Video made a big splash in 2018 and it looks like 2019 will be even bigger. It’s ability to reach customers and convey messages has really come through this year. And, if you are like most marketers, you are already looking at plans for next year. What’s ahead for video in the coming year? Here are five big predictions.

#1: Social-Media Live Stories

One of the things growing in importance is live video. And, to go along with it are short video clips made popular by Instagram Stories and Tick Tock. In the coming year, expect to see more of this, but with a marketing flair. Short and sweet, and right to the point is all your customer needs.

#2: Virtual Presentation Videos

For those in the B2B market, virtual presentations will continue to be an important trend for the coming year. These work to bring people together in a global online community. It’s likely you’ll see more of this in two formats. First, you’ll see more recorded and playback presentations that give people the ability to watch them when and where they want. And, online conferences are also likely to grow in importance.

#3: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

There’s little doubt that mobile will continue to be the deciding factor in video marketing in the coming year. You already know the importance of ensuring your media is in a format easily digestible for the mobile consumption trends, but now you are going to need to focus on mobile first. Instead of adapting commercials and large-scale video down, you’ll likely spend more money on your mobile-first video.

#4: Email Video

Email typically offers the same basic format it has for a decade, but video email is likely to be an important change for companies looking to capture more customers. In fact, we are already seeing an increase in email open rates just when you add the word “video” to the subject line. Expect to see more marketing focused on video rather than basic templates.

#5: Video Courses

People are learning and growing at a rapid pace, but they are just as busy as ever. Paid video courses are likely to provide an opportunity to learn on the go. Imaging all of those recipes you see playing out on your Facebook page, but instead of food, the product is yours.

Video is likely to continue to be one of the most valuable tools you own. The key here, though, will be on modernizing the methods you use to reach your audience. Expect big things to happen here.

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You have seen people “going live” on social media before. It looks interesting and you like to find out what they have to say. However, you may be unsure how this type of service can actually help your business. Livestreaming is an important tool for companies who want to capture business in one of the fastest growing methods possible. Yet, there are a few rules to keep in mind as you do so.

#1: Make Sure You Have a Point

The most important first step is to always have a well-defined point. You do not have to script out your livestreaming (that’s why it is so personal after all). However, you do want to have a clear path to go from thought to thought. You want to have a specific message to provide within the event. Do this before you log on.

#2: Choose the Right Medium

Many of the social media websites offer livestreaming now. Which one is right for you? The easy answer is that the best one is the location with the highest percentage of your most likely buyers. Facebook Live is perhaps the easiest one to use with built-in analytics that help make it ideal. Instagram Stories and YouTube Live are also ideal if this is where your customers are.

#3: Be Professional with Your Tech and Setup

While livestreaming can happen from any location, when doing this as a part of your business, you really need to be sure it looks and feels professional. To do that, be sure you have considered the location carefully. Do a test run to ensure the visuals and the sound are good. You also want to ensure you have a strong, steady internet connection. Live video does not work without it. Then, set the stage to be impressive. Be sure you look good and are a clear representation of your brand.

#4: Practice Makes Perfect

If you have never used livestreaming before, test it out before you try to go live for the first time. Set up something on your personal social media page to give yourself an opportunity to try out the medium, adjust the cameras, and to get comfortable with the methods. Keep in mind – it is all you. Be sure you can properly represent your company.

#5: Don’t Forget to Promote It

Once you are ready to go, you’ll want to have a big audience. Yet, if you haven’t marketed your event any prior to going live, you may not have much of an audience. Instead, be sure to do some marketing before and during your event. Encourage viewers to share your page, too.

Livestreaming can be a lot of fun and very effective if you work at making the pieces come together. Why not give it a shot?

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Are you looking for a few new ways to add content and interest to your social media pages? Video is the right medium, but what message can or should you use? It really comes down to your goals and needs, but sometimes, having a topic is not as easy as it sounds. New ideas can be challenging. Here are some of the best ways to jumpstart your video efforts on all of your social channels.

#1: Answer a Question

You get them from all of your social media accounts. Questions can be frustrating because you have to answer them individually. But, if you post a short video answering the most common questions, you solve that problem. And, you are providing your guests with outstanding information and insight as well. This is ideal for Facebook or Twitter questions, for example.

#2: Use a show-and-tell style message

On social media channels like Instagram, video and imagery are essential. You can get it right with a few important pieces. A show-and-tell type of video, one that allows you to share a behind the scene look or just provide insight into the company’s culture, methods, or services, is a good place to start. A good reason to do this is to ensure you are providing a real, authentic version of your company to your visitors.

