Cinematic looks for your videos

Hello there videography lovers! How are you feeling these days? Today, we are going to share with you all the secrets about filming, that gives the cinematic look every videographer is looking for. It doesn’t really matter if you have an expensive camera and gear if you don’t know how to use it, right? Most of the people who are starting on this journey think that the more they invest in a good lens or camera, the more chances they have to film good looking videos. The truth is if you know how to use a camera, you could shoot amazing short movies with your smartphone only. Whether you’re just starting out on the incredible adventure of making short films and vlogging videos, or you’re a professional who needs a little refresher, we’re going to share with you today the must-haves to shoot your videos properly. Let’s go! 

  1. Angles

There’s nothing more boring than a video shot from a single angle. Our advice here, is while shooting, try to these capture 4 different angles: a wide shot, a close-up, a portrait, a drone shot. Whether it is to shoot travel or wedding videos, it will give a more dynamic look to your video right away. 

2. Lightening

Lightening is a key component for a great video. The best time to shoot a video if you want that natural light and glow, is during the golden hours: meaning at sunrise and at sunset, so you can use the sunlight as a backlight. 

3. Depth in image

If you are looking for a cinematic look, you must absolutely give depth to your image. Depth is what will change entirely how your shoot looks like, and to achieve that, you must set an aperture at 2,8 at least, to get that beautifully blurred background. The second piece of advice we can give you to reach that depth, its to have two or three fields of view in your view. A shot with only an object or a person in the center is too easy. Try to shoot a foreground and background at least, so you can play around with it. 

4. Lenses 

The last piece of advice and yet the most important one! The choice of lens is one important step that you should consider before buying anything. Depending on what you like to shoot, you will need a different set of lenses. From wide-angle lenses (used to capture landscapes for example) to portrait lenses, the difference is huge. Inform yourself about this whole new chapter about photography and videography, because it will make a huge difference in your videos! 

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As the most memorable form of content online and on-screen, video is an effective way to showcase your brand’s value across many verticals at once. But to do so, you need to make sure your videos are published with clean production that fits your brand’s style.

Most likely, you don’t have a future Michael Bay working for you, which means you’ll need to work with a video production company. Unless you have an unlimited budget (a la the likes of Jeff Bezos), you need to make the right decision when choosing a production company. Here’s how to do it while maximizing ROI.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Production Company

Use these four criteria to evaluate whether a certain video production company is right for your business.

  • Stunning Portfolio. Always ask to see past work to learn whether the video production company is capable of meeting your expectations. If you don’t see something that reflects what you’re looking for or that matches your style, discuss the changes you’d like to see and whether the company is capable of delivering.
  • Animation Services. Sourcing actors, dealing with permits and blocking out hours or days for filming may not be in your company’s best interest all the time. Sometimes, an animated video can perform better for certain purposes, such as explainer videos. Make sure your video production company offers animated videos with a proven team of quality animators.
  • On-Location Expertise. Filming on-location is much different than filming in a studio. It requires different lighting, equipment and legal hoops through which you must jump. Vet a video production company by inquiring about their on-location process and expertise.
  • Advanced Technology. The future of video is constantly changing and, as new technologies hit the market, your video needs will change along with them. Consider this when meeting with video production company representatives, to improve ROI and keep your messaging consistent, you’ll want to build a long-term relationship. Ask about 360-degree video and virtual reality, as this type of video format is gaining popularity among viewers.

Use Video to Create Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Paired with the right production company, your brand can accomplish a slew of goals from increasing brand awareness to generating leads to securing sales. The partnership between your brand and a good video production company can be strong and profitable provided you make the right decision. To discuss your video production needs, contact Kicker Video today.

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Marketing іs about positioning аnd communicating your unique value tо a vеrу specific audience. You hаve to ensure thаt уou craft a message thаt is tailored to thе specific concerns of your defined audience.

Whatever slant your business take, make sure to tell a great story that mаkеs аn emotional connection. Virtually аll purchase decisions made by your customers and clients аre emotional decisions. Your product mау be 30% more efficient thаn your competitors, but the fact that a local identity close to your client’s life, is what’s going to drive people into making an emotional connection with your product. Моst corporate video productions today arе recitations of facts, features and benefits. Моst viewers nevеr get to the end of these types of videos. Іf yоu want your viewer tо watch and remember уоur message then уоu hаvе to connect wіth thеm оn an emotional level. This is how you can convey your corporate message and reel in customers with video marketing:

1. Consider The Format: Consider whаt infоrmation your business hаs to share. Great customer testimonials саn be translated into video, givіng уour prospects аn easy waу tо sее thе benefits оf уоur product or service. Testimonial videos that are properly created can be an effective way of fostering brand loyalists.

