Video is one of the best ways to build your brand. Through it, you can demonstrate visually, not just with words, what your brand is all about. This includes providing your viewers with insight into what makes your business unique, what your products are, and what your company stands for. Yet, to do this, you need to develop a video that’s authentic and easy to understand. Here are some ways to do that.

Focus on What the Customer Wants

To sell your product or service, your video must communicate the message your customer needs. That is, customers want to learn specific things about a company before they decide to work with you. It can be easier to give them this than you think. You can use the following components in your video to do that:

  • Incorporate product demonstrations to showcase how a product works – solving the problem the customer has within that video.
  • Build on customer testimonials. There is no better way to convince someone to make a purchase than to show them what others did and received.
  • Provide clear information about what the product or service is. Sometimes names and company brands don’t provide enough of a tool to demonstrate this.

Show Them the People

Today, many consumers are interested in learning what a company can offer to them, but they also want to know more about “who” is in that company. They want to know what your business is and what it offers, yet putting a human face to the brand is also important. Branded films and live videos can help you to do this. Your goal here is to simply let the audience see the personality, character, and just the people behind the brand.

Use Video Content Consistently

Seeing a video about a company one time does not really put that brand into the consumer’s mind for years to come. Rather, it’s important to be consistent. Use video weekly within your social media content. You can also easily use video on a blog, do a live stream on social media, or do a question and answer session on Twitter. The key here is to use it as a constant way to remind your audience of who your company is.

When you do this, you are building up your brand. You are communicating the message of what your company is and what you have to offer to that customer watching it.

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A key component to making any video worthwhile is to make it personal. If you are not using video yet, you may recognize just how valuable it is with that first production your rollout. People interact with video and they engage with it more commonly than any other media method. Yet, video can get boring if you do not make it personal to your audience.

The most successful videos for businesses are those that reach your audience intimately. These are the videos they remember. How can you add that type of personalisation to your videos? Here are some strategies.

Use Video to Connect with Your Audience

To create a video that is watched by many, it is important for you to incorporate content that your audience wants to hear. They may need to know about your product and service, but what they want to also hear is that you understand the customer. For example, are you connecting with the people who are on the other side by sharing their stories and struggles? Your videos can incorporate a personal message to viewers or offer a simple way that you recognize viewers on an individual note.

Go Live

Though many business owners shy away from this process, it is one of the best ways to reach your audience. Live video does not just allow you to reach your audience outright in real time, but it lets you connect to them. You can answer questions, communicate directly to people using their names based on who is online, and discuss topics that are important to your audience. This type of live video – even when scripted, gives you the ability to step down, say hi to real people, and communicate directly with those who are interested.

Close Sales More Readily

When it comes to marketing, the end result is that you need to increase your sales. Video can help you to do that. When you create personalized messages, you are targeting individuals at a specific point in the sales journey. At each stage of the process, people need information that is specific to those individual and specific needs. What information they need at the very start of their buyer’s journey – such as information about the product or service – is different from what they need later, such as when they are making the decision to buy. Create videos at each stage to communicate key content at that moment.

When you create a personal series of videos like this, you reach more people at the right time with the best possible message for them at that moment. This is what helps to get them to turn the page and buy from you or connect with your brand more effectively.

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It’s always a good thing when you grab the attention of a customer or client. You love those immediate moments where you can show off what you can do for them. But, how do you keep their attention? That’s essential. The cost of finding new leads (not to mention the amount of time you have to spend to find them) is simply too much for most companies. The key is to keep your current customers engaged in your brand. This is where you’ll increase your profits and drive engagement long term.

Video Can Help

Video is an exceptional tool to help you to make that possible. Everyone has a few seconds or minutes to watch a new video. However, it is not always easy to create a video that is going to hold their attention and keep them coming back for more. There are a few simple things you can do to help encourage this.

Don’t Focus on the Sale

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice for holding your customer’s attention. You will not do that with a promotional, commercial-like video. Instead, you’ll want to offer something that’s more engaging and interesting. It may not seem logical – you want to promote your product and service, of course, you should mention it. But, that’s not the way today’s customer interacts with brands.

Respect Your Customers’ Experience

Today, there’s one key secret to marketing with video successfully. As noted, you do not want to focus on promotional material. However, you can still include your product or imply it. That’s really all you have to do. That’s because today’s customers are far savvier than you think. They’ll respect you more if you provide a sly focus. Don’t make it an obvious play for their attention Video needs to be interesting to the customer as the first, primary step.

Be Consistent and Reliable

You’ll also want to work hard at keeping your customers focused on your brand. To do that, get in front of them on a regular basis. Post each day or every other day. Creating and following a publishing schedule is exactly what you need to do. They may even get to the point of coming to look for your video to find out what cool or interesting topic you have to share with them that day.

It Has to Be Easy to Find

Next, focus on making your content easy to find. That is, use it on social media. Let your customers find it on a specific website. The key here is to give them the same place to go back to time and time again to find you!

And, Interact Often

Let’s say you decide to post a new, fun, and attention grabbing video every Friday. Great, put that video together. Then, lead up to it throughout the week with clips or teasers. Give them something to look forward to.

These tips create fantastic videos, videos people want to watch and will interact with. This ultimately gives you the best ability to embrace your customers through your brand.

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Can the use of video help you improve the level and quality of service you offer to your customers? In many ways, video can provide better information, improved engagement, and a more dedicated approach to meeting your customers’ needs. Video can fit into all types of businesses and in various sectors of your business. It can work to build your brand as a component of marketing or work to educate customers how to use a product. Take a look at a few easy ways that you can incorporate video into your business and see outstanding improvement in your customer service.

Use It for Product Demonstrations

One of the most important challenges businesses need to overcome when working with customers is teaching the customer how to use a product to achieve the desired outcome. Video can be far more effective at conveying your information and message than the use of any step-by-step set of instructions. They work as evergreen content for your website or blog. You can use them to explain information and demonstrate exactly how a product solves a problem.

Create Marketing Funnels

Are your customers coming to you through social media or chat features to ask questions? This is a growing trend today. How many of those questions are the same or could be answered in a single video? The creation of a video in this case can not only open the door to better customer service – your customers don’t have to ask if they can already see what the answer is – but it also can improve the amount of time you are spending answering those questions.

Providing a video that explains the details of your product or the invoice a customer receives is a proactive step in reaching your customers. Then, you can use this information to make key marketing decisions and, even before your customer becomes a buyer, help that person to gain confidence in your product and service so they end up working with you.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are one of the most common types of videos used and sought after online. They demonstrate more than just a product, but how to use it. For example, let’s say you want to sell your product but you want to engage a new group of people. Create a few how-to videos geared towards various market segments that demonstrate the many ways your product can be used. By doing this, you are building trust and offering ideas people may not have thought about. You can share these videos on multiple social media channels, with people who have already purchased from you, and even through tech support for when your team receives questions and calls.

The use of video for marketing is easy to see, but it’s also important to use video to achieve other results as well. When you can pull together video that answers their questions and provides specific guidance to your customers, you can help your customers to gain greater insight and acceptance of your company, your brand, and your product. Most importantly, good customer service creates positive word of mouth marketing and return customers. All of this can be accomplished with the use of well designed and on target videos. How can you improve your customer service through the use of video

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