Video does more than communicate a message to your customers. It also provides you with valuable feedback and data you can use to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively. Every marketing dollar needs to produce enough leads to make it worthwhile. But, if you are not looking back over your video – or using enough video – you may be missing key information about what your audience needs and wants. Is your message getting through? Are you connecting with the right audience?

Video Data Gives You Insight

When you use smarter, richer data from, for example, video, you enhance the sales process. To be successful in sales, you must communicate the right message every time. But, what is the right message? The data received from your video use can help. It can tell you a great deal about your audience.

  • How did the viewer engage with the video?
  • Did the viewer watch the video a second time?
  • What action did the viewer take immediately following the video?
  • How long did they spend in that video?
  • Did they share it or otherwise use that video?

This type of data can help marketing teams to better understand their audience. Instead of creating videos – and even marketing plans – focused on what the company wants to say, consider what the audience is listening to and interacting with instead.

Make Videos More Than Just an Ad

In order to create this type of engagement and the data you need, it is critical for business owners to gather data that’s specifically focused. That is, you need to do more than create a video that’s an ad. Instead of the commercial of years gone by, create an informative video with incredible detail. Remember, customers have control now. They can stop, rewind, or even skip to various videos. This helps to provide that data that is necessary, but it also means you need to create a video with depth and detail to ensure they get the type of results they need.

How to Measure Your Video Value

Once you have videos, you can begin to measure the value they provide. It is this value that helps define how your sales marketing message is working. You can do this by collecting leads from the video content. Using tools, you can measure where people start and finish watching videos. You can also gather information about how that particular video creates leads – did they call or buy from you? Which videos do your customers watch the most? That, too, is incredibly valuable.

Create quality videos. Then, use the data from them to create and adjust your marketing plan. This is key insight that can transform the way you do business and gives you insight into who your customers are.

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Could Interactive Video Drive Better and Bigger Results for Your Marketing Campaign?

Interactive video is one of the most cutting edge types of marketing available today. In short, it transforms video from being information and a traditional speech about a product or service into a conversation and an engaging marketing tool. It gets your customers involved, builds your brand, and creates lasting results. What is this type of video and should you be incorporating it into your next marketing campaign?

What Is Interactive Video?

There are a variety of ways the average video can become interactive. In short, the goal is to get people to interact with or engage with the video in some way. This type of video allows for the addition of tools and features in videos that make them more interesting. This may include the use of questions, lead generation tools, hot spots, and even calculations. It encourages the viewer of the video to interact in some manner.

For example, your videos can feature a speaker who asks the audience a question. Instead of assuming the answer, the video displays two options for the viewer to choose from. This allows you to gather information from those questions that can later be helpful to you in your marketing, product development, sales methods, or even in turning that customer into a paying client.

Why Is Interactive Video So Important?

First, these videos still deliver valuable information. They still inform your viewer about the topic or service. That’s important. But, they go one step further. They allow the viewer to interact, which can do several things:

  • It answers your questions so you can better reach their needs.
  • It allows you to solve a specific problem for the watcher.
  • It creates a lasting impression on that viewer as well.

You can use these videos to gather a wide range of data points. This may include benchmarking the individual against his or her peers. It may include determining that person’s specific needs. This rich source of data can help you to fill your sales funnel with valuable information. It improves the development of profiles, creates effective nurturing programs, and allows for demand generation.

How Can You Use It Today?

When you work with Kicker Video to create interactive video, you can tailor the content for just about any goal you have. You can use them for:

  • Capturing leads on your website
  • Giving consumers information based on their specific needs
  • Building your brand
  • Use them to gather leads that have extensively built profiles
  • Keep the conversation going with the audience you have

What’s more, you can customize these interactive videos in any way that you would like to. Give them a survey. Create a true and false question session for them that answers their burning questions about your products. Use the video to allow for write-in answers to give you even more valuable information to use in your marketing and lead generation process.

Interactive videos are highly effective. People like them and respond well to them. As a result, you’ll see more people than ever interacting with your business.

At Kicker Video, we can help you to develop a powerful, informative and interactive video that gets leads and aids your business. Contact us today to learn more about how interactive videos really can define the success of your business.

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What are infographic videos?

Surely you’ve seen data presented in the form of an infographic image before. These illustrated, colorful pictures present facts and stats in a much more interesting way than charts and graphs. Now, however, infographics have become so prevalent that they’re just not as exciting as they used to be.

An infographic video, on the other hand, is a completely different ball game. You don’t have to work in the visual arts industry to be able to utilize infographic videos. You could use them to explain a product or service in an entertaining way, showcase data without putting people to sleep, and to amplify your brand in a whole new way.


Explain your product or service

We live in the era of information overload. Companies are constantly vying for consumers’ attention through social media, TV, radio… the list goes on and one. There is nothing that will command the attention of a visitor to your website quite like an animated video. The colors, the sound and the animation combined just make it an easy way to take in information. If your product or service isn’t straightforward or takes some explaining, using this form of media is a fantastic way to get the point across.


Breathe life into Data

Ever heard the saying data is king? If you are a business owner or work in management, you know that collecting and analyzing data is a key component to success. How else can you track sales, learn customer preferences, and eliminate wasteful spending?

Data, however, can be extremely boring. Very few people enjoy staring at two-dimensional pie charts, bar graphs, and spreadsheets. If you are trying to wow an investor or sign a big client, you’re going to have a tough time keeping them interested this way.

There is a way to spice up the necessary yet dull data, however, and that’s through infographic videos. Video is one of the best mediums we have to communicate a message, and infographic videos make data sets come to life. What sounds more appealing to you: reading through paragraph after paragraph of numbers and statistics, looking at a bland pie chart, or watching a video that personifies the data, making it seem more real and tangible?


Strengthen your brand

The use of an infographic video is an amazing way to showcase the who and why behind your company. Sure, the CEO could get in front of the camera and give a spiel about the company’s mission, vision, and the benefits of working with his or her company. Most viewers won’t get through the first 15 seconds.

What will keep a visitor intrigued (and on your website) is a video infographic about your company. Include your color scheme and logo into the video so the viewer will feel at home once the video is over.

In summary, video infographics are the perfect tool to use when other forms of communication just don’t fit the bill.

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