Filming yourself
Pro tips for filming yourself

As a blogger, influencer, or even content creator, it is important to know how to film others to create quality videos in order to promote a good brand image. But what about filming yourself? It is just as important to be able to create quality video when it comes to creating short videos that you will then post on social networks, or even longer videos such as live videos or Youtube videos. There’s a real art to filming yourself correctly, which can require practice to master. So let’s dip into the main tips to help you improve how you capture footage of yourself !

  1. Use the right camera

Buy the best camera you can afford and look for a camera that has a flip screen so you can see what you look like as you speak. Alternatively, you can purchase an external screen that’ll easily connect via HDMI. If you’re off on an adventure, you could also invest in a GoPro. They’re waterproof and can be attached to anything. These days, you want a camera that films at a resolution of at least 1080p, but 4K is definitely not essential. Also, there’s nothing worse than wobbly footage, so you must put your camera on a stable surface, but if you have a budget, definitely invest in a good tripod.

  1. A quality audio is a must

Audio makes up fifty percent of the overall quality of a video. If your audio is rubbish, your video will most likely be rubbish. It’s also worth letting audio factor into your decision of where you film yourself. Excessive wind or background noise can ruin your footage! Search for a time and place that’s quiet, like a studio or an office. 

  1. Think about the lighting 

If you want your image to look fantastic on people’s screens, then you need to carefully consider the light you film in. Make sure you don’t stand with a window behind you for example. If you want to control your lighting then it’s better to film inside, using lights specifically created for this purpose. The right setup will create a softer light, stopping you from getting harsh shadows that can ruin your image.

  1. Be yourself !

Try to relax when filming yourself. It’s worth practicing first and accepting that it might take time to appear confident on camera. Just because you’re not immediately into it, doesn’t mean that you won’t find your groove eventually. It is also important to be authentic on camera when filming yourself ! Don’t try too hard to look like someone else, just be yourself and start recording !

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Youtube video live

Live videos have taken a big place in the world of content creation in recent years. They bring a fresh air to Digital Marketing, making this type of content more “real” and less overplayed: viewers can see what is happening in the present moment and be closer to you. These videos are present on different platforms, such as Facebook, or even Instagram, where we see a good number of influencers and companies using this tool to make people talk about them, and sometimes even operate a moment of intimacy with their followers, since they can answer some questions while the video is streaming.

Let’s take a look at how to take your pre-recorded content to live videos on Youtube in four steps:

1- Use the right equipment

There are a couple of things to remember before you press the live go button. First, you should know that if you are using your laptop to go live, the  built-in camera could work perfectly. However, if you want to ensure that your stream is high quality, with decent auto-focus and auto-exposure features, an external camera made for streaming may be worth looking into. The same is true of recording. There are high-quality microphones recording professional-grade audio, which are easy to set up and not so expensive.

2- Have a script ready before going live

Of course you need to get an idea about what will be the topic of your live video and how long you’re planning to talk, if you will be having guests over or also if you are planning on doing a tour or Q/A. Before you ever start rolling you have to map this idea out. Know when you’re going online, you don’t have many takes anymore. Create as much description as you can for the story you are trying to tell and for the script you’re writing. The other  critical thing to remember is a thumbnail formation. YouTube grants producers and content creators the opportunity to make their show “premiere.” As you intend on streaming you can let your viewers know in advance. To do this, create a thumbnail that will appeal to viewers. 

3- Prepare for the right settings 

If you hit the “Go Live” button on the top right corner, here is what happens next:

From the above image, you can see that you have the option “create a title,” but also an option for when to make it public/schedule it, then you will have to choose the usual back-end info for YouTube. You may add a synopsis, then pick your camera and microphone input to start  streaming.

4- Live chat options

Another important setting to choose from is whether to allow the chat or not. This allows the viewers to comment while you stream in real time. It is time  to go live now ! Good luck 🙂

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You’ve already created a great product or service, but how are you going to get people to notice? Some traditional marketing tactics, like cold calls and print mail, can lead to sales, but at what cost? Social media is another great way to reach your audience, but with so many changes to each platform’s algorithms, your genius written post may not even be seen.

What Customers Want: Video

Enter video. Video a workhorse marketing tool for any business whether you’re new or established. According to Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey, more than one-third of all customers (and nearly half of Millennials) prefer video content over other marketing communication. Use these six ideas to grow your business with branded video.

