You’ve just invested in your new filming equipment and are planning your next outing to experiment with it? We’ve got you covered. Our travel experts have tested and reviewed thousands of products, so we know what works and what doesn’t. In order to avoid ending up with unusable footage because you didn’t pack the right lens or equipment, we will explain in this article everything you need to take with you!

  1. A camera bag

We don’t think about it often enough but the storage bag for your camera is essential! Remember to bring a bag that has compartments for your different lenses, battery charger, filters, etc.. A good camera bag should be waterproof, light, and remember to check the measurements so that you can take it with you wherever you go! A little extra: some bags offer special straps to hang your tripod, it’s really ideal. 

  • Different lenses

Lenses… it’s a chapter in itself. Depending on what you’re going to film, whether it’s a vlog, a cooking video, a travel video, or a wildlife video, you’ll have to bring the lenses you need. Preferably, I always take with me a wide-angle lens and another one a bit more macro for protracts and macro photography. All in all, plan a range of 15 to 80mm. 

  • A stabilizer 

Stabilizers are a must. Whether it is for a trip, a corporate video, or a wedding video, they are essential to your equipment. Even if your camera or your lens already has an integrated stabilizer, it is preferable to have an external stabilizer in order to obtain the best results on camera. Remember to check out the different models before you buy one, as some have a weight limit that should not be exceeded. 

  • NG filters

Have you ever come back from a filming trip and realized that all your footage is over-exposed? Classic beginner’s mistake. To avoid this, and to make sure you get the best possible footage, even on an island where the sun is beating down, buy non-gradient filters. 

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As the most memorable form of content online and on-screen, video is an effective way to showcase your brand’s value across many verticals at once. But to do so, you need to make sure your videos are published with clean production that fits your brand’s style.

Most likely, you don’t have a future Michael Bay working for you, which means you’ll need to work with a video production company. Unless you have an unlimited budget (a la the likes of Jeff Bezos), you need to make the right decision when choosing a production company. Here’s how to do it while maximizing ROI.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Production Company

Use these four criteria to evaluate whether a certain video production company is right for your business.

  • Stunning Portfolio. Always ask to see past work to learn whether the video production company is capable of meeting your expectations. If you don’t see something that reflects what you’re looking for or that matches your style, discuss the changes you’d like to see and whether the company is capable of delivering.
  • Animation Services. Sourcing actors, dealing with permits and blocking out hours or days for filming may not be in your company’s best interest all the time. Sometimes, an animated video can perform better for certain purposes, such as explainer videos. Make sure your video production company offers animated videos with a proven team of quality animators.
  • On-Location Expertise. Filming on-location is much different than filming in a studio. It requires different lighting, equipment and legal hoops through which you must jump. Vet a video production company by inquiring about their on-location process and expertise.
  • Advanced Technology. The future of video is constantly changing and, as new technologies hit the market, your video needs will change along with them. Consider this when meeting with video production company representatives, to improve ROI and keep your messaging consistent, you’ll want to build a long-term relationship. Ask about 360-degree video and virtual reality, as this type of video format is gaining popularity among viewers.

Use Video to Create Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Paired with the right production company, your brand can accomplish a slew of goals from increasing brand awareness to generating leads to securing sales. The partnership between your brand and a good video production company can be strong and profitable provided you make the right decision. To discuss your video production needs, contact Kicker Video today.

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Where are we headed? Let’s see; to even better ways in the digital world as we mover closer and closer to the real tech-world where new next-generation videos come up. The future of video seems bright as video technology is amongst the few dynamic and constantly advancing forms of current emerging technologies. Lets expound on the benefits of emerging video technology while at the same time explore on a few disadvantages that come along with them.

New developments in the video field include the introduction of the flash video, the new Blu-ray and HD DVD video storage formats and high definition televisions developed by different brands.

Benefits of Emerging Video Technology

Unlike analog video technology the emerging video technology creates better high quality graphical images and sounds over various platforms. Videos have in a way been modified and created to allow streaming in practically any device. New developments as high-definition televisions (HDTV) and DVDs make this possible. The latest video technology, as compared to traditional ones, allows for total control of your viewing schedule and additionally, they make video viewing more flexible. Emerging video technology also provides room for more choices in programming and they are easily accessible to everyone provide they have basic skills on how to use them.

The internet has also made it more beneficial for emerging video technology as it offers easier platforms to preview and share videos across networks and to millions of viewers through YouTube and social media other social media sites. Video technology works with mobile devices to make it possible for viewers to watch videos anywhere, anytime.

Disadvantages of Emerging Video Technology

With all the changes that take place, definitely all these would come at a price worth the effort. This makes access and acquiring the latest devices in video technology more expensive compared to the analog devices. The more we move to this new era, the more prices they will incur. However, on a positive note, with competition in the world market and different brands making almost similar devices, they may come at fair comparable prices that anyone can easily access within their budgets.

For anyone who has no basic knowledge on how to operate these state of the art machines, definitely they will not be able to use and enjoy them. They require at least basic knowledge to use and operate hence those not yet ready or willing to embrace technology as it comes, would be laid back with the traditional ones. The service cost of these emerging video technologies is also surprisingly higher than all the other traditional analog technology.


As much as emerging video technology benefits everyone during these digital times, they may require you to spend a little more to be able to enjoy them. However, this should be looked at on a more positive way as all the advantages that come along with them. Listed above are a few pros and cons of emerging technologies along with the benefits you would get by embracing them.

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