How to Incorporate Your Corporate Video into Instagram

Instagram and marketing: it’s a match made in user-engagement heaven, giving businesses the ideal platform for their “show, don’t tell” strategy. Social media platforms like Instagram provide businesses with the opportunity to connect with a receptive target audience right where they enjoy spending time, an opportunity that marketers of yesteryear could only dream of.

For this reason, Instagram is a great place to share your corporate video. You just have to be strategic to ensure that you’re posting something that viewers will take the time to watch. Here are a few types of videos that perform well on this platform.

User-Generated Content

Customers rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, making user-generated content a great resource for businesses. UGC is especially prevalent on Instagram, as it’s easy for brands to repost and regram content right from a user’s account. While this isn’t a replacement for original content, it can be an effective tool in encouraging engagement among your followers.

Marketers can use UGC to educate viewers on an unexpected or unique aspect of their brand. The UPS Store does this particularly well, sharing content from small business owners with the hashtag #TheUPSStoreCustomer to their own account.

Timelapse Videos

Timelapse videos cater to two specific demands from viewers: first, to get new information, and second, to receive that information as quickly as possible. Not only are timelapse videos a lot of fun to watch, but they’re particularly successful in keeping viewers engaged from start to finish. Timelapse videos are especially effective in helping viewers visualize an experience, such as is the case with Denmark’s Instagram video of Copenhagen.

Stop-Motion Videos

Stop-motion videos are relatively easy to produce and provide a clean, charming effect that grabs viewers’ attention. As an added bonus, the narrative is visual and therefore doesn’t rely on audio. When you consider the fact that the vast majority of viewers don’t listen to audio on social media videos, this type of format makes a lot of sense. Starbucks is a great example of a brand that has mastered the stop-motion video game, providing fun, engaging content that reflects their brand’s personality.

Instagram is the ideal platform for eye-catching, original content. By incorporating your corporate video to Instagram, you can engage users and build brand recognition.

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You know the value of using social media in your business marketing. One area to focus on is Instagram. Specifically, Instagram Stories are important. This particular media receives millions of hits every day. With over 50 million users, this is an important place to be present. When you use Instagram Stories in the proper manner, you can count on seeing more consumer engagement and views. But, just using the service is not enough. You need to do so in an impressive manner.

But, What Should You Do?

One of the biggest questions people have is how to use Instagram Stories to effectively market a business. You have just a few short minutes of time on this platform to make a point. But, because the audience is so large and versatile, you actually can accomplish a great deal on this platform. Here’s where to get started.

Make Your Product Shine

Perhaps the best way to use Instagram Stories is to provide an up close and personal description and view of your product. You want to sell it – so show it off. Video like this brings products to life, far more so than a basic photo can offer.

Share Some News

Many times, your followers on this social media website will want to connect with you so they can hear what’s new first. Make sure your Instagram Stories lets this happen. Use it to share news, views, and details. Let your followers be the first to know what’s happening with your company.

Engage Your Followers

There are various ways you can engage with your audience using this format. Your goal should be to create a variety of interaction opportunities on a consistent basis. This may include:

  • Games and contests that let them participate with you
  • Sharing events where they can share their own content with you
  • Create a teaching moment – here’s something they need to learn

The more ways you get creative on this platform, the better. Use it for a behind the scenes tour. Use it to create a very specific call to action when you want your followers to do something specific. You can also use it to explain how something works. There are few limits.

Because Instagram Stories is so versatile, be sure to create some professional quality video to share there. This is a fantastic way for you to begin building your company’s brand on a high-performing social media site. You’ll love the interaction and your customers will, too.

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Have you heard about Instagram Stories? Instagram is well known as the site for photos shared among friends and followers. Generally, the site is a fantastic place for brands because it allows for a fast and easy way to connect with followers in a very effective way – with visuals. Stories takes things to a new level. As a brand, you’ll want to include Stories in your online marketing efforts.

What Are Instagram Stories?

This feature allows users of the site to share multiple photos or multiple videos that they’ve created in a single album or in a slideshow format. The images together help to tell a story. Like most of the content on Instagram, it does not stay long. In fact, content in Stories is gone within 24 hours of posting it.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Social Media Tool?

Why should you use this new medium, which is a lot like Snapchat’s Stories feature? It’s an effective way of reaching your audience and offers a number of benefits:

Upload More in One Shot

One of the key benefits of using Stories is that it allows you to upload content and marketing in a single story rather than through individual posts. You get to give your followers more than just one image. They now get a set of images that can really pull together a thought, a campaign message, or a brand’s advertisements.

Be More Creative

You can also be very creative with Instagram Stories. Like other posts on Instagram, you can use the draw tools and text tools to personalize the content on the site. But, along with this, the entire format allows for more creativity. You can really let your brand’s image and overall style come out. This is a fantastic way to build a brand image because it gives you more room to create a brand-specific display.

Get Your Brand in Front of Your Viewers Easier

And, they rank better and faster in the Instagram app. Your followers are likely to see your posted Stories much easier than they see a single post. That’s because Instagram uses a colored ring around your Instagram profile photo located in the Story bar. That ring of color really helps to get the attention of those who you want to click on it and learn what you have to offer. Of course, you’ll need to deliver something interesting to keep them looking!

It’s Engaging

Finally, another key advantage of Instagram stories is that it is an effective way to remain in front of your users. Not only are you able to get your posts in front of more people with this tool, but you are also more likely to engage with them. They’ll click, share, and comment. And, in many cases, this format allows you to provide more information that can produce the response you want (buy, for example, your product). Whereas traditionally Instagram is a single post-and-go social media app, this component takes things further and gives you more room to connect with your follower.

Instagram Stories is one of the many platforms that offers a video connection. That’s important today because we know consumers respond to video far more effectively than any other form of media. Is your brand making good use of this highly important tool?

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