You will be surprised at how well your iPhone can give you high-quality video content with the right conditions. It all comes to basic filmmaking techniques when trying to film a professional video on your iPhone. Among other things, you need good resolution, good lighting and proper editing. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when filming on your phone:

  • Clean your lens

First thing you should do before filming with your phone is cleaning your lens. Not cleaning your camera lens before filming can make the image blurry, which is not what you want for a professional looking video.

  • Make sure the lighting is adequate

Good lighting is key for a good-looking video. When filming inside, try to position yourself facing a window for best lighting. You should also buy a LED ring light to have extra lighting. If you are filming outside, lighting can be tricky. It’s best to film when there are clouds rather than on a sunny day. You should also adjust the exposure on your iPhone to make sure the image is not too dark or too light.

  • Film in landscape mode

Unless you are filming a video for Instagram or tiktok, it’s best to film in landscape mode for a professional looking video.

  • Use a tripod to keep your phone steady

A tripod is a must have when filming because you don’t want your video to be shaky. You can find pretty decent tripods starting at 10$ and it’ll make a big difference with how your video will turn out.

  • Record in 4K

You want your video to have the best quality. Your iPhone might not have the 4K option already in place, so double check to see if it’s on.

  • Change the frame rate

Choosing the frame rate for your video depends on which platform you will be posting. If you want to film  a video for Instagram or Facebook, 30fps does the job. If you are filming something with a lot of movement, 60fps is best. 24fps is for filming more cinematic videos.

  • Consider using a app to record

Filming apps such as Filmic Pro will help you achieve high-quality videos. One of the most important features you’ll be using on a filming app is the higher video bitrate option. The app can also help you adjust the exposure and the frame rate which contribute to more professional videos.

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How to edit professional videos on your iPhone?

In recent years, the technology around smartphones has developed very quickly, and from simple phones used to call friends and family, we have moved on to a tool that also allows you to take pictures and videos of very high quality. The latest models that came out in 2020, offer several cameras built into the phone, allowing you to shoot videos in 4k, which was then reserved for professional cameras. A growing number of devices such as phone stabilizers are being sold, for a clientele increasingly looking for ease and speed to film their vacation memories or their daily life. So, for those who have a phone capable of filming and producing quality content, here are the essential tools to edit your videos in no time! 

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is the video editing application provided by Adobe, the specialist in editing software. This service is extremely complete and offers a range of tools for your creations for which you can manage several video and audio tracks. This makes it easy for regulars to find their marks and even synchronize their projects with the computer version of Adobe Premiere.

  1. Quick

Quik is the video editor designed by GoPro, which obviously has certain know-how in this field thanks to its famous cameras. It’s one of the easiest applications to use, even the most novices will be able to use it to assemble clips, add music, text and effects. And we love it, because it is free.

  1. Inshot

The InShot application also offers very simple functions and many filters and music for clean and fast editing that will be of the most beautiful effect on your social networks. A great application for TikTok professionals, you’ll love the templates already in place. 

  1. Artisto

Finally, for artists, here is Artisto! This app allows you to transform your videos with effects inspired by works of art. It’s an application that’s easy enough to use and perfect for creating original renderings.

All these applications are available on Android and iPhone, downloadable on Apple Store and Google Play Store.


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