The goal of any business video is to ensure that you create a connection with your viewers. Engaging videos get attention. They are shared. Perhaps most importantly, this type of connection with your audience helps you achieve your goals. What should you do to make a video engaging, though? Here are some simple tips that create outstanding results.

Let Your Video Tell a Story

Don’t shoot an advertisement. Instead, let your audience learn something through a story-telling format. You’ll want to make this very clear – ensure they can follow along and “get it.”

Let Your Actors Be Themselves

The best way to engage your audience is, in fact, to let anyone in the video be themselves. Instead of trying to “act” let each member of the video shoot just act as they normally do. This helps to reduce the overall stress of the shoot and helps everyone to have a bit of fun. That comes through on the other end, too.

Make the Interactions More Genuine

Don’t follow a very hard script. Instead, let people act and interact the way they normally do. This helps to ensure that your audience sees that you are a real person and that your company is all about being authentic.

Get the Content Right

Aside from the video script, you also want the content of your video to convey a sense of fun and lightheartedness. For example, choose camera angles that are able to create the mood – don’t settle for just a direct, face-forward look. And, add some music to help drive home the emotion you hope to create in your video.

Don’t Forget the Details

Sometimes, you need to communicate actual details. Using graphics at the end of the video, for example, can help convey this information. You’ll also want to consider adding details that help to make the video more unique and stand out.

The more time you take to create an authentic experience, the better. When it comes down to it, videos are only as good as your video production company can create – and that means hiring a team that is well seasoned in creating engaging, interactive videos the audience can relate to.

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Think for a moment about the location of your next video production. Whether you are creating a promotional video or a training video, one thing often overlooked is the actual background. What’s happening behind the person speaking? What should be present in this view? Making the right decision here sets the tone for the rest of your video. What should you know about that background?

Take a look at a few options and determine which one works best for your individual needs. Where you set up your photo shoot really does matter.

Block Out the Background: The Plain, Paper Background

A plain, basic background is one of the most common forms. If you are looking to take all of the focus off what’s happening in the background and instead just want that focus on the person speaking, this is the route to take. It’s easy enough to do with a roll of photo paper. And, this solution lets you set up your photo shoot anywhere.

Add Interest Background: An Office Setting

Let’s say you want to communicate your company’s true personality. You want your customers to see where you work. You want them to be a part of your company. An office background works well. It gives a lot more depth and character to the shoot, whether it is an authentic location or not. Proper positioning and lighting are critical here. You’ll need to ensure everyone in the shoot with you should be there and is doing what you need them to do.

Providing Communication Background: The Whiteboard

Sometimes, your videos need to convey a message that is a bit more difficult to understand. You want to draw on a blackboard or be able to write down information as you go. A whiteboard is an excellent solution for this. Set up your photoshoot in this area if you want to communicate information that’s taken seriously, but you also want to ensure that you can engage one-on-one with your audience. Of course, proper lighting is essential to reduce the risk of a glare.

Setting Up Professionally

Before you move forward with choosing the right background for your project, remember the importance of details:

  • Eliminate any risk of glare. And, be sure to use as much natural light as possible.
  • Color matters. The color behind your subject influences the thoughts of the audience.
  • If you plan to choose frequently, mount your backgrounds properly to ensure they are reliable and easy to manage.

If you’re working with a trusted video production company, it goes without saying they’ll help you choose the right background for your next shot. Which method works the best for your needs?

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What are some of the most memorable videos you remember throughout your lifetime? You may be focused specifically on Super Bowl ads. They definitely capture your attention. But, think about the last few Super Bowls. You were sitting around watching the commercials. There were plenty that made you laugh and others that made you wonder what you just saw. But, there may have been a few that caused you to pause.

Here’s a good example. The 84 Lumber commercial done during a Super Bowl didn’t talk about the company’s lumber products. Instead, it pulled up incredible emotion from readers as it showed a mother and child journeying to a better life. It was so powerful it crashed the company’s website. People had to know more.

Why Did This Happen?

The video created emotion. Emotion is not fleeting like comedy. It is not boring like sales content. Rather, it creates a special memory in our minds. You don’t just see it – you feel it. And, remember, at the end of the day, it is people, who have emotion, that have to buy your product. When you create videos that pull in this type of emotion, you are able to capture their minds and their brand loyalty in one simple video.

But How Does That Happen?