#3: Showcase a product or service

Let’s not forget that a component of your social media efforts can and should be info about the products and services you offer. One way to do this, without being overly salesy, is to use your Facebook or LinkedIn pages to really dive deep into the product or service you offer. Break open the shell, so to speak, to share insight and information with your clients.

#4: Invite People to an Event

Facebook and LinkedIn are great social media platforms for launching and communicating about your upcoming event. Use a video to showcase what those who attend can expect. You will also want to invest wisely in some marketing here about the benefits offered. Get people excited.

Each of these methods can help you to reach your audience in an authentic manner. Video just helps to make sure the information comes across in the most effective manner possible.

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Media website Instagram, which has long been known for its ability to share photos and short videos, has a new option for users. Now, videos can be as long as 60 seconds. While this may not seem like a big deal, those who are creating content and ads for small businesses may find that it is one of the most important tools available to them. How can Instagram help your business to expand its reach and achieve more in this new, longer video format?

Why The Change?

Instagram just opened up videos to marketers recently and, at that time, offered just 15 second slots. While that may seem like a very short opportunity, it was the first time the site was offering videos to advertisers. And, in doing so, it may be working to help small and medium sized businesses to expand their reach in one of the fastest growing and most socially used option today. What does this mean to your business?

More Mediums and Followers Available to You

One of the best reasons to use Instagram’s longer video format is quite simply because this is where the viewers are. With the longer format, it is now possible for the site to complete directly with other video sharing sites such as YouTube and Snapchat. It also allows individuals to gain better access to your content that otherwise would not have had the reach. Instagram has about 400 million users active on its site each month. It is expected to grow by 15 percent in 2016 and 2017. The site also very popular among all social media users with nearly 52 percent of all people using social media on the site.

How Can You Take Advantage of It?

Instagram offers a number of fantastic benefits and features. How can you take advantage of this longer format?

  • Create engaging videos that showcase your products or services. Make sure they are young and vibrant, much like the company’s audience.
  • Use the site to compliment and reach new people. You can share your videos on Instagram as well as on other social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Embrace new formats and interesting concepts. For example, 360 video is becoming an important tool. You may wish to use the format as an educational platform to teach people about your products.
  • Instagram’s large following makes it easy for you to see results from other content as well. When they watch your posted video, they can easily click over to your website to make a purchase or to sign up.

The bottom line, though, is that most businesses need to be using Instagram. It is one of the most important tools for today’s companies and consumers because it is easily accessible, simplistic to use, and used by so many people around the globe. This is where your customer and client base is. With longer videos available to you through the platform, you can also use it to accomplish much more for your business than ever before.

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Facebook video is one of the most important areas of content creation for today’s small business, marketer, or just anyone else. No matter what your industry, product or service, Facebook is likely the best connection point you have on social media to reach your customers and clients. But, traditional blurbs of content or photos are not enough. Now, you need to engage your customers using video. While you may be wondering how your business can utilize this service, realize it may be much easier to do than you realize.

Get Started with These Tips

To create effective, engaging, and attention grabbing video ads on Facebook, consider these tips. They will help you to get off the ground and into the phones of your customers.

#1: Always make ads authentic.

You don’t need gimmicks. People will resonate better with quality content that tells a story. What you will find time and time again is that the most effective Facebook ads are those that can bring the user in through a story. Brand and marketers need to create that story that is of some interest to the reader.

#2: You have three seconds.

Yes, Facebook ads can be longer than this, of course. However, this is the amount of time you have to grab the attention of the people that are in front of you and scrolling through their page. When an ad shows up on a page and starts to play, it has to grab their attention immediately or they will continue to move right on past it. These first three seconds, then, are perhaps the most important part.

#3: Minimize the noise

One of the mistakes you can make is creating video that is loud and obnoxious. Let’s face it. People who are on Facebook on their phones at work are not going to appreciate the loud sounds hitting them. The auto play feature on the site already turns the sound off even as the video starts to roll. That means that no matter what content you are creating, it needs to be visually stimulating so they turn on the sound after those first few seconds.

#4: Customers need to be the focus.

Here’s a hard truth many businesses have to realize. Facebook video is not for a traditional commercial. It needs to be customer centric. That means it needs to play to the emotions, needs, problems, and solutions of the consumer and not the company’s needs.

#5: You need consistency.

Not only do you need to post videos to the site on a consistent basis, but you also need to build your brand through them. This means there has to be some level of development that builds on the brand in each video.

