hallways with televisions playing important company messages and information. The corporate environment is seeing all kinds of benefits by making professional videos for their internal and external communication.

Employee Recognition

Every company does it differently, but most have some sort of employee recognition program. Making a video of a person or group who has gone above and beyond to share with the rest of the company will not only give the honored employee(s) a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it will also give other employees something to strive for.

Company Metrics and Performance

No matter what industry you represent, your employees want to know how their company is performing. They want to know whether money is being lost or made, what locations or groups need to pick up their slack, and what the future looks like for their jobs. A video with relevant graphics is a great way to offer employees a professional message with all the relevant information they want.

Another great way to communicate performance is by producing a town hall. By providing video of this personal production employees will feel like management has taken time out of their day to talk to each and every one of them. This simple video can go a long way for employee morale and relations.


It’s hard to get the same information to every single employee no matter what the communication medium is. Emails get deleted before they’re ever read, posted memos get ignored or torn down, and in-person announcements can’t be given to every single person, so you have to rely on word of mouth to spread accurate information. Quick videos of important announcements that play on a loop ensure all employees are getting the same accurate information, they are more likely to see it than if it popped up as an unwelcome message in their inboxes, and the video will stay up for as long as you wish.

Project Presentations

No one likes to be the audience or presenter for a dry PowerPoint presentation. Time is wasted while technical difficulties are coordinated, nerves make the presenter hard to understand sometimes, and the information isn’t necessarily delivered in such a way as to keep the audience entertained, or at least paying attention…

Videos cut the nerves out of the way so you and your employees can create informative, well documented, and attention-grabbing pieces about their projects and accomplishments. These videos save time, maximize communication effectiveness, and can be reused for future information.

The world is changing and some corporations are struggling to keep up with it. Don’t get left behind with archaic bulletin board memos, dry erase board metrics, and PowerPoint presentations. Use video to create powerful communication and thank the best employees, show them how their hard work is paying off in their company, provide them with clear and easy to access information, and give them a way to show you their projects without the worry of nerves.

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The world is becoming increasingly visual these days, they say. It is getting harder and harder to get someone to read a brochure or a manual – most people would much rather watch a video clip to get the information they need. Videos are quickly occupying new niches every day, even in fields that used to be much more text-oriented and ‘serious’, such as science, the academic world, engineering and others. Government, law enforcement agencies, occupational health and safety professionals, teachers, doctors, politicians, business owners are all starting to employ video marketing to an unprecedented degree in order to cater to this new era of visuality and short attention spans. Corporate videos, for instance, are quickly becoming a must if a company is serious about being in step with the times.

What do corporate videos involve?

There is no short answer to the question of what corporate videos actually are. They can be promotional materials that are oriented towards your prospective business partners or customers. Or a great way to present your company’s successes in the past year to your shareholders. Or a colorful part of your next recruitment campaign. Or a way for your neighborhood to see that you are friendly, approachable and enthusiastic about your contribution to the community. Even the general ideas for corporate videos number in the thousands – everything depends on your imagination, the professionalism of your videographers and marketing specialists, and the particularities of your region and industry. Your video can be a stand-alone product or only a part of a larger project, a fun break in the middle of a lengthy presentation or a major component of this presentation’s informative side – it’s totally up to you.

How proficient are you in creating such videos?

We have been working with small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits organizations and huge international corporations on creating their videos for a number of years now. Since starting operations, we have gathered an impressive portfolio of successes that have made a big difference to staff morale, neighborhood response, employee awareness on safety protocol and procedures and so on and so forth. Videos open up new possibilities that were never explored before – the vivid and diverse visuality that they make a reality attracts customers, impresses audiences, converts visitors to buyers and improves the working atmosphere at any organization.

How different is your approach?

Our professional and knowledgeable staff start out on the correct path from Day One – we listen to your needs and build the work processes fully based on the requirements, dreams, desires and hopes you put into the project. As a result, there is no forcing you into pre-determined video marketing solutions – the corporate videos we produce for you are yours and not ours. Contact us today for more information on how rich and powerful videos can make a difference to your company’s bottom line, customer satisfaction ratings, relations with stakeholders, corporate morale and a sense of accomplishment in every day. We look forward to working with you.

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