Are you looking for a few new ways to add content and interest to your social media pages? Video is the right medium, but what message can or should you use? It really comes down to your goals and needs, but sometimes, having a topic is not as easy as it sounds. New ideas can be challenging. Here are some of the best ways to jumpstart your video efforts on all of your social channels.

#1: Answer a Question

You get them from all of your social media accounts. Questions can be frustrating because you have to answer them individually. But, if you post a short video answering the most common questions, you solve that problem. And, you are providing your guests with outstanding information and insight as well. This is ideal for Facebook or Twitter questions, for example.

#2: Use a show-and-tell style message

On social media channels like Instagram, video and imagery are essential. You can get it right with a few important pieces. A show-and-tell type of video, one that allows you to share a behind the scene look or just provide insight into the company’s culture, methods, or services, is a good place to start. A good reason to do this is to ensure you are providing a real, authentic version of your company to your visitors.

#3: Showcase a product or service

Let’s not forget that a component of your social media efforts can and should be info about the products and services you offer. One way to do this, without being overly salesy, is to use your Facebook or LinkedIn pages to really dive deep into the product or service you offer. Break open the shell, so to speak, to share insight and information with your clients.

#4: Invite People to an Event

Facebook and LinkedIn are great social media platforms for launching and communicating about your upcoming event. Use a video to showcase what those who attend can expect. You will also want to invest wisely in some marketing here about the benefits offered. Get people excited.

Each of these methods can help you to reach your audience in an authentic manner. Video just helps to make sure the information comes across in the most effective manner possible.

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Video has become a powerful advertising tool, effectively building trust, appealing to mobile users and desktop users, and showing a great ROI. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry that you’re in, you can use video to connect with your audience and get your message out.
Check out these eight creative ways that your business can use video.

1. Advertising

Sure, it’s obvious, but it’s worth the mention because video advertising is such an effective tool in the online marketplace. By showing your audience your product or service in action, you can remove some of the apprehension that comes with online purchasing.

2. Educational Content

Whether it’s a practical how-to or a piece of thought leadership, educational content is a great way to establish your business as an industry expert.

3. Training

Gone are the days of handing a new hire a thick orientation guide; today’s companies are using training videos to introduce their company’s goals, history and culture to new members of staff. Training videos are also great for introducing new philosophies, products, and goal metrics for veteran employees.

4. Event Videos

At your next company event, grab a video camera or even a smartphone and capture footage of the event. You’ll have access to video snippets that can be recycled in endless ways, from raising brand awareness on social media to selling tickets and encouraging participation in future events.

5. FAQs

The idea behind an FAQs page is solid; rather than handling general issues on a case-by-case basis, why not take care of them in batches? Unfortunately, FAQ pages can feel rather brisk and impersonal. Using video to address customers’ most common questions and problems eliminates that perception.

6. Customer Experiences

Written reviews are hard to trust; after all, virtually nothing stops an unscrupulous company from writing their own glowing reviews about their products and services. Videos of customer case studies, on the other hand, provide a glimpse of a real-life experience that a customer had with your brand and build trust and credibility.

7. PR

No one likes change, and any changes that your business makes, no matter how necessary or positive, will likely be met with resistance. While written text is easy to produce and circulate, it essentially leaves the reader “unsupervised” to draw their own conclusions about your brand’s intentions, goals, and even motives. Creating a video that addresses a hot topic that has come up lets you combine words with tone, control the speed at which your viewer moves through content, and emphasize key information.

8. About Us

Video allows you to do more than simply tell your audience who you are and what you’re about; it lets you actually show them. An About Us video is a wonderful medium for sharing your values and giving your business a face.

Video, when done well, is an effective tool that has a variety of applications. By implementing some of these ways to use video, you can increase brand awareness and engage more customers.

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Let’s face it – with dozens of different forms of media competing for our attention, a boring PowerPoint presentation or underwhelming website isn’t go to cut it. In this day and age, the most innovative companies are winning big, leaving their competitors in the dust.

One technology has emerged that is still underused, leaving plenty of room to conquer different niches and industries for trailblazers. That technology is the power of the 360 video.


What is a 360 video?

A 360 video is simply a video that allows the viewer to experience the scene being shot from a variety of different angles. Instead of watching a video from one perspective, the viewer can drag their mouse to choose different viewpoints to see the scene from. It’s similar to a video game in which the player’s character can look up, to the left, right, or behind them with the push of a button.


360 Video Applications

The opportunities to incorporate 360 videos into your business are endless. Let’s take a look at a small sample of the possibilities.


Tell Your Brand Story

Did you know that today, most consumers want to know intimate details about the companies they’re spending their money on? They want to know who’s behind it, how the products are made, and the way they’re sourced.

There is nothing more engaging than letting people be a part of your brand story. A 360 video could take them on an interactive journey into your world in a way that they wouldn’t be able to before.



You could make 360 videos work for you at special events, too. If you regularly exhibit products at tradeshows or offer live demonstrations, imagine how exciting it would be for potential customers to be at the show or demo from the comfort of their own home or office? How many more sales could you get with this type of technology available to you?


