There are so many factors to consider when creating video for your business, it’s hard to know where to put more of your time or your budget. Should you put money into storytelling and let the quality of production falter a bit? Finding the right balance here is critical. Remember, you want your video to be memorable for the right reasons.

Superior Production Matters, But Has Its Place

When the time comes to choose a video production company for your business video, you want to hire an experienced, trusted company that does superior work. And, while you should put time and talent into the quality of every frame of the video, this is not the only place for you to invest money.

Many business owners spend a lot of their time finding the most expensive, well-known company to handle their video production only to find that it didn’t produce anything better than what the moderately well-known company did. How does this happen?

The ROI on your video doesn’t always come from the quality of the production itself. Rather, it stems from what makes that video truly memorable to your clients and customers. So, what matters when it comes to business video development?

You Have to Have a Story to Tell

Storytelling outperforms other types of video production in nearly all situations. The key here is that you do not want a video that is so professionally polished that it doesn’t seem realistic or even real. You want to ensure that there’s a feeling of authenticity with the video. It needs to be meaningful. Telling a story can help to communicate that many times over other methods.

Go for the Less Polished Look

Did you know that many of your business videos will be viewed from a smartphone, not a computer? That means that most of your ads are never going to benefit from the polished, enhanced video services you are paying for. The return on your investment is just not there for most companies with most ads. Yet, what you will find is that the less polished look creates room in your budget for more creative thinking and unique storytelling that gets a more important message across.

Where Should You Start, Then?

As you work to develop your business video, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Focus on creating the content of the video as the primary objective. Work with a team that helps you with superior content as a primary focus.
  • Ensure your brand’s voice comes through as well. Even this is more important than that polished, finished video.
  • Ensure your videos are personal and conversion-focused. They need to create an impactful message that helps turn people’s heads towards your business.

The bottom line here is that video quality is important, but it is not more important than the story that your video tells. Avoid the focus on a polished, tight video and instead, look for one that is more authentic and natural. This can make all of the difference in the long term.

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Animated videos could be one of the best investments you make in your business’s marketing efforts. How can something that seems silly or even childish work? Today’s animated videos go much further than this and can easily be one of the best ways to see a significant ROI on your marketing efforts.

Why Animation Works

There are many reasons to create videos for your business, but what does animation itself create and provide? This could be one of the best ways to get interested in your company. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Entertaining Content

Consumers are readily accustomed to traditional marketing videos. They gloss over them. Yet, animation is far more entertaining. It brings a smile to their faces and, even if it is not funny, it is still more enjoyable to watch than a typical commercial.

It’s Shared More

Animated videos may also help you to get a few more shares on social media than you have in the past. These types of videos spark interest – people want to know what the story is about or why is going to happen. As a result, they are more likely to be shared on social media – one of the most important places for marketing success today.

It Works to Explain Complex Topics with Ease

Another of the key benefits that animation brings to the table is its ability to take complex and sometimes boring topics to make it easier to understand and use. The benefit here is that it gives you a format to use to communicate just about any type of message in a more streamlined and effective manner. Your audience is more likely to enjoy it, even.

Animation is a fantastic tool for any type of business marketing. When you want your video to really stand out and get the attention of those you are targeting, consider switching this up by using animation instead of your traditional marketing video. It could be just the uniqueness you need.

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Think back to your favorite childhood stories. Whether you were rooting for the hero or the villain, you can still recall how you felt when immersed in the narrative can’t you? The goal of any business marketer developing a video idea is to capture attention in the same manner. Discover the basic elements of business storytelling before crafting your company’s unique script.

4 Elements of Storytelling for Business

Telling a story in business videos is not much different than writing a novel or creating a work of fiction. Before turning on the camera, you need to settle on these four elements of the story:

  • Authenticity. The first and most important aspect of business storytelling is honesty. As a basic foundation of any relationship, trust is only developed when both parties are authentic and honest.
  • Purpose. Each video should tell its own story and each story should have a purpose. Define what the purpose of each video is and map it to your business goals before investing time and energy on video production.
  • Audience. It’s not enough to say your audience is “anyone” because it’s impossible to create a video that speaks to everyone. Use video as a means to communicate with a certain slice of your target audience.
  • Emotion. Every powerful video is linked to a human emotion. Is it excitement, anticipation, compassion? That’s up to you to figure out.

Ideas for Your Business Video

There is much more to telling a story about your business than a simple promotion or commercial. What makes your business tick? Where and why was your company launched? What goes on behind the scenes that might interest a potential or current customer? Get inspired with these business video ideas:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos. Do you have a weird or unique office tradition? Does your company use industry-leading equipment not found elsewhere? Do your co-workers like to play pranks? Capture the funny, interesting and quirky moments on camera.
  • Employee spotlights. The best part of your company is its people. Allow your audience to get to know the people they encounter within your organization by filming employee spotlight videos.
  • Customer testimonials. Build trust and promote your business using word of mouth testimonials from customers themselves. Make sure to focus on how your company’s product or service successfully addressed a pain point your customer was experiencing.
  • Community involvement. A business that is invested in the community shows a commitment to giving back. Get your audience excited about supporting your business’ efforts by filming community involvement activities.

To resonate with your audience, create videos that clearly communicate your brand’s story as it develops.

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You have a fantastic product. Video is the perfect way to pitch it to the world around you. Video can help you capture your investor’s attention, but to do so, it’s important to focus on a few specific tips.