Customer Testimonials

Want to address your customers’ pain points and add instant credibility to your brand? Customer testimonials are the way to do so. Use video to capture real customer experiences and delivery social proof of your company’s value to prospective clients. Watch Apple’s powerful example that has earned more than a million views on YouTube alone.

Product Demonstrations & Explainers

When you deliver products and services, it’s usually easier to provide a visual example of value than it is to explain it in words. Members of your audience will retain it better as well. Consider adding a branded explainer video as a pinned post on social media or on the home page of your site to quickly let viewers know what you’re all about.

Branded Films

Storyline? Check. Personality? Check. Humor? Check. Branded videos are a great way to embed your company into an entertaining video people are likely to watch, like and share. Typically, these are longer videos with high production quality. Check out Coca-Cola’s ‘One Last Summer’ premiere for inspiration.

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Let your audience take a front-seat tour of how your business works behind the scenes. Showcase your production or creative process and film employees doing what they do best. Customers feel more connected to a brand when they know there is more to it than just a logo. Behind-the-scenes video builds a human connection.

Live Video

Attending an industry conference or releasing a new product at an event? Bring your customers with you. Live video can be streamed on social media, recorded for later use and edited into a highlight reel to be published later. It also generates increased engagement with your brand which can lead to more sales that help your business grow.

Video FAQ

A newer video style soon to become a trend is the video FAQ. When customers go to you for help, they don’t want to scour through forum-like posts to get answers, but they also dread making that potentially frustrating and lengthy customer service call. A video FAQ combines a personal touch and a visual example of how to fix the problem which builds trust and keeps them coming back to your brand.

Video for Business Growth

It’s important not to think of brand video as an instant solution to slumped sales. Instead, video connects with customers, enhances your credibility, builds awareness and helps increase your brand’s perceived value among new and existing customers. This is what really sparks business growth.

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As a marketing outlet, video has been growing in popularity as technology powering high-speed internet improves globally. The 2017 projections released by eMarketer stated video consumption would increase in Canada, the UK and the US compared to years prior – and they were right. With viewership estimated to continue through 2020 and beyond, video content is one of the backbones of modern marketing. Discover video trends worth noting in 2018.

Live Video

Made popular by the launch of Facebook Live in 2016, live video use among brands is expected to surge in 2018. Live video not only has the appearance of being unscripted, it also gives companies the flexibility to showcase their brand in real time. For example, brands are using live video to capture participation in community service events, industry-specific conferences, live interviews and rare behind-the-scenes footage.

360-Degree Video

One of the best ways to capture attention with video is to make the production stand out from the rest. A fresh way to shoot videos, 360-degree or spherical videos are shot with omnidirectional cameras and provide a panoramic view of the scene. For brands, shooting a video in 360-degree view allows further creativity during the editing process. Choose to keep only the best scenes or use panoramic shots to soften scene transitions while adding interest.

Square Video

Mobile video consumption continues to gain popularity year over year. In 2018, brands are responding with increased production of square videos. When viewed within a social media platform such as Facebook, square videos tend to command more attention and receive higher engagement rates. Additionally, square video tends to perform well within mobile apps as either featured content or ads.

Silent Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t a new concept in video marketing. The most successful videos clearly capture and tell a story, but in 2018 more brand stories are being told in silence. After all, it’s a video’s imagery that is responsible for holding a viewer’s attention, not it’s script. Brands are using silence to their advantage by using bolder imagery to tell their stories and sprinkling captions or bold text throughout.

Cross-Platform Video Marketing

Between Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, millions of video hours are consumed annually. In the past, brands would focus their marketing efforts on a single platform per video. Now, it’s become evident that marketers in 2018 will need to consider branching out to incorporate multiple platforms for every video produced. This strategy enables brands to gain more exposure while potential customers benefit from viewing brand-centric videos on their preferred platform.

Streamline Your Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a solid video marketing strategy is no longer an option; it’s a requirement. In 2018, video consumption is projected to grow across all digital channels. As industry competition heats up, brands now need to focus their efforts on creating the most popular types of video content and strategically promoting them on digital platforms to increase exposure.

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The Biggest Video Marketing Trends of 2017: Are You Ready?

