Project Showcase

Enjoy watching some of our recent video production work from August

HP Inc.

A Silicon Valley original,  HP’s head office sales team engaged Kicker to create a series of new disarming videos for its financial services targets this summer.  We cast the spokesperson, the actors, wrote the scripts and shot everything in about 3 days.  Here’s one!  

Nephrology 50th

To celebrate 50 years of research and excellence, the Canadian Society of Nephrology engaged Kicker to help tell its story.  A look back over 50 years!

PCS Software

PCS makes transportation management software.  The marketing team engaged Kicker this summer to help it explain its product.  Due to budget constraints, we used mostly stock video and added our graphic’s and script to this cool project.

Download our B2B Video Capabilities Deck

Our B2B Demo Reel

Here’s a look at our fall 2018 demo video.  It shows the wide range of experience we have across vertical markets and video styles.  

We know dozens of industries inside and out.

If it’s hard to explain and your target audience is a challenge to reach, then you need a pro to help you deliver results.  Our videos will help you build deeper relationships with your audience, fuel growth, and close sales.

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