Video made a big splash in 2018 and it looks like 2019 will be even bigger. It’s ability to reach customers and convey messages has really come through this year. And, if you are like most marketers, you are already looking at plans for next year. What’s ahead for video in the coming year? Here are five big predictions.

#1: Social-Media Live Stories

One of the things growing in importance is live video. And, to go along with it are short video clips made popular by Instagram Stories and Tick Tock. In the coming year, expect to see more of this, but with a marketing flair. Short and sweet, and right to the point is all your customer needs.

#2: Virtual Presentation Videos

For those in the B2B market, virtual presentations will continue to be an important trend for the coming year. These work to bring people together in a global online community. It’s likely you’ll see more of this in two formats. First, you’ll see more recorded and playback presentations that give people the ability to watch them when and where they want. And, online conferences are also likely to grow in importance.

#3: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

There’s little doubt that mobile will continue to be the deciding factor in video marketing in the coming year. You already know the importance of ensuring your media is in a format easily digestible for the mobile consumption trends, but now you are going to need to focus on mobile first. Instead of adapting commercials and large-scale video down, you’ll likely spend more money on your mobile-first video.

#4: Email Video

Email typically offers the same basic format it has for a decade, but video email is likely to be an important change for companies looking to capture more customers. In fact, we are already seeing an increase in email open rates just when you add the word “video” to the subject line. Expect to see more marketing focused on video rather than basic templates.

#5: Video Courses

People are learning and growing at a rapid pace, but they are just as busy as ever. Paid video courses are likely to provide an opportunity to learn on the go. Imaging all of those recipes you see playing out on your Facebook page, but instead of food, the product is yours.

Video is likely to continue to be one of the most valuable tools you own. The key here, though, will be on modernizing the methods you use to reach your audience. Expect big things to happen here.

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It is estimated that more than half of all video content will be watched on mobile devices. This isn’t just movies and the games your kids watch. It’s everything from the marketing content you are sending your client in an email to the social media content you are posting for your brand awareness and development. However, the way video is designed matters. If the content is not optimized for use on mobile devices, it simply cannot be viewed easily in that way. That hurts the way your business operates because it directly impacts how nearly half (or more) of your audience is viewing that video.

How, Then, Can You Optimize Video to Ensure It Is Mobile Friendly?

Realize that, whenever you create a video, it needs to be mobile friendly. This means that when you work with a video production company, you’ll want to ensure your content is designed from the start with a mobile advantage.

Some websites, such as Vimeo and YouTube are already mobile friendly when it comes to the video player size. However, most marketers are extending their video libraries beyond these platforms. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you create mobile-ready videos for your marketing campaigns.

  • Start with your landing or splash page. The image you place here needs to look good no matter if the viewer is on a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Embed content on your own site rather than on third party websites whenever possible. This allows you to ensure the content is on par with your goals and designed properly. It also means people are on your site viewing the content – and that’s the end goal.
  • Ensure the video player you use on your site is responsive. You’ll want to ensure the video player you use fits the screen properly.
  • It is possible to create unique content for each application. For example, you may want your tablet users to see a different version of your video than those using their mobile phone. That’s possible and can be ideal for some applications.
  • Incorporate a clickable CTA if the video is hosted at your site. You don’t want to do this if it is on YouTube. Remember, you want to have clickable CTAs whenever possible and that is not something you can do when using a third party website to host your content.

What’s important to remember when it comes to mobile viewing of videos is that you need to start from the beginning with the goal of creating content that’s capable of being viewed in all platforms. This is what will ultimately drive your results.

To achieve this goal, start with who you are working with. The video production company or service you use needs to understand the importance of optimizing content for the mobile audience. They can help you to ensure you are creating responsive web design, adaptive streaming and HTTP live streaming solutions, and creating effective, actionable calls to action. With the right design from the start, your video not only can be viewed by anyone and on any device, but it can also be received in the manner you want. And, your customers or clients can then take the action you want them to with your product or your service.

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