How can dentists use video for marketing? Many of today’s consumers turn to the internet for information and to find the service providers they need. They also expect a completely new type of interaction with those service providers. Video can help you to create the engagement these patients want and need to make the decision to visit your location over others.

What Can Video Do for Your Dental Practice?

Videos used online offer a number of benefits for dental offices. Some of those include the following.

  • You’ll increase the number of people learning about your company. You can include videos about the company, its history, and its goals.
  • Placing videos on YouTube, for example, can help your audience learn about the services you provide. Explain how a procedure is completed, for example, through a video demonstration. This can alleviate their stress about coming in for an appointment.
  • You can also benefit from videos for SEO. To rank well in the search engines, add more videos to your website, blog, and social media. This will help your dental practice to be easier to find by those looking for these services.

Use videos in various locations to communicate with your audience. Instead of a basic website like every other practice offers, offer something a bit more effective and engaging. This will get the attention of your would-be patients.

Video Types for Dentists

How can dentists use video? Many times, dentists don’t recognize the numerous ways they can use video to communicate a message. But, there are plenty of things to use videos for, including:

  • Patient testimonials; allow new patients to learn what they can expect from your dental practice based on what other patients have to share.
  • Provide informative information and tips to patients. Use video to show them how to brush their teeth or to care for their oral health.
  • Document dental procedures to provide a better level of information and to put patient’s minds at ease. This type of supportive video can help make your dental office more enticing than others.
  • Post videos about the staff. This can help to make your location a bit more real to prospective patients. This is especially important for dentists themselves.
  • Showcase what you do to make patients feel at ease when visiting. Take them on a tour of the location.

These types of videos can provide an intense level of information to your patients. And, it helps your dental practice to grow in a competitive market.

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Video seems to be everything today. It is for anyone marketing a product. It is a draw for those using social media or mobile marketing. But, what about websites? Have you thought about how video plays a role in your website’s functionality and overall appeal? It should be an integral part of your web design from the ground up.

Why Video Matters on Websites

Long gone are the days when consumers took the time to read through a marketing message to gather information and then make a decision. People lack time today. Video helps to present a message in a matter of seconds. It creates an impression. It draws people in. And, it also keeps people on the website longer. For all of this to occur, it needs to be built into your website’s design.

Where Video Goes and How it Works

A good place to start then is to understand where you should place video. You have options, of course. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your video is one of the first things your website visitors see when they land on your page. Video content that’s going to draw them in and make an impression needs to be front and center. This is the case when you want people to experience the video as the first thing they see – place it right on the homepage.

The technology you use matters, too. You need to be able to use a video player that is going to work reliably without the need to buffer numerous times. You also need a product that is installed properly to give your viewers the very best access and experience. Wistia is one of the most recommended solutions for its well-designed layout and functionality.

Don’t Forget to Customize Solutions

You will always want to customize your video to fit your specific goal. For example, some video players are far more effective at allowing you to choose colors and styling features. This may seem simple, but depending on your website’s design, it may make a big difference. Look for a player that gives you the ability to create video embedded professionally.

How to Get Started

Before you get started adding video to your website, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Determine why you want video. You want to make sure there is a real benefit to your readers and visitors by offering it.
  • Determine the best type of content for your homepage. This isn’t the place for a sales message. Be sure it adds real value to the page.
  • Place the video where it can be seen, but also without detracting from the overall page design and flow – people need to see your logo first, of course.
  • Use video for branding on this page. You’ll want to choose a video message that clearly communicates this.
  • And, be sure to use a customizable, but reliable player. If you are unsure, test out a few options.

A professionally designed video is also important. Be sure you work closely with your video production team to craft one.

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When visitors arrive at your website, do they instantly see a video playing? An autoplaying video is not uncommon on business websites, but many companies don’t realize that this could actually be hurting the actions their visitors take when they arrive at the site. It seems like a good idea and a great way to embrace your visitors, but this action can actually be a bad thing and, as a result, many shouldn’t invest in an autoplay video as soon as the visitor arrives.

How Is It a Bad Thing?

It’s innovative. It’s eye catching. And, it’s so common. How can using auto play like this be a bad thing? There are several drawbacks to using it in this manner.

