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    Develop 1 video. Customize it for the World.

    Are you still sending the same postcard, newsletter, onboarding document or “Hi {first name}” email?  How would you like to 5X your open and response rates?

    We create the right video for you once; then, using your existing customer data (like first name, company, email or any other data point you provide on a spreadsheet), the personalized videos (whether it’s 50 or 50,000) are sent to your audience. 

    That’s true 1:1 marketing at scale

    How does it work?

    Tell us about your goal.  We then create a single video for your review with certain placeholders (i.e. first name, email address, city, client profile, product purchased etc).   Then, using powerful servers in the cloud,  create 50 or 50,000 personalized videos – each with landing page links that you can send out (or we can send for you in a fully managed solution). 

    Sample Applications

    Insurance Sales

    -Powerful insurance renewal campaigns

    -Upselling and cross-selling

    -New customer acquisition

    -New client onboarding


    -Upselling, cross-selling new services (credit cards, loans, products)

    -Customer education campaigns

    -New client onboarding

    -Personalized extensions of existing campaigns

    Event Marketing

    -A personalized invitation to an upcoming event

    -Reminder messages to register now

    -Exclusive personalized sponsor messages

    -Post-event messages and highlights

    Loyalty Programs

    -Personalized welcome messages and status reports

    -New offers in program

    -Custom messages for high-value members

    -Tailored promotions based on client activity, preferences

    Driving Leads

    -Target key decision makers with personalized video

    -Facts tell, but video stories sell

    -Encourage prospects to take action

    -Educate leads and move them down the funnel

    Track your success, anytime, anywhere.
    We send you powerful reports with viewer engagement, actions, and behaviors
    to ensure your goals are met.

    Your email messages don’t work.

    Long Live Video.

      An impersonal email sucks.   Try personalized video today.

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