When it comes down to it, it is often best to hire a trusted and experienced video production company to help you to create effective videos that not only meet Facebook’s requirements, but also achieve the goals you are creating with them. It pays to use these videos, but they need to be done properly to get results.

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The words digital video are spoken together so often, it is assumed that all video is digital. While this has been the steady direction for some time, there are still certain applications where analog signal is used for redundancy or back-up purposes.

Electronic cinematography started in the late 1980’s, and gained traction in the late 1990’s when Hollywood started experimenting with High-Definition cameras in movies. This type of footage was easier to edit, and soon it became the new standard in high-production movies. The world has not looked back since.

All Video is Not Created Equal

Today, technology moves at breakneck speeds, making it difficult and costly to remain current. Advancements in portability, resolution and frames-per-second have made filmmakers eager to constantly upgrade their equipment to stay up-to-date. It is important to know the basic differences between analog videos (or film), and the digital videos we take today.

What is Analog Video?

This type of signal consists of luminance, chrominance, and brightness. These are often combined into one channel called composite video. These recordings are transmitted as continuous electronic signals or carrier waves of specific frequencies. 

What is Digital Video?

Digital video consists of binary data that is transmitted in a sequence of positive (1) and non-positive (0) states. This information is sent as a string of 1’s and 0’s. Each of these digits are referred to as a bit, and a string of bits are called bytes. In the span of seconds this information is transmitted so fast that to the naked human eye it is seen as one continuous picture, depending on refresh rate and a few other variables.

Benefits of Digital Video

The widespread use of a digital video format exists with good reason. Not only are a lot of video editing tools user friendly, they can be constantly updated for software bugs and any other glitches. Analog film would typically require a service technician or even a replacement of the entire camera or editing tool. 


  • Filming in this format is generally easier to store on the cloud, or a hard drive
  • Is very convenient, and cost-effective to create copies
  • Can have multiple simultaneous broadcasts
  • Does not degrade in data quality when duplicated
  • Has a wide variety of digital editing tools and applications
  • Easy integration into many major social media platforms such as Vine, YouTube, Vimeo among others


  • Can be expensive to purchase or maintain
  • Requires knowledge and possible training in correct production and digital video editing methods

Digital Video and the Rise of Social Media

The common consensus is that the importance of digital video is closely connected with the internet and popularity of social media. This new community platform has a global reach that can be accessed by hungry start-up or well-established company. A well-executed digital video marketing strategy is essential to a brand’s success, and it is an important way to engage a target audience. In summary, it could be said that it is, in fact true that all video is essentially digital, nowadays.

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Viral videos doing rounds on social networking sites often have thousands if not a million views. Emerging video trends have created, according to research done, awareness on products/services for marketers on social networking sites. The trend in viral videos in these current years challenges a number of suppositions and theories held on the same. A look at top viral videos confirm that the most viral content on social media are usually commercial corporate contents usually more than a minute long among other comical, musical, political and animal contents.

Emerging marketing video trends have diversified over the years with viewers’ expectations changing and growing rapidly. It is thus up to businesses to keep up the pace so as to meet these demands because, a single viral video connects to a thousand viewers equating to millions in revenue for businesses.

So why do these videos go viral within a short period of time? What should marketers have in mind to have a successful video? Well, let’s list a few of these factors.

A large percentage of people watch online videos at least once or twice every week. Unique, original and even emotional videos strongly attract and engage viewers encouraging them to in turn share them on to their networks on social media. It is paramount to have diverse videos falling within different categories with a tone of almost everything from humour to emotion to musical. Businesses can shine from other competitors within their field if they are ready to feature all these to attract more viewers.

Most successful videos stand out from other videos because they are simple and avoid using jazzy texts and logos. They mostly focus on the core purpose of the video which are customized to the viewers’ perception; Therefore, video ads made by businesses for commercial reasons need to be simply tailor-made to attract viewers in turn encouraging sharing on other platforms.

Humour in Advertising
Videos that reach a million hits over short periods often have a little bit of humour and jokes incorporated in their message. Who wouldn’t want a little laugh after all? Videos meant for commercial purposes can add a little bit of fun so as to permanently create an impression to viewers. This will encourage video sharing and drive traffic to their websites. Videos that have a lasting positive reaction to viewers will most definitely encourage them to purchase products from websites that upload these short funny clips.

Final Lessons
It is important to note and remember that most top viral videos last longer than one minute, changing the shift from 30 second short online ad videos. Additionally, emerging video trends shift from the normal and formal trend to more funny, animated and cool clips to advertise their products/services. This trend has quickly picked up and as technology advances, people expect a shift from old and common advertising methods to more engaging online ads on social networking sites as Facebook and LinkedIn. These are just a few factors that create successful videos.