Tell a Story – Creatively

One of the most important steps in selling your product to the world is showing how valuable it is. Where did it come from? Why does it matter? Using video, in a creative way, showcase the company’s story. It should be structured well to create a clear sequence that makes sense. And, aim to add something that is surprising to it.

Relate to the People Watching It

Another important way to make video work for you like this is by starting your story with people. You need anyone watching your video to instantly connect with those in it. Don’t focus on the product you have to offer, but the people it will impact.

Summarize the Point

Because this is a pitch, you need to ensure those who are watching it are able to instantly react to it For that reason, you may want to provide a quick summary of what is happening and why. In short, tell them what you are about to show them.

Focus on the Value – What Makes This So Unique?

It is also important to ensure your message comes through clear. If you are pitching your product to your customers in a sales message, you need to tell them exactly how it will benefit them. On the flip side, if you are pitching it to investors, you need to be clear about why this is so unique and what value (profit) protection it brings to the table. Make sure your video clearly demonstrates this.

Make It Moving

Working with a video production company may help here. Your goal is to ensure you are always making your video memorable, so they think about it a few hours later. Capture their attention, provide the clear information they need, but then shock them in some way.

Video product pitches make sense because of the quality of information they convey. Yet, it is up to you to ensure you create a video that’s stunning enough to ensure those customers or investors are going to react from it.

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Louisa May Alcott wrote in her novel Little Women that, “[she liked] good strong words that mean something…” Indeed there are some words that instantly transport the viewer into a whole new world. How many times have you heard a voice-over on a film and instantly gotten an adrenaline rush of anticipation?

Words are immensely important tools that have the potential to evoke powerful reactions in your audience. The right words can build a strong public connection with your brand and turn it into a household name.

Once Upon a Time

Storytelling is one of the most natural ways to communicate ideas and information. Brands and products are created for a specific target audience. One of the simplest and most effective methods to communicate to your audience is by telling them a story – and great script will always tell a great story.

The Key Elements of a Great Script:

  • Gets the message to the audience clearly
  • Is honest, concise, accessible, and uses key words to engage the right audience
  • Creates a proper structure that will focus on the brand’s objective
  • Is the right length to match the duration of the video
  • Curated to specific platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites
  • Focuses on solving problems for the audience, rather than the brand itself
  • Will evoke a strong emotional response, or keep the viewer engaged, and attentive

Video Specific Scripts

There are many different types of marketing video formats to incorporate in a campaign. Explainer videos, which are very popular, uses narrative structures to convey a message, where the brand came from, their mission, and how they can help their targeted demographic.

Instructional videos may require an entirely different type of script as its primary focus would be to inform, educate and relay key points to their audience. The tone of these videos may also be completely different as it might need to employ more point-form language so that the viewer has verbal cues on what to note and write down.

A successful marketing video will employ music, animation, or live film in conjunction with a great script. Unique voice-overs can highlight key marketing features and bring the vision to life.

More Than Just a Poor Choice of Words

Creating a good script for an explainer or animated marketing video is an integral piece to a successful campaign. Your brand or product is geared towards an audience that is looking for something. The right video production team will give your brand access to acclaimed script writers that know the market and offer creative insights you may otherwise miss.

Sub-par script writing can have some deeply damaging effects such as:

  • Reducing viewership and followers
  • Provide incorrect or misleading information to your audience
  • Permanently damage brand image and association
  • End up costing more funds than the actual money spent on a poorly executed marketing campaign

It is important to set aside the time and resources so that your video campaign has a great script. This will ensure that your brand messaging is consistent, effective, and powerful.

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As a business owner, one of the most important tasks you have is to engage with your customer. This engagement creates a link or a bond, and helps to build your brand in the process. A fantastic way to do that is with interactive video. In short, interactive video helps to tell and sell a story to your reader. When they have this information available to them, they are not just having a product or service sold to them, but rather they are engaging and interacting with your brand.

Interactive video is more important than ever especially within the digital landscape. What can it do for your business? By creating some type of interaction with your company and the customer, you create a response. The benefits are numerous. Why should you use it over other mediums for advertising?

The Internet’s Interactive Design and Devices Require It

A key reason to make the move is this. People are using devices today to learn about products and services. That includes smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. It’s important to realize that now, the user controls what content they see rather than being forced to watch a traditional commercial on TV. Your younger generation of customers requires this type of interactive ad, then. Your consumer’s needs are different.

Your Target Audience Is Different

Millennials, the most common demographic today, is changing. These individuals are now dependent on social media platforms. They want and expect on-demand content. They want everything to be personalized to them. Now, you need to adjust your marketing to stop pushing ads to them, and instead engage with the audience in a conversation or get them to participate in a story. You need to encourage and allow them to determine what happens next.

Storytelling Isn’t the Same

Another reason you need interactive video is because the way you tell a story today is much different than in the past. Interactivity that comes from shared comments and likes on the status of a post isn’t enough. This does not allow the user to become active in the storytelling experience. While creating shared content is important, it is also important to become more engaging. In a crowded marketplace it is very important to engage because these are truly the only ads that consumers actually see and participate in.

You Deliver a Specific Message to the Right Person

With the numerous opportunities available in data collection, it is now more possible than ever to personalize messages to the audience. The right message, to the right person at the right time is possible because of the amount of available data. This gives you more impact opportunity than ever.

Interactive video can help you to tell your story and create a more personal interaction with your customer or client. The fact is, if you do not do this, your ads are likely to fade into the background along with all of the other providers. Interactive video, dollar for dollar, gets you more attention, more brand awareness, and better results.

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