Creating Video Content for Platform

Creating great videos is the first step. Once you have your brand’s video created, what do you do with it to get the best results? It’s always best to find ways where your content can stand out, but also reach the ideal customer or buyer for your products or services. Luckily, there are many platforms available that can offer help to most marketers looking for a fast, effective way to promote.

What You Need to Consideration First

Before you can choose a platform, you need to consider your goals for your brand video. Here are a couple of key questions to ask:

  • Who is the target audience for your video? Who needs to see this in order to make a decision about your products or services?
  • What platform does your main audience use the most?
  • What type of engagement do you want to have through your videos? In other words, what do you want people to do when they see your video?
  • What message is the video offering? Having a story to tell, ask yourself which platform is going to offer the best way to grab attention.
  • Where is your brand known? What platforms do you need a bit more work on?

The Video Platforms to Consider

There’s no doubt that YouTube is the largest platform of video content of any type. It may prove to be the ideal option for your client base. However, social networks are fast becoming the go-to location for videos because of the sheer reach they offer. Here are a few things to consider.

  • YouTube is an excellent starting point for adding your video. Building a channel here that allows you to educate your buyers on a consistent basis can be highly effective. If you plan to add videos frequently, start here.
  • LinkedIn is an excellent choice for those who have a strong B2B market. If your business’s ideal audience is professional, this is the likely place to be.
  • Facebook is a solid option for those who want to reach a more mainstream audience. Twitter is also an excellent location if you have a younger or Millennial audience.

In every situation, ask yourself what specific goals you have for your video. Then, determine which platform can offer the very best level of traction for you.

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Just a few years ago, online shopping was met with skepticism, with people asking questions like, “Is my personal information safe?” and, “Can I trust the quality of the item I’m ordering?” and, “How do I know that I’m actually working with a legitimate company and not some computer-savvy 13-year-old who’s orchestrating credit card scams from his blanket fort?”

Today, however, online shopping is second nature to most consumers. In fact, many people prefer buying even their groceries and everyday household items online over braving the stores on a busy Saturday afternoon. Even so, with some types of purchases, particularly those of items that have heftier price tags, there remains some hesitation. How can your e-commerce business overcome those reservations? By creating a video! Here are three important strategies for using video to highlight your e-commerce company.

Decide What Products or Services Would Benefit from Video the Most

Obviously, creating a high-quality video is going to cost some time and money, so use your resources wisely by deciding which products or services will benefit the most from being featured in a video. Generally speaking, people are most hesitant when making a big purchase online, so focus on your high-dollar, feature-rich offerings.

When creating product videos, make sure that you emphasize the benefits of a product or service, rather than its specific features. In other words, answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” For example, rather than saying that batteries are included, tell your viewer that the product is ready for them to use right out of the box. Instead of mentioning that a program is customizable, emphasize that it is designed to meet your customer’s unique needs.

Let Your Fans Do the Work

Getting ahold of user-generated content is a fantastic strategy for using video to highlight your company. It’s obviously a cost-effective alternative to spending the time and money to create a video yourself, and as an added benefit, it’s basically word-of-mouth advertising, which has been shown to be wildly successful.

Generally, satisfied customers are more than happy to share their experiences with your products or services, even if there isn’t a tangible incentive to do so. Create a hashtag, a contest, or a giveaway for those who share video content pertaining to your brand on social media. Your customers get their 15 minutes of fame, you get free video content, and everyone wins.

Sharing Your Video Wisely

There has been some debate as to the best way to share corporate videos online, so it’s important to do your research, evaluate your goals, and determine the best course of action for your business.

A major perk for sharing your video on YouTube, of course, is the ability to utilize the platform’s TrueViewvideo ad format. This allows you to reach audiences beyond those who visit your channel or social media page. Advertisers have several different options for sharing their content through TrueView ads, allowing them to customize a strategy that will fit their budget.

You don’t have to produce a video for each and every product and service you offer. By creating a strategy and partnering with an experienced video production company, you can reach your target audience and make sure that your e-commerce company shines.

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It sounds simple. Create a video of your product. Then, when you begin creating your video, you may wonder about the best way to move forward. The goal of this type of video is to educate your consumer about what your product has to offer and what makes it different from competitors. What goes into creating a product video that truly reaches this level of expertise? Here’s where to start.

Begin with Research

You’ve done research to create your product. Now, do research to choose the right type of marketing and video for it.

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where is your audience?
  • What information does the audience need?

With some basic research, you can begin to answer some key questions and make decisions about your product video.

What Ways Will You Communicate Your Message?

Multiple video formats are available. Most product videos should be a demonstration of the product in some way, such as of the way it works. But, there are multiple ways to do this. For example, it may be someone presenting the use of the product. You may need to use screenshots of it. You may want to create a more creative approach to the product.

Show Don’t Just Tell

Every person has seen a commercial, but when creating a product video, you need to do more. It’s important to stand out from the competition by showcasing what the product can do. Showing how the product was is important. Words are not enough to describe its actions. To really stand out, it is important to be able to show how this product will change their lives.

Creating the right hook is tricky, but this may be one of the best ways to make your product video a true success. It’s important to know that quality videos need this hook – or they just look like an average commercial.

Product Videos Need to Brand Your Business

Perhaps the most important step for companies to take is to invest in the branding component of these videos. That is, you need to ensure your video is creating, building, and promoting your brand, not just your product. To do this, first create a consistent brand message and image. Define what your brand is in images, words, and messages. Then, ensure your video communicates this.

Ensuring your brand image comes through is difficult in some cases. However, the tone and visual theme are important. Colors, logos and even the images you use should help to solidify this type of brand message. In many cases, this development of your brand and the carrying through of it to other product videos, will help your business to grow and become respected.

Product videos take some work to make them excellent. Remember, it is not just about communicating what the product is and how it works. It is about providing some element of creativity that helps to bring the viewer in and keeps them watching. Then, it is about showcasing what the product has to offer that stands out from the other competitors. It is only through these steps that your product video can build your brand image and truly reach its goal. Product videos are valuable and they can be one of the best investments today’s businesses can make in their marketing efforts and strategies.

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