Cold leads are an unfortunate reality in the business world. Leads can grow cold because the potential client or customer is losing interest, because they are busy, because they are considering the competition, or for any of a number of other reasons. There are a number of ways to reignite cold leads. One innovative and effective means of reigniting a cold lead is through video messaging.

Video Messages Save Time for Customers

Your potential customers likely do not have a lot of free time on their hands and having to spend more of that time than necessary isn’t likely to turn a cold lead hot. This is one of the ways that video messages can help.

Most people read at a slower rate than they speak. Thus, as long as the accompanying video is short, a video e-mail can present your message in much less time than it would take your lead to read the same message. Furthermore, because the message is attached to an e-mail, it allows your lead to take in your message at their leisure. This is a lot more convenient than if you were to make a phone call.

Video Messages Increase Engagement

Research shows that people are more likely to respond positively to a video message than they are to either a written e-mail or a phone call. Video messages create the same sense that a face-to-face meeting does, increasing engagement in the person watching the video. This is particularly true if the video message is customized to the person intended to watch the video.

How to Make Your Video Message

There are a few key points to making an engaging video message that can warm up a cold lead. The first point is to keep the message short. You want your video to hit on all of the important points in just about a minute. You aren’t delivering a lecture. You are just trying to shore up a relationship to encourage more interactions in the future.

The second key point is to engage your audience. That means greet your lead by name with a friendly smile and a warm customized greeting. Be brief and get to your point, but try not to seem like you are rushing it.

The third key point is to hit all of the important conversational touch points in your message. What those touch points are will differ for each potential lead. Make sure you aren’t wasting your time with unimportant points or missing any important ones.

Finally, make sure to clear up any confusion that your potential lead may have. Whether it is confusion about what you are offering, how much it will cost, what time frame you are working on, or something else, confusion is one of the main reasons that leads grow cold. By ensuring that your lead fully understands your business and what it offers, you increase the chances of the lead heating up.

Reignited and Ready to Go

With any luck, all it should take is a single video message to reignite your cold leads. No matter how effective your video has been, keep in mind that it is only a first step. If you ignore the lead or don’t respond in a timely fashion, it will grow cold again, possibly permanently. Let the video get you back on track and then don’t let opportunity pass you by.

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When it comes to capturing your audience, focus on video. It should be a key component of your content marketing. It makes sense to do so since YouTube is the second largest search engine online. And, it’s highly effective at converting leads into buyers. But, take a closer look at a few key reasons you should be including video as a component of your content marketing efforts right now.

#1: People Are Using Video at Increasing Rates

This is really the bottom line. People like video. Across nearly all types of generations, video has become one of the most important tools for marketers because people are watching videos at an increasing rate. More so, experts believe that 71 percent of Millennials actually prefer video (with 58 percent of Generation X and 54 percent of Baby Boomers doing so).

#2: Video Converts Leads

One of the most important considerations here is what your video can do for your bottom line. Research indicates that video actually converts leads at a higher rate. In other words, video can pull in more people than your other forms of content marketing can.

#3: Video Can Boost Google Rankings, Too

Another key area of focus should be in how video can help you with search engine rankings. Video itself is helping with ranking well in the search engines – search engines rank websites with videos and links pointing to them higher than they do websites that do not. Plus, you can convert your video in a transcript, adding keywords to your website.

#4: People React to Video

Let’s say you create a fantastic video packed with information. You place it on your social media pages. It is more likely that your video will be shared before your other form of content is. And, when building a strong marketing campaign, shares are incredibly valuable. In short, if you want to increase your bandwidth to gain more attention from new followers, video can help make it happen.

#5: Video Brands Your Business

Video gives you a unique opportunity to brand your business. Every time you launch a video, you are providing a view into the way your organization does business, who you are, and what you have to offer. While all content marketing can offer some insight here, branding creates an image in the mind of the consumer, increasing his or her impression of you.

#6: You Can Monitor Your Strategies Effectively

Another nice benefit of video is that it provides a way for you to consistently see how your marketing efforts are working. You can see if people are clicking on it, where they go, where they stop watching, and what they tend to react to. All of this creates a better way for you to create successful campaigns down the road.