Emotion is a complex thing. And, it can be very hard to convey in a video. Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

  • Utilize the affection your customers have for you. Have you ever provided a service or a product that really touched their hearts? Perhaps you saved their home, solved their costly problem, or helped them to really feel good. Find those stories and tell them.
  • Create awe. Speed for cars, for example, is impressive. What would people be in awe about when it comes to your business and product? Find a way to capture that sense of power or “wow”.
  • Let them laugh, but laugh because they agree. The key here is to pull your product in front of people who can really respond to what is happening. They’ve been there. They have experienced just what you are portraying. They feel emotion for being a part of the story.
  • Give them some excitement. Find a way to convey a message of “something really good is going to happen.” This is going to pull them in and give them a real opportunity to stay tuned into your brand long term.

What ways can you add emotion to your next video? How can you create an instance in which your customers or clients – whether B2B or B2C – to make that happen? It may not be as hard as you think. The key here is to find the right type of emotion you wish to convey. Then, you’ll want to pull in the right materials and graphics to make it possible. Working with a professional video production company is going to make that far more possible than you may realize. These are videos you will love as much as they do.

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When was the last time you purchased a car? Chances are good you’ll go through the same buying process when you invest in video production services. How can the two seemingly very different experiences really go through the process? What’s important for you to know here is that you should invest wisely in a video production company and not just buy the first option that lands in your lap. Just like a car, you’ll use this service – if you choose well – for years with outstanding benefits. Take a look at how the process is similar.

#1: Know Your Brand

For some people, buying that well-known brand is a must. For others, it is all about cutting corners for the cheapest product. When it comes to video production services, you need a true expert and professional. On the other hand, you don’t have to go with the company with the name recognition. Instead, go for:

  • The quality of the product offers.
  • The dependability of the product offered.

In other words, yes, you want the quality and dependability that a video production company can offer, but you don’t need all of the glitz and glamour that often leads to a higher price. Look for the dependable provider instead.

#2: What’s Your Need

Of course, before you step foot on a car lot you know to actually think about and create a plan for what you plan to buy. You don’t want to be upselled or find yourself in a product that doesn’t meet your needs. To do that, know what you need. Do you need 20, short videos or do you just need one full-length video? Of course, you’ll want to let your production company give you insight into what may work for you, but you also don’t want to pay more for what really doesn’t help you reach your goals.

#3: Next, Look at the Options

Oh the features! You need them all! But, really, you need just those that are going to help you to achieve your goals. The right company gives you lots of options ranging from:

  • Sound options
  • Lighting options
  • Various format choices
  • Mobile – website – and much more
  • Extra interviews
  • Travel or destination shots and much more

The bottom line here is that you need to turn to a production company that can give you more of the features you really need.

#4: Finally, Don’t Buy Just Yet

What do you do before you commit to purchasing a vehicle? You take it out onto the road to see how it feels. You can do the same thing here. Specifically, sit down and talk the company. Discuss what they do – and ask to see examples. And, be sure you look at plenty of options before you buy.

When you pull it all together, you end up with the video that not only gets your point across but one that also gives you that sense of satisfaction. You know it is the right one, as you slink down in the driver’s seat to watch where it takes you.

Here’s the good news. Kicker Video will do all of this and much more for you. Get started with us to learn more.

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There’s an old saying that goes, some things are best left to an expert. You’ve likely heard this over the course of your life at one time or another. You hear it when it comes to DIY home repair jobs like fidgeting with the electrical or HVAC components of your home, or fixing the engine on your car when you have no clue what you’re doing.

Yes, some things are best left to an expert. This mantra should be the same rule of thumb when it comes to video production. If you wouldn’t attempt to do any of the above without trained experience and know-how, why not leave video production to the experts as well? Let’s explain why this is your best bet for the ultimate success of the exciting debut of your new and highly-anticipated video.

A Sure Fire Tested Video Process—do you have one?

When working with a video production company on your highly-anticipated video, you want to contract with a company that has a sure fire “tested video process.” A process that’s tried and true; a process that is completely professional from the get go.

This process should include critical story telling steps—steps such as the initial research to select a story, a meeting of the minds before production, savvy fact gathering, getting the creative energies of the team flowing, expert content creation from the entire team, and finally, a review of it all, which leads to the final production. The big shebang that you’re going to proudly debut on your favorite social media platforms.

What you don’t want is a fly-by-night video production that hasn’t been carefully planned, crafted, and well-thought out. The true professional will take the time to craft a video that will be a true 60 second + masterpiece, or a 60 second epic fail. The true professional could still end up with a failure, but in the end, it’s best to take the time to plan.

Think about it like this. Would you buy a house without planning? Would you walk down the aisle without planning? Would you write a book without planning? Then you should never produce a video without planning. That’s simply asking for trouble. And where there’s trouble, there’s plenty of dislikes, hateful comments, and worse—the complete and total avoidance of the aforementioned video.

