When it comes to capturing your audience, focus on video. It should be a key component of your content marketing. It makes sense to do so since YouTube is the second largest search engine online. And, it’s highly effective at converting leads into buyers. But, take a closer look at a few key reasons you should be including video as a component of your content marketing efforts right now.

#1: People Are Using Video at Increasing Rates

This is really the bottom line. People like video. Across nearly all types of generations, video has become one of the most important tools for marketers because people are watching videos at an increasing rate. More so, experts believe that 71 percent of Millennials actually prefer video (with 58 percent of Generation X and 54 percent of Baby Boomers doing so).

#2: Video Converts Leads

One of the most important considerations here is what your video can do for your bottom line. Research indicates that video actually converts leads at a higher rate. In other words, video can pull in more people than your other forms of content marketing can.

#3: Video Can Boost Google Rankings, Too

Another key area of focus should be in how video can help you with search engine rankings. Video itself is helping with ranking well in the search engines – search engines rank websites with videos and links pointing to them higher than they do websites that do not. Plus, you can convert your video in a transcript, adding keywords to your website.

#4: People React to Video

Let’s say you create a fantastic video packed with information. You place it on your social media pages. It is more likely that your video will be shared before your other form of content is. And, when building a strong marketing campaign, shares are incredibly valuable. In short, if you want to increase your bandwidth to gain more attention from new followers, video can help make it happen.

#5: Video Brands Your Business

Video gives you a unique opportunity to brand your business. Every time you launch a video, you are providing a view into the way your organization does business, who you are, and what you have to offer. While all content marketing can offer some insight here, branding creates an image in the mind of the consumer, increasing his or her impression of you.

#6: You Can Monitor Your Strategies Effectively

Another nice benefit of video is that it provides a way for you to consistently see how your marketing efforts are working. You can see if people are clicking on it, where they go, where they stop watching, and what they tend to react to. All of this creates a better way for you to create successful campaigns down the road.

When it comes down to it, video marketing is an important tool in helping you to grow your business. Are you using it enough?

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Video marketing and SEO is becoming necessary on the internet since more users are gaining access to faster internet connections. Due to these aspects, businesses are finding it necessary to start extensive implementation of online video marketing campaigns. Since their inception as a marketing tool, videos have shown significant success in driving traffic to websites. All search engines recognize the value of the videos since they provide a lot of in-depth information and take some amount of time to produce.

Due to this importance, videos are believed to be important supporting signals for the quality of the content for the sites on which they are used. The best place to host the video marketing campaign is on YouTube. This service is ideal because it is considered to be number two behind Google as a world leading search engine. Though YouTube is among the leading search engines, it is perfect mostly for entertainment videos. Nonetheless, consider hosting the video on other platforms if you intend to have full control over its ownership.

Also, the other hosting platforms enable your video to be quickly found in search engine results. Keywords are also important in video marketing just as they are for other SEO marketing campaigns. The keyword is vital for the video’s actual filename. Additionally, when you include a catchy title, your marketing video will be easily found by your target audience. Make sure that you utilize all the fields available while uploading your video to tell the system about the keywords you are targeting your video to be found with.

A successful video marketing and SEO campaign provides the users with capabilities to comment on the video. The ease of commenting will give your users an easy time to share your video with other connections on the social networks. Make sure that your videos are adaptive and clear for all devices. Make sure that your video is also supplied with a transcript. The transcript will assist the search engines to know exactly the content that appears in your marketing video.

Transcripts are also necessary for video marketing. They will help your video to be found using other terms that are not captured in the title or filename of your video. They act extensively as the content of a web page for the video. To make sure that your video content is easily found, make use of Video XML Sitemaps. These sitemaps are excellent because they will provide search engines with a definitive list of all the video contents.

The sitemaps also enable your videos to be found in their SERPs for the exact terms that you are targeting for your potential audience. Moreover, they give the search engines all the information they require to index all your video content efficiently. So as to ensure that your videos are quickly found, use Schema markup and Rich Snippets when making the video marketing campaigns. Also, Geotagging and merging YouTube with Google+ will enable for your videos to be found efficiently.

After making and publishing your video, make sure that you share it on 3rd party websites. Through sharing on social Medias, you can make many links enable your video marketing and SEO campaign to thrive exponentially.

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