Project Showcase

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Saint Gobain

Saint-Gobain is an international firm that designs and delivers innovative and high performance solutions that improve our environment and our daily lives.  It needed a video to help explain a new product that helps retain lost heat from industrial furnaces.  Kicker wrote the script and then produced this powerful animated video to drive new sales for the company.


Imagine being able to predict potential problems with construction projects in another location – without visiting the site.  But then also fix those problems before they impact cost and schedule.  This startup tech company needed help to explain how it all works.  So Kicker produced 3 videos,  each targeting different audience members.   Here’s one:  


Stopwaste is amazing initiative of the County of Alameda in Oakland, CA. It aims to help businesses, residents, and schools waste less, recycle more.  It engaged Kicker to help write and product 2 major videos to help educate restaurants and commercial kitchens how to properly setup their food recycling efforts.  We shot on location in Oakland and then added some simple animation to help underscore the key messages.  

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Our B2B Demo Reel

Here’s a look at our fall 2018 demo video.  It shows the wide range of experience we have across vertical markets and video styles.  

We know dozens of industries inside and out.

If it’s hard to explain and your target audience is a challenge to reach, then you need a pro to help you deliver results.  Our videos will help you build deeper relationships with your audience, fuel growth, and close sales.

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