Video isn’t just a great medium for attracting and engaging customers, it’s also an effective tool for finding and hiring top talent. By thinking outside of the box and strategically using video during the hiring process, you can cut down on the time it takes to fill a position and ensure that your new hires are the right fit for your company.

Identify Interested Candidates

Thanks to job boards, a job candidate can apply for an open position at your company with just a few clicks of a mouse, regardless of their qualifications or level of interest. This can happen without the candidate talking to a recruiter, visiting your website, or even knowing the basic philosophy of your company.

To identify the candidates that are truly interested in a position, put an email gate to your video from inside your video platform. This will require that interested candidates provide their contact information before they view the video content. To gain the biggest benefit of an email gate, don’t put one on the main video of your Careers page; after all, candidates need to see an introduction of your company before they can decide if they’re interested in pursuing an opportunity. However, if you have follow-up videos, such as videos regarding your location, workplace culture, or your team, an email gate can help you gauge a candidate’s interest.

Show Them How Your Company Is Different

Chances are that the candidate that you’re interested in has applied for a position with several different companies, meaning that they will be in communication with other recruiters and hiring managers. Using video can help your company stand out, showing them why you’re different from the businesses in your industry and how a career with your company will provide incentives and opportunities that they won’t find elsewhere.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Just as you can measure a prospective client’s engagement with interactive content, you can measure that of a job applicant as well. In the video, you can ask a viewer questions, direct them to other parts of your website, instruct them to contact a specific person or watch another video. This can help you determine their level of interest in your company and the position, letting you move the resumes of qualified applicants to the top of the stack.

By creatively using video throughout the hiring process, you can sift through the many applications and resumes of unqualified, uninterested jobseekers and identify those that will be a good fit for your company.

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Hiring the right candidate for a job is about more than finding someone who will be experienced, dependable, and hardworking. The best candidate will not only be the right fit for your business, but your business will be the right fit for them.

How many employee complaints can be attributed to the fact that the company or the job is simply not what they’d had in mind? How often can dissatisfaction be traced back to unrealistic expectations, either of the job, the people with whom they work, or the brand as a whole? Only so much information regarding your company culture can be crammed into a job description, leaving the applicants to fill in the blanks for themselves.

Rather than using an inefficient (and expensive) trial-and-error process to land your perfect job candidate, take a proactive approach by creating a company culture video that will accurately showcase what working for your business will actually look like.

Keep reading for three engaging company culture video ideas.

Show, Don’t Tell

If your goal is to give prospective hires a clear picture of what the posted job entails, then skip the bulleted lists, strap on a wearable camera, and record a quick video that will show what the average day will look like for someone in that job. This will allow your applicant to see the entire workplace, their work space, and the many faces that they will encounter.

Get the Team Involved

Different people will have entirely different perspectives on the company that employs them, which is why crowdsourcing your video is such an engaging and effective approach. To make it happen, recruit a few employees to share a snapshot of their lives through a video camera, mobile device, or whatever recording device is most convenient, and pair those clips with your company message. Whether you’re showing potential hires how your team works together, how your employees balance their career goals with their personal lives, or why each individual loves their job, crowdsourced videos provide a raw, authentic way to introduce prospective employees to the culture of your company.

B-roll Montage Videos

Do you want to share information about what it’s like to work for your company or outline a specific job post? B-roll montage videos are simple to make; in fact, with the right background music and visuals, they often require no dialogue. These short, action-filled videos are perfect for sharing outside of your official website, such as on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Next time there’s an office birthday party, a company picnic, or even a charity event in which you’re participating, grab a video camera and capture some footage.

By using a company culture video to provide prospective employees with an engaging, authentic introduction to your business, you can ensure that you are landing the perfect candidate for the job. To learn more about creating your company culture video, get in touch with us today.



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Hiring new talent is a highly competitive process today. It goes without saying that there has never been so much talent available to companies today but that the talent they need is often hard to obtain. There isn’t a large job pool of applicants waiting for your offer. You have to stand out and offer them what they want and need to decide to work with you. One way to do that is to use video. Video can be an incredible tool and a key component of any recruitment process. What can a video from your company do to your hiring process?

