You have a lot to communicate in your next blog or directly to your customers. It seems like a good idea to write a nice article or blog about it. They’ll read it because it is valuable to them. But, sometimes, what you have to write is too long, too complex, or simply too much information to include in a small space. And, the small attention span of today’s internet user also limits your ability to communicate all you need to through a written piece.

There are times when video is simply better. Video allows you to provide a far more thorough amount of information in a shorter about of time. You can communicate in a more effective manner, too. For this reason, it is often best to put some messages into video rather than trying to type out that message to the group. Your key to when to do this depends on a variety of factors.

When to Use Video

There are a few key situations in which video is simply the better method for communicating information. Here are some examples.

The Long Email

An email more than about 300 words is too much for your readers to take in. They will not get to that mid section but will read the first and last portions. And, there is no doubt that creating an effective, attention grabbing email is not easy.

Video offers a solution. With just three minutes of length, you can get in the content and message you need to. People respond better to it as well.

Onboarding or Set Ups

There are some situations where you may need to communicate steps. You want to provide your readers with information on how to do something. In these cases, it is critical to communicate with screenshots as well as with words. Video helps to make this possible.

Confidential Information

There are some situations where what you need to share has to be communicated in a safe manner. Creating a paper trail may not be ideal. A securely hosted video platform, on the other hand, can be the ideal solution.

Adding Feeling and Emotion

Sometimes, words can only go so far to communicate a message. Video allows for emotion, human connection, and engagement to come through more effectively. When you want to explain something, show something, or demonstrate something, video creates a better result.

Video should be a key component of any business arsenal of communication. Are you using it enough to communicate in the best manner possible?

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Pure, true, and genuine emotions and feelings are the factors that will make your videos, content marketing, and online presence to stand out. Outstanding online campaigns will make an impact for your business. Studies have shown that in the recent past heartfelt emotional content have taken center stage. To make sure that your online marketing campaign becomes successful, you should subtly balance emotion and logic.

Many startups and smaller brands are also leveraging the power of emotions following suit with the big brands to produce better and powerful content. Though some emotional video content production can be expensive, there are some strategies you can engage to make emotionally-driven content at affordable rates. First, you should tap into an authentic human experience. Always make sure that your production of emotional content does not feel manufactured.

Big brands tell stories that are real and true. They draw on genuine human experiences to relay an excellent and inspiring story. They always make sure that their content is not out of touch with the target audience. The content must be real and relate to the normal livelihoods of the target audience. Whenever people relate to your content, the marketing campaign will be successful with a high conversion rate.

Always use your marketing and advertising to tell real stories. These stories should be appealing and informative. Since a majority of the big brands have been in existence for a long time, they make use of their rich history to set up appealing emotional content. These are the kinds of true stories that you should use even for a startup or smaller business to tell your audience about how your brand is progressing.

The power of positive thinking is also important while creating emotional content to hook and appeal to the viewers. To gain success in attracting emotional content marketing, brands should focus on advertising themselves as opposed to trying to put down their competitors. Since peoples’ actions are in most cases affected by their emotions significantly, always make sure that your emotional content will spur positive feedback. Avoid tarnishing your competitors’ brand but focus on promoting your own business.

Creation of a balanced logic and emotion content will foster transparency and real emotions enhancing the connection between the audience and marketing content. This strategy is heartfelt thus is highly effective among the target audience, and it hooks their interests on the proceedings. An emotionally meaningful message that contains factual information will make sure that your marketing campaign is successful.

Big brands can hook their audience with emotional content because they take the future into account. Learning from them, you should also consider the analysis of your record to enable you to predict the future effectively. Though emotional content is easy to create, you should always make sure that you engage your buyers’ hearts and mind. If you manage to hold the attention of your potential buyers, your conversion rate will increase exponentially.

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