Video marketing is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. In fact, according to research, 64 percent of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video. Use these best practices to get the most from your video marketing efforts.

1. Create an Outline

Because video feels more casual and personable than written copy, some marketers make the mistake of “winging it” and neglecting to create an outline. Too often, the result is a rambling video that is difficult to follow. Before shooting the video, make an outline and write out the key points that you want to cover.

2. Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Your viewers have a lot competing for their attention. Social media has made it easier than ever for businesses to get their message out, and in the last year alone, Facebook video ads have increased by 258 percent. Every 60 seconds, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. With that kind of competition for your followers’ attention, it’s imperative to grab their interest quickly, preferably within the first few seconds of the video.

3. Build Value

Video marketing is a highly effective sales tool because it gives you an opportunity to build value before making the final sales pitch. Rather than keeping the focus of your video on making the sale, which can be off-putting to viewers, focus on the value of your product or service.

4. Appeal to Emotions

Emotions play a powerful role in creating memories. Rather than putting out a sales pitch, appeal to your audience’s emotions by using storytelling to get your message across.

5. Encourage Your Viewers to Take the Next Step

To you, it may seem like the next steps are logical, whether that’s signing up for a monthly newsletter, making a purchase, submitting a donation, or sharing your content. However, oftentimes, viewers need a specific call to action. Incorporate a CTA in your video to maximize engagement.

6. Understand SEO

Incorporating keywords in your video’s title, description, and tags can help you rank better on major search engines while letting your viewers know what to expect.

By fine-tuning your video marketing techniques, you can increase engagement and maximize conversion.

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Testimonials, price quotes, feature highlits, e-books, Youtube personalities – they all harness the power of video content marketing in some way. Many have understood the prevalence and influence of video – with results to show how effective and versatile it can be. Marketing and science typically do not overlap, but there are very concrete factors that make video one of the most effective mediums for marketing:

1. Vocal Inflictions Say A Lot

Vocalization can bring out sympathy, happiness, excitement, and even a sense of familiarity. Not only does the added voice act as a stimuli that can help increase retention metrics, it is used to convey and deliver a message. It transforms emotionless text, into breathing content that has the power to influence.

2. Personalization of Brands

Video allows business to become “human”, forging trust with prospective customers and creating brand loyalist from regular customers. Customers are simply drawn towards video due to its human element, especially when juxtaposed over written text. Video marketing that is effectively used can bring about strong ROI, while allowing the customer feel familiar with your product or service. It is a win-win situation.

3. Emotions Are Contagious

When you are highlighting the features of your products, you can convey excitement by using a person’s face. People are wired to relate to a human face, making video marketing highly effective.
According to 70 percent of marketers, video converts far better than other types of marketing. Internet users are consuming more and more video. The current attention-driven economy demands content that is interactive, educational, and direct. Video content beats text-based content when it comes to engagement.

One of the positive aspects of video content is that it works well with other forms of marketing. Videos can be used as a promotional platform to catapult your website, newsletter, or email subscriptions. Attaching a video into a newsletter tends to reinforce subscribers, increasing click-through rates. Video marketing also forces the viewer to sit on your website for longer, which is an element that Google and other search engines favor.

Video is also more accessible than ever. Over are the days of primitive video players on flip phones. Prior to the evolution brought about by the original iPhone, it is deemed a manufacturer’s suicide to not include a dedicated video player on all cell phones. Powerful desktop and laptops, and the onslaught of tablets, has made video content more popular than ever. A video creation team will allow small and large businesses to harness the persuasive power of video content. Long gone are the large production budgets needed to make testimonial videos, many video content curators are able to work within the means of your budget.

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