You have a fantastic product. Video is the perfect way to pitch it to the world around you. Video can help you capture your investor’s attention, but to do so, it’s important to focus on a few specific tips.

Tell a Story – Creatively

One of the most important steps in selling your product to the world is showing how valuable it is. Where did it come from? Why does it matter? Using video, in a creative way, showcase the company’s story. It should be structured well to create a clear sequence that makes sense. And, aim to add something that is surprising to it.

Relate to the People Watching It

Another important way to make video work for you like this is by starting your story with people. You need anyone watching your video to instantly connect with those in it. Don’t focus on the product you have to offer, but the people it will impact.

Summarize the Point

Because this is a pitch, you need to ensure those who are watching it are able to instantly react to it For that reason, you may want to provide a quick summary of what is happening and why. In short, tell them what you are about to show them.

Focus on the Value – What Makes This So Unique?

It is also important to ensure your message comes through clear. If you are pitching your product to your customers in a sales message, you need to tell them exactly how it will benefit them. On the flip side, if you are pitching it to investors, you need to be clear about why this is so unique and what value (profit) protection it brings to the table. Make sure your video clearly demonstrates this.

Make It Moving

Working with a video production company may help here. Your goal is to ensure you are always making your video memorable, so they think about it a few hours later. Capture their attention, provide the clear information they need, but then shock them in some way.

Video product pitches make sense because of the quality of information they convey. Yet, it is up to you to ensure you create a video that’s stunning enough to ensure those customers or investors are going to react from it.

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Viral videos doing rounds on social networking sites often have thousands if not a million views. Emerging video trends have created, according to research done, awareness on products/services for marketers on social networking sites. The trend in viral videos in these current years challenges a number of suppositions and theories held on the same. A look at top viral videos confirm that the most viral content on social media are usually commercial corporate contents usually more than a minute long among other comical, musical, political and animal contents.

Emerging marketing video trends have diversified over the years with viewers’ expectations changing and growing rapidly. It is thus up to businesses to keep up the pace so as to meet these demands because, a single viral video connects to a thousand viewers equating to millions in revenue for businesses.

So why do these videos go viral within a short period of time? What should marketers have in mind to have a successful video? Well, let’s list a few of these factors.

A large percentage of people watch online videos at least once or twice every week. Unique, original and even emotional videos strongly attract and engage viewers encouraging them to in turn share them on to their networks on social media. It is paramount to have diverse videos falling within different categories with a tone of almost everything from humour to emotion to musical. Businesses can shine from other competitors within their field if they are ready to feature all these to attract more viewers.

Most successful videos stand out from other videos because they are simple and avoid using jazzy texts and logos. They mostly focus on the core purpose of the video which are customized to the viewers’ perception; Therefore, video ads made by businesses for commercial reasons need to be simply tailor-made to attract viewers in turn encouraging sharing on other platforms.

Humour in Advertising
Videos that reach a million hits over short periods often have a little bit of humour and jokes incorporated in their message. Who wouldn’t want a little laugh after all? Videos meant for commercial purposes can add a little bit of fun so as to permanently create an impression to viewers. This will encourage video sharing and drive traffic to their websites. Videos that have a lasting positive reaction to viewers will most definitely encourage them to purchase products from websites that upload these short funny clips.

Final Lessons
It is important to note and remember that most top viral videos last longer than one minute, changing the shift from 30 second short online ad videos. Additionally, emerging video trends shift from the normal and formal trend to more funny, animated and cool clips to advertise their products/services. This trend has quickly picked up and as technology advances, people expect a shift from old and common advertising methods to more engaging online ads on social networking sites as Facebook and LinkedIn. These are just a few factors that create successful videos.

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Are you afraid no one’s watching your videos? Are you worried about your business not being able to achieve all that a strong video content marketing campaign seemed to promise? Don’t panic just yet. There may be easy fixes to your situation.

There are good ways to create videos, and there are better ways. Don’t position your brand to secure the second spot; aim at the first, and with the right approach, you will come close enough. Viral videos may be criticized by a few, but they always work on the masses and are a great way to kick start your flight to success. Here are some key ways to make your videos much more appealing and successful at garnering attention driving sales.


Keep Them Funny

Everybody loves a good laugh, there’s no doubt about that. So do just that, make people laugh. There’s plenty of ‘good, wholesome information’ all around us. It’s in the paper, it’s in the magazines, and it’s even on TV. What people really need is information with dollops of joy and laughter. Nothing else makes people want to share a 3 minute, 33 second video and talk about it all over Twitter, Facebook and text messages.


Weird Works, Quirky Sells

What’s the one word you’d use to describe PSY’s “Gangnam Style”? That’s right, quirky. Curiosity is still one of the most powerful emotions. You start with something that is weird and obscure, but has a good ring to it, and people will hang around until the very last second of your video – that’s a given. You just need to have the knack of keeping them hooked.


Go Outrageous

You may need to do some thinking if you really wish to go outrageous with your business idea. We’d say that’s a personal choice. But one thing is for sure, outrageous videos can create a buzz and a very strong one, even half the globe away. Remember how a silly movie about the Prophet outraged people far far away?


Cute It Out

Why do you think cute cat videos are all the rage on the internet? Everybody likes an ‘Awww’ moment. A little cuteness goes a long way. That is the reason videos featuring babies and kittens are such a hot cake. So if it goes down well with your business, make a video that gives people their daily dose of cute!


The simplest way, though, to tackle all these guidelines and come out with a winner video is to get in touch with the Do-it-all experts at Kicker. Our specialists will help you create a video that will certainly take your message forward, in the best light.

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OrabrushIf you have had apprehensions about how much your business would benefit from a social video campaign, you should hear the Orabrush story. This little piece of equipment useful for cleaning your tongue had significant trouble launching in the market. Its founder, Dr. Bob Wagstaff struggled for 8 years and spent tens of thousands of dollars on TV and print infomercials but they just didn’t pay off. In fact, spending $40,000 on a TV ad campaign only helped sell 100 pieces. Needless to say, it was a huge failure.

Social video campaign

What changed for Orabrush? What turned it into a product everyone wants and sold million of pieces in over 114 countries? A $500 social video campaign on YouTube! That’s right, the Orabrush YouTube video about bad breath and how Orabrush helps fight it has garnered a whopping 35 million views, with 116 million subscribers. Orabrush is selling like hot cakes.

When spending $40,000 on TV ads didn’t work and Orabrush just wouldn’t take off, Wagstaff asked the marketing class of a business school for suggestions. One of the students, Jeffery Harmon suggested an online ad campaign. Harmon is the man behind the video that has gone viral on the internet.

He created quite a simple video – a funny guy explaining what bad breath does to him and just how awful it can be. He addresses a common problem a lot of people face, in a funny, humorous way. That is what captivates the audience. The story doesn’t end there though. The video campaign explains how Orabrush can help fight this problem, keeping your breath smelling good all day and all night. It then goes on to offer a free trial to the interested customers. The approach worked! The video was widely viewed by millions, and made an instant connection with everyone who watched, sending them straight to place an order.

Great feedback

The response to the video has been phenomenal. The video grabs people’s attention by addressing a prevailing problem and offers an instant solution too. All businesses have a lot to take away from the success story of Orabrush. With YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, social video is the best way to market your business and clock in unmatched sales. So if your signature product has been ready for that million dollar sale mark, let Kicker help you make that winning video that will give you the launch you have been waiting for.

Take a look at their YouTube Channel!

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