When it comes down to it, video marketing is an important tool in helping you to grow your business. Are you using it enough?

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When it comes to educating and engaging with your audience, no other medium even comes close to being as effective as video marketing. The beauty of video marketing is that it allows you to not only get the content of your message across, but you can tightly control the tone and style of how that content is delivered.

If you’re considering making a video, you may be going back and forth between shooting it live action or creating an animated video. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that dilemma; both styles have their perks and drawbacks. Keep these things in mind as your deciding what type of video you want to create.

When to Use Live Action Videos

Live action videos are a great way to showcase a tangible product or service. If you’re selling, say, a vacuum cleaner, a live action video can demonstrate its benefits in a way that an animated video could not. Watching an animated vacuum cleaner suck up animated particles isn’t nearly as convincing as watching the real thing in action.

On the other hand, live action videos have some limitations. It’s hard to convey abstract ideas, such as cloud-based services, using a live action video. In instances where an intangible product or service is being provided, live action videos may not be effective.

The Benefits of Animated Videos

Animated videos are awesome for conveying abstract or conceptual ideas and services. These types of videos are well-suited for companies that provide web services that may be difficult to sum up by an actor working from a script. They also don’t have the limitations that live action videos do. Do you want to incorporate a cape-clad pig flying over a cityscape? No problem! With animated videos, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Animated videos are also easy to brand. You can incorporate the same fonts, styles, colors and themes that are on your website into your video, providing consistency across marketing materials.

As your products and services evolve, it’s very easy to edit animated videos to keep them up-to-date, making them a great long-term marketing tool. Editing a live action video is significantly more difficult and likely won’t have the same seamless results.

Summing It Up

Both live action and animated videos have their areas in which they shine. By considering the message that you want to convey (along with a few other factors like budget, time constraints, and resources), you can decide which style is best suited for you.

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The goal of any business video is to ensure that you create a connection with your viewers. Engaging videos get attention. They are shared. Perhaps most importantly, this type of connection with your audience helps you achieve your goals. What should you do to make a video engaging, though? Here are some simple tips that create outstanding results.

Let Your Video Tell a Story

Don’t shoot an advertisement. Instead, let your audience learn something through a story-telling format. You’ll want to make this very clear – ensure they can follow along and “get it.”

Let Your Actors Be Themselves

The best way to engage your audience is, in fact, to let anyone in the video be themselves. Instead of trying to “act” let each member of the video shoot just act as they normally do. This helps to reduce the overall stress of the shoot and helps everyone to have a bit of fun. That comes through on the other end, too.

Make the Interactions More Genuine

Don’t follow a very hard script. Instead, let people act and interact the way they normally do. This helps to ensure that your audience sees that you are a real person and that your company is all about being authentic.

Get the Content Right

Aside from the video script, you also want the content of your video to convey a sense of fun and lightheartedness. For example, choose camera angles that are able to create the mood – don’t settle for just a direct, face-forward look. And, add some music to help drive home the emotion you hope to create in your video.

Don’t Forget the Details

Sometimes, you need to communicate actual details. Using graphics at the end of the video, for example, can help convey this information. You’ll also want to consider adding details that help to make the video more unique and stand out.

The more time you take to create an authentic experience, the better. When it comes down to it, videos are only as good as your video production company can create – and that means hiring a team that is well seasoned in creating engaging, interactive videos the audience can relate to.

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Lead nurturing, the process of taking a fresh lead and turning to a buying process over various connection points is one of the most important parts of building a business. Yet, many companies have yet to move their marketing towards video, even though it is an incredible opportunity to connect with people in a very effective manner. In fact, video is one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing itself. There are various ways that you can use video in your lead nurturing and marketing automation. Here’s a look at some of them.

