When creating video for social media, the format and overall design needs to be a bit different than for other mediums. That’s logical, but as you work to create the next video for your company, how do you know what steps to take?

Recognize Solution Media Is Different

Perhaps the most important step is to recognize that social media is a different type of marketing than other forms. Your goal should be to promote your brand, your services, or your products – but not in the traditional sales method. Rather, you need to get social and creative.

What Do You Want Your Viewers to Do?

Before you begin the process, define what you want your customers to do at the end of the video. Are you using the video to drive people to visit your website or do you want to build your brand? Are you hoping to engage with more people? For visitors, aim to use teasers on social media with a link to the video on your site. Using a brand awareness campaign designed for Instagram can work well. Or, if you are looking to increase engagement get people talking, post the entire video on social media, especially Facebook, and interact.

Editing Your Video

There are a few key things to remember about editing your video for social media:

  • First, edit your video the way people will see it first – with the sound off.
  • Choose a thumbnail image that is interesting and attractive enough to get attention.
  • Most often, you have existing tools available to help you with video editing in the social media platform. Use them.
  • Focus on the length based on the social media site. For example, 10 to 30 seconds on Facebook is all that’s recommended. For Instagram stories, aim for 15 seconds, Twitter for 45 seconds, and LinkedIn for as long as 5 minutes.
  • Be sure the video is designed in terms of size specifically for the format you plan to use it in.
  • Remember, people are using social media on their smartphones, which means square videos tend to do better than others.
  • There are other simple things you can do to speed up the process, such as uploading the video right to the platform instead of a third party website.

When it comes to handling video for social media, it tends to be more effective and efficient to hire a video production company to help you.

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Social tools are evolving. Companies nо longer sеe them onlу as marketing engines, but as а network thаt саn facilitate brainstorming, idea-sharing, аnd collaboration with coworkers. It is a tool that can be used with B2B communications as well.

A 2013 Towers Watson survey found that over half оf thе businesses that took the survey used social media as an internal form of communication with coworkers. Thе mоst popular tools аmong respondents wеrе instant messaging, followed by streaming audio or video, human resources blogs, аnd social networks. Bу offering opportunities for employees to connect and communicate in dіfferеnt ways, especially via videos, yоu сan help them better understand eасh оther and build stronger, morе efficient working relationships. Here are two ways you can benefit from using an internal social network in your organization:

Forge a Sense Of Closeness By Bridging the Miles

Professionals today work in any number оf places-;on business trips, on thе road, оr even at home. Internal social networks саn help bring thе office together асrоss state lines. Enhanced employee profiles maу include background and evеn personal іnformаtiоn tо help workers іn disparate locations better understand еaсh оthеr. Ѕоme companies even share employee spotlights through thеіr internal social networks. Social networks аlsо allow employers to reach large groups at onсе, rаther thаn deploying individual emails or making phone calls to employees.

Provide а Platform

Social networking nоw includes platforms for videos and images. With thеse tools, users сan share tips and exchange ideas-;either withіn varіous work applications оr linked directly from thе newsfeed of enterprise social platforms. Νow thаt social tools сan do еverуthіng from facilitating brainstorming to providing an interactive workspace, employee саn collectively aсt аs аn intra-company communication venue.

The Implications of Video

As well as making business communications faster and mоrе efficient, the development of thеse nеw communication tools and applications hаs alsо changed thе waу we dо business in a number of areas.

  • Mobility – Mobile communications that allow employees to access thе office from аnywhere has led tо mаnу businesses bесomіng mоre mobile. Downsizing аnd workspace sharing аrе becоming а morе cost-efficient option.
  • Globalisation – Тhе ability tо communicate wіth anуоnе, аnуwhere, anytime hаs alsо meant thаt businesses are no longer restricted tо local markets, so are now free to trade with international businesses and develop nеw customer bases all ovеr the world.
  • Reduced travel – Ironically, as thе wоrld is opened uр thrоugh better communications thе nеed to physically travel overseas is reduced. Video conferencing saves money that cоuld be allocated to other aspects of a business.

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A video provides your business with a new prospect for marketing. Videos have the capability of getting millions of viewers globally. If you employ video for your business needs, then you will be able realize an increase in conversions and subscribers.


If your business has an online presence, then you should be looking at what video can do for you. Think of the impact video for small business can have on your sales. Video sells things better than plain old text. People prefer to watch rather than read. If you can present visual content, you will be branding yourself and getting future sales. Take a look at how best you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy today.

A good approach is to change any motionless text sales pages in your business into film sales pages. Publications and articles also need to be converted into video content. These will keep your company ahead of competitors by concentrating on tactics like this. You can exploit your videos on blog posts and YouTube in order to reach your message far and wide.

At times, it is wise to let other people with know-how in video content to handle the job for you. This allows you to concentrate on other areas of your company while they create your videos.