2. Create A Thorough Plan For Your Video: Map оut the flow оf the video, beіng surе tо include an introduction and closing with a call to action. You’ll аlsо need tо determine if the video shоuld be pre-scripted, оr if you will allow thе actor to ad-lib around уоur general guidelines. Consider the nature of your corporation.

3. Gеt A Second Opinion: Нerе’s where a little brutal honesty соmеs іn handy. Request а second opinion on уour video concept and plan frоm coworkers, friends, or a video creation company. A video creation company will not only point out elements that may be lacking, but also offer viable tweaks to the draft.

4. Find A Strong Concept: Whеn developing concepts, don’t settle for the first, mоst obvious thing that сomеs tо mind. By aiming to have more ideas, you force уourself and your team tо examine thе ideas frоm mоrе and unexpected angles – аnd somе оf thеse maу give your video a viral edge.

5. Usе Visualization: Visualization саn bе dоnе vіа a storyboard, or a visual wireframe, which is roughly cut tоgеthеr usіng stock footage, stіll images, and other elements that may or may not be part of the final project. This visual brainstorm, combined wіth appropriate script or messages, will help lock in the style tо aim towаrds, аnd аlso assists during script writing tо adjust the flow of thе script.

6. Pick Locations Well In Advance: Some places are not open to being recorded unless it is a business or corporation. Also contact properly managers and owners if you are going to record video in unfamiliar settings.

7. Take Several Shots Of The Same Thing: Budgets can be blown if you need to go back for re-shoots. Іn this case, you want to makе thе mоst оf production, by shooting mоre footage than you may need. Consider retakes of scenes. They can always be spliced together by your video creation team.

8. Use Higher Resolutions: Shoot higher resolution at a higher frame rates for flexibility. Higher resolution footage can be spliced and zoomed in, without compromising quality.

9. Plan Distribution Before Final Video: Consult with your marketing or distribution team to understand how the final project will be given to marketing venues.

10. Include Close Ups: When filming, аlwауs shoot plenty of close-ups. On thе small screen, thеsе close-up shots are generally mоre compelling thаn wide shots.

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Fish Jumping out of a Lightbulb - Great Idea for a Video

So, you are launching a brand new product. You have a demographic which has been researched by your apt business team. The ground work has been created and now your plan is to push this product into the market with a strong campaign and a compelling promotional video. This video will highlight all the strong points of your product and will make your competitor’s item seem like old news. But you are stuck! You and your team just cannot come up with the right storyboard or the concept to bring to life all you have in mind.

There are many ways to get ideas that can be useful to knowing what your target audience wants. A lot of this will need some groundwork on your part. Your team needs to be up to the challenge.

Call in the Professionals

You need ideas. Time is running out. Don’t panic. You can contact your preferred production team, Kicker. We are here to help. Our years of experience and the fact that we have ‘been-there-done-that’, is actually a great asset to you. Do not be afraid to utilize it in getting your show on the road.

To help you along, here are some great ideas to try in-house:


Get some people together from different areas of the company. Yes, a cross functional team sometimes works best. Try to get a diverse group in age; if you can get a reflection of the sample demographic that is even better. Let them know their job does not depend on what they say. It should be a no names, no recording session. Get the coffee pots going. Get the whiteboard out. Get them talking. Explain the product and get as many ideas of what would grab the group’s attention. Note the good ones. Thank the group. Some useful ideas should have arisen.

Non-personal Surveys/Interviews

People will say what they mean when they don’t have someone in front of them. Get a survey on Survey Monkey or another anonymous platform. Print out some pages to hand out or do some survey mailings. Get to know your target audience some more. Know if they use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram… This will help to drive the way you market to them and even the way the visual elements of your product are created. Get to know your audience.

Using those two in house ideas and contacting your home team at Kicker will give you a head start in generating some ideas for getting your project off the ground. All the best to you and your team!

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