One of the most common questions asked about promo videos is about the cost. Many times, businesses don’t fully grasp what goes into the process and other times, they believe the cost of video production is outside of their budget. Yet, putting a price on promo video development isn’t that easy to do. There are many factors that contribute to the cost.

What’s a Starting Point, Then?

How much does it cost to produce a business video? You can budget between $3,000 to $50,000 on a professional quality video for your promo. However, prices can rise significantly higher – even crossing the $200,000 market in some cases. Again, this depends on what you need, the length, the complexity, and the overall design. That’s a pretty impressive range. And, it can vary even more for some types of productions.

What Factors Contribute to the Price of a Promo Video?

What goes into creating a budget for a promotional video, then? Many factors. Here are just a few things to take into consideration.

  • Who is involved and who needs to be paid? If you are bringing in people to act, it costs more than having your company’s management discuss a product.
  • Which professionals need to be on set? This includes a director, crew members, as well as the team to manage lights and sound. You also need to consider the pre-work that goes into this setup.
  • Production process costs? From the development of the script to the completion of the editing, there are many factors that go into the actual production process. You may need graphics created or you may need very few edits.

This is, of course, just a basic outline. A variety of additional costs play a role in the actual production of your video.

What Is Really Going to Define Your Costs?

The most important factors to determine the cost of video production have to do with what you are creating. An animated video is going to cost much differently than a full on short story. The concept, the script, and the location are a good starting point. Then, there is the need to develop a plan based on the type of cameras and design necessary. Do you need props?

How do you know what to expect when it comes to creating a video budget? Work with a video production company to get an idea of what to expect. Discuss your ideas (if you have them) along with your end goal. Then, you and the team can work out a plan to address every facet of the process. You can end up with a high-quality production without overspending on your budget. The key is to learn what you need based on your business, product, or service.

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So you’ve decided to take your marketing to the next level through video. Great choice! Video can drive conversions and boost sales in ways that other mediums can’t.

As you can imagine, the price of having an outstanding, specialized video created for your business varies greatly depending on what type of video you need created, how long it will take to produce, and the level of creativity required. Let’s take a look at each factor to help you begin the process of pricing out the perfect video for your needs.

What type of video is it?

There are a variety of video types that serve different purposes. For example, an animation video might add value to your landing page and encourage visitors to submit their name and email address on your website. Or you’ve chosen video instead of text to clearly communicate your brand, business, or idea. Maybe it’s time to showcase your products and services on TV and you need an attention-grabbing video that will send customers to your door. Each video concept has a different price attached to it.

How long will it take to produce?

The more time required to create the perfect video, the higher the price tends to be. That’s because it requires more manpower, more hours, and more effort. If you need someone to shoot a staff member recording a 30-second explainer video for your website, you can expect to pay less than if you’re shooting a TV commercial. If you require a custom animated video that will be several minutes in length, this may be on the higher end of the price spectrum. Always weigh your budget with your needs when selecting the length of your video.

What level of creativity is required?

This may be your first foray into video, or maybe you’re an experienced veteran. Will you provide a script, in the case of a commercial or marketing video? Or do you need to hire out the creative portion too? Do you have a concept of what you want created but need input from the pros? A video that requires a high level or creativity will generally be more expensive than its more basic counterparts.

There is a lot that goes into video creation that you may be unaware of. There’s the equipment like lighting, microphones, recording equipment, software programs, and a myriad of other tools. There’s also the planning that comes before the video is made, and the post-production editing and perfecting that comes afterward.

Discussing your needs and goals with a professional video production company is the best way to determine what type of budget you’ll need and what type of video will work best for you.

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Gold Coins

In life sometimes we have to make tradeoffs. Sometimes cutting a little here means being able to retain something there. Sometimes letting go of a top CEO may mean keeping two smaller jobs active. Regardless of how much we try to save and skimp where we can, we always want the best quality that we can get for a price.

You have a new product to market and you have decided to do a video project. After you have made a rough estimate of how much you are willing to spend or after you have requested bids, you may then be left in a quandary. The entity you want to hire for the task may have submitted a price way beyond your budgeted amount. This is a tough position to be in. You have done the research and probably looked at the reputations and the quality of the work, and you know you want this particular team on board. You know that using this team can add much more to the final production piece and may even make your production piece an instant success through branding and association. However, unless you have an endless budget, ultimately the cost will have to be considered.

What exactly should be the compromise here? Do we get the best and appeal to the management team to give us more funds? Do we go with the team we can afford and then accept the results?

Toeing the line between cost and return is even more difficult when all you have to go on is the productions company’s demo videos and no real life case studies to go on. You may also be skeptical to the fact that previous successes are not the true reflection of how successful your project will be.

Price will sometimes win the war because in the end a budget is finite and a company may want to save the money to invest elsewhere. To reduce the impact a limited budget may have on realizing your dream video production, approach the preferred company for alternatives. You may be surprised that they have a payment plan or can offer alternatives that will reduce the price a little in your favor. Ask and see what happens. The most important thing is to be upfront and honest.

Ultimately though, the quality of the final product will speak for itself. If the impact the video has of your marketing campaign is phenomenal, then you will know you have made the right choice. The right choice is Kicker. With us, you know that the job will be done right the first time. We will guide you through the process and help you create the video you deserve. Our team of professionals is like no other. We recruit the best so your video will be a work of art.

Contact us for a sit-down to discuss your needs and get some pricing ideas. Lets get the ball rolling!

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There are many things to consider when choosing a video production company. The criteria for choosing the right video production outfit may be different for each client. Understand though, that what worked for your competitor may not necessarily work for you. Be mindful of the vision you have for your project and go with the production company that can deliver it. Here at Kicker, our reputation speaks for itself. Kicker is a top of the line video production company, and our 93% client retention rate is nothing to scoff at. Outlined below are some important things to considering when choosing a video production company for a video project.

Camera for the Right Production


You want the best team possible to work on your project. Why? Simple: You want an excellent final product. A product that you can be proud of, and that you will be proud to show to potential clients. It is good when you know people who have worked with the company or can view their past works so as to get a general idea of the quality of their output. Kicker has a portfolio online available for your purview. Our list of awards and positive customer feedback can go a long way in deciding if we are right for you.


You want a company that is as dynamic as real life. A company that can evolve with trends in the market and capture the interest of different target audiences. A company that can create your idea and not force you to bend to their archaic routine. A company like Kicker. View our portfolio to get an idea of the full extent of our creativity.

Business Sense

You need a video company that not only creates videos, but also have a strong sense of business in order to drive your business, expand your business model or reach new clients, your video company should understand your business needs. The company you entrust should be able to guide you to an end product that will satisfy your business needs. A company like Kicker has a lot of experience with creating videos for companies that want to grow. We understand the business model and how we fit into the big picture. Kicker is run on a successful business model, and as such, can appreciate that you want your business to grow to new heights. That’s the reason why you approached us in the first place!


Money, the most important commodity for a business, is a key player in getting the video solution you want. Be willing to pay for the value you want in your product. After you did a detailed research of your prospective production team, you should now at least have an idea of the quality of their product and the potential return on investment to be gained from using their services. What they cost should be comparable to the value the video brings. Make each penny count!

There is never a hard and fast way to determine which company to use. Each project is unique and the demographics of your target audience may change or may be unknown to you. The best way to be confident in your decision is to do the groundwork. Choose a company with solid groundwork and who you have confidence in to get the job done.

A video production company with a portfolio like Kicker is the right choice for you. Ask our long list of clients. Don’t just take our word for it.

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