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Social tools are evolving. Companies nо longer sеe them onlу as marketing engines, but as а network thаt саn facilitate brainstorming, idea-sharing, аnd collaboration with coworkers. It is a tool that can be used with B2B communications as well.

A 2013 Towers Watson survey found that over half оf thе businesses that took the survey used social media as an internal form of communication with coworkers. Thе mоst popular tools аmong respondents wеrе instant messaging, followed by streaming audio or video, human resources blogs, аnd social networks. Bу offering opportunities for employees to connect and communicate in dіfferеnt ways, especially via videos, yоu сan help them better understand eасh оther and build stronger, morе efficient working relationships. Here are two ways you can benefit from using an internal social network in your organization:

Forge a Sense Of Closeness By Bridging the Miles

Professionals today work in any number оf places-;on business trips, on thе road, оr even at home. Internal social networks саn help bring thе office together асrоss state lines. Enhanced employee profiles maу include background and evеn personal іnformаtiоn tо help workers іn disparate locations better understand еaсh оthеr. Ѕоme companies even share employee spotlights through thеіr internal social networks. Social networks аlsо allow employers to reach large groups at onсе, rаther thаn deploying individual emails or making phone calls to employees.

Provide а Platform

Social networking nоw includes platforms for videos and images. With thеse tools, users сan share tips and exchange ideas-;either withіn varіous work applications оr linked directly from thе newsfeed of enterprise social platforms. Νow thаt social tools сan do еverуthіng from facilitating brainstorming to providing an interactive workspace, employee саn collectively aсt аs аn intra-company communication venue.

The Implications of Video

As well as making business communications faster and mоrе efficient, the development of thеse nеw communication tools and applications hаs alsо changed thе waу we dо business in a number of areas.

  • Mobility – Mobile communications that allow employees to access thе office from аnywhere has led tо mаnу businesses bесomіng mоre mobile. Downsizing аnd workspace sharing аrе becоming а morе cost-efficient option.
  • Globalisation – Тhе ability tо communicate wіth anуоnе, аnуwhere, anytime hаs alsо meant thаt businesses are no longer restricted tо local markets, so are now free to trade with international businesses and develop nеw customer bases all ovеr the world.
  • Reduced travel – Ironically, as thе wоrld is opened uр thrоugh better communications thе nеed to physically travel overseas is reduced. Video conferencing saves money that cоuld be allocated to other aspects of a business.

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Increasing Traffic on Your Tree

If you still haven’t taken notice of the benefits of using Pinterest, it’s time you thought about it very seriously. Pinterest is currently the fourth largest traffic driver, coming closely after Google, direct traffic and of course, Facebook. Also, interestingly, it has been seen that the regular users of Pinterest tend to shop and spend a lot more often that those on any other social networks. And, apart from the large number of pictures being posted, there are now an increasing number of videos too. This is where your money lies.

Pinterest recently removed the ban they had on commercial and business accounts. This way, merchants can now endorse and promote their products and services on Pinterest, making it an exceedingly exciting platform for optimized video content marketing. Now that this avenue holds so much potential, it wouldn’t hurt to know some exciting ways in which you can utilize Pinterest to increase your brand awareness and boost visibility.


Include ‘Video’ In the Board Titles and Pin Descriptions to Get More Views from Pinterest

Needless to say, Pinterest is still a site primarily featuring images. In such a scenario, getting your video to stand out can be a bit of a task. Adding the word Video organically in the board title and the descriptions can help. In fact, any SEO best practices to optimize the description and titles are always welcome.

Backlinks in the Pinterest Description Field Helps

Please remember that clicking on the video will take the pinner to YouTube or Vimeo, and not your site, even if you have put up the video there. That is why you must always add a backlink in the description area if you wish to have the pinner visit your site. Also make sure you keep the description and the title as interesting and captivating as possible, to entice the visitor into clicking on it.

Include a Pinterest CTA on Your Landing Page

If you have activated the icons for Facebook and Twitter on your landing page, how can you leave the third largest social network behind. Pinterest makes it really easy to include a dedicated icon on your landing page’s CTA. Make sure you use this great feature.

Create Compelling Content As Well As Sharing Good Content

One of the biggest things about Pinterest is ‘Repins’. So, apart from promoting your own quality content, you must share good content from others as a way of increasing your social presence. Of course, the necessity of creating your own informative and engaging content cannot be stressed enough.

Have any more questions regarding video marketing? Kicker can help! Leave us a comment or contact us today!

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