Demo videos have a lot going for them: they’re educational, memorable and informative, and most of all, they are powerful tools that help you make sales and close deals. An effective product demo video highlights the value of what you’re offering, addressing your client’s problem and how your company can solve it. Here are a few reasons that your business needs a demo video.

Demo Videos Let You Connect with Clients

You’re a firm believer in the products and services that you offer, and your enthusiasm for your business shines through to your clients when you sit down with them and explain how what you’re offering can meet their needs. No matter how great your online copy is, it’s really hard to capture that enthusiasm and make every website visitor feel like your service is uniquely suited to their needs. Demo videos provide the experience of sitting down one-on-one with a client and sharing how your product or service can help them.

They’re Convenient for You and Your Clients

Your clients are busy people, and coordinating a demo time can be a serious challenge. Rather than playing email volleyball with your client in an attempt to set up an appointment, you can simply send them a pre-recorded demo that they can watch and rewatch at a time that fits their busy schedule.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Canceled Appointments

Life happens, and sometimes your client is not able to attend a scheduled product demo. If you have a pre-recorded demo, then the preparation that you put into that meeting won’t go to waste. You’re still able to provide the client with the demo via email or social media, without having to go through the trouble of planning another demo.

Demo Videos are Easy to Share

Did your prospect arrive at the demo but other stakeholders from their organization that were scheduled to be there didn’t show up? If you’ve recorded the demo, then that won’t be a problem. Demo videos are easy to share, and once your prospect has the demo, they can easily share it with the other decision-makers within their organization.

Demo videos are powerful sales tools that can speed up your company’s sales cycle, maximize your sales team’s efficiency, and cut down on unqualified leads.

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There’s no doubt 360 video is becoming one of the most interesting new technologies for video use today. This technology allows individuals watching a video to feel much more immersed in it. They now can control the angle of the camera, view what’s happening in full 360 degrees, and feel like they are a part of the atmosphere. It’s a very advanced concept, but it isn’t something today’s small to medium sized businesses should ignore for their marketing and communications. How can 360 video fit into your business?

Showcase Your Location

One of the ways you can incorporate video like this into your business marketing and brand awareness is by showcasing where you are located. Taking a video of the exterior of your location, perhaps even a path to getting to your location, can enhance your customers’ experience while also providing a more visual level of communication. Now, customers know how to find you and what’s nearby. This may entice them to come to you more frequently.

Give Them an Experience

Perhaps your company provides a service to the public. You can use 360 video as a way to showcase how your service works. By visualizing not just the images but the surroundings, your customers may feel more confident in working with you and may even want to engage with you a bit more. This type of video allows them to clearly see what happens, what the result is, how it works, and what the outcome for them can be.

Show Off Your Product

Perhaps the holidays are coming up and you want to show off the inventory you have in stock. 360 video makes that very possible. It creates a much bigger picture and can get your buyers motivated to buy and engage with you. It’s also a fun way to get people to see what you have to offer. And, they are likely to share this type of video with their friends – helping you to improve your connectivity with new customers.

Launch a Promo with It

A crowd is gathered to learn about your new product or special promotion. You want everyone on your social media feeds to participate as well. When you’ve spent this type of money to create an announcement, you’ll want to capture more than just your speaker or graphics. With 360 video you can capture the entire experience as well as the reaction that those in your presence have to your announcement. You can then use this as a marketing tool and help others to see just how incredible what you have to offer is.

There are many ways you can incorporate 360 video into your business. Follow one of your drivers for the day to show how much you care about your customers. Use video to show your audience what makes you different from the competition. Give people a better view of what happens in the course of your business day or what happens in the supply room, warehouse, or assembly line.

There are countless ways this type of video can work for your business goals. The key is to create a scenario that addresses a specific need your organization has. That can help to make your videos powerful and valuable. Check out the range of use for 360 videos. Get creative so you’ll be memorable.

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