  • It slows down how fast your site loads. This is a big factor for many users. In one study, 57 percent of people shopping online left a website after just three seconds if it did not load immediately. And, when your page loads slow like this, it also hurts your search engine ranking. Even a small video will slow down that load time significant.
  • Even if it does load fast, such as when you use asynchronous resources, there’s still a time when there’s a grey-out homepage. It is that lack of homepage within those first five to ten seconds that can make all of the difference in whether your website visitors stick around or move on. It creates a bad first impression, too.
  • It’s too much for your readers to think about. How does that make sense? Cognitive load, a term that describes the amount of effort your brain has to use to accomplish a task, is worsened when auto play is on your homepage. To improve user experience, on the other hand, you need to reduce cognitive load. Flashing images, background sounds, and various links to choose from, not to mention the video to watch, is too much for the brain to handle instantly.
  • Your video becomes your “everything.” That is, it becomes your call to action on your homepage. When you use your video as your CTA, you are basically telling your visitor to sit there, watch the video and then choose an action. Because of this, your viewer now has another step to take before they actually contact you. That can reduce your click-through rate significant. And, you don’t want your homepage to be an ad, but rather an introduction.

So, how does video fit on the homepage of your website? To be clear, it should be there. You’ll want to include the opportunity for users to click on your video and watch it. Video can be an excellent tool for most pages of your website including the homepage, as long as you are not forcing your website visitors to watch it as soon as it loads. Create a well designed website with ample content and great images. And, then, use video throughout the site to allow your visitors to learn and grow in their brand awareness of your company.

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Are you using video on your blog? Video production has grown in importance over the last few years. No matter if you have a small blog you are monetizing or one you are running for your large business, video should be a valuable and important component of the process. When can adding video to a blog be useful? As a business owner, it’s important to embrace this technology as it can help to define your blog and your business from the competition.

Should You Invest in a Video for Your Blog?

Creating a video for your blog is an investment in your time and your marketing project. It’s easy enough to take video that’s already out there, use photos, or even just repurpose the same blog content again and again. However, there are outstanding reasons to invest in actual blog videos for your business.

Your Customer Is Looking for It

Though your customer may not be looking for a video from you specifically, they are likely looking for a video on the product or service you offer. A good example of this demand is on YouTube. If you visit the site and do a search for a few keywords that represent your blog’s theme, product or service, you’ll see there’s likely a demand for content like yours could be. In other words, people want information in video form. If you are not providing it, someone else is!

Can Your Topic Be Visual?

If you are still not sure if you should post video to your blog, think about your topic for a moment. Could it be turned into an effective video? For example, your company manufacturers a special tech device. You have pages and pages of content on your blog about the features, specs, and benefits. But, could a video better explain this information to your reader? Better yet, will a video help to convey the value of your product more effectively than what words can? It’s quite commonly the case!

Your Customer Wants Personality

As you read any post on your blog right now, ask yourself. Is there any type of personality coming through from those words? Or, are your readers just getting fact after fact? If you cannot convey enough personality, interest, integrate, or even just plain interesting content, a video can help you to create just that. You’ll find that your reader is better able to embrace your brand, engage with you, or even buy from you after watching a few of your videos.

Of course, there are other benefits to using video on your blog as well. It helps with search engine ranking. It can help your business to share content more readily on social media websites. And, you are more likely to have people share your video than your blog post. For these reasons, most of today’s business owners will benefit from investing in video creation for their blogs. If you have not done so yet, consider the concepts you can transform from just word into visual images.

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You know the importance of using SEO in your online marketing efforts. It is at the heart of every marketing campaign online and needs to provide the right focus to attract search engines. But, you’ve also learned about video and just how powerful it is. Not only do people watch video, but they are more likely to share videos and engage with companies that post videos. How do SEO and videos relate? How can you ensure that the videos you create and publish are going to give you all of the SEO boost they possibly can? There are several things to know here.

Content Really Does Matter

It used to be that website owners would spend a great deal of time (and money) on building links for their websites. Then, there was a time that it was all about shoving as many keywords as possible into the content. But, throughout this time and even more so today, it is increasingly important and valuable for website owners to provide quality content. By and large, website visitors want good information. And, search engines want to reward websites that offer good information with better ranking in those engines. And, video, plays a very important role in providing that high level of content.

Search engines recognize the value and importance of video. They tend to rank websites that have custom made and high quality video higher in the search engines than those that do not. A good example of this may be in your social media marketing. Facebook has come out and said that it will rank brand pages higher when they contain video within the News Feed. Higher ranking simply means more videos and more engagement.

But, How Can You Attract Better Rankings With SEO?

There are multiple ways to use videos to build SEO for your website or social media presence. Here are some examples:

  • Use video to build links and to generate shares on social media websites. People like to share videos especially when they are unique and interesting enough. Educate them, make them laugh, or shock them so they share your video including the links you get.
  • Use video as a conversion tool. Video is a fantastic way to turn people who are otherwise just following you into buyers. This happens because video attracts more people to your website and then can help to sell your product.
  • Utilize good SEO within your video meta tags and descriptions. You can still incorporate keywords and tags that will boost SEO into your content. It’s important to do this to increase ranking potential with the video on your website.