Moving On…The Real Deal

A professional video production company has your best interests at heart from the start (that rhymed?) and will work diligently to make sure the end result is a master piece. Even if it is just a 60 second masterpiece! The professional team is a team that’s reliable, highly-skilled, with upfront accurate pricing and predictability. The professional team will also give you a timeline for completion of the production, taking the guesswork out of how long it’ll take.

Your video team will be real with you and 100% on the same page with you, ensuring that your voice and your message is conveyed through this 60 second (or more) clip. In the end when the video makes its exciting debut, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you made the right choice. Remember, anyone can pick up an iPhone and take video. But a true professional can create a 60 second masterpiece that goes viral (okay, and sometimes cute cats, dogs, and babie

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2012 saw a giant increase in awareness about content marketing as the newest way for businesses to connect with people and create a lifetime customer. What’s new in 2013? Adding video to your content marketing campaign. That’s right – with the unprecedented advent of internet in our lives and YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, video is the newest, most innovative and effective means of content marketing.

What Makes Video So Appealing?

Let’s keep that answer simple – because people love it! Videos are interactive, they move, they talk. They are simply more entertaining and attractive. Plus, videos require much less effort. There is no reading, scrolling through images or typing in detailed search queries. You just press play and watch. That is how convenient videos are, and of course, a one minute video says much more than a 1000 words.

Videos Are Informative On a Whole New Level

A recent Boot Fit Fundamentals video by the retail giant Nordstrom gives its customers a quick video tutorial on how to buy perfectly fitting shoes online. This video has greatly helped boost the company’s sales, and more so, its customers’ loyalty, even though the video is devoid of a classic sales pitch and purely informative.

That is the key to good content marketing. Keeping content genuinely informational and non-salesy, one that gives real value to its customers, goes a long way. Doing so with a video makes the viewers believe in the credibility of your company and result in repeat business and ardent fans.

Two Dimensional Marketing vs. Videos

There will always be a place for text write-ups and image directories. However, video will always be the preferred choice of people. Videos bring your products to life. They can actually show how the product works, as well as showcase its remarkable results. Trying to explain in writing how a vacuum cleaner pulls out dust from the folds in your upholstery using a tiny dismountable attachment can be a lot more tedious and simply, boring. Compare this to a video that shows just how beautifully a dainty looking hostess/homemaker attached to the small brush and swiftly collects all the dust, works much better.

So if you are looking for that perfect platform to launch your online sales campaign, come to Kicker and we will craft you a perfect video that highlights all the strong things about your products and shows its value to the customers, increasing your sales by large numbers.

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No matter what the self-proclaimed experts tell you, the script is the king of a video, not the video quality. While a good video quality is simply indispensable, a good script is the very life of your video. You cannot possibly have good conversions without a good script that is informative and gives value to your customers.

Check out some of the businesses that have succeeded immensely from a video. The video on the Crazy Egg homepage has been driving $21,000 extra a month in revenues, all thanks to an intriguing script. Dropbox and a few hosting companies too have seen remarkable growth after the launch of their videos. And the one thing all these videos have in common is excellent, informative and engaging script.

So How Do You Nail the Script?

The first rule of creating a compelling script is to understand what your audience wants. The main idea of a video has to answer each and every doubt, question or concern your potential customers might have. To accomplish this, you must first put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think of all the possible questions you could come up with about your product. Some of these questions can be:

• What more information would you like from this page?
• What is the biggest concern you have with this product or service?
• What is the biggest apprehension that is stopping you from buying?
• How we can help solve your problems?

Once you have the questions, you can come up with targeted answers. Your customers probably still haven’t understood what your service does and how. Using a more informative, clarified and simple script, you could effectively eliminate any apprehensions the customer might have.

The Script Creation

One thing you must remember is that the company producing your video may be good at a hundred things, but the best person to write your script would be someone who knows your business inside and out. It’s good if someone within the company can formulate a good script design. If not, there are professionals and freelancers who will take the time to understand the details, values, goals and ethics of your business in detail, to generate a truly captivating script that will provide a strong backbone to your video. So make sure you get the script right and the success of your video will follow.

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There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the way we do business. There is so much that you can now do at much lower cost without too many professional requirements. This phenomenon applies to video marketing as well, giving you the ability to create a YouTube channel and market your videos yourself using some simple equipment. If you are a YouTube visitor, you are probably aware that there are plenty of people out there that already do this. However, if you have a business to promote, it is always better to preserve some professionalism for it. While it is still possible to create and upload your own videos, hiring a professional company will definitely help you in many ways.

