Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have as a business owner to reach a diverse audience. Video consumption is growing rapidly, making the simple one-minute video one of the most important investments you can make in your growing business. But, how can you double your return on investment using video? Try these tips.

#1: Don’t focus on viral content

Many times, marketers make the mistake of believing the only videos that will get attention are those that go viral. Not only is that not true, trying to create such a viral video is rather impossible. However, video does generate about three times as many visitors to a website a month than other marketing methods such as text posts. What’s the solution? Create highly targeted messages directed right at the most likely customer for your business.

#2: Keep it real

You do not have to spend a lot of money on a complex video. Keep things as realistic and authentic as possible. You should use a professional to create the videos for you, but using them is rather easy to do. Include them in your social media campaign. Complex videos are too commercial-like. Your videos should deliver a more personal message.

#3: Use your videos to draw in qualified leads

The next step in the process is to make sure your videos are easily accessible where users want to and can see them. This means positioning them on YouTube. It also means using them on Facebook and your other social media accounts. And, you should also create videos for your website. Statistics say that 60 percent of people who visit a website will watch a video before they read the material on the page. The right content will give you the best possible outcome in turning those visitors into buyers.

#4: Test and monitor what works

To improve your ROI, you need to determine what type of video and what type of use of that video is getting attention. Look for key performance indicators, or details that indicate how well the customer responds to your videos. There are various ways to do this including:

  • Considering how much time they spend on the landing page
  • How many videos lead to consumers signing up or taking action
  • Which videos are actually converting leads
  • CTR on the landing page

If you use a site like YouTube to display your videos, you’ll find analytical tools are available to help you to see who is watching the videos, where they are coming from, and what they do after they’ve watched your video. Use this information to make decisions about future video creation.

#5: Use videos as lead positioning in your sales funnel

Videos are not just lead creators. They should also be informative tools that answer questions about the leads you get. For example, it’s important to evaluate leads based on their attention span and then insert those leads into your sales funnel based on their interest. For example, if someone watches three of your videos and signs up, they are highly interested. If someone just catches a few seconds of your video, they may not be ready for your marketing call.

Most importantly, create videos on a consistent basis and ensure they are providing the very best message. With the help of video production, you can easily create a stream of videos that keeps your customers’ attention.

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It’s not the same game as it was 20, or even 5 years ago. With all the cameras and microphones on our smart phones, computers, and tablets, video has grown to be one of the main ways we communicate with one another. Entrepreneurs and people with big dreams are harnessing this fact and using it to launch their businesses. If you have a start-up, you need to be using at least one of these five types of video.

Promotional Video
This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important enough we wanted to cover it anyway. You need to tell people who you are, what you do, and what you want them to do. It’s as simple as that. Many start-ups are launching with the help of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter,IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe. These people are able to express to complete strangers why they should invest their money in their start-up or project with a mere two minute video.

Review Video
Whether you are an author trying to build an audience by doing book reviews, or your start-up is a consumer review resource, you may need to do a review video. These videos are typically give information about a product’s quality, use, specifications, etc. Companies can do reviews of their own products but should not try to be over-promotional. If you are going to do your own review for your start-up, just give the details of the product without opinions or ad-speak.

Blog Video
Blogs have the opportunity to rake in money with page clicks, banner advertisements, and video, of course. A great way to generate traffic to and on your site is to create a blog video. The video can be a quick tip or tutorial pertaining to the overall message your company is trying to convey, a promotion, or just a way to connect with your audience. This is a wonderful way to relate to your community, keep your audience updated, and further your message. These videos should be quick, no more than 3 minutes, and they should always provide some sort of value to your audience.

Testimonial Video
Testimonials are what most people rely on when trying to choose between two nearly identical products or companies. Make every effort to avoid fake testimonials and use real customers. This is an opportunity to showcase your product or message in a way that you couldn’t in your own product review. It’s okay of your customers, collaborators, and vendors gush about your product!

Positioning Videos
These branding videos are what most big companies use for top dollar TV ads that are emotional, funny, and stick in customers’ minds. We can all remember a commercial that makes us laugh every time or has made us tear up, and you can likely easily name the product that was being promoted. This is called experiential advertising and can be very difficult to pull off. It involves connecting a viewer’s elicited emotions to a brand. When done well, however, these top dollar videos may result in top dollar results.

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