Project Showcase

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Sentinel Group

This leading financial services firm came to us to help them produce an “About Us” video in a short period of time.  Luckily,  we create a lot of videos for banks, insurance, and advisory firms.  We know what resonates with the audience.  And so with a limited budget and even more limited time,  we wrote and produced this nice looking video that is already seeing great returns in their digital marketing efforts.


This new venture fund based in Texas has a very specific audience.  Company leaders needed a video to reach that audience in order to help articulate its vision and gain traction.   Again,  with a limited production budget,  Kicker’s team wrote and produced this short video for Ironspring that is on-brand and on-message.


Collect is a relatively new debt collection software management tool based in Canada.  The sales team found that screenshots and loads of feature information weren’t getting the results it needed for 2019.   So it engaged Kicker to produce a new marketing video.   The company wanted it to be animated and fun.  We delivered!

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Our B2B Demo Reel

Here’s a look at our fall 2018 demo video.  It shows the wide range of experience we have across vertical markets and video styles.  

We know dozens of industries inside and out.

If it’s hard to explain and your target audience is a challenge to reach, then you need a pro to help you deliver results.  Our videos will help you build deeper relationships with your audience, fuel growth, and close sales.

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