As the most memorable form of content online and on-screen, video is an effective way to showcase your brand’s value across many verticals at once. But to do so, you need to make sure your videos are published with clean production that fits your brand’s style.

Most likely, you don’t have a future Michael Bay working for you, which means you’ll need to work with a video production company. Unless you have an unlimited budget (a la the likes of Jeff Bezos), you need to make the right decision when choosing a production company. Here’s how to do it while maximizing ROI.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Production Company

Use these four criteria to evaluate whether a certain video production company is right for your business.

  • Stunning Portfolio. Always ask to see past work to learn whether the video production company is capable of meeting your expectations. If you don’t see something that reflects what you’re looking for or that matches your style, discuss the changes you’d like to see and whether the company is capable of delivering.
  • Animation Services. Sourcing actors, dealing with permits and blocking out hours or days for filming may not be in your company’s best interest all the time. Sometimes, an animated video can perform better for certain purposes, such as explainer videos. Make sure your video production company offers animated videos with a proven team of quality animators.
  • On-Location Expertise. Filming on-location is much different than filming in a studio. It requires different lighting, equipment and legal hoops through which you must jump. Vet a video production company by inquiring about their on-location process and expertise.
  • Advanced Technology. The future of video is constantly changing and, as new technologies hit the market, your video needs will change along with them. Consider this when meeting with video production company representatives, to improve ROI and keep your messaging consistent, you’ll want to build a long-term relationship. Ask about 360-degree video and virtual reality, as this type of video format is gaining popularity among viewers.

Use Video to Create Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Paired with the right production company, your brand can accomplish a slew of goals from increasing brand awareness to generating leads to securing sales. The partnership between your brand and a good video production company can be strong and profitable provided you make the right decision. To discuss your video production needs, contact Kicker Video today.

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Selecting the right type of video for your business is a big deal. Video needs to reach the audience in the best manner possible, creating an opportunity for the right target audience to receive it. There are a number of different video options available to you. As you work on your next marketing campaign, take a closer look at some of the key styles that you should consider within your budget.

Live Action Video

One of the options available to some businesses is a live action video. This type of video incorporates real-world footage most of the time with people in it. This is a common video option because it is easier to design. You can also use them for everything from professionally created films or just a short clip.

There are various styles such as a talking head video in which a person is seen talking to the camera. It is often used in an interview style. A Vlog is another type of video, one that is based on a series of short videos linked together and distributed over time. And, you can create a traditional interview video, which incorporates a person on camera speaking to another or to the camera.

Animated Videos

Another style of video to consider is animation. This is not always a cartoon-like, funny style of animation. Rather, you can use it to create very serious and formal messages, too. And, like with other forms of video, there are several styles available to you here. It could be a 2D or a 3D video, for example. You may want to consider typography videos or motion graphic videos. Each one is a bit different in the way it communicates, but they are all animated, meaning that real people are not used in them.

Text Overlay Video

Another form to consider is called a text overlay video in which there is text placed over the images or under them. This is a very common style of video used in social media campaigns where people may not have the sound on. Some will incorporate music or nature in the background. Others will have a video behind the words, which help to tell the story.

Streaming Video

Streaming video has become very popular today. In short, it is a live video, one where you turn on the camera and you are interacting directly with your audience in real-time. It is the most difficult to produce for some needs, but it is also one of the best ways to reach your audience on a personal level.

Which type of video is right for your business? Most often, you need a combination of each of these.

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New technology always brings photographers and video makers challenges. Is it time to switch to the latest technology or is it still in its infancy? One of the biggest changes to today’s businesses is the use of 4k technology. Also known as Ultra HD, it does offer some outstanding benefits and features. It takes only a few minutes to see the difference in the final product.

On the other hand, HD video is still pretty outstanding. And, not many people today have a TV that can handle 4k quality. Is it worth making the switch? For many of today’s users, it really can offer a variety of benefits and a significant upgrade from 1080 pixels.