What’s important here is to incorporate video. The more you do so, the more likely you are to create the engagement and brand awareness that your company needs to turn visitors into buyers. Video can provide a wide range of opportunities. It can educate, entertain, shock, and inform your buyers. And, it can provide you with countless opportunities to learn what your customers want and need from you as well. Video opens conversations that can change the course of your business and enhance the way you achieve your long term and short term goals. For most companies, it also aids in helping to rank websites, blogs, and social media pages higher in search engines. What can video do for your SEO campaign?

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Using video on your website’s landing page is an excellent step for most companies. Video placed here is going to get attention and help in driving sales with your customers. While video used on the landing page needs to convey the right message to the right people, it is important to do it right. In other words, you don’t want a video that’s going to slow down the page’s load time or bore your visitors with basic information. However, well created and designed video can help increase your sales substantially.

Why Do You Need Video?

Here’s the hard truth that nearly all website owners need to recognize. You have 8 seconds. You only have seconds to turn that person that visited your website into a buyer. More specifically, you have just 8 seconds to grab their attention before they move on to the next website. If your video isn’t there, or your content is lacking, customers and website visitors can easily move on to the next page of a competitor’s site to get the information they need.

What Makes Your Landing Page Convert?

The ultimate goal of any landing page is to take visitors and make them into buyers. This is conversion. What most website owners don’t focus on is how to make those conversions happen more frequently. When you consider all of the steps you can take and the changes you can make to your website to achieve these goals, you’ll find using video can be one of the best options. Video converts buyers because it:

  • Engages them
  • Interests them
  • Is shared by them
  • Is memorable
  • Is different and unique

So, the goal of video on your landing page is to grab and hold he attention of someone who visits as well as to turn them into paying customers. How do you do that?

How to Make Landing Page Video a Success

Working with a professional video production company is the first step in the process. Then, consider these tips for ensuring your landing pages do well.

  1. Create multiple videos for different types of website visitors. You’ll need videos that answer questions, speak to them based on how they are finding you, and create a personal experience based on their customer journey.
  2. Minimize the length of landing page videos. Keeping them under 90 seconds is a good start. This gives them guidance and information, attracts their interest, and keeps them on the page.
  3. Video quality is essential. Invest in high quality production that you’re proud to place on your website. Clip art or the use of low resolution images just will not create the right experience or result.
  4. Tell them why your company is valuable, why they should care, and what they should do. Your video can serve as direction for your website visitors, pointing them to the next step they take.
  5. Ensure your video is optimized for SEO and offers tools to help you track its success. You want to know how well it is doing and whether or not it is converting for you.

By investing in video for your landing page, you’ll create the engagement your website needs and help your customers to interact with you more fully. Most importantly, you’ll make the best use of that 8 seconds of video to get the results you want.

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When you think of animated videos, you think of what your children watch on television or perhaps your favorite cartoon humor. You may not relate that type of animation to marketing for your business. After all, can animated videos really help your customers and clients take you seriously?

Many business owners face this concern. If they use animated videos as a part of their promotional methods, will they look too cartoon-ish? Will they actually hurt your marketing efforts?
The short answer – if done properly, animated videos can actually do far more than traditional graphics and with good reason. Of course, they may not be ideal for all needs, but they can create a few key benefits to a website in most industries.

How Can Animated Videos Help Your Website?

With professional animated video creation, one thing is for sure. You can customize it any way that is right for you and have as much of a lighthearted or a very serious theme to them. When done properly, these videos can help in various ways:

  • Animated vides can make it easier to explain hard topics. While they don’t “dumb it down” they can take complex topics that many people look over and really provide clear information in a simple form.
  • Animated videos are memorable. Think about the last Super Bowl and the commercials there. Chances are good some of the best promotional commercials you remember are in fact animated.
  • Animation done well gives your business personality and lets those who are learning about it for the first time get a real idea of who you are and what you have to offer. It allows your personality to shine through.
  • Another key benefit – the ability to go viral. A funny or even very serious, but well made promotional video that’s animated is likely to be shared by those who see it. Let’s face it. Do you share the content that’s fun and visually appealing or the long, boring videos showcasing a company’s service?
  • It is visually appealing. Animation stands out because it uses the right colors, the right type of design elements, and the right surroundings to create a very specific image. Because you can control this very specifically, you really do get to make a great first impression on anyone who is viewing your video.

What else can animated video do for you? It can leave a solid impression on the view. It helps generate more traffic to your website. It does not limit your ability to reach any audience. And, it is one of the best ways to control overall costs and still get an impressive promotional video that people remember.

Today, the options available to you in animation are numerous. It’s not necessarily a cartoon-world out there. Take a few minutes to check out a few videos to see what the end result can offer. How can you incorporate this very powerful tool into the business you do? Chances are good, it’s going to work well.

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