Getting New Leads from Video

A visitor comes to your website. They are able to interact with your business website, but they also can watch a fast video that provides them with a formal introduction. Instead of just providing a simple contact form and hoping they fill it out, this method allows you to form a real connection with your lead. You can set it up so that your video plays at just the right time. And, within that video, there is an area where they can submit their email address. They watch the video and want to learn more – of course, they will submit their email to get more access.

Video Email Works Well

Another tool available to today’s business is email. That’s not anything new, but what is happens to be what’s inside that video. You can place videos right in the emails that your customers receive. This way, they can open the email – due to your on-point subject line – and immediately connect with you. Video does well in email and can improve click-through rates significantly. In some situations, having a video thumbnail will increase your lead generation many times over just having a standstill image there.

Keep That Engagement Going

You have the lead. You’ve connected with them through presenting your information and company brand. Now, use email to continue to connect with your customers. For example, you can use video to encourage them to download a company brochure. You can use video to help them to gather insight into a specific service you offer. Use video in every stage of the lead nurturing process including:

  • The awareness stage when they realize there is a problem in front of them and need a solution.
  • The consideration stage when they are looking for solutions to their problem, such as seeking out companies or products to work with.
  • The decision stage occurs when they have the solutions and need to make a decision.

Find solutions that fit their needs here. During the awareness stage, they will need educational videos, for example. In the consideration stage, they are looking for testimonials from clients and case studies. And, in the decision stage, they need testimonials, free samples, special offers, and product-based videos.

When you consider each one of these factors, it becomes clear that video is an important part of your marketing automation process. Once in place, this type of video marketing setup can help you to develop a strong foundation for nurturing your leads into buyers.

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It’s always a good thing when you grab the attention of a customer or client. You love those immediate moments where you can show off what you can do for them. But, how do you keep their attention? That’s essential. The cost of finding new leads (not to mention the amount of time you have to spend to find them) is simply too much for most companies. The key is to keep your current customers engaged in your brand. This is where you’ll increase your profits and drive engagement long term.

Video Can Help

Video is an exceptional tool to help you to make that possible. Everyone has a few seconds or minutes to watch a new video. However, it is not always easy to create a video that is going to hold their attention and keep them coming back for more. There are a few simple things you can do to help encourage this.

Don’t Focus on the Sale

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice for holding your customer’s attention. You will not do that with a promotional, commercial-like video. Instead, you’ll want to offer something that’s more engaging and interesting. It may not seem logical – you want to promote your product and service, of course, you should mention it. But, that’s not the way today’s customer interacts with brands.

Respect Your Customers’ Experience

Today, there’s one key secret to marketing with video successfully. As noted, you do not want to focus on promotional material. However, you can still include your product or imply it. That’s really all you have to do. That’s because today’s customers are far savvier than you think. They’ll respect you more if you provide a sly focus. Don’t make it an obvious play for their attention Video needs to be interesting to the customer as the first, primary step.

Be Consistent and Reliable

You’ll also want to work hard at keeping your customers focused on your brand. To do that, get in front of them on a regular basis. Post each day or every other day. Creating and following a publishing schedule is exactly what you need to do. They may even get to the point of coming to look for your video to find out what cool or interesting topic you have to share with them that day.

It Has to Be Easy to Find

Next, focus on making your content easy to find. That is, use it on social media. Let your customers find it on a specific website. The key here is to give them the same place to go back to time and time again to find you!

And, Interact Often

Let’s say you decide to post a new, fun, and attention grabbing video every Friday. Great, put that video together. Then, lead up to it throughout the week with clips or teasers. Give them something to look forward to.

These tips create fantastic videos, videos people want to watch and will interact with. This ultimately gives you the best ability to embrace your customers through your brand.

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Does the length of a video really matter? The quick and easy answer to this is yes, it does matter. It is quite common for businesses to see the value of using video in their business but hard to grasp what to include, how long to make it, and when to update it. If you are creating a corporate video, length does matter for a variety of reasons. The easiest rule to follow is to create a video that is no longer or no shorter than it needs to be. Not so clear? Here’s a bit more to help you with this decision.

How Much Will People Watch?