Where Are You Hiring?

The first thing to keep in mind is the platform you are using for hiring. If you are like many companies today, you’ve learned that the best places to find your next employee is through social media sites. This may include LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. But, you can’t just put up a help wanted post. You need to do something to engage your audience. The top talent you need really is not interested in a company begging for help. They want to see what working for that company has to offer to them. Video can be helpful in each of these mediums.

Creating a Brand for Your Company

Video can help you brand your company not just for future sales, but for talent and employees as well. That is, your video production team can help you to create a video that really tells the story about your company and what it has to offer. This creates an employee-focused brand. It’s what helps companies such as Apple and Microsoft look so attractive to top talent – they know these company’s not just in the products they offer, but also in their workplace brand.

Create an Enhanced Job Description

Perhaps the biggest hold up for you is in the details. If you need to find someone that can handle very specific tasks or fill positions that are typically hard to fill, you need a video that provides a more thorough and impactful job description. Record a video that discusses the position. It can provide for the qualifications of the individual. It can also help to put a face to the person that your would-be employee can interview with. This helps to breakdown some walls and get people applying.

Showcase Your Workplace

With the help of video, you can show off why people should work for you. This may mean showing them around the office. It may mean showcasing some of the benefits you offer in-house such as childcare or fitness centers. You can even take them on a virtual tour of the floor, offices, and lunchroom. This helps to form a connection and really helps to show your would-be applicants that you’ve put the time and effort (not to mention the money) into creating a fantastic work environment for them.

There are many ways to incorporate video into your recruitment efforts. You can even use it for live feeds, video resumes, and recorded interviews. The key here is to let video show people what taking a position with your company can offer to them. Why should they want to work with you? These reasons can be better understood through video than through any list or description of a job.

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Video usage has gained traction as an employee tool of learning, empowered by the growth of devices like Smartphone with broadband networks and high-definition video. Resultantly, more organizations are creating repositories that are YouTube-like on enterprise networks where employees share knowledge through posting created videos.

Using video to recruit

Video Recruiting is an easy-to-use and innovative tool which enhances the recruiting process and avails all the benefits as an accessible and user-friendly online service. You do not have to investment anything upfront and you can be up and running in the least time possible on a portal customized to your individual brand. Applicants need only access to an up-to-date computer with an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

Video recruitment Saves time

With Video Recruit, candidates have no time to stop, pause, review or redo their video responses, so you receive prompt and accurate insight into their communication skills, competencies and characters. Rapidly identify the candidates that best fit from an enormous pool of applicant. Concentrate your time only on the candidates who are potentially fitting and have what it takes.

Convenience of video to recruit

Right at the comfort of your home, or while waiting for a check-in at the airport, you can review your recruitment progress and advise accordingly. Video Recruit saves your time and skips the pitfalls, allowing you to focus your attention on the right person from the get-go. No more time gets wasted. Consider candidates globally at no extra cost.

Improving the culture of the company

When you want to define the culture of your firm, you often like to throw around words like innovative, fun, and creative. Rarely, though, do you have a platform to effect this action. It is evident that companies with these platforms are demonstrating their culture superbly through the use of videos in all aspects, from humorous pranks to meaningful training. Google, for example, is doing just that. It does not involve nuclear science. It is only that they used the video communication tool wisely.

Missing to streamline your hiring process, announcing company news, and showing what goes on behind the curtains in your firm could be just be denying you an opportunity to showcase the incredible culture of your company. This is where videos can make the culture of your business shine if given a chance. Using video is a very convincing way to define your company’s values, norms, and behaviors that keeps your business up and running.

Orientation Video for new recruits

New hires may require some training and orientation on complicated procedures and other uses of particular systems in the company. A video can swiftly distil complex ideas into a message that is easily comprehensible making it an excellent training tool.

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