A testimonial video uses an outside source to validate the effectiveness of a product or a service. Testimonial videos provide evidence that you are able to offer solutions to customer’s problems, underlining the benefits of someone forging a relationship with your business. You can use content marketing as a form to educate and attract visitors, but many will only focus on your agenda – to sell your product. An outside opinion will help build trust with your brand. To create an effective testimonial video that will reel in prospective clients, there are a few considerations that you must factor in before delving into video production.

Have Clear Expectations – And Script

Before you reach out to a customer for them to expand their experience with your product, you must set forth clear expectations. Many people are not comfortable being in front of the camera for an extended period of time. Communicating what you expect from the testimonial video will help guide them through the video. Ask them questions about your product, including:

  • “How did you discover the product”?
  • “What expectations did you have about the product, and how do you now feel about it after you have used it?
  • “How is it the product different than a competitor’s?
  • “Would you recommend this product to a family member or colleague?”

Offer guidelines on what your customer should wear and about the filming set to make them feel more at ease. The more comfortable and prepared they feel, the more natural the testimonial video will be. Memorized lines crafted by marketers should sound natural. An effective testimonial video will come off as if the customer in the testimonial video is haviing a conversation with a prospective customer – natural, intuitive, and personable.

Making Your Testimonial Social Media Friendly

Social media can potentially make your video a viral sensation. It is the driving force that catapults interactive forms of media. Testimonial videos are scalable, allowing your customers and employees to help create content. Here’s how your testimonial can be a hit on social media:

The Actual Shot

The testimonial video should be professional. This does not mean that you need expensive products. Technology has become more affordable as parts have become more available. If you are using a point and shoot camera, make sure that it is stabilized on a tripod. A mic attached to your subject will dramatically improve audio quality of your videos. There should also be supporting shots that include features of your product or service.

Using A Video Creation Company

Even though most people have access to a camera, it takes an expert to create content that is effective. Lighting is one of the great challenges that can easily distract from your video content. Effective, quality lighting needs to highlight the scenery and illuminate the subject on screen, including supporting shots that showcase the effectiveness of your product. Video creation companies can also isolate or remove noise that can distract the viewer. Video content is highly immersive and can be effective in reeling in engaged customers, but poorly made video will be ridiculed and thrown into the ether, creating a marketing disaster.

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It’s not the same game as it was 20, or even 5 years ago. With all the cameras and microphones on our smart phones, computers, and tablets, video has grown to be one of the main ways we communicate with one another. Entrepreneurs and people with big dreams are harnessing this fact and using it to launch their businesses. If you have a start-up, you need to be using at least one of these five types of video.

Promotional Video
This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important enough we wanted to cover it anyway. You need to tell people who you are, what you do, and what you want them to do. It’s as simple as that. Many start-ups are launching with the help of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter,IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe. These people are able to express to complete strangers why they should invest their money in their start-up or project with a mere two minute video.

Review Video
Whether you are an author trying to build an audience by doing book reviews, or your start-up is a consumer review resource, you may need to do a review video. These videos are typically give information about a product’s quality, use, specifications, etc. Companies can do reviews of their own products but should not try to be over-promotional. If you are going to do your own review for your start-up, just give the details of the product without opinions or ad-speak.

Blog Video
Blogs have the opportunity to rake in money with page clicks, banner advertisements, and video, of course. A great way to generate traffic to and on your site is to create a blog video. The video can be a quick tip or tutorial pertaining to the overall message your company is trying to convey, a promotion, or just a way to connect with your audience. This is a wonderful way to relate to your community, keep your audience updated, and further your message. These videos should be quick, no more than 3 minutes, and they should always provide some sort of value to your audience.

Testimonial Video
Testimonials are what most people rely on when trying to choose between two nearly identical products or companies. Make every effort to avoid fake testimonials and use real customers. This is an opportunity to showcase your product or message in a way that you couldn’t in your own product review. It’s okay of your customers, collaborators, and vendors gush about your product!

Positioning Videos
These branding videos are what most big companies use for top dollar TV ads that are emotional, funny, and stick in customers’ minds. We can all remember a commercial that makes us laugh every time or has made us tear up, and you can likely easily name the product that was being promoted. This is called experiential advertising and can be very difficult to pull off. It involves connecting a viewer’s elicited emotions to a brand. When done well, however, these top dollar videos may result in top dollar results.

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A video provides your business with a new prospect for marketing. Videos have the capability of getting millions of viewers globally. If you employ video for your business needs, then you will be able realize an increase in conversions and subscribers.


If your business has an online presence, then you should be looking at what video can do for you. Think of the impact video for small business can have on your sales. Video sells things better than plain old text. People prefer to watch rather than read. If you can present visual content, you will be branding yourself and getting future sales. Take a look at how best you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy today.

A good approach is to change any motionless text sales pages in your business into film sales pages. Publications and articles also need to be converted into video content. These will keep your company ahead of competitors by concentrating on tactics like this. You can exploit your videos on blog posts and YouTube in order to reach your message far and wide.

At times, it is wise to let other people with know-how in video content to handle the job for you. This allows you to concentrate on other areas of your company while they create your videos.


Customer Testimonials

Video Testimonials aid to drive the company’s marketing message by revealing the success stories of your customer who is the most valuable asset in your company. Use your contented customers to get your intended market interested. You customers have some awesome things to narrate about your business, your products, and your process. You should provide a platform for them to be heard.

Testimonials are great for building trust. If your customers are happy after using your products or services creating a great video testimonial to notify your visitors that they had an upbeat experience with your products, services and company is very essential.


Social media

Social media offers more video alternatives. With online video rapidly becoming a primary method for people to gratify their entertainment and information needs, businesses that fall short of incorporating videos in their marketing approaches are under significant threat.

People are gravitated towards striking images more rapidly than text, and your business is more probable to get more likes on Facebook if you use attractive videos and images rather than just plain text. Evidently you have to select the appropriate podiums to do it; Twitter is not very appealing when it comes to visuals while Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the best platforms.

Do not ignore social media and make sure that you promote your company across numerous channels. If you desire to appreciate the power of video usage fully, ensure that the videos can be easily found and shared by viewers.

-The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster by than plain text.

– Videos are shared over ten times more than photos and text combined.

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