The Images Are Stunningly Sharp

This is perhaps the biggest benefit users see and it is noticeable right away. The images are clear and sharp with 4k. It’s improved from traditional HD. That’s important to know especially since, when you are shooting in 4k and decide to downsample to HD, you still will see the improvement in how sharp your images look. In other words, the quality of your images greatly improves.

It’s Easy to Change Your Shots

Cropping your video or shots is rather easy to do. If you are already using HD, you know that cropping is difficult at best. However, with Ultra HD, it is much easier. Your shot will not suffer. In fact, you may find that this gives you added functionality. Who doesn’t want to have the ability to crop after the shot?

Still Frame Access Is Improved

Another interested update and functionality benefit of Ultra HD is that you can capture still frames very effectively. When you pull still frames from HD, it is never going to create that crisp look you want. That’s not the case with 4k. The shots look fabulous. There are some users who actually are willing to print from 4k, in fact, because of the quality and crispness of the video.

Stabilization Is More Profound

Another big benefit to users is that it is possible to stabilize footage you are taking and it will not create a significant impact on your video. On-location stabilizing of shots is hard to do without a crew of people to help you when you are using HD video. The camera is always going to shake at least somewhat. However, when you upgrade to 4k, this improves significantly. It is possible to zoom in and stabilize the video. Even better, no one will know what you are up to as there is no difference in the quality of the video.

Two Cameras No Longer Are Necessary

With 4k, it is possible to replace the traditional two camera setup (which you are probably using for your shots) and instead go with one. Because it is possible to zoom in so easily and you don’t lose any quality when you do, there’s no real need to worry about a two camera setup any longer.

Is it time to make the move to 4k? Only you can decide this based on the actual quality you need. However, it is still a new technology and not everyone is going to see the benefit due to the lack of 4k TVs. On the other hand, these are hitting shelves fast.

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There’s no doubt 360 video is becoming one of the most interesting new technologies for video use today. This technology allows individuals watching a video to feel much more immersed in it. They now can control the angle of the camera, view what’s happening in full 360 degrees, and feel like they are a part of the atmosphere. It’s a very advanced concept, but it isn’t something today’s small to medium sized businesses should ignore for their marketing and communications. How can 360 video fit into your business?

Showcase Your Location

One of the ways you can incorporate video like this into your business marketing and brand awareness is by showcasing where you are located. Taking a video of the exterior of your location, perhaps even a path to getting to your location, can enhance your customers’ experience while also providing a more visual level of communication. Now, customers know how to find you and what’s nearby. This may entice them to come to you more frequently.

Give Them an Experience

Perhaps your company provides a service to the public. You can use 360 video as a way to showcase how your service works. By visualizing not just the images but the surroundings, your customers may feel more confident in working with you and may even want to engage with you a bit more. This type of video allows them to clearly see what happens, what the result is, how it works, and what the outcome for them can be.

Show Off Your Product

Perhaps the holidays are coming up and you want to show off the inventory you have in stock. 360 video makes that very possible. It creates a much bigger picture and can get your buyers motivated to buy and engage with you. It’s also a fun way to get people to see what you have to offer. And, they are likely to share this type of video with their friends – helping you to improve your connectivity with new customers.

Launch a Promo with It

A crowd is gathered to learn about your new product or special promotion. You want everyone on your social media feeds to participate as well. When you’ve spent this type of money to create an announcement, you’ll want to capture more than just your speaker or graphics. With 360 video you can capture the entire experience as well as the reaction that those in your presence have to your announcement. You can then use this as a marketing tool and help others to see just how incredible what you have to offer is.

There are many ways you can incorporate 360 video into your business. Follow one of your drivers for the day to show how much you care about your customers. Use video to show your audience what makes you different from the competition. Give people a better view of what happens in the course of your business day or what happens in the supply room, warehouse, or assembly line.

There are countless ways this type of video can work for your business goals. The key is to create a scenario that addresses a specific need your organization has. That can help to make your videos powerful and valuable. Check out the range of use for 360 videos. Get creative so you’ll be memorable.