Ultimately, people have short attention spans. They have so many touchpoints of information and streaming media available to them, it is hard to hold attention long term. In one study, conducted by Wistia that looked at millions of data points, the goal was to see the difference in the average time watched of a video based on the length of that video. It found that videos that were 30 seconds in length saw viewers watch about 80 percent of the video. If the videos were longer, say about an hour in length, the percentage consumed by the individual fell to about 25 percent. Here, it is clear that short videos are best, but that’s limitedly accurate. After all, you have time constraints and information to share to balance.

The study also looked at how much people engaged with the video based on various lengths. It found that audience engagement dropped significantly when videos were longer. After an initial drop point though, the amount of decline is at a much slower rate. This indicates that people react quickly – usually in the first few seconds – to determine if they want to watch the video. And, if they do, they stick around for it and engage with it longer.

You can consider other studies such as one conducted by PEW Research that found the median length for the most popular videos placed on YouTube was 2 minutes and 1 second. Less than 3 percent of videos that are over 15 minutes were considered popular in this study.

What To Keep In Mind

There are many other factors that should play a role in your decision on length of your corporate video.

  • Are you creating a training video? If this is the case, the length has to be long enough to convey the tasks necessary. Sometimes, length cannot be limited in these situations.
  • Your goal when creating a video is to design a video that gives your viewer key information in the right manner. You want them to receive as much information as possible and retain it.
  • If creating a customer testimonial video, for example, keep these to about 60 seconds. Longer testimonials are not necessarily longer.
  • If you are sharing videos on your social media sites, shorter is better. Focus on the standards here of about two minutes for YouTube videos. These typically are shared longer.

More so, give the viewer what they need upfront first. Realize you need to grab their attention initially and then keep them there. This means creating a video that’s well done and offers the information necessary clearly. You’ll also want to ensure that any corporate video you create doesn’t waste time – give them what they need without being long winded.

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Media website Instagram, which has long been known for its ability to share photos and short videos, has a new option for users. Now, videos can be as long as 60 seconds. While this may not seem like a big deal, those who are creating content and ads for small businesses may find that it is one of the most important tools available to them. How can Instagram help your business to expand its reach and achieve more in this new, longer video format?

Why The Change?

Instagram just opened up videos to marketers recently and, at that time, offered just 15 second slots. While that may seem like a very short opportunity, it was the first time the site was offering videos to advertisers. And, in doing so, it may be working to help small and medium sized businesses to expand their reach in one of the fastest growing and most socially used option today. What does this mean to your business?

More Mediums and Followers Available to You

One of the best reasons to use Instagram’s longer video format is quite simply because this is where the viewers are. With the longer format, it is now possible for the site to complete directly with other video sharing sites such as YouTube and Snapchat. It also allows individuals to gain better access to your content that otherwise would not have had the reach. Instagram has about 400 million users active on its site each month. It is expected to grow by 15 percent in 2016 and 2017. The site also very popular among all social media users with nearly 52 percent of all people using social media on the site.

How Can You Take Advantage of It?

Instagram offers a number of fantastic benefits and features. How can you take advantage of this longer format?

  • Create engaging videos that showcase your products or services. Make sure they are young and vibrant, much like the company’s audience.
  • Use the site to compliment and reach new people. You can share your videos on Instagram as well as on other social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Embrace new formats and interesting concepts. For example, 360 video is becoming an important tool. You may wish to use the format as an educational platform to teach people about your products.
  • Instagram’s large following makes it easy for you to see results from other content as well. When they watch your posted video, they can easily click over to your website to make a purchase or to sign up.

The bottom line, though, is that most businesses need to be using Instagram. It is one of the most important tools for today’s companies and consumers because it is easily accessible, simplistic to use, and used by so many people around the globe. This is where your customer and client base is. With longer videos available to you through the platform, you can also use it to accomplish much more for your business than ever before.

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Video is very powerful. It seems simple and very “common” but in fact it is one of the most important ways you can add drama, theme, or even emotion to a special event. Video works in various ways like this. It can be an effective way to transform an event into a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. While it does take a skilled video production company and the right plan to pull off, video used in the proper manner can create a stunning experience that is hard for anyone to complete.

Consider the Experience

How can video projection specifically be used to create a mood at an event? Take a look at a few ways it can work and what it does for the space.

Weddings and Special Family Events: From baby showers to retirement parties, video projection can create an instant mood of love and it adds a sense of endearing sentiment to the space. For example, perhaps photos are shown on the projector to the audience, showing the love two people have for each other. It pays tribute to that, setting the sentimental feel right for these types of events.

Engaging Excitement: Perhaps you are hosting a seminar or business event. You want to get people pumped up and energized. The right video can create the perfect scenario and add all of the excitement possible. Video not only can offer music and video graphics, but it can offer insightful messages that help to get the audience interested. Video, unlike anything else, encourages people to get moving, get interested, and to get involved.

Instructional Video: Are you hosting an event where you need people to do specific things? Perhaps you need to provide information about what to expect, how to work through the space, or what they are responsible for. You may need to provide safety information. You may need to provide other key information that helps people to experience the event in the right manner.

But, Why Video?

Video is powerful because people react to it. When a video comes on with music and bright lights, it automatically energizes them. A video projecting an image outdoors, perhaps on a screen, can provide important information is a very engaging way. People stop. They look. They read. They react. That’s exactly what you want and need them to do.

Video impacts your mood, too. For example, if you are hosting a dinner for a large group of people who tend to be boring or uptight, a video streamed of bloopers from the day’s events or of fun insight into the busy can interject a bit of humor that people simply love. On the other hand, perhaps you have a very serious topic to discuss. The video can offer as a tool of information, calming people down and getting them to focus on the topic at hand.

When used in the right manner, projected video, whether outdoors or indoors, can create interest and provide resourcefulness. It can give your guests as well as anyone else in attendance the direction, information, or resources they need to get the most out of your event. After setting the right mood, your guests can then be ready to take in the information or the events activities in the right frame of mind. They have background information, the right attitude, and the best mood to move towards success.

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As a business owner, one of the most important tasks you have is to engage with your customer. This engagement creates a link or a bond, and helps to build your brand in the process. A fantastic way to do that is with interactive video. In short, interactive video helps to tell and sell a story to your reader. When they have this information available to them, they are not just having a product or service sold to them, but rather they are engaging and interacting with your brand.

Interactive video is more important than ever especially within the digital landscape. What can it do for your business? By creating some type of interaction with your company and the customer, you create a response. The benefits are numerous. Why should you use it over other mediums for advertising?

The Internet’s Interactive Design and Devices Require It

A key reason to make the move is this. People are using devices today to learn about products and services. That includes smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. It’s important to realize that now, the user controls what content they see rather than being forced to watch a traditional commercial on TV. Your younger generation of customers requires this type of interactive ad, then. Your consumer’s needs are different.

Your Target Audience Is Different

Millennials, the most common demographic today, is changing. These individuals are now dependent on social media platforms. They want and expect on-demand content. They want everything to be personalized to them. Now, you need to adjust your marketing to stop pushing ads to them, and instead engage with the audience in a conversation or get them to participate in a story. You need to encourage and allow them to determine what happens next.

Storytelling Isn’t the Same

Another reason you need interactive video is because the way you tell a story today is much different than in the past. Interactivity that comes from shared comments and likes on the status of a post isn’t enough. This does not allow the user to become active in the storytelling experience. While creating shared content is important, it is also important to become more engaging. In a crowded marketplace it is very important to engage because these are truly the only ads that consumers actually see and participate in.

You Deliver a Specific Message to the Right Person

With the numerous opportunities available in data collection, it is now more possible than ever to personalize messages to the audience. The right message, to the right person at the right time is possible because of the amount of available data. This gives you more impact opportunity than ever.

Interactive video can help you to tell your story and create a more personal interaction with your customer or client. The fact is, if you do not do this, your ads are likely to fade into the background along with all of the other providers. Interactive video, dollar for dollar, gets you more attention, more brand awareness, and better results.

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