What type of corporate video is going to really ring true on social media? The type you use really depends on the goals for your next social media campaign and your company as a whole. However, there are a few styles to consider that work the best on social media. Which one is right for you?

#1: Informational and Satirical

Social media streams stop when you post something with a bit of truly funny, though not negative, on your timeline. Choose a video that’s satirical that conveys this. However, be sure to add good information to it at the same time. Don’t waste your viewer’s time but make them smile while learning.

#2: Trendy, Elegant, and Dominating

A bit more sophistication and a lot of trendy charm can also work very well for a social media video. Choose this video format when you want to make a point about how elegant your product is or to elevate your brand. Keep it tasteful, though.

#3: Hip and Lighthearted

If the stuck-up vibe isn’t right for your company, it’s time to consider a lighthearted and hip video style instead. To pull this off, it is very important to remain authentic to your brand and to your audience. Fake smiles are not going to work.

#4: Exciting and Dramatic

When you want to make a powerful statement, your video needs to show that in sound, color, and words. Consider something more mini-series quality that is more epic. These are the types of videos that get shared because they are so awesome.

#5: Inspiring and Sincere Message from the Heart

A feel-good story can work very well for many brands as well. In your video here, you don’t have to get all sentimental, but you can and should be sincere. If you want your brand to exude feelings and positive sentiment, this is the type of video format that is going to work the best for you.

#6: Educational and Straightforward

You could call this the more traditional format of video. It can work very well to communicate important information. If your audience needs information and really benefits from a very straightforward message, this is a good route to take. Keep in mind that all businesses benefit from this traditional format from time to time.

What you say and how you say it matters. This is very true with social media. Yet, it’s not always easy to find a format that’s going to draw enough viewers in. That’s why it tends to be ideal when you work closely with a team of pros to help you.

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Within the health and wellness industry, there is a strong opportunity for companies to connect with customers and patients through the use of video. Because this industry is so personal and so diverse, video can help to make an all-important connection between the customer and provider. However, there are various types of video available and using numerous formats can help organizations to reach their audience in a more effective manner.

Educational Videos

One of the most fundamental forms of videos for the health and wellness industry is the educational format. Here, you are teaching your viewers about something. Scheduling this type of educational video on a regular basis and launching it to those who sign up, your patients, or to the world through social media, helps you to build your rapport as a trusted professional. Use educational videos to provide useful information to your customers.

Promotional Videos

It is possible to use video for promotional needs, and when you do, you may find this is one of the most effective ways to build leads and sales. In the health and wellness industry, individuals need to know they are working with a real person, able to get real results, and able to understand what the product or service can do for them. This is where a promotional video can work well. It provides a specific message to your customers, giving them the ability to see how the product or service will impact their lives and needs.

Ideas for Videos

What should a health and wellness company offer, though? The good news is a wide range of video options are available. Here are some examples.

  • A personal trainer may wish to include a few recommended exercises that patients can do at home.
  • A wellness product provider may offer a demonstration of a procedure done in the office.
  • A doctor may offer an educational video about an illness or symptoms of an illness.
  • Promotional videos can share information about why a product is effective.
  • Other promotional videos can showcase the services that the healthcare provider offers.

These are just a few of the many ways businesses can use videos within their health and wellness business to reach customers and to drive leads. In many ways, this can be an exceptional opportunity to connect with customers and create more engagement. Professional quality videos are important here, but personal messages and interactions within them are also important.

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Interactive Video can take many forms. Whatever form they take, they use a means to interact with the viewer via gestures, touches, or clicks. A viewer can answer a question, fill a survey, even relate with an interactive video.

Using Interactive Video in Education: Many companies allocate funds to creating educational videos. Interactive videos can be highly targeted to educate people in a school setting, or a business setting, like human resources. Here are some companies and how they effectively used interactive video in their marketing campaigns:

  • Maybelline Glamour Eye: How-to videos featured popular online personalities. The video is akin to an online adventure, making it very immersive. Viewers were able to select signature makeup looks and learn how it can be implemented into their own regimen.
  • Tostitos’ “And Then There Was Salsa”: Tostitos engaged their audience by creating a video that had a journey. The video starts with a website homepage, with a vegetable host going down a journey about how salsa is made. It’s immersive, effective, and engaging.
  • Nike’s New Balance:¬†Nike’s video advertisement for its New Balance shoes is an example on how a video can be about showing the consumer the benefits and highlights of a product, as opposed to telling them. Floating animations and the strategic use of shadows and lighting reinfoces how this type of shoe is lighter and more effective than it’s predecesors. There is alot of information in the video, but the interactive video is shown in a way that it does not overwhelm the viewer.

Understanding What Makes Interactive Videos Effective

An effective interactive video underlines the importance of a call to action that is presented in the right places – without annoying the viewer. Many companies and video ad creators tend to go overboard with their interactive videos, with too many elements and navigational factors that can confuse many viewers. An interactive video that will work will include levels of functionality that are obvious and intuitive.
Careful implimentation of intuitive navigational links and overlays will have higher levels of conversions and engagement. It’s important to understand that an online video advertisement is not about pushing your product or service onto your online audience. Realize that the online community can be very engaging, but it can tune out your interactive video if it is not done correctly. To lure your audience with your interactive video, consider the length of it. An interactive video that is 3-4 minutes long will perform the best. If creating an interactive ad that specifically caters to mobile users, then that ad needs to be less than 2 minutes. A video that is too long will cause viewers to abandon the video altogether before they were able to respond to your call to action.

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