Hiring a video production company isn’t an easy decision for many companies. After all, you need a company you can rely on, within your budget, that is going to get results. To help you, consider these 10 questions. You should have answers to these before moving forward.

#1: What is the value of hiring a video production company?

If the company cannot provide this information to you, on how they can benefit you, move on to one that can. The key here is to see what they can offer to you.

#2: What type of success have the company’s videos had previously?

Look for some solid examples of the work they have done. Most companies are happy to share some of their best work with you. Does it have a solid reputation?

#3: How is the targeted audience determined?

To be successful, your company’s marketing efforts must always point to the right customer, the one most likely to buy from you. Determine how the company determines who this targeted audience is and how they actually market to that group.

#4: What is the benefit of this video to the customer?

Outline what the video is going to show customers and how that is going to change your customer’s life. You want to know how your product or service is going to be shown as improving the life of your customer.

#5: What is the specific message for this video?

Every video has a goal to communicate. It is important that you and your video production company clearly understand what the underlying goal is. And, you should always be on the same page.

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We are in an age of high definition. People are getting high definition televisions, browsing on their tablets, kicking back in the cafe with their smart phones streaming audio. Movies, media, and multimedia content have evolved. Everyone is concerned about pixel ratios, sound quality, and the lighting of the last video on YouTube. Since everyone now has a camera – everyone is a critic. Quality is no longer subjective and as standards evolve, companies are trying to out-compete each other. What does this mean for you?

What Does an Audience Look for in a Video?

This means that you have to up-the-ante and provide to your audience a video that will appeal to them on many levels. You have to know what they want and give it as best as possible in the medium that most appeals to them. This means ensuring the video has crisp clear audio, a meaningful message and catchy graphics.

Upping your game can mean a lot of things. In house, it may mean revising your product and redefining your target market. For your Marketing and PR departments it may mean redefining ‘how’ you market to your audience. In today’s market there are some things that seem like a must-have from an audience perspective and having those will ensure that your project will be nearer to the quality the target audience has come to expect.

Getting a good video production company with a solid reputation for quality, could be the most important part of the production lifecycle. This company will most likely have very good equipment, lighting, and personnel and as such will ensure that their videos are crisp, clear, and of the highest pixel quality.

Good equipment, software, and production processes will ensure that voiceovers or background music production can be clear and well defined. A perfect accompaniment to the visual component of your product.

A meaningful story line or flow is very important. How do you feel when you watch a video? What kinds of emotions did it evoke? Do I now want to get the services I was just shown? These are questions you can ask yourself and your team and use them as a guide through the production process.

Lucky for you and your team, Kicker has gone through many video production life cycles. Our experienced staff has what it takes to produce graphically compelling and meaningful videos that will surely be the envy of your competitors. Giving us the job means giving in to the great quality your audience will enjoy.

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