Service-Based Businesses

360 videos aren’t just for businesses that sell products. A service-based industry can utilize this technology to skyrocket sales too. Think about it: you could rely on customers finding you through a Yelp review or clicking through a photo gallery on your website, or they could get fully interactive with the services you offer.

This method could work for any service-based business. If you’re a salon owner, a potential customer could watch you work, look around the salon, and see how friendly your staff is. If you’re a physician, you could record a doctor’s appointment or a short video of your office’s welcoming lobby and nurses. For builders, show your future clients how you work and the standard of quality you adhere to by literally allowing them to be a part of your work day.

The possibilities of this mind-blowing yet simple technology are endless. How could you use 360 video to connect with customers?

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Video is very powerful. It seems simple and very “common” but in fact it is one of the most important ways you can add drama, theme, or even emotion to a special event. Video works in various ways like this. It can be an effective way to transform an event into a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. While it does take a skilled video production company and the right plan to pull off, video used in the proper manner can create a stunning experience that is hard for anyone to complete.

Consider the Experience

How can video projection specifically be used to create a mood at an event? Take a look at a few ways it can work and what it does for the space.

Weddings and Special Family Events: From baby showers to retirement parties, video projection can create an instant mood of love and it adds a sense of endearing sentiment to the space. For example, perhaps photos are shown on the projector to the audience, showing the love two people have for each other. It pays tribute to that, setting the sentimental feel right for these types of events.

Engaging Excitement: Perhaps you are hosting a seminar or business event. You want to get people pumped up and energized. The right video can create the perfect scenario and add all of the excitement possible. Video not only can offer music and video graphics, but it can offer insightful messages that help to get the audience interested. Video, unlike anything else, encourages people to get moving, get interested, and to get involved.

Instructional Video: Are you hosting an event where you need people to do specific things? Perhaps you need to provide information about what to expect, how to work through the space, or what they are responsible for. You may need to provide safety information. You may need to provide other key information that helps people to experience the event in the right manner.

But, Why Video?

Video is powerful because people react to it. When a video comes on with music and bright lights, it automatically energizes them. A video projecting an image outdoors, perhaps on a screen, can provide important information is a very engaging way. People stop. They look. They read. They react. That’s exactly what you want and need them to do.

Video impacts your mood, too. For example, if you are hosting a dinner for a large group of people who tend to be boring or uptight, a video streamed of bloopers from the day’s events or of fun insight into the busy can interject a bit of humor that people simply love. On the other hand, perhaps you have a very serious topic to discuss. The video can offer as a tool of information, calming people down and getting them to focus on the topic at hand.

When used in the right manner, projected video, whether outdoors or indoors, can create interest and provide resourcefulness. It can give your guests as well as anyone else in attendance the direction, information, or resources they need to get the most out of your event. After setting the right mood, your guests can then be ready to take in the information or the events activities in the right frame of mind. They have background information, the right attitude, and the best mood to move towards success.

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Videos have become effective ways of marketing products and businesses. Also, videos are excellent event promotion strategies thus guarantee increased number of attendees to the event. With the recent exponential growth and advancement in technology, online videos have become an important communications tool. These videos enable you to connect with your members, customers, and prospects efficiently. Though face to face meetings are most effective, online videos are also useful when you are long distances apart.

Over the recent years, online video viewing has been on a steady rise. Thus, event promotion through video is guaranteed to reach an increased number of your target audience. Research and studies have shown that more and more event planners and organizers are taking up event promotion through video. Some of the most popular sites that host videos are Netflix and YouTube. The videos give detailed information about your event to the audience thus interesting an increased number of them to attend.

Due to the enormous success of videos, small organizations and nonprofits have recognized the value of online videos as essential components of all their event marketing strategies. Since video equipment and tools are becoming more common and affordable, the cost of creating event promotion videos has also significantly reduced. It is also beneficial that YouTube account set up is free. Thus, you can make videos and upload them for free.

To create an effective video to promote your event make sure that your online video is:

  • Authentic – ensure that you maintain your personality while communicating through the video. You should be real and transparent
  • Before you create your video, take into account the goals and objective of your event. While creating the video, make sure that the video helps you to achieve your goals. Your video should tell a story that is real to capture the attention and interest of your audience. Use the video to educate and enlighten the audience about your event
  • You should interview attendees during and after the event. Converse with the attendants to spark interesting and relevant highlights about the event
  • When creating your online video to promote your event, capture moments from previous educational and training sessions. Also, you may include fundraising activities or people interacting with each other at a networking event.
  • Your video should be used to maintain momentum and interest after your event. After you post and publish the videos to the different online platforms available, link to them in post-event communications.
  • Your event promotion video should always contain a call-to-action message. This message is meant to encourage your audience to register and purpose to attend your other upcoming events.
  • Keep your promotional videos short and entertaining between 60-90 seconds. For the training videos, do not exceed 10 minutes to make sure that you maintain the total attention of your audience.

Event promotion through video is a sure way to maintain the attention of your audience while simultaneously informing them.

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