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There is no doubt that creating interaction in a video is much more likely and interesting when you factor in 3D video. You may have seen these types of videos before or you may have a 3D TV that you want to create videos for. Post one of these and you are sure to get attention from your audience. Before you can do so, though, there are some things you need to know about this type of video.

How It Work’s

When it comes to shooting traditional video, the camera captures just one shot and view. However, with 3D shots, the goal is to create what is considered realistic. It is like getting the view from both of your eyes. The left eye has its own perspective from the right. In this video format, it is necessary to grab the image from both eyes. Your brain takes these two images and combines them to give you one image, but your camera does not work in the same way.

There are several ways to shoot video in this manner. In some cases, the photographer will shoot using standard 2D formats. Then, he or she will use a 3D post-conversion process that helps to create the final 3D images. Another way to shoot this type of video is to focus on using two cameras but to do so at the very same time. These are shot using a stereoscopic or stereo images. This would mean shooting from the left and from the right to capture all of the footage.

If the 3D post conversion process is used, it is possible to take virtually any 2D film and make it into a 3D format. It is possible to do this even with older movies in older formats. This method is far more common for various reasons. It allows the user to capture film in a manner that is easier for them. It can be applied to older films. It costs less because of the reduced need for equipment. And, it makes the overall process easier to accomplish.

On the other hand, using specialized equipment and shooting in stereo is often considered the better option. When compared to shooting in 2D, this method does provide a better quality shot, at least some believe this to be the case. However, it does tend to cost more and have a steeper learning curve than other methods. And, there are other types of methods for capturing these images. Ultimately, the individual must decide what is most important to their needs.

It is also important to realize that 3D filming, in itself, is very new technology. That means that, while technology is growing, it is also changing rapidly. If you are ready to start shooting in 3D, it pays to do so using 2D technology now and, as your skill and needs improve, upgrade along with technology as it grows and changes. The move can give you the ability to create some exceptional videos that anyone can appreciate.

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Where are we headed? Let’s see; to even better ways in the digital world as we mover closer and closer to the real tech-world where new next-generation videos come up. The future of video seems bright as video technology is amongst the few dynamic and constantly advancing forms of current emerging technologies. Lets expound on the benefits of emerging video technology while at the same time explore on a few disadvantages that come along with them.

New developments in the video field include the introduction of the flash video, the new Blu-ray and HD DVD video storage formats and high definition televisions developed by different brands.

Benefits of Emerging Video Technology

Unlike analog video technology the emerging video technology creates better high quality graphical images and sounds over various platforms. Videos have in a way been modified and created to allow streaming in practically any device. New developments as high-definition televisions (HDTV) and DVDs make this possible. The latest video technology, as compared to traditional ones, allows for total control of your viewing schedule and additionally, they make video viewing more flexible. Emerging video technology also provides room for more choices in programming and they are easily accessible to everyone provide they have basic skills on how to use them.

The internet has also made it more beneficial for emerging video technology as it offers easier platforms to preview and share videos across networks and to millions of viewers through YouTube and social media other social media sites. Video technology works with mobile devices to make it possible for viewers to watch videos anywhere, anytime.

Disadvantages of Emerging Video Technology

With all the changes that take place, definitely all these would come at a price worth the effort. This makes access and acquiring the latest devices in video technology more expensive compared to the analog devices. The more we move to this new era, the more prices they will incur. However, on a positive note, with competition in the world market and different brands making almost similar devices, they may come at fair comparable prices that anyone can easily access within their budgets.

For anyone who has no basic knowledge on how to operate these state of the art machines, definitely they will not be able to use and enjoy them. They require at least basic knowledge to use and operate hence those not yet ready or willing to embrace technology as it comes, would be laid back with the traditional ones. The service cost of these emerging video technologies is also surprisingly higher than all the other traditional analog technology.


As much as emerging video technology benefits everyone during these digital times, they may require you to spend a little more to be able to enjoy them. However, this should be looked at on a more positive way as all the advantages that come along with them. Listed above are a few pros and cons of emerging technologies along with the benefits you would get by embracing them.

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