Customer Testimonials

Video Testimonials aid to drive the company’s marketing message by revealing the success stories of your customer who is the most valuable asset in your company. Use your contented customers to get your intended market interested. You customers have some awesome things to narrate about your business, your products, and your process. You should provide a platform for them to be heard.

Testimonials are great for building trust. If your customers are happy after using your products or services creating a great video testimonial to notify your visitors that they had an upbeat experience with your products, services and company is very essential.


Social media

Social media offers more video alternatives. With online video rapidly becoming a primary method for people to gratify their entertainment and information needs, businesses that fall short of incorporating videos in their marketing approaches are under significant threat.

People are gravitated towards striking images more rapidly than text, and your business is more probable to get more likes on Facebook if you use attractive videos and images rather than just plain text. Evidently you have to select the appropriate podiums to do it; Twitter is not very appealing when it comes to visuals while Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the best platforms.

Do not ignore social media and make sure that you promote your company across numerous channels. If you desire to appreciate the power of video usage fully, ensure that the videos can be easily found and shared by viewers.

-The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster by than plain text.

– Videos are shared over ten times more than photos and text combined.

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But do you know how effective videos are in marketing and fetching traffic? Well, when you link the content within those videos to campaigns, you make help guides to prospective clients into becoming customers. Depending on how effectively you are using the information that you receive from these visitors’ reviews for future campaigns, there is so much potential for them converting into real customers in due time. Using videos for reaching your customers is a perfect way of increasing your sales. You will need to understand exactly what your customers are getting from that video and what content is most interactive and engaging to them can have long-life ripples on how you interact with your base. If you understood that creating these capabilities takes very little time per video and can provide useful integration with you sales automation platforms and marketing, you would find more meaning in video usage in sales.

Clients’ testimonials on video

Clients’ testimonials are a superb way to use social proof in marketing your business online. An endorsement from a third-party about your company is a weightier method of promoting your business than using your words. While written testimonials are convincing, video testimonials are splendid! A video testimonial engages the viewers to connect emotionally and non-verbally with the cues that go along with the testifier, making it more genuine and powerful. Ultimately, after you have gathered these great testimonial videos, you want them on the right page. Placing them on your home page is one way that will grab attention of your viewer’s spot on. You will need to design you home page to include a place for these videos. Put them on “thank you” pages and encourage your sales team to use them help boost their credibility.


There are several video platforms that share nicely done videos globally enhancing reach-ability for any size of business. Apparently, for a good reason, YouTube is ranked top video platform. YouTube enables anyone everywhere to create videos, watch, discover and share them online. YouTube’s audience is immense and is comprised of a tangible variety of stable, well-connected communities. Well, it does not involve rocket science but in order to use YouTube effectively, your videos ought to be done professionally to suit the search of your audience.


Facebook is working extremely hard to making video features work for its users, and significant results have been achieved to that effect. Facebook is being used worldwide almost every person who could be a potential client. Adding some interactive and informative videos to you timeline will go a long way to grow and reinforce your audience and online community. When you’re posting videos to your Facebook page, it is important to include CTAs at the videos end to drive more traffic to your landing pages.

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Promoting a Video
Kicker again did a great job and produced a world class video for you. You have sent it to the advertisement companies, your distributors, and your friends. Your marketers and lead managers have a copy. What next? With the growing trend for social media how can you leverage that and put your video in the hands of the people. How do you successfully promote your video on social media?

Get Likes on Facebook

Facebook is basically at the top of the social media chart now. To get your video viral on Facebook will mean that it will reach a large interconnected network of potential customers. Have persons liking your page and ultimately your video by running a Facebook add, or even simply promoting a contest. A growing trend is offering as gift card or other promotional item to a person who has shared your page the most. This is sure to get persons fired up at the prospect of winning and will potentially draw likes to your pages.

Tweet up a Storm on Twitter

If you have a Twitter handle share it. Share it on your Facebook page too. Even on Twitter you can start a contest for persons who bring in the most followers. A simple $5 gift card at a favorite store can do the trick. Post teasers and blurbs about your video, get your followers to tweet about it. Use your daily post management personnel to find a way to integrate mentions of it in your daily posts. Start posting pictures with teasers before the video is even released so as to spark interest in the video, them once it is released share, share, and share!

Blog It Tumblr

Post pictures and tons of it during production. Show how the process is going on. Get followers, follow persons. Get people interested in your products and services and what you do. Create a consistent and interesting blog and spice it up even more as it comes time to release your video.
These are just three of the many social media platforms that exist. There are many more that you could be a part of. You know your clients base and where they are most likely to be. So, make the decision on where your efforts should be concentrated and drive an informational campaign there. It is important to get the word out so that people will want to see the videos you create. In this Smartphone/tablet culture a lot of persons may not engage in traditional radio/television media. So you have to make an effort to reach them also.

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