Advantages of Hiring a Video Production Company

First of all, a professional video production company has all the equipment required to shoot a top-of-the-line video that is of high quality, loads quickly, runs on most browsers and is simply, more professional.

Secondly, video production with a production company is much quicker than trying to compile, organize and present all the information yourself.

You must remember that producing a video for a business venture goes beyond just shooting and uploading a clip on YouTube. There is a great deal of editing, enhancement, sound and much more. As a business owner, you have so many more important things to do – running your business for instance. That’s why it is much better to leave all the other responsibilities that need professional expertise to the experts.

You need a good script for a video to start with. There must be a storyline, a plot. While your deep knowledge of your business is certainly necessary here, a great deal of literary and artistic expertise too is required. If you are a hardcore technology company, you may not have too many writers and artists in your company. It is therefore much better to seek professional help when it comes to producing a video for your company.

Let’s not forget that a video must have actors. For you to put your business on hold and go out seeking actors, anchors or models, the video can be quite a daunting task. The professionals, on the other hand, happen to have these resources ready on demand and can get to the shooting and production as soon as they have the storyline and subject matter ready. So you see, while it is not impossible to create your own videos, going the professional route can definitely be simpler, quicker and better.

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The Most Important Things You Must Do On YouTube

When mentioning videos, you cannot begin or end the conversation without talking about YouTube. That is just how massive the name YouTube is now. Needless to say, it is the world’s second largest search engine and also, a great way to promote your products or services, either by direct advertising or by simply creating a channel to connect with your customers and increase your social presence.

Creative people who constantly use YouTube with the right content and smart approach, have a lot of success. You can too, if you just follow the following guidelines diligently.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

To begin with, you should always have a plan. At some point you must stop thinking about it and just start uploading your videos. It isn’t a test where you only get one chance at it and that’s it. You can always keep coming up with new ideas and surpass yourself each time. At the beginning though, you must get over the starter’s blues and just go ahead and upload the first video.

Knowing Your Market

You must have a basic strategy mapped out before you get on YouTube and start marketing your products and services. You must identify your market, know who your target audience is and find great ways to get their attention. There are so many videos on YouTube and you must find a way to stand out.

Evolve Continually

You are on YouTube to promote your business. You must therefore learn the art of continuously evolving. You don’t see the biggest brands airing the same advertisement on TV through the years. In fact, ads are reinvented almost every few months, even on TV these days. In the world of internet, this reinventing must take place all the time. You must keep coming up with new and engaging content every week or every month.

Make it a point to educate yourself about the latest in the field of YouTube marketing. Refer to sites like YouTube Creator Blog and New Media Rockstars. Remember that your views and subscriptions will certainly see a dip if you stop learning and implementing new tricks.

YouTube can be one of the most effective video marketing channels ever. You just need to play your cards right.

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If you have realized the potential of video marketing and started producing your videos already, you have taken the first big step. However, if you are still not able to see the desired results, there may be a few things you haven’t got right yet. In fact, there are some fairly common yet utterly misleading myths about video content marketing that you must not use.

Here are the top 3 myths related to video marketing:

Keep It Under Three Minutes

You may have seen or read somewhere that the average attention span of a viewer is somewhere close to 2 minutes 53 seconds. This means that any video longer than that is likely to go unseen. That doesn’t make much sense in the wake of reality however. In fact, it probably just means that most videos are only able to keep the viewers engaged for that amount of time. There are no hard and fast rules about how long a video should be and if you have truly engaging content, the viewers will stay hooked to the very end. The most important element is the content of the video, not how much or how little of it you put up.

Market Videos Just For Lead Generation

There is no doubt that videos can be of great help with lead generation and lead generation can, at the end, be a very rewarding thing for your business. However, that shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your video content marketing program. You must utilize your videos as a means to connect with your audience, provide valuable information that increases the customer’s faith in your product or services and promotes loyalty and repeat business, as the customer relates to your business ethics and you on an emotional level. If you begin to understand this concept, you will see the many layers embedded in the video marketing process and how you can exploit each area to develop the strongest relationship with your customers, forging a near permanent market.

Viral is the Word

Its not. You must understand that despite the most sincere of efforts, making a video that goes viral can very well be a matter of chance. You cannot build the foundation of a strong business on the basis of a viral video. These type of videos don’t get you a target audience and it’s very likely that a very small percentage of the viewers of a viral video will actually convert to sales or add any value to your business.

Steer clear of any such myths and adhere to the basics like good script and content to make the most of your video marketing campaign.

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