The utilization of video in social media has grown to incredible numbers. In fact, customers have come to expect video content as a part of their engagement and connection with their favorite brands. Video consumption has grown significantly over the last few years as a result of mobile technology improvements and overall access. Video isn’t new, but it is growing in terms of how much value and importance it offers to the customer.

Not Sure You Need Video?

Think again. The fact is, video is everywhere in the marketing process and growing rapidly. These trends show it:

  • Did you know that 80 percent of online video viewers have interacted with a video ad at least one time in the previous month?
  • More than 33 percent of online activity – all of it – has to do with watching videos.
  • And, 76 percent of professionals watch videos as a part of their business at least one time a week.
  • The average person watches more than 33 videos, on average, each month.
  • Perhaps most important, 38 percent of video watchers view the ads as credible – and that directly impacts their buying decision.

So, What Will 2017 Bring?

Video will be an important part of any marketing plan for 2017. Among the various ways video content will make a difference includes the following:

Facebook Video Will Grow in Demand

Facebook continues to be the strongest social media platform for marketing. Mark Zuckerberg, head of the company, has said that video, including Facebook Live, will be the main focus of the site and will be where the company focuses its resources. Video increases the number of people that share and talk about products.

Live Video Across All Platforms Will Dominate

Many of the social media sites – including Facebook, Twitter, and Snap – are focusing efforts on live video. Interacting one-on-one with fans and prospective customers is very important and highly effective when done in this format. One survey found that 85 percent of the people that use Twitter watch videos each day. Keep in mind that interaction through live video is likely to grow at a fast rate for all businesses across all platforms.

Sales Professionals Will Need to Focus on Video

Video offers a number of benefits:

  • It is easy to digest information, even complex information.
  • People like videos better than reading content.
  • People that see how a product works are more likely to buy it.
  • Customers can embrace and learn about a company long before buying from them.
  • People prefer learning technical topics – even product manuals – when it is in video format.

For all of these reasons, it has become increasingly important for companies to invest in video as a key component of their sales process. It should not just be a marketing tool to draw in people, but also to close the sale and to educate customers about companies, products, and services more fully.

When it comes to business plans and marketing plans for 2017, a focus on video is very important. In fact, video marketing should be the place most companies put most of their marketing dollars simply because it will be the differentiating factor when it comes down to where a customer spends money. Without a strong video focus, companies will struggle to capture their customer.

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Last year, live streaming apps and websites stormed the marketing scene, creating a brand new way for users to engage with their favorite brands. Have you considered using live streaming in your business, but you just don’t have the time to master a brand new tool?

That’s where Facebook Live comes in.  If you know how to use Facebook (and we’re assuming you do!) live streaming is the simplest choice. All you need to do is download the Facebook Mentions app on your mobile device, connect it with your business page, and then apply to become a verified page.


Should your Business be on Facebook Live?

Truth be told, there is room for any type of business and industry to utilize Facebook Live. If you believe in transparency, if you want your customers to know you, and if you want to put your competition to shame, then live streaming is for you!

Let’s take a look at how Facebook Live can be used in your marketing plan.


Customer Education & Support

Do you work in an industry where customers are constantly sending in questions or calling your customer service agents for help? You can use Facebook Live to both answer common questions and drive likes to your Facebook page.

Say that a customer named Mary sent in an email that would be best answered as a demonstration instead of a long text email. You could write her back and say, “Mary, thanks for asking! We get this question often, so we are going to do a live demo on our Facebook page showing you exactly how to use it at 2 p.m. tomorrow. If you can’t make it then, the video will be available to view on our newsfeed afterwards.”

Then if Mary showed up, you could mention her specifically while doing the demonstration. Imagine the type of brand loyalty this would inspire in Mary as opposed to her getting a dry email response that other companies offer?


Host an Open Q&A

A business that shows its current and potential customers that it really cares about them as individuals and helping them improve their lives is a business that will win every time. An easy way to do this is to use Facebook Live to hold a question-and-answer session.

You could post about the upcoming session throughout your social media networks, through your company newsletter, on your blog, and on your website. Let people know that you’re willing to respond to any question they have, whether it be about a product, a service, or an aspect of your company. It’s just another way to boost engagement.

One of the best parts about Facebook Live is that you can repurpose the video any way you want. You can share previously recorded videos on other social media networks. You can embed the video on your FAQs page. You can even add a link to it in your email signature.

How could Facebook Live benefit your business and increase engagement?

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