As technological advancements have swept the events management field, the event-planning process has come a long way from paper-based systems and binders filled with charts and pamphlets. Today’s corporate events are expected to provide a dynamic experience that engages attendees, offering a unique experience that will educate and inspire. Here are three innovative tech trends that are changing the way companies share their story.

Engaging through Virtual Reality

While virtual reality has been on the horizon for at least a decade, the technology has finally reached the point where it can be incorporated to provide an immersive, enriching experience for event attendees. Virtual reality allows users to move and interact with computer-generated images, enabling companies to tell their brand story through 360-degree video. Major companies like Google and Sony are investing heavily in this budding technology, ensuring that it is increasingly accessible, affordable, and ready to be a part of your next event.

“Heads Up” Technology

People spend a lot of time staring down at their phones, and this has been a pain point for many companies who have hosted events. In response to this, event planners are using “heads up” technology to take advantage of attendees’ preoccupation with their mobile devices. Many events now feature large-scale interactive games, where smartphones are transformed into controllers. There are also apps like Crowd Mics turns cellphones into microphones to allow users to interact with a wide audience, as well as other dynamic video and audio interactions via smartphones. Rather than changing the habits of event attendees, consider looking for ways to optimize their experience through mobile technology.

Video Instead of Text

Consider this: 90% of the information that your brain takes in is visual, and that information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. While reading a text is active and requires our brains to do a lot of work, watching a video is passive, allowing our brains to take a break. This, in turn, frees up the mental resources to let us make an emotional connection with the information being given. When it comes to conveying chunks of information, video, not text, is the way to go. Not only is it easier and more fun to use this medium to educate your audience and promote your brand, but this format ensures that the information is more easily absorbed and has a greater impact.

Incorporating tech trends into your next event will provide a richer, more engaging experience for attendees while effectively relaying your brand message. We can help you capitalize on these event production trends in a way that will impact your attendees long after the event has concluded.

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Video is very powerful. It seems simple and very “common” but in fact it is one of the most important ways you can add drama, theme, or even emotion to a special event. Video works in various ways like this. It can be an effective way to transform an event into a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. While it does take a skilled video production company and the right plan to pull off, video used in the proper manner can create a stunning experience that is hard for anyone to complete.

Consider the Experience

How can video projection specifically be used to create a mood at an event? Take a look at a few ways it can work and what it does for the space.

Weddings and Special Family Events: From baby showers to retirement parties, video projection can create an instant mood of love and it adds a sense of endearing sentiment to the space. For example, perhaps photos are shown on the projector to the audience, showing the love two people have for each other. It pays tribute to that, setting the sentimental feel right for these types of events.

Engaging Excitement: Perhaps you are hosting a seminar or business event. You want to get people pumped up and energized. The right video can create the perfect scenario and add all of the excitement possible. Video not only can offer music and video graphics, but it can offer insightful messages that help to get the audience interested. Video, unlike anything else, encourages people to get moving, get interested, and to get involved.

Instructional Video: Are you hosting an event where you need people to do specific things? Perhaps you need to provide information about what to expect, how to work through the space, or what they are responsible for. You may need to provide safety information. You may need to provide other key information that helps people to experience the event in the right manner.

But, Why Video?

Video is powerful because people react to it. When a video comes on with music and bright lights, it automatically energizes them. A video projecting an image outdoors, perhaps on a screen, can provide important information is a very engaging way. People stop. They look. They read. They react. That’s exactly what you want and need them to do.

Video impacts your mood, too. For example, if you are hosting a dinner for a large group of people who tend to be boring or uptight, a video streamed of bloopers from the day’s events or of fun insight into the busy can interject a bit of humor that people simply love. On the other hand, perhaps you have a very serious topic to discuss. The video can offer as a tool of information, calming people down and getting them to focus on the topic at hand.

When used in the right manner, projected video, whether outdoors or indoors, can create interest and provide resourcefulness. It can give your guests as well as anyone else in attendance the direction, information, or resources they need to get the most out of your event. After setting the right mood, your guests can then be ready to take in the information or the events activities in the right frame of mind. They have background information, the right attitude, and the best mood to move towards success.

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Videos have become effective ways of marketing products and businesses. Also, videos are excellent event promotion strategies thus guarantee increased number of attendees to the event. With the recent exponential growth and advancement in technology, online videos have become an important communications tool. These videos enable you to connect with your members, customers, and prospects efficiently. Though face to face meetings are most effective, online videos are also useful when you are long distances apart.

Over the recent years, online video viewing has been on a steady rise. Thus, event promotion through video is guaranteed to reach an increased number of your target audience. Research and studies have shown that more and more event planners and organizers are taking up event promotion through video. Some of the most popular sites that host videos are Netflix and YouTube. The videos give detailed information about your event to the audience thus interesting an increased number of them to attend.

Due to the enormous success of videos, small organizations and nonprofits have recognized the value of online videos as essential components of all their event marketing strategies. Since video equipment and tools are becoming more common and affordable, the cost of creating event promotion videos has also significantly reduced. It is also beneficial that YouTube account set up is free. Thus, you can make videos and upload them for free.

To create an effective video to promote your event make sure that your online video is:

  • Authentic – ensure that you maintain your personality while communicating through the video. You should be real and transparent
  • Before you create your video, take into account the goals and objective of your event. While creating the video, make sure that the video helps you to achieve your goals. Your video should tell a story that is real to capture the attention and interest of your audience. Use the video to educate and enlighten the audience about your event
  • You should interview attendees during and after the event. Converse with the attendants to spark interesting and relevant highlights about the event
  • When creating your online video to promote your event, capture moments from previous educational and training sessions. Also, you may include fundraising activities or people interacting with each other at a networking event.
  • Your video should be used to maintain momentum and interest after your event. After you post and publish the videos to the different online platforms available, link to them in post-event communications.
  • Your event promotion video should always contain a call-to-action message. This message is meant to encourage your audience to register and purpose to attend your other upcoming events.
  • Keep your promotional videos short and entertaining between 60-90 seconds. For the training videos, do not exceed 10 minutes to make sure that you maintain the total attention of your audience.

Event promotion through video is a sure way to maintain the attention of your audience while